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  • High season is considered to be November, December and January. The cheapest month to fly is August.
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DeltaOverall score based on 30741 reviews
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Cons: "I recently requested an urgent response from Delta's customer service and received a reply stating reply time is 14-21 days. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, increased work load and decreased work force my response time is approximately 14-21 days."
Pros: "Aircraft clean and crew very personable. It was the second day that refreshments had begun to be served again onboard."
Cons: "Tough to understand the gate agent announcements."
Pros: "Being on time with everything."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Cabin crew and entire experience was phenomenal. Cannot recommend Delta more!"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Crew was unfriendly and flight was 2hrs delayed"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Proper communication"
Pros: "The crew was nice"
Cons: "Delaying a flight by 2 hours for crew issues is ridiculous and even more do not alerting me to the change before I was at the airport. Terrible"
Cons: "More leg room and seat width. I don’t like having other passengers pressed against me."
Pros: "Everything except landing at the same time my next flight was boarding. I had to sprint and was greeted my the meanest delta agent I have ever known. I didn’t know you could be that snotty. She would not Listen to me or help me get the correct seat o had signes up for"
Cons: "Attends on flight said to go ask gate crew to help me and I rushed out to be greeted again by the bus mean crude snotty agent. She told me to get my rear on the plane The attendants didn’t have a clue that she had others to board ( they all got upgrades) and I better move my rear. I was shocked."
Cons: "Better seats"
Pros: "I got to board early because I volunteered to check my carry-on. Very friendly flight attendants. Love flying delta. They are always consistent and the movies they offer with the gogo in-flight app are always updated and recently released popular movies."
Cons: "At least one hour late"
Pros: "I liked the cookies and juice. The interactive screen to watch something. The cleanliness. The price. On time. The service. Thank you. The excitement of flying."
Pros: "I did not like nothing"
Cons: "Custom took for ever they only had 2 agents working and I Missed my fight to nyc"
Pros: "The chargers worked in neither airplane."
Cons: "The chargers worked in neither airplane."
Cons: "Left 30 minutes late from SLC."
Pros: "The crew at the airport was very courteous and helpful."
Cons: "No food; not even offered water; I asked a Delta employee about our seats and she was very unprofessional (mind you I'm traveling with kids and my boarding pass said that seats were to be assigned at the gate)."
Pros: "I can’t make it in mexico city on tuesday, wednesday’s performance had to be cancelled and we need to pay the cancellation fee 11500 mexican pesos, please reimburse on the credit card"
Cons: "I can’t make it in mexico city on tuesday, wednesday’s performance had to be cancelled and we need to pay the cancellation fee 11500 mexican pesos of the studio and musicians"
Pros: "Free movies"
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "The monitors kept on freezing"
Pros: "My flight was great. Boarding was easy and the seats were comfortable."
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Good friendly staff. Delta Studios is neat."
Cons: "Small plane , last minute seat change, half hour delay"
Cons: "Due to the earthquakes, the film festival I was going to was cancelled. Ten days prior to the flight I called AeroMexico to cancel and they said there would be a cancellation penalty, which was fine. When I tried to redeem my credit, they said there was also an additional "No-show fee" even though I called to cancel 10 days prior, which left a total of $70 credit after all their penalties. I called and emailed to complain but they did nothing but pass me to someone else who was equally unhelpful. I will never fly AeroMexico for any reason in the future."
Pros: "Ind-atl flight was absolutely amazing i couldn’t find really anything wrong with the flight besides spacing for seats"
Cons: "Spacing with seats"
Cons: "I was sitting in the last row and the bathroom smell was hard to deal with."
Pros: "For a short flight, they gave it drinks and snacks."
Pros: "Staff was awesome."
Cons: "The plane was an older plane and just not as comfortable."
Cons: "Food .gate changes"
Pros: "Kept on time."
Cons: "The flight attendant was completely rude to me when I was getting a pacifier for my baby out of my luggage during boarding and all of the captains announcements were garbled, rapid and unable to understand."
Pros: "Crew was courtesy"
Cons: "1hour delay from departing LAX runway - not good"
Pros: "The almonds and Fresca"
Pros: "Flight was delayed for over 6 hours. Not an ideal way to spend the day."
Pros: "Quick flight."
Cons: "No A/C on the flight. Good thing it was a short one... Crew seemed rather green. Oversold flight; we were the last to board."
Pros: "Upgrade. Comfort. Gourmet Oatmeal Breakfast."
Cons: "Need more cooking shows (British Bakeoff would be fun) or something besides what has been there for too long."
Pros: "The customer service was amazing! The amenities made the flight entertaining and enjoyable. The pilot key us informed."
Cons: "Middle seats are physically uncomfortable."
Pros: "The crews were very friendly and everything went as planned. It was a nice flight."
Pros: "Comfortable flight, plenty of leg room and I live the individual chargers at each chair."
Cons: "When I pay more for a direct flight, I expect my flight to be non stop. Delta changed my flight and added a layover but I didn't receive any recompense from the airline. Seems very odd."
Pros: "Speed and comfortable kind bars were a nice touch"
Pros: "We barely got on the flight."
Cons: "The boarding "red shirt" saved us. We are a band on tour and thanks to her we made the gig"
Pros: "Left reasonably on time, arrived a bit early, able to find overhead storage for my roll-on, even boarding in Zone 3"
Cons: "Very tightly packed; minimal comfort for the flight."
Pros: "Delta provided a superior experience!"
Cons: "the seats are WAY TOO SMALL"
Pros: "Painless"
Cons: "Price of food"
Pros: "The crew was nice"
Cons: "I didn't like the fact that I didn't get my luggage with me when I arrived to casablanca as I lived 4 hours away from the casablanca. I have to come back the next day to get my luggage. I was very mad about I noticed one of my luggage has been damaged so now I have to buy another one because I can t use it. It was disgusting."
Pros: "People crowd the boarding area like it was the last flight out of hell. Delta needs a saner way of doing business."
Pros: "Our flight was cancelled and we had to buy $447 worth of Southwest tickets to get home. Our luggage is still missing, by the way."
Pros: "Plane took off and arrived on time"
Cons: "Seats are terrible with not enough leg room. My knees were pushed up into the seat ahead with no room to reposition or move."

The flight was delayed for 4:30. That was not nice

Provide snacks

The staff is very nice.

I was arrived airport before one hour 10min. Before arriving airport online checking had error… However they not allowed check in since im was not in airport 2hours before departure……. I have no idea about two hours policy….. And they not explain clearly also i asked airline workers name but they wont tell me They hide their name card…. Super bad experience No refund no explained…… I lost money super bad

Cons: "You get what you pay for! Super full flight, no amenities or comfort"
Cons: "Stop flying all together."
Pros: "The crew was nice."
Cons: "The plane arrived late. We boarded late. We left late. However we arrived before the time it said we were supposed to. So I guess that’s a plus. The seats are small and if you can to be on the plane for longer that 2hrs it would be brutal. I got off the plane needing a full body stretch."
Pros: "I got to where I wanted to go"
Cons: "I reached out to your customer support already about this, but haven't heard back. The departure time (for both legs of my trip) that was confirmed with my purchase from Kayak was incorrect and caused a major inconvenience. I'd very much like to receive a response. My email addres"
Pros: "Leg room, fun crew"
Cons: "Not sure the point of flying the "no frills" airlines. It certainly wasn't cheap and no carry on and plastic seats makes we wished I booked Delta."
Pros: "The crew was awesome"
Cons: "I cut my finger on the tray table, the seats were uncomfortable and very narrow, and I had a obese woman next to me who smushed me against the wall. She clearly needed to purchase two seats to sit comfortably. The flight was delayed 5 hours without enough advance notice."
Pros: "flight crew was nice"
Cons: "Arrived 40 minutes after scheduled arrival and never posted a delay greater than 16 minutes. Plane arrived and boarded almost an hour behind schedule with little communication. Carry on bags are now $38? Are you kidding me?"
Pros: "The service was Ok, but our flight was 4 hours delayed and it wasn't mechanical or weather related delay, the airline made a scheduling error, we almost missed our car rental and we didn't get to our destination til really late at night when it should been there in the daytime. Overall, won't fly with them again"
Pros: "That I was able to take my dog with me on the plane."
Cons: "the seats were too small."
Pros: "Great customer service checkin they were very kind and patient"
Cons: "the seats are not very big"
Cons: "The seats had no cushion and were hard as a rock."
Cons: "Fooled me with extra charges to select seat and carry on. Uncomfortable seats, no charger."
Pros: "Didn't take flight"
Cons: "Don't overbook take care of customers. You have booked if you are late for flights you enter into contracts with them follow through"
Pros: "Crew was great, as usual. Friendly, relaxed, not about to explode at a moment's notice (hello United) Solid that you proactively provided a $25 voucher based upon the delay."
Cons: "2.5 hour delay was frustrating, especially not being notified about the first part of the delay until arriving at the gate. First delay I've had on Frontier, so overall still happy. Wish you would offer more low carb snack items (e.g. sausage sticks, cheeses, hard-boiled eggs, lunchmeats, etc). Some of these are available in packages, but feels wasteful to spend the $$$ and only be able to eat 1/3 to 2/3 of the packaged items."
Pros: "The boarding process was the best part of the experience which isn't saying much."
Cons: "Extra fees for everything. I got a sore neck carrying my "personal bag" so as not to be charged. Not even a snack or beverage!! The worst part are the plastic bucket seats with very little padding and no head rests. I WAS MISERABLE AND UNCOMFORTABLE. The attendants were always explaining to MANY customers that they would have to pay for. Drinks-oh and you can only use a credit card. Cash isn't good enough"
Cons: "Our flight was supposed to be 1hr and 30 mins, but when we got on the crew told us it was going to be 56mins.. it ended up being 1hr and 23 mins and then we could not get to the gate because we were early (so where were they planning to park if we had gotten their in 56mins?!!??) and additionally there something was going on in the airport and they couldn't give us a gate so we had to sit in the plane for 25 more mins! I needed to get on my next flight! It was 11pm and I still had to flight all night, so it was very exhausting and stressful! I was running thru the airport to my next flight."
Pros: "The pilots landed very smoothly and the staff were friendly."
Pros: "Crew was nice."
Cons: "Charging for a carry on bag and prior seat selection is ridiculous. Not flying Frontier again. That cost me an extra $70 just for my bag. I could have just booked with a different airline that offers everything included."
Cons: "Frontiers prices might look good upon booking but you are charged for everything. $45 extra for a carry-on, $2.95 for a can of soda, etc... cramped seating,"
Pros: "Poor service"
Cons: "Poor service"
Pros: "I'm disabled an unlike my family and friends, the Frontier staff not only sppotted my handicap. They responded by wheeling me throughout the airportmmp"
Cons: "Hartsfield zairport is s dump !"
Pros: "On time and flight attendants were great"
Pros: "Every time I fly frontier, there's always a problem with the plane. This time they have people working in the cabin trying to resolve an issue that is delaying us. It's always something with this airline. I am going to stop flying with them."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "40 for every bagggage u have, only backpack is free. And we wait more than an hour for our bagggage after arrival"
Cons: "I am very disappointed that when I checked in I had to purchase a seat for 16.00, apparently if you buy a ticket it does not mean you have bought a seat on the airline???? This is outrageous. I also had to pay 25.00 for a carry on. I have never had to pay for a carry on. Needless to say I do not think I will ever fly Frontier again. I am very disappointed in Frontier Airlines."
Pros: "Never got to go"
Cons: "Cancelled, very difficult to figure out how to get a refund (directed to frontier homepage... dead end.)"
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Having to pay for carry on- San Antonio boarding crew-"
Pros: "The price of the ticket. We always take a checked bag and never a carryon so that charge didn't matter to us. No problems with check in and flights were right on schedule. Already booked another flight to same destination."
Cons: "Wish there was more day and time choices. Wanted a Diet Coke and the were out."
Pros: "On time service."
Cons: "Noting."
Pros: "Boarding and seating was alright."
Cons: "A lot of families are riding this airline, due to the sheer expense of flying. So, there are always some young child or baby crying, whining or sniffling."
Pros: "New plane"
Cons: "Held on Tarmac for one hour due to gate troubles, charged 40$ for carry on, they only serve water for free, everything else is charge, no internet on plane, seats don't recline, check in kiosk not working and no attendant at checkin desk until 715 for 915 flight, very bad overall experience"
Cons: "They cancelled our flight and everyone that worked for fro tier was MIA"
Pros: "The staff was friendly"
Cons: "The four hour delay sucked so bad"
Cons: "The flight was delayed a few hours. It took forever to Get out of the gate. It took an hour once we landed to get in the gate and deplane. I was given a seat on the computer and then when I got on the plane there were two people with same seat. The floors and seats were unbelievably dirty as well. I have never seen so much trash and crumbs everywhere. It was an awful experience. Our trip to Vegas the first night was ruined because we were planning to see a show Thursday evening and landed two hours late and could have possibly made it but we sat on runway for an hour before deplaning."
Cons: "Haven't even gotten to Vegas!!!"
Pros: "My expectations were lower, so I was less disappointed. On time."
Cons: "No reclining seat, no moveable headrest, had to pay for extra baggage besides a purse. So blatantly and offensively cheap."
Cons: "there were too many delays and the situation was handled poorly. I do not plan to fly Frontier again in the future."
Pros: "Didn't like the "bait and switch " tactics Feontier does. Having to pay for a seat assignment and for brining a bag was ridiculous. The total cost of round trip seat assignment and bag charges was $122.00!!! This add-on was never mentioned in the price shown on Kayak's site. This add-on was an extra 31% of the "advertised" price shown on Kayak! This important information should have been mentioned on the comparative quote given so a more realistic price comparison decision could be made. I won't be using Frontier again."
Cons: "I didn't like being charged $40 for a carry on bag. I didn't like the uncomfortable seating for a red eye flight. Most people sleep on those and need some comfort. I didn't like having to pay for drinks and snacks. Yes frontier is a little cheaper but after figuring in what I spend on carry on bags and drinks and snacks, I should of paid for a different airline with more amenities and comfort."
Pros: "Flights were on time. It was a smooth flight."
Cons: "The seats were not very comfortable."
Pros: "Honestly, there was nothing positive about my experience. It literally broke my heart and reduced me to tears in public."
Cons: "I'd just barely missed my 45-minute cutoff, and the employees at the desk refused to do anything to help get me on my flight. In fact, when I started crying and explained why this trip was immensely important, I was told, "You can cry all you want, but it won't get you on this flight." They offered to reschedule me for a flight two days later, which would have meant missing the viewing and mass and only being able to make the funeral, and which would cost as much to reschedule as the ticket I'd already purchased. I unfortunately couldn't afford to do that. Lastly, I was told that I could call Frontier to see if I might be able to get a refund. But, umm, they work for Frontier. Why wouldn't they just know? I never bother to review anything online, positive or negative, but my first experience with Frontier will be my last. I cannot believe how horribly I was treated, especially in light of my circumstances. Have you people no empathy?"
Pros: "The crew was friendly, helpful, accommodating"
Cons: "Seats are uncomfortable, no magazines, EVERYTHING costs extra"
Cons: "Seats were to hard and don't lay back"
Cons: "The flight was delayed 7 hours. It was horrible."
Pros: "Boarding was timely and efficient. The Crew was friendly."
Cons: "You pay for f*cking water! WTF! Seats don't recline seats are uncomfortable No Direct TV anymore No in flight magazine pay for 1st piece of checked luggage pay for carry on you pay for seat selection, I like window seats $$$ Frontier USED to be my favorite airline. Back to United and Alaska I guess Overall, just a terrible experience. If I had the time I would picket their check in area warning passengers about their upcoming nightmare."
Pros: "Cheap flight as long as you don't get sucked into the baggage and seat fees. Friendly crew both ways"
Cons: "3 hour delay on first flight."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "These planes are filthy. The flight attendants are rude and apathetic. The gate didn't have any flight information and received no communication from the company about my flight."
Pros: "Safe flight."
Cons: "Cramped seating, small food trays and no entertainment"
Pros: "No fanfare, no hassle."
Pros: "Flight was on time"
Cons: "Everything had an additional charge, so that “great fare” I found on Kayak was actually BS. They wanted to charge us $55 each to carry on our backpacks. Not rolling suitcase carry on luggage, backpacks. They charge for water on the flight, but they don’t tell you that until you are on the flight. The poor flight attendants had to walk through the flight at the end trying to sell credit cards! It was the most tasteless experience I have ever had traveling."
Pros: "Great price and friendly employees"
Cons: "Pull down Tray is too small, almost worthless. No in flight entertainment, no WIFI."
Pros: "Every thing on time all was good."
Pros: "Flight on time. Crew very friendly and fun. I knew what to expect."
Cons: "I'm a grandma but have reasonably decent tech skills. I find Spirit's website a little difficult to maneuver in. I think they are trying to be too "cute" and have lost a little intuitiveness."
Pros: "Onboarding was very simple and fast. It took less than 20 minutes"
Cons: "My back was completely messed up from those seats. It was too long a flight to have those hard seats. The pull down tray was also uncomfortable to use for my laptop or not ok."
Pros: "Just great! Pay for things you need only."
Cons: "All good"
Pros: "Charges for luggage ... people only bring what they need ... one hostess is constantly walking to collect garbage = we are not clean like Koreans"
Cons: "Happy kid was kicking my sit for 4 hours ... licor drinking parents didn't take care ... small price to be part of the village ... kid too young to understand ... maybe not even aware of self"
Cons: "Customer unfriendly"
Pros: "Glad I tried spirit! Got me in early on both legs of my flight! Also glad I got the comfy seat-SO worth the money!"
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "I've read bad reviews about Spirit airlines, but I was on a budget and decided to take my chances. It was a very small plane, which meant tight quarters during a 4.5 hour flight. I have a disability and deal with chronic pain and usually need to carefully plan out long flights so I arrive with minimal pain, but the seats were very small and moving about the back cabin was impossible. When I asked for a wheelchair I wasn't granted my request right away because I was told I didn't register online. I've always requested a wheelchair when I check in with major airlines when I arrive and have never been given a problem. Also, I didn't realize checking baggage would cost so much! No wifi available a very turbulent flight and they even charge for water. It wasn't the most horrible experience, but if we pay for a cheap ticket, expect substandard service. This will definitely will be my last time with Spirit Airlines."
Pros: "The airline crew was great and friendly"
Cons: "We got the seats in the last row and couldn't recline them. Didn't have anywhere to charge my device. No app was provided for entertainment neither was there screens for our 4 hour plus flight."
Pros: "The flight actually took off."
Cons: "Spirit cancels their flights for no reason and took a day of my life."
Pros: "Of the 6 flights I took with Spirit on this trip, this was the only one where they boarded the flight in a timely and organized manner by using the zones printed on the boarding passes."
Cons: "Took more than 3 hours to rebook the flight with another airline after Spirit told me that they can't accomodate me on another flight."
Pros: "Seats are okay."
Cons: "Cancelled flight. Very rude staff. Lost luggage. What's not to hate?"
Pros: "Friendly flight staff."
Cons: "very cheap flights, then they charge you for everything extra, inlcuding carry on bags and a glass of water. The seats (lined, hard plastic shells which don't recline) are surprisingly comfortable."
Pros: "We took off 498 minutes late but arrived only fifteen minutes behind schedule. The entire crew did a fine job."
Pros: "The leg room was actually pretty good, but I don't know if that's because my flight was halfway across the country so the plane was maybe a bit bigger than the ones used for shorter flights?"
Cons: "The ground air conditioning per unit was broken so the cabin was pretty hot until the plane was up in the air."
Pros: "We left early. No issues on the flight or any delays."
Cons: "It was a long flight so a movie would have been nice"
Pros: "Second flight was comfortable and included both a pocket and reasonable tray table. I do appreciate the low fares and friendly staff!"
Cons: "No pocket for water bottle and book on first flight. Tiny tray table."
Pros: "The staff went above and beyond when we had an issue with out third party reservation .....they took care of the whole problem when it wasn't their error! Very impressed!!! And gave us exit rows to sit in for our inconvenience."
Cons: "No complaints"
Pros: "They kept the passengers informed about the delay situation even when they didn't have anything solid to tell. Crew was good."
Cons: "All passengers were moved to 3 gates before they finally boarded from the third gate. A delay of 4hrs and changing gates thrice does not go well together at all! They should have told the passengers at that time itself if Spirit had plans to compensate our inconvenience in any way. Would have calmed many people."
Pros: "Not much to rave about"
Cons: "Too many added on fees (luggage, selecting seats...) Flight was also delayed for about 4 hours"
Pros: "The crew was always attentive and responsive."
Cons: "It was very difficult to check in on line. it took me over one hour. Wanted to get my sits and when I took the option there was no sits to select even when paying for it. I checked my carry on and I kept having the offer to be part of the club to pay less for my carry on. I did not want to use the option but I keep being sent to that side. The same experience I had when tried to check in in my flight from Oakland to Chicago on Friday. since the web site did not let me check in I had to check in at the airport. There was an accident in the freeway and I ended up losing the flight from Oakland to Chicago because the website did not let me check in the night before. We arrived 45 minutes before the flight and they have the policy to check in 45 instead of 30 minutes before the fight like other airlines. We did not even get options or credit. We just had to buy another flight. It was a nightmare."
Cons: "I understand that Spirit intentionally gives minimal additives and services but I feel they can be a lot more transparent about what they do and do not provide. I felt very uncomfortable on my trip back for the following reasons. 1. Tray table was half the size as a normal tray table. I was trying to do work on it with my small computer and it kept falling off and into my seat mates lap. 2. There was a flight attendant named Duron who made a few comments that made me feel very uncomfortable. I felt he was inappropriate. When collecting trash he walked by my aisle and commented to the person next to me (he was reading the New York Times), "Anything about Trump, or Kill-her-y, Killary, Hillary in there?" And laughed. I was shocked that someone, especially a professional at work would say something so volatile and frankly, violent. On his second round he again came by and asked if "Trump was in the paper and worth reading. Killary in there? You can guess who I am voting for." While people in the back row laughed and the man next to me nervously laughed. I felt very uncomfortable and felt he was inappropriate. I plan never to fly Spirit again after this experience. I hope that you can address this issue with your quality assurance team and to Duron. It can't continue. Thank you,"
Pros: "we flew from oakland to ohare for the first time on Spirit airlines and we were very impressed. We left on time - or even a minute or two early - and landed safely. what more could we ask? The staff was friendly and the plane was clean. two thumbs up!"
Cons: "Spirit Airlines are a collection of thieves who use bait and switch tactics and bully their customers while they are travelling."
Cons: "they cancel the flight to Monday"
Pros: "The flight was on time"
Cons: "They publish low prices. What they won't publish is the $84 baggage fee (carry-on) until after purchase. Customer service is scripted and of no help. There is no legroom which may be ok for a short flight. The seats are narrow and crammed in a small space. For the same amount of money, you can get a flight with more legroom, beverages/snacks and a free carry on."
Pros: "The crew was competent, my seat neighbors were friendly."
Cons: "Crammed seats, don't recline. No included beverage (not even water). "No frills" = budget airline. Want to have a carry on ? You'll need to pay for that. I do not recommend Spirit for flights over an hour."
Cons: "They kept changing the gate of departure and the fight was delayed many times. It was just not a reliable flight."
Pros: "Flight was delayed, expensive extra charges, cramped seating, unprofessional gate personnel, shabby gate area, etc."
Cons: "It got me there."
Pros: "This is actually for my round-trip - The flight BACK to Oakland was tolerable with crew that were at least friendly."
Cons: "The seating is only suited for sardines! I am a tall person and there is literally no leg room for me - my knees hit the back of the chair in front of me. I can't imagine my 6'4"husband sitting in one of these seats for any period of time. The crew FROM Oakland to Chicago was horrid. There was no communication at all from the pilot. The attendants were rude and could not even get the attention of the passengers to stop using their phones before take off. Having to pay $55 for a carry on, or $9 for selecting a seat, or $6 for a snack? There is definitely a "spirit" from this company - a spirit of greed. By the time you pay for everything you might as well have flown on a different carrier - at least your legs wouldn't be numb! The worst part was leading up to the flight. I never received any communication from Spirit informing me how to check in and get updates on my flight so I did some research on my own. In order to check the status of my flight I had to set up an account. To set up the account I have to use my name, which I obviously know how to spell But when I tried to do that I was given a message that I couldn't complete opening up an account because I had to be a passenger on a flight. What?!?!?!? I already paid for the flight and now you're telling me I'm not a passenger? So... I called. But then I was told that I provided my first name as both my first and middle names together which is why I couldn't get in. Certainly I didn't put both my first and middle names together so there must be an issue with the software. Then I was told I left the hyphen out of my last name - NO, I DID NOT! Though I was told the corrections to my mistakes had been corrected I still could not get in because apparently the site is not supported by smart phones!"
Pros: "- On time departure and arrival (early, actually) - One of the genuinely funniest takeoff preparation spiels I've ever heard"
Cons: "- Charging extra for every little thing (such as ordinary seat selection, charging for carry-on luggage, a glass of water) - Most cramped seats ever - Advertising banners pasted to the cabin wall - Selling their credit card AND pushing it off as an "entertainment""
Pros: "Going to Oakland and back to Chicago both flights delayed by two hours and one hour"
Pros: "Love the low cost"
Cons: "wish I could use the TSA pre-screen and get one free carry-on"
Pros: "If you're traveling light, the airfare is great. Only pay for what you need - no food, no luggage, etc."
Cons: ""Read the fine print" is what I was essentially told when I learned I had to pay $50 to check my suitcase. I booked via Kayak - who gives no indication of the several fee options to check luggage, beginning from $30 online at and so on. Disliked the service and structure, won't fly Spirit or book through Kayak again."
Pros: "A good male flight attendant whose name started with M."
Cons: "I arrived at the airport more than an hour and a half before the flight. The wait for check in was incredibly long. It appeared that there were 5 employees at the counter but only 3 were checking people in. The TSA line was also very long and when it appeared that I was going to miss the flight, I expressed my concern to a Spirit agent who referred me to TSA who referred me back to Spirit. We were told we'd be re-ticketed at the gate. Finally, a large group of passengers who were in the same situation just moved to the head of the TSA line explaining our situation and enduring hostility from some of the other passengers. The gate was far away and I'm not able to run. The plane was held for us but the experience was MISERABLE. Spirit needs to have adequate staff to check people in and needs to press TSA to do the same. I've never had this experience on any other airline and I travel a lot and have for decades"
Pros: "Great flight for the money. No complaints"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I was sitting on the back, the crew spent the whole flight chating on the back very loud, i was very tired trying to rest, besides me there were other travelers that seem to be bothered too, we look back at the crew giving a mad look on our faces so that they quiet down a little but they didnt give a f..... This was my first and last time I travel with spirit, the worse airline i've thavel with so far....."
Pros: "The "a la carte" payment plan was very deceptive. I had a second bag that easily fits in the overhead. I had to pay $ 65.00 when normally it is free."
Cons: "Total abuse of the situation and black mailing me into a rediculous extra charge."
Cons: "Spirit attendants at check-in misdirected me multiple times due to a glitched boarding pass that they would not explain to me. Then, when I got to security, they couldn't scan my pass because the toner level of the printer had been low and the code came out fuzzy. Then, at the gate, there were no attendants around, so I went looking for one. When I returned to the gate, the gate had closed, which resulted in my missing my flight. I missed a full day of my trip thanks to your poor service, and after calling customer service multiple times with absolutely no result, I will be taking my story to social media and never flying Spirit again."
Pros: "cheap price, easy, pack a small bag and you're good!"
Cons: "take off from ORD was delayed 1.5 hrs by bad engine starter, they had to locate another one... might not be spirit airlines fault. anyway, return flight went smooth."
Pros: "Great pricing. Don't care about the frills. Misunderstood the seat selection process. Wasn't sure why the price was $24.00 when I selected a $12.00 seat. Realized after the fact that the charged was doubled to included the return flight."
Pros: "I arrived alive."
Cons: "Flight took off early and I was rescheduled to another flight missing a funeral. Spent 4 hours on layover in Vegas only to find out that flight was delayed for an hour. Spirit airlines charges for EVERYTHING including water and cary on."
Pros: "The crew was really nice. He had lots of jokes & kept it fun. But that all to like about the flight."
Cons: "Same as up top.. We was 1hr late leaving/delay. (Understandable but still frustrating) overall Spirit isn't my first choice or 5th.. Not happy!"
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Chicago to Oakland

Airlines flying from Chicago to Oakland have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Chicago to Oakland

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Chicago to Oakland

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Chicago to Oakland

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Chicago to Oakland

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Chicago to Oakland

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