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DeltaOverall score based on 31847 reviews
Airline reviews

Delta didn’t complete our booking to the destination so left us behind in Geneva

Read more about Delta

Delta didn’t complete our booking to the destination so left us behind in Geneva

The plane was a little old so the quality of the glass for the windows were significantly degraded, making pictures on camera not translate well. I would suggest putting in new glasses for the windows on this aircraft.

Horrible delay due to weather.

Issues with luggage, gate agents and flight. Delta has really gone down hill. But the flight agents int he sky were kind and professional. Also enjoyed the entertainment--but shouldn't be charged for headphones.

The landing was incredibly rough. I thought we were going to roll over at one point. Even coming into the landing was incredibly rocky. The passenger beside me said they make that flight all the time and that was the hardest landing they ever experienced.

Could of been a A220-100

Cons: "The check in process for Delta was a chaotic mess. There was no one to assist passengers, lines were crazy long. I overheard so many people complaining about missing flights and they could not get any help. I also think the amount Delta charges for luggage was insane."
Pros: "Excellent"
Cons: "Nothing short"
Pros: "Easy boarding. Good entertainment. Didn’t bother me too much."
Cons: "Better good. More comfortable seats"
Pros: "Not one of my good experiences with Delta. Two hours delay in the flight"
Cons: "Information on the flight delay as communication was. at least very poor. Also A 220 was ok but First Class was so so"
Pros: "There were a few hiccups with the overall flight process, but the crew was very friendly and informed everyone in a timely manner of the situation. There were also good snacks. Also, flexible baggage policy, which was great."
Cons: "The boarding situation is odd and less organized or structured than any of the other airlines I've flown with."
Pros: "There was plenty of space under the seat in front of me for my personal items."
Cons: "There was an issue with a part on the plane so the flight was delayed so it could get fixed before takeoff. That is not a big deal, I'd rather it be safe than on time. But the way crew and staff handled it was pretty unprofessional. No one seemed to know what was going on or what to do."
Pros: "Got to Houston on time"
Cons: "WiFi that I paid for on Delta didn't work, flight was delayed at take off due to waiting for restroom supplies; lead flight attendant had a major accent and was difficult to understand. She also stated to keep my mother's walker outside the plane when entering the plane"
Cons: "I’m would be much better if I can sit by my husband."
Cons: "Wifi was not working"
Cons: "The Male flight attendant was rather rude"
Cons: "I was assigned a seat on the last row of the plane--these not only don't recline, but it feels as though they push you forward. Also, the engine sound was so deafening with such intense vibration that I was unable to hear the flight attendant speaking to me from 2 feet away, much less anything overh"
Cons: "Old plane, long delay, sketchy WiFi."
Pros: "Excellent hospitality I asked for a cup of coffee at an odd time, the attendant went out of his way to brew fresh pot and served me, instead of just saying "Sorry sir, we don't have any coffee at this time....""
Pros: "Very kind staff, no complaints about my guitar and even helped carry it to a closet (thanks sooooo much), nice veggie meal, everything was on time."
Cons: "Pretty rough turbulence, but that wasn’t their fault of course."
Cons: "Sat on the runway for over an hour to get the gate. Unacceptable."
Cons: "Crew"
Pros: "Friendliness of flight attendants"
Cons: "I wasn't awake long enough to find fault"
Pros: "I liked that I was able to check my carry-on to for free"
Cons: "I hated the seat and zone that I was assigned. I was literally the last seat in the back and also the very last person to board and get off the plane. It was terrible. Please select better seats for customers"
Pros: "We landed safely - crew was nice enough."
Cons: "Heard one crewmember make snarky comment about another passenger (A stranger). Had to wait on the ground for about 30 min for 6 crewmembers that “needed” to be in MN. Yeah, that was awesome with a 2 yo and 4 yo..."
Pros: "The crew was good"
Cons: "The flight was incredibly uncomfortable. The Delta team in Houston was not very pleasant."
Pros: "Food and service was nice"
Cons: "Very long route to my final destination"
Pros: "Crew was fantastic and very helpful."
Cons: "Not sure who was in charge of loading the plane with food for purchase, but they forgot it all entirely. The crew was kind enough to give extra snacks. Kinda curious how you forgot to load a plane with food for purchase and how did the crew not notice in advance? I would think that is one of their checks of the cabin. Not mention who ever signed off saying they filled the plane with food for purchase lied. Very frustrating not only for the crew but for the passengers."
Pros: "Liked that they were pretty stern about boarding by zone Comfy seats Nice staff Good snacks Great movie selection Never realized games were programmed in that head rest. Loved that. Just having the entertainment set on the head rest for every seat makes me prefer this airline over another."
Cons: "Was seated in the last row, 33, and it smelled like urine. Landed on time at 11:09am but didn't get to the jetway til 11:50"
Cons: "I couldn’t watch a movie and I couldn’t fall asleep because the the person in front of me had a light on."
Cons: "That's the flight is clean"
Pros: "CVG isn't a huge airport, but it has a good amount of things to keep you entertained/well fed."
Cons: "CVG security line isn't terrible, but there seemingly is ALWAYS a decent wait. When a flight is full, like this one, it's never very comfortable – even a short flight."
Cons: "1 hour delay, no explanation, no weather problems, late for my meeting in Houston."
Pros: "The service was impeccable as always"
Pros: "Plenty of meals and friendly service"
Cons: "Crowded seating...."
Pros: "The gate agent and cabin crew handled passenger's misery with friendly grace and professionalism. Also, it was an old plane and so the seats, even in coach, were comfortable."
Cons: "Plane was around 45 minutes late in arriving at our Minneapolis gate. Flight was further delayed by something (unspecified) being "frozen." WORST part was that the temperature in the seating area at the gate was horribly cold. Departing passengers at a neighboring gate were bound for Fargo and sat with their parkas on and with parka hoods up. We Houston-bound had packed our coats & boots and were shivering. Then when we finally boarded the crew announced that the plane's water system was broken and so we would have no hot coffee or hot tea or hot anything. No water, also and obviously, in the restroom sink. But sani-wipes were provided in the sink basin."
Pros: "Quick flight, great landing and takeoff."
Cons: "Everything was great today."
Cons: "We left late, it was delayed then maintenance issues. Twice. Seating was very tight and uncomfortable, no movies or entertainment at all. U.S. flights are the worst. Even on short flights with aeromexico outside the U.S. you get movies and food. Zero stars for comfort, food and entertainment."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Pilot and crew were extremely friendly, though it annoyed me how I was seated in the rear when I only had 20 minutes to get to my connecting flight."
Cons: "The coffee tasted altogether horrid--only saving grace was the Biscoff, but even that had its limits."
Pros: "Could not use the bathroom"
Cons: "Very uncomfortable, seats did not recline and seats way too close together."
Pros: "Same"
Cons: "Same"
Cons: "The airport crew at the check-in desk was rude"
Cons: "Delayed by an hour!"
Pros: "Exit row seat with no seat in front. Was able to stretch legs."
Cons: "Late taking off, and then unable to get to gate on arrival"
Pros: "I was very grateful to have made this flight on standby."
Cons: "Someone has to sit in the seat next to the restroom. Had I a choice in the matter, I would have preferred to sit elsewhere. But as I said, I was grateful to have made the flight, and arrive at my destination a mere 3 hours late."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "I had to wait at the gate for 3 hours due to the maintenance of airplane. Delta offered some snacks and beverages but 3 hours? I was so stressed out to wait 3 hours to worry to take a connect flight."
Cons: "My luggage is lost. I picked it up in LAX and reboarded. It never arrived to MSP. My wife's luggage was also lost but they found it on another flight. They have no clue where mine is."

Original flight was canceled & we received no notification... Not from either airline nor from kayak.com. We showed up early at the airport and were told we weren't anywhere in the system, and that flight didn't exist. American Airlines blamed British Airways, and vice versa, and both blamed us for buying through kayak. We were in lines for 2 hours just trying to get someone to own the problem. A BA rep finally walked us to the AA desk and got them to acknowledge that they needed to work the issue and get us home. They did get us onto the one other flight that they had that day, so we did finally get home, but it was not a good experience, and neither AA or BA expressed much regret. For the most part, they alternated between blaming the other carrier and blaming us for buying through kayak.com. We do know that we don't ever again plan to fly on BA or AA, or buy or tickets through kayak. It's not worth the risk of getting stuck in that situation again.

The flight was delayed and first class was no different from economy with 1000s of dollars we paid extra to sit first class we didn’t even have Wi-Fi. Then with the flight being over an hour late We ran from terminal B in Dallas to terminal C to get to our flight five minutes before take off and we were told they gave our first class seats away and if we had a problem with that then we can take another airline. When we got on the plane our seats were available and we showed the agent or original ticket and when they called the gate agent the gate agent came on the plane proceeded to tell the people in economy to move up to first class and put us in their seats. Worse experience ever. Never again.

Less noisy children which cannot be helped…

Pros: "They were nice. They listened"
Cons: "No screaming children"
Pros: "Seats were ok"
Pros: "All employees were awesome."
Cons: "I have no complaints."
Pros: "Average crew. The seat became comfortable after complaining that the one I requested was not noted on passenger request or should I say begging for the request."
Cons: "Listen to the passenger."
Pros: "Boarding was quick"
Cons: "Power in the airplane to charge phones. A form of entertainment would have been nice"
Pros: "Wonderful flight attendants in both our flights."
Cons: "The crew was not friendly. Rude tone."
Cons: "Because of 12 hr between original flight and this flight, we drive"
Pros: "Good"
Cons: "Good"
Pros: "Everything was good. Bear in mind flight was under 1 hour and I slept the whole time."
Cons: "My original flight was delayed then we had to spend the night in Dallas."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "No legroom in 17 E"
Pros: "Crew members. After a long time I got to see some friendly cabin crew members."
Cons: "Boarding was little delayed. But that's alright."
Cons: "I could not get the Wi-Fi to work even though I paid for 24 hours of it there was a different Wi-Fi Carrier on this flight than the flight from Munich to Philadelphia, he did not recognize me and even the free shows I could not get to work it had 3 different site said it told me the log in to in none of them work on my cell."
Pros: "On time"
Pros: "Once aboard, LATAM is actually quite impressive. The logistical part of the company is horrendous, but the service onboard is exemplar."
Cons: "LATAM changed my itinerary without my authorization and despite my clear verbal directions to NOT change it. The airline took directions from a corrupt official with the Colombian immigration office and cancelled my return flights. I was forced to purchase an additional ticket, travel on and separate flight from my wife and children. I then had to spend several hours waiting to resolve the case in person. The customer service at LATAM is a joke. If I'd received this treatment in the United States, I would have filed a lawsuit for their infringement on my rights and collaboration with the discriminatory practices of the Colombian immigration office in Bogota."
Pros: "Flight was smooth"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "This was my final connection from a long flight, we did a line to check in and get our boarding passes, when we got to the gate I found out I didn’t have a seat number asigned but husband did, they gave me one there but of course it was not next to my husband, it was the last seat available at the end next to restroom. The smell coming out from the it was so disgusting even before th first person went in, they should do something to improve the cleaness in the restroom between flights. It would probably take them 30 more minutes to do so, and I would not mind waiting for it even if this was my final flight after 15+ hours."
Cons: "AA lost put my checked baggage onto a different flight during my layover in Philly to my final destination. After losing my baggage, it took them over 24 hours to return it to me, telling me that it would only be "another hour" till they would deliver it to my house. No airline is perfect, but I don't like being lied to about my baggage not being transferred properly to my final flight, nor do appreciate how they kept giving me vague estimates and round-a-bout answers about my checked bag which they lost in the first place. If I can help it, I will never fly with American Airlines again; they have lost my business!"
Cons: "The turbulence st the end made me puke."
Pros: "Being able to check flight progress while in the air."
Cons: "We did not appreciate the game of needing to pay for seat selection after having already paid for tickets. We were not provided with TSA-PRE despite providing our known traveler numbers in advance. Boarding selection protocol seemed opaque, complex, and geared towards inviting us to pay extra for priority boarding. Before boarding the plane, we were not able to find out whether any food would be served and the extent of what might be provided. After getting on board, we were offered the chance to buy food. The complementary food was a cookie and a few ounces of soda or juice. Movies were available, but not headphones for listening to them. Leg space under the seat in front of us was reduced to make room for life vests."
Pros: "Bad bad"
Cons: "Bad bad"
Pros: "It was a good flight"
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Delayed, old aircraft, no food, no entertainment"
Cons: "Delayed 2hrs"
Cons: "The flight was delayed and my luggage is coming in the later flight. I need some form of consolation for this pathetic service."
Pros: "Everything about the flight"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "I'm not a large man. I shouldn't need to fold my arms to keep from bumping into and intruding on my neighbors."
Pros: "Timely and comfortable flight!"
Cons: "Missed flight"
Cons: "No tv. Small aircraft."
Pros: "Flight was delayed. No food offered."
Pros: "Cookie"
Cons: "Flight delayed"
Cons: "Boarding was delayed 30 minutes, with no explanation. Upon arrival, another airplane was in our gate, resulting in an additional 30 minute wait, buckled in my seat on the tarmac."
Pros: "It was a small plane so I didn't expect much. The attendants were a little disconnected for it being a three hour flight."
Pros: "Seats were better padded than that of the previous flight. There was sufficient leg room for a short flight. Seats actually allowed for passengers to adjust back of seats."
Cons: "Space is very limited between neighborning seats."
Cons: "When the flight was on time, we learned it was overbooked. Agents stated that if people would not willingly accept their offer to fly at a later time random people would be denied boarding. This was a stressful element as there was no other flight that could make me arrive on time. Plus, threatening to deny boarding to paying customers for airline related overbooking does not seem like a fair or good business practice. Then there were mechanical issue with the plane. After waiting over an hour for repairs they realized they needed a new air craft. This further delayed the flight. Not only was the flight extremely delayed at this pint but throughout the waiting time we were given very little information and were constantly told they couldn't give us an approximate time of departure. This was extremely rude and makes the experience of dealing with a delay even worse. I would suggest giving us more information about what is happening. Saying we don't know when the flight will leave is just unacceptable. To make matters even worse after we were finally boarded we had to wait an additional 40 minutes sitting inside the plane while they boarded refreshments! I know there are delays in flights but this same thing happened to my flight on my way to Paris and it caused me to miss my international connection and had to be re-routed."
Cons: "Average airline compared to Singapore & MZ airlines"
Pros: "Staff was friendly"
Cons: "Cabin was cold and no blankets available."
Pros: "Nothing exceptional"
Cons: "Change fees are ludicrous. Also flight was late."
Pros: "No much"
Cons: "What poor services all round. The check in staff where on the phone or talk to themselves. No one even spoke to me at checkin. Then the boarding staff were so rude, they act like they own the plane and they are god. They would not answer anyone questions and just pointed at the screen. The airplane staff hello at least. But the food very so bad, even easyjet has better food. Also their understanding for the english was so poor but the air stewardess told me " we speak American" !!!!"
Pros: "Everything, it was my first time flying and I actually really enjoyed it! I'd be looking Forward to flying with this airline again!"
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "I was traveling with a pet and they were very kind and helpful to me."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "When I booked my flight, I used Kayac like I always have in the past. To begin with, I selected several flights that were listed, only to have it tell me that this flight is no longer offered, which I assume is engineered to get me to select a more expensive flight. Once I finally found a flight that was still available, I selected it and began the process of providing information and selecting seat assignments. On 2 of the 4 legs of the round trip, there were no more seats available except for upgrade seats, which resulted in an extra $100.00+ in charges. Then when I finished the transaction, I noticed an extra $200.00 charge added. End result was that I ended up paying over double what I would normally pay for this same round trip that I have made many many times. I feel, no I know, that some customer relations person will look at this comment and reply with a pre-generated response apologizing and hoping I have a better experience in the future and thank me for using Kayac. Big companies like yours look at one customer as no big deal. I'm a Physician and have the ability to reach out to multitudes. I'm going to make it my mission in life to reach out to as many people as I can through word of mouth, signs in my office, Internet and social media to let them know about the deplorable practices of your company."
Pros: "Amazing crew and comfortable seats"
Cons: "Food, movies"
Pros: "The price for flight was great. Layover was perfectly timed and didn’t have to wait long before boarding."
Cons: "Crew was rude. The premium plus cabin was not worth the extra cost. No real change in service just a little more room."
Pros: "I eventually got to San Francisco. I missed my flight to Lihue and had to stay in the airport all night."
Cons: "I eventually got to San Francisco. I missed my flight to Lihue and had to stay in the airport all night."
Pros: "We boarded quickly. That was nice."
Cons: "The plane was old and tiny with barely any room for carry on. And no in flight entertainment or WiFi or anything. Bummer."
Pros: "Boarding process."
Cons: "Food is not great. Seats are not every comfortable for a 10 hour flight. Need better cushions."
Pros: "Crew was amazing. Very professional and organized. Plane was clean and seats comfortable."
Cons: "No seat entertainment."
Pros: "Crew was accommodating."
Pros: "Excellent stewardess. On time."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Not being stuck in Houston for 7 hours"
Pros: "The 787 was spacious."
Cons: "Plane was delayed on takeoff and landing."
Cons: "Our flight was canceled for no reason making us lose 1 day of vacation. The airline didn’t even bother to contact us."
Pros: "Entertainment variety and selection. Food and Drink. Had the curry chicken, surprisingly good."
Cons: "Not enough food & drink service. On an 11 hour flight went 4 hours without a visit from food/drink cart. On the flight from Houston to Munich the food was lousy but we got several more visits/opportunities for drinks."
Pros: "Colorado Springs is one of my favorite airports. It is well run and maintned, friendly and efficient"
Cons: "The seat in the exit row was uncomfortable"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Delayed flights leading to incredibly tight connection times, staff inconsistent with messaging re the source of the delay, zero compassion for customers, offering $700-$1,400 to get off the plane when you charge $200 to change a flight 2 weeks in advance is especially galling! Will not fly with United again whenever there is a viable alternative to my destination."
Pros: "Crew board and also on plane were accommodating and very friendly."
Cons: "Three people in row and all over 200lbs it felt like ever time to get seatbelt Or the horrible placed outlets between seats but under seat and you can not look under seat cause no space in front of you to access and can’t help but to rub against person in next too you. So had to apologize and explain what was trying to do before I tried. I try not to fly this airline or other large carries for"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled on our way back home from Gudalajara, was speaking to a representative for almost 2 hours to get me on the next flight the flight representative forgot to put me on hold and told everyone how rude i was, i was not rude i was just trying to get home. The representative couldn’t help me so i asked to be transferred to a manager, after 2 hours i was transferred and the manager hung the phone up. Long story short i called back spoke to another manager Yana and she was the rudest lady ever! She basically told me for waiting to long i will have to be placed on a flight 2 days after my cancellation flight. I started to cry because i needed to be home and she basically did not care so i took the date. Never again and i will warn everyone about this airline and their customer service!"
Pros: "N/a"
Cons: "There was a name change needed for the flight..they weren’t able to support that at all resulting me cancelling the flight."
Pros: "The marvel of flying. Hurling through the air in a metal tubeZ amazing. We got there safe and on time. That’s what I liked about United. Oh and there was a CSR that was helpful in changing to an earlier flight."
Cons: "Plane was dirty. Bathroom disgusting. Crew just trying to get through the work day. Seats too close and REAL uncomfortable. Like sitting on a plastic frame with a piece of fake leather over it. Entertainment was awful. Oh wait, non existent since it was an “out of country” flight so there was no access to movies (that you had to PAY for). Otherwise you got to watch Matthew Perry in some taxi game show over and over and over and over on a monitor in your face that couldn’t be shut off. United is my last choice in airlines. But we did get to the destination safe and on time."
Cons: "The flight coming in was late and caused my connections to change. I am not able to arrive in Eugene until AT LEAST 5 hours later then first scheduled."
Cons: "I really hate that the major airline companies are charging for every little thing now. I shouldn't have to pay extra for entertainment & an outlet on a 2+ hour flight."
Pros: "I really like how your flights are inexpensive compared to others when trying to purchase a last minute ticket."
Cons: "The last two times I traveled ( I flew with United Airlines ) and both times my flights were delayed. The first time it was delayed by 4 hours and made me miss an appointment. The second time it was delayed by over 13 hours. It was nice that United had put me in a hotel room for the night, but again it took away from time in which I needed to be somewhere else."
Pros: "Good flight"
Cons: "Why can’t the plane be boarded from the back to the front. Seems like that would be easier for all passengers. Also, I picked assigned seats when I purchased the tickets and my husband and I where separated in different rows."
Pros: "Crew was great and helpful!"
Cons: "Not enough options for people with celiac."
Cons: "taxi time longer than fly time"
Pros: "The flight was short."
Cons: "Felt cramped and"
Pros: "Boarding was fine, no delays. Crew was nice, no complaints there! I had an empty seat next to me, so could stretch out. Luckily I brought a blanket with me, since I know from previous experience it's always too cold on planes."
Cons: "The entertainment didn't work on my iPad or my iPhone. I kept getting an error. Also, the WIFI is way too expensive."
Cons: "No beverage offered during the entire flight. Plane was on the runway for about 40 min prior to take-off. What a waste of time!"
Cons: "We booked what was labeled a Lufthansa flight and paid extra because we had flown Lufthansa before and thought the service and the flight were excellent. Imagine our surprise when we found out it was a United Flight. We were on the plane for almost 11 hours and we just had a small lunch and a snack that was tiny. We were starving when we got off. Next time, British Airways gets my money. I want to know what airline I am paying for all the way through without the switching shenanigans."
Pros: "Snacks and drink"
Cons: "Average"
Pros: "Ease and Comfort. Each terminal in our two-leg journey was modern, immaculate and simple to navigate. The flight and crew were outstanding; attentive and professional. Keep up the good work!"
Cons: "We just couldn't justify paying 16.00 so each of us could watch TV for two hours. We would have appreciated basic TV, in order for us to stay on top of the National/World news. We feel it is part of our best interest, as a country and world, to keep informed. Please allow for at least BBC to be viewed. For Free. Thank You."
Pros: "The crew was polite"
Cons: "It took pass our departure time to get people onto the plane, the plane was super delayed 8:25 turned into a little over 10, and I was super uncomfortable the whole flight. Spent the majority of my day in the airport just waiting on this flight."
Pros: "Direct flight to Houston"
Cons: "Staff boarding did not care travelled with my diabetic mom going home to Houston they could not be bothered to seat us together response was " ash your fellow passengers to swap with you" how aweful"
Cons: "I was told that a transport would be available upon landing, it was only there for first class patrons. We landed 20 minutes late due to maintenance issues and I missed my flight by five minutes. I feel that united could have expedited my departure from the plane."
Pros: "Flew to Austin instead of Houston because of weather. Then flew to Houston after 4 hours chilling on a plane in Austin!"
Cons: "Flight missed and now sitting here in an empty airport waiting for my next day flight at 650PM. Btw all local hotels are booked. Thank you United for stranding an active duty Soldier!"
Pros: "Missed my flight so I ended up staying overnight in the airport to catch the 5:25 am flight the next morning. One of the cleaning staff found a blanket for me which really helped since it was incredible cold in the airport."
Cons: "Security line at BWI is extremely long and under staffed compared to other airports. There was not enough legroom and the flight attendants pressured people to check baggage when there was plenty of room on the flight to stow luggage."
Pros: "The crew were helpful and did their best to manage delays."
Cons: "United is has delayed my flight on 3 out of the last four trips. 40 minutes, 1 hour, and 2.5 hours."
Pros: "Great Crew! Very professional. Great communication. Very Comfortable."
Cons: "Upgraded seat on Airbus to phone charger and there wasn't one!"
Pros: "Everyone we dealt with was unbelievably kind and helpful. They had a wheelchair at the gate and helped push my disabled brother which was such a help for my elderly parents to make their connections. When I got my parents their tickets I was very apprehensive that it might be difficult making the connections but thanks to United's wonderful service their whole experience was fantastic. In the future I will always try to book United."
Pros: "United made it so easy to check in & get our boarding tickets. We were traveling with a child and it was a good first time experience!"
Pros: "Flight was on-time with departure and arrival."
Cons: "The air fare was way over priced."
Cons: "TINY seats! I'm 5'11 and I had a hard time being comfortable and I find it incredibly unfair to have to now pay more for the exit row??? The person in front kicks back their seat and suddenly the TV screen on the back of the seat is in my lap"
Cons: "I was put on wrong flight and arrived 4 hours after scheduled landing."
Pros: "The crew members during boarding were sensitive and very urgent in the process."
Cons: "The only delayed flights were the ones fron United, all the other airlines were on time. The attendant was stubborn and made comments not appreciated I lost my connecting flight in Houston and had to stay 8 hour in the airport until 6M Horrible experience"
Pros: "Flight attendants wear very pleasant and polite. PA system worked very well I was able to understand all notices and instructions. Thank you to the crews."
Cons: "I received somewhat bad service at every point of contact with United. My flight was canceled in Houston, so I forced to stay overnight. I asked the rep at the customer service station if United pays for a hotel room if our flight gets canceled, I was told no. There were several canceled flights, do all the hotels were booked in the area. It was up to me to call every hotel in a 10 mile radius at midnight to find a room. I had to come out of pocket 150 dollars for the room and I missed work the following day due to my canceled flight. I was forced to stay in a hotel room with none of my clean clothes, no toiletries. I was told by a united rep, "we get off at midnight so you won't be able to get your suitcase today". All in all, it was one of the worst flying experiences I have ever had. I would like some one to call or email me."
Pros: "The seat next to me was empty"
Cons: "I landed at Houston at 2am and there was no food options open or comfortable sleeping locations fo Try to rest"
Cons: "CRJ700 seats are like sitting on naked plywood. Very uncomfortable."
Pros: "Row 10, extra couple of inches is far more civilized."
Cons: "Didn't have the United app downloaded in time, so couldn't use the WiFi. No alternative."
Pros: "Crew was nice."
Cons: "Less leg room than any other airline, complementary food is real bad, they charge you for everything, movies, alcohol and food, in other airlines they do not charge you for none of the above!"
Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "No WiFi, no food."
Pros: "Crew was personable and helpful"
Cons: "Longest boarding I’ve ever experienced."
Pros: "Delayed 2 hours. Arrived at Houston and another 40 mins to get to the gate. I lost my connecting flight to Guatemala 7:42pm"
Cons: "We boarded before the air conditioning was working. We boarded before the pilots were at the airport. There was no resin to board that early. Lack of information from flight crew once we were on the plane. Very few announcements or explanations. Then once pilot was onboard, flight crew"
Pros: "Nice plane, with plenty of room."
Pros: "Flight was delay 5 hrs..... with no one telling us anything."
Pros: "The crew was great"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Cheap flight, quick boarding."
Cons: "Cramped accommodation, extra fees for luggage, no complimentary beverage service. I’d call it the Grey Hound of the air, except I recently took a Grey Hound and I was much more comfortable."
Pros: "I paid 270$ extra for the carry on bags for the three tickets. If I knew that I would have chosen United tickets because they would be cheaper."
Cons: "Kayak you guys fooled me and I’ll not trust you again."
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "Disappointed that I had to pay for Carry-on luggage. Ridiculous! This is my first time flying without reclining seats. Ridiculous!"
Pros: "Lack of turbulence"
Cons: "It's a domestic flight on a budget airline. There is plenty to not like."
Pros: "That I'm finally home"
Cons: "The entire experience"
Cons: "I never took this flight. It was cancelled but u continued to keep sendimg me emails about check in .i never was chatged as far as i know . So very poor. My flight out of san antonio with frontier airlines was awful!!"
Pros: "Seats are confortable"
Cons: "Food and drinks are expensive"
Pros: "The ride home"
Cons: "The 4 hour delay that received once we arrived at 4:30 AM to catch our 6 o'clock flight home to find out it had been delayed until 9:28 AM. Once we were on the plane we were then told we would be delayed until 10 AM. Flying with two children was difficult for a four hour delay. However front tier did give us all $10 food vouchers and $50 vouchers each for our next flight. Once we landed in Houston we then sat on the tarmac for another hour waiting for the gate open. The plane did have mechanical issues which caused the delay but still the notice given was always last minute"
Pros: "On time. Priced low. Staff professional, friendly."
Pros: "The cleanliness and newness of the plane and the price of the flight! It's like I stepped into a bran new 2017 plane."
Pros: "Your flight crew on this flight was absolutely amazing and professional. I fly quite often and this was my first trip flying Frontier Airlines and I was not disappointed. I would like to say a special shout out to Stacy who was amazing at her job and very professional. It's refreshing and nice seeing somebody who actually wants to be there and enjoys their job. Please pass on my gratitude to Stacy as it awesome flight. Go as far to say give this woman a raise! Thank you very much I will definitely fly again."
Cons: "Getting off the plane seemed like it took forever but honestly no complaints other than that. Thank you."
Pros: "The water"
Cons: "Were over charged for baggage and then told it was our fault for bringing luggage on a trip. Charged me 120 dollars for a 55lb. Bag. We were specifically told 15 extra dollars not 75 dollars. Will never fly frontier ever again and after earning 82000 point in the last 2.5 years. I'm done with Frontier. My business will search out better less misleading airlines"
Cons: "Carry on charges"
Cons: "$40 for checked bag Paying for juice/coffee inadequate legroom"
Pros: "Flight not over booked Cheap ticket"
Cons: "$45 to bring a carry on ? Attendant at the gate was ill prepared for her tasks. Almost like it was her first day, and she had no one there to help her. She had no clue what to do with people gate checking strollers and instead of finding help, she stood there looking helpless."
Pros: "Like everybody else I didn't like the carry-on/ luggage payment. But you can still take one personal item(laptop bag/purse) for free. Also with cheap air-fare, I really don't have to complain about anything! All the details regarding boarding pass, online check-in, baggage, seats, etc is mentioned on their website, so if you don't choose to pay attention before boarding the plane then its not airline's fault. My flight was delayed 3 times. But I was informed well in time through automatic updates I signed up for. Frontier's Google App is very helpful to track the flight status, etc. Staff was very kind and courteous. Airplane was clean. Thank you for serving chilled water. I appreciate it."
Cons: "Apart from the flight delay, I didn't had any trouble in flying with Frontier."
Cons: "Flight delayed 2 1/2 hours whike a page from the log book was found. Apperently because of the large plane they couldn't bring in another one."
Pros: "Flight was fine. Short flight of 2 hours, but no snack or tv."
Cons: "I wish all planes had a tv on the back of their seats!"
Pros: "Overall, nothing stands out as exceptional. Just basic. Crew was ok but on both segments of my flight, I found them to be somewhat unprofessional as they were all having personal constrains with each other and seemed a bit annoyed if a passenger needed something."
Cons: "The seats were the most uncomfortable plane seats I've ever sat in. I would recommend frontier for more than a 2 hour flight."
Pros: "No TV, sears do not recline, Frontier sucks"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "We were on time"
Cons: "$40 for luggage and I wasn't told it was credit card only so I had to go through half the airport to buy a pre paid card...another $5"
Pros: "Never got to go"
Cons: "Cancelled, very difficult to figure out how to get a refund (directed to frontier homepage... dead end.)"
Cons: "The flight was cancelled"
Pros: "The prices of course, the crew were friendly- but it wasn't anything outstanding.... just the casual hello and good bye. And baggage price wasn't bad."
Cons: "It's cramped, there wasn't much else that stood out"
Pros: "I had no problems"
Cons: "The airline charges for everything. People need to know you get charged for carry-on or checked bags, you get charged for drinks too. Just know what you are getting into...seats don't recline, no inflight entertainment...if you get an extra cheap flight, great, if not it's not worth it."
Pros: "Paid half as much booking w Frontier. First experience w them. Less comfortable (hard seats, leg room) but worth the trade off for 2.5 hr flight. I made a somewhat last minute decision to fly out on a one- night trip. Paid $45 each way to carry on my laptop. Rough landing coming home."
Cons: "Thin, hard seats; less leg room; $45 carry on charge each way for laptop; rough landing; one of attendants was rude."
Pros: "Getting off the plane, pilot and crew on plane."
Cons: "There was nothing to like. Ticketing was horrible. Cut off times not allowing people to get on plane in phoenix. It was chaos. The police were called on one man. Charge for carry on and refreshments card only with No warning at time of purchase. Had to throw away my luggage."
Pros: "My seat, but I paid $30 for it"
Cons: "Hook with a deceptive low cost, then charge for seats, carry-on as well as the charge for checked bags most other airlines impose. Snack offered for a fee only. Any drink other than water for a fee only. Really?? Then flight attendants push credit card. Offensive. Won't fly Frontier again."
Cons: "Never will fly Frontier again. Customer service very bad, a bunch of morons."
Pros: "Frontier seems to have more leg room than the typical economy seat. Also, they didn't lose our bags. That's about all the positive that I can say."
Cons: "The return flight was delayed by nearly 3 hours. Once on board, it was very warm for the entire flight. Also, Frontier is a good deal for a reason- there was no in-flight entertainment option, any drinks except water are provided at a cost and there is a charge for carry-on luggage that will not fit below the seat."
Pros: "The flight was uneventful."
Cons: "2 hour and 45 minute delay. Nothing offered in compensation, paying for every bag, and the seats are uncomfortable."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "First time flying with Frontier and two of the flights were delayed over an hour..."
Cons: "Late"
Pros: "I arrived"
Cons: "Late - as usual!"
Pros: "I liked the crew, they were very personable and nice."
Cons: "Charging $40 per carry on? Are you kidding me?? We didn't budget for that and almost had to fly with no luggage. For this reason alone we are never taking another flight from Frontier. It's bad enough that Frontier charges for all baggage, but we had no idea when we bought the tickets off Kayak, that it would be an extra $130 for luggage. What a rip off. Then at the airport, the line to get a baggage ticket wasn't that long, but it took almost 45 minutes. Every time we fly Southwest or Delta, it takes only 10 minutes to get our baggage tagged and on our way to security. I was also unpleasantly surprised that even water costs $2. Other airlines give a free drink, but Frontier charges $2. Terrible. And the seats don't recline. In summary for areas to improve: don't charge me for carry on and don't charge me for water. I will also be looking for another online venue to buy my next tickets, we thought we were going to get a great deal (round trip tickets for two people for around $680) but instead will end up paying in the neighborhood of $885. Kayak let us down big time."
Pros: "Absolutely not one positive comment on this airline."
Cons: "I have never and probably will never have such a negative experience with an airline as I did with Frontier. The staff was rude and unruly. I was dealt with unprofessionally. Every process used was executed poorly. Then to top it all off I was contacted about the location of where my bad ended up.. Once I went to retrieve it, they no longer knew of the location. It took the employees an hour to find my bag and then I discovered it had been ripped open with missing items and they failed to mention that information when they called me with the location of it. Poor customer service and I would be embarassed to be a frontier employee."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "We missed the flight so has to rebuy tickets from another airline with another $1600"
Pros: "Pissed to be charged 60 dollars for a carry on briefcase. Fuel costs are down its about time these airlines stop gouging us. I try not to fly Frontier and this reminded me why."
Pros: "To be fair, the last time I flew with Frontier was like 10 yrs ago. Back then, they used to be one of the best airlines out there. Sadly this time I was hugely disspointed by this airline. The seats are extremely uncomfortable, very little padding, do not recline and very small. Fell bad for the flight attendants because they were more of sales agents than actually attending the passengers. I don't think I will make Frontiet a flight of choice again."
Cons: "Seats are extremely uncomfortable."
Pros: "The assistance at the check in counter was great and I was able to move through the line quickly."
Cons: "The kiosks were broken at the Frontier at IAH that made the line a bit longer than it needed to be. Also, there was a last minute gate change that was annoying. I heard another passenger on another flight that said they had experienced a last inure gate change as well."
Cons: "Late and their customer service unpleasant"
Cons: "Mechanical problems caused 3+ hour delay. Missed being able to pick up my rental and didn't make for quite the same evening."
Pros: "Clean and decent equipment."
Cons: "Loud credit card sales pitches at the end of a flight."
Cons: "You get what you pay for... they are not kidding when they say cheap with no frills.... nothing extra. Terrible seats, they don't even recline. No padding on the seat part."
Pros: "Stewardesses were very nice and pleasant. We left timely and arrived on time."
Cons: "My seat got randomly assigned and I was put on the back row window seat with no window. I wish I could have selected my seat from a list of free spots (w/o extra charge). I don’t like that you are charged for everything: seat change, water, and any snack. I would expect at least water as passengers get dehydrated from flying. Seats are uncomfortable, not much space from seat in front, and there is no recline. Feels crammed. Lacks hospitality majorly as I am charged for every little thing. I hope they don’t start charging for oxygen intake. I was not informed of entertainment options, but I’m sure they were not inexpensive. I will not be flying with Spirit Airlines again. There are other airline options that are less expensive (after you add all the additional fees up) and much more comfortable and hospitable."
Pros: "Cheap n effective"
Cons: "Airport work"
Pros: "Everthing is better"
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Unable to get refund for a flight that hadn’t been missed yet"
Pros: "Crew was easy to work with, friendly & accommodating"
Cons: "Nothing! Good crew!"
Pros: "Good cheap fare"
Cons: "Smaller carry on size"
Pros: "Boarding was on time, take off was smooth, it went better than I thought it would. Not a lot waiting, no long lines."
Cons: "Paying for the snacks and having to pay extra for bags."
Pros: "The flight was good"
Cons: "The very long delay."
Pros: "Good flight on time great crew."
Cons: "Attendants were rude"
Pros: "Was pleased to have extra leg room."
Pros: "Left on time, landed on time, good flight, cabin crew helpful"
Cons: "Gate agents not very friendly, extra fees for all bags were not clear until we were already at the airport"
Cons: "The seats were very cramped. Everybody was pretty much sitting on top of each other. The comfort level was very poor. Having a bunch of screaming babies and children made the flight worse."
Cons: "Quality and ease of use of the web site... very difficult to navigate..also, it looks like it was designed for a 5 yr old Price of luggage is way out of line... Charging $3.00 for water is totally unacceptable..."
Pros: "Comfortable seats with plenty of leg room"
Cons: "I wasn't able to choose my own seat and got stuck at the back of the plane in a "window" seat without a window. Being unable to see outside with a very rough flight made me so nauseous. I was highly disappointed in having to pay to carry on my small suitcase. Or pay for a can of pop. Seriously? And there was a gentleman in front of me that caused us to be delayed about 15 minutes on anew already late flight. I probably won't fly on Spirit again."
Cons: "Flight was cancelled with no reason given, it took almost an hour to call and get my return trip cancelled because the website would not allow me to change my flight. Representative tried to reschedule me for a 12 hour trip when the original flight was 2.5 hours before finally cancelling my trip all together. Spirit ended up costing me $150 more than had I booked with another airline at the beginning because I was left having to purchase a ticket day of on a competitor."
Pros: "The air host was kind and funny"
Pros: "Flight attendants were great!"
Cons: "Paid almost double the price of my ticket during check in for bags and to also purchase an actual seat. You'd think a seat is included in the price. Tried calling customer service with an issue on my boarding pass, and there is no customer service representative either. All automated and unable to get through to anyone for help."
Cons: "Our luggage was supposed to come out of carousel number 3. It took an hour for the checked bags to land after we had arrived. "Karen" at the luggage window next door, was incredibly rude and unhelpful."
Cons: "Late."
Pros: "Clean airplane"
Cons: "At baggege now for 52 minutes AND STIL NO BAGSS SHOWING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Pros: "Low airfare prices. You can't beat spirit."
Cons: "No TV are WiFi. Spirit should give complementary drinks like all other airlines."
Pros: "Price Easy"
Cons: "Nothing. Was cheap and what I needed."
Cons: "Everything was over priced especially checking in luggage"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I was charged $100 at the gate when I was told my carry on was free when checking in! Bogus airline. You lay $110 for a flight then are bombarded with $160 worth of bag fees. So unfair!"
Cons: "My luggage was lost. The agent that helped me didn't even appoligize on behalf of Spirit. She was very rude, and acted like she didn't want to be there, which made me even more mad and upset that my bags were lost. I don't know if I would fly Spirit again. It isn't worth the savings after you are nickeled and dimed. Also, customer service needs some improvement."
Pros: "Cheap"
Cons: "Spirit lost our luggage"
Cons: "Flight was delayed 1.5 hours airline attendants did not know where bags were to come out said ask gate attendants took forever for bags to come out. There is alway problems with spirit airlines flow them 4 time problem every time"
Cons: "We didn't take off on time. this is so common with spirit airlines"
Pros: "Staff was super friendly and helpful!"
Pros: "Fast boarding, but then we sat with the door open for 20 minutes. Flight was fine. I would only ever consider flying again if there was a phenomenal price break from the next cheapest airline."
Cons: "Gate change with no announcement or change on departures board. Late takeoff. Tiny cramped seats, and miniature tray tables. Trash in front of my seat at boarding. The majority of passengers seemed to be inexperienced flyers, maybe gravitating towards the cheap fare? VERY annoying, needy, chatty, panickey at take off and landing. Not a pleasant environment."
Pros: "Bought my ticket day before and paid $100 for base price plus about $50 in fees for cheap seat and luggage. Quick boarding process. On time/early flight."
Cons: "They charge for everything, including water. Tray table isn't really a table - it's a ledge. Seats don't lean back and are very uncomfortable."
Pros: "The flight landed early which is great. The staff was friendly, and a flight attendant did the safety brief to the tune of "Leavinf on a Jet Plane" by Peter Paul and Mary."
Cons: "Spirit Airlines really should have an app!!! Everything would go much smoother if they had an app, and I think I'd probably be more loyal to Spirit if they make the ticket buying/ saving them in passbook smoother and easier."
Pros: "Crew was pleasant and flight was on time."
Pros: "Courteous crew."
Pros: "flight price before bags"
Cons: "Seating the worst I have ever seen, husband 6'5" will never fly spirit, bags cost to much. I returned on Southwest and it was well worth the $50 more. I paid the same price on spirit when the bad fee was so expensive. I can get two free bags, leg room, drink and snack. Not worth it."
Pros: "Price!"
Cons: "Seats are rigid. Given the price, it makes sense. I didn't expect anything else."
Pros: "Cheap last minute prices!"
Cons: "No customer service is probably due to cheap prices!"
Cons: "everything"
Pros: "Same crew and plane as the first flight from Detroit to Denver, friendly and helpful. Comfortable with what room I had."
Cons: "This was my first time flying Spirit and I was unaware of all the extra fees, I ended up paying the same if not a little more than I would have with another airline. I ragweed food and entertainment a 3 because there was no N/A option, I brought my own onto the flight and did not purchase any from the airline."
Cons: "The flight was delayed and I missed my connecting flight, had to wait 17 hrs before being able to fly."
Pros: "We were given good seats together. The flights were both on time."
Cons: "Not very much leg room."
Cons: "Seats are horrible with no leg room! I'm 5'10" and I was so uncomfortable and I had to pay $10 for it above the ticket price!"
Pros: "Friendly staff."
Cons: "The bagage fee is more than other airlines. The website asks you to pick a seat and then charges you for each seat and each flight so it could have been $ 120 more for my family. Early check in fees are not appreciated."
Pros: "The staff was very friendly !"
Cons: "Offering water for free would be nice."
Pros: "The initial ticket price (if that included the seat), baggage I understand"
Cons: "Hidden charges: Why did I have to buy my seats? Is it not included with the ticket? I had to pay an additional $158.00 on top of my $176.36. Online is very misleading."
Pros: "The low prices when timing is correct. Great departure & arrival times"
Cons: "The new seats, tray tables, seat pockets give the overall appearsance of "cheap". Customers will have to get used to another round of "no frills". Hate using credit card for a drink of water."

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