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  • Looking for cheap airfare to Nashville? 25% of our users found tickets to Nashville for the following prices or less: From Montego Bay $364 one-way - $344 round-trip, from Kingston $278 one-way - $354 round-trip
  • High season is considered to be June, July and August. The cheapest month to fly from Jamaica is March.
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DeltaOverall score based on 31840 reviews
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Be on time ! 2 hours late is too much inconvenience.

Read more about Delta

Be on time ! 2 hours late is too much inconvenience.

Check-in was good, except that the window that was open after putting in passport information. That did not give you a button to move to the next step. There was an X to close it, but my get was it would close the entire app. Flight meal - can’t we get a wrap rather than biscuits or chips? Flight Refreshment - water should be standard. We all need hydration during flight.

Wifi extremely slow. Not worth the money.

Took forever for checked bags to get to baggage claims

Had a great experience. Very friendly staff

On time, cordial service,

Pros: "Friendly crew Flight left on time Refreshments were alright Thankful for the free WiFi"
Cons: "Seats were small Hardly any space below seat to store hand luggage Aisle was tight"
Cons: "Internet and plane was small and old"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Extremely frustrated. Upon booking my ticket, I was told it wouldn’t be a full flight. At no point did u receive any information alerting me that it was going to be a full flight. I was extremely uncomfortable due to COVID."
Pros: "Calm and safe, just like I like it."
Cons: "Seats are tiny"
Pros: "Almost as soon as we finished taking off, we were landing. A one-hour trip doesn't let you really love or hate anything."
Pros: "Crew was great, seats were comfy and the entertainment options were good."
Cons: "Flight was delayed but it happens."
Pros: "I love all the complementary stuff on flight"
Cons: "Better ear buds"
Pros: "Crew was very friendly and efficient. Flight was pretty smooth."
Cons: "On time departure would have been nice. 2.5 hours late."
Cons: "Crew was not very friendly or helpful. Not even a drink service on this flight. Atlanta is over crowded and always a problem. Couldn’t avoid it this time."
Pros: "Quick board, quick flight and everything went smoothly."
Cons: "Someone to rub my feet, but that’s wishful thinking."
Pros: "Flight was short"
Cons: "My seat didn’t have a window. The woman who booked it told me there was limited recline, THERE WAS NO RECLINE, and she left out there is no window even though she asked me if I wanted window or isle and I chose window. I felt like I was in a closet. Landing was incredibly harsh."
Pros: "The flight crew was great. Very friendly and efficient and there were free snacks with the comfort + seating with Delta. It’s airplane seating so it is what it is but I was not uncomfortable."
Cons: "I’m not sure everything was really great."
Pros: "For me the boarding was of fast"
Cons: "The food"
Pros: "Ryan was great! Very nice and professional, would love to see him on a future flight."
Pros: "Crew was friendly"
Cons: "An hour and a half late, terrible communication about scheduling"
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "No food was served"
Pros: "Left on time, landed early"
Cons: "Asked a crèw member to put my bag in the overhead , didn't like his attitude,also asked him for a soda, didn't get it, got it from another attendant"
Cons: "Terrible landing"
Pros: "Wonderful service. Staff was attentive and helpful. Flight was great. I got to watch a couple movies and was able to retrieve my oversized luggage easily and even quickly. Thank you, Delta!"
Cons: "I’m not a seasoned traveler and packed some needed items for our home out-of-state in an oversized bag. That bag ended up costing me $200 extra at check-in. I could’ve Fed-ex’d for cheaper or put into two separate bags for cheaper. Then, my flight was delayed an hour."
Pros: "The Grand junction staff is always great."
Pros: "Same"
Cons: "The attitude of the employees."
Pros: "Nice updates"
Cons: "There was a LOT of turbulence and the landing was a rough one too. Plane was cramped with very little leg room and my seat back was broken."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "This is the second flight in a row in which Delta has either cancelled or rescheduled my flight at the last minute. Last time I was stranded in the Atlanta airport overnight waiting literally all night for them to return my luggage (which never came, and then was late even to my final destination). I will not be using Delta in the future."
Cons: "Delta allowed flights with empty seats going to the same destination to take off without trying to fill them w passengers who were delayed on other flights. Our flight was delayed more than three hours, and it’s a shame that some folks could have been accommodated on that flight but were not."
Pros: "flight attendants"
Cons: "As soon as we all were boarded we where told there was a mechanical issue. Sat on the boarded cramped flight for 2 hours until issue was fixed. If there was a mechanical issue then the plane should’ve not been boarded until it was fixed. Much rather have waited in lobby for 2 hours than on a plane with no food and water. Or at least alllowed us to deboard while issues where resolved."
Pros: "Service vey Good. Nice choices. Comfort seating very nice"
Cons: "WiFi awful. Useless."
Pros: "The LGA team did great in difficult situation"
Cons: "Sat on the plane on the tarmac for over an hour in the cold..."
Cons: "They lost my bag."
Pros: "Very efficient boarding; crew had the foresight to ask for travelers to gate-check their bags due to a full flight and that saved a lot of boarding time and hassle."
Cons: "The seats on this aircraft looked like that had a 2-2 configuration; it's now 3-2 making it pretty cramped in Coach."
Pros: "Compared to previous flight - this was so much better with upgrade to first class and extra space."
Cons: "The flight was quite smooth."
Pros: "quick trip, no problems"
Pros: "Good food and movies. Comfy seating with plenty of room."
Pros: "Everything about it was excellent, which is saying a lot for a guy who travels a lot."
Cons: "I realize that a flight attendant is there ultimately for safety reasons, but one of the three was particularly brusque in her interaction."
Pros: "Professionalism"
Cons: "sitting on the runway for over 3 hours without any water, snacks, or even video entertainment screens or outlets to charge phones"
Pros: "Comfy seats"
Cons: "No earphones available. I had forgotten mine but crew stated that none had been put on the flight. Lunch was served but no snacks later as is usual on an almost 4 hr flight. I always fly First Class for the extra room and perks of crew service. Crew spent most time in galley chatting. Not a bad flight by any means but I guess I have been spoiled by superior service on all of my other weekly Delta flights."
Cons: "Delta doesn't manage their flight schedules and personnel with backup or standby crew in order to assist whenever there are delays across domestic flights. The plane was late to arrive at the gate and we were also told that while the pilot was ready to take off, we couldn't leave because we were waiting for a flight attendant to land from Pittsburgh (we were in La Guardia airport in NYC). delta would rather I convenience the flyer instead of hiring more personnel or figuring out standby or backup plans for delayed flights."
Pros: "Sitting in the exit row (52H) gave me lots of space and the temperature was great."
Cons: "My original flt KE018 on 03Apr17 was a different story; had adequate space, but the temperature was warm making it uncomfortable to sleep during the 13 hour flight. Unfortunately, the A-380 does not have manual overhead air vents."

Tha table was dirty. I had to ask a crew member to clean it up.

Cons: "Flight was late for no apparent reason"
Cons: "The crew was so rude"
Cons: "In flight entertainment wouldn't work despite following the instructions, so I gave up after about 45 minutes."
Pros: "Seats were comfortable and crew was nice."
Cons: "Need something more substantial for food in first class on a cross-country flight."
Pros: "Quiet, evening flight."
Cons: "Departure was delayed 30 minutes due to customs inspection of the aircraft. Not American's fault."
Pros: "Not much. I did arrive to my destination with my bags!"
Cons: "My flight was delayed boarding and.leaving the runway! There was very choppy communication as from the airlines as things changed. I arrived and hour late from an already late flight! The attitude of the attendants was not the best either. They seemed to be tired and it showed in their service."
Cons: "No wifi, drinks came in the last 5 minutes flight was 1.5 hours late"
Cons: "Have coach passengers prepay for meals"
Pros: "Pleasant and attentive crew"
Pros: "Normal expectations were met"
Cons: "It was fine"
Cons: "No food on the International flight from Kingston to Miami."
Pros: "I liked the arts and craft show that was showing on the plane."
Cons: "As I came into the airport I went to a kiosk to check in and the attendant at the kiosk basically took over my passport and started pushing buttons that I never asked her to push. I eventually got my boarding passes only to find I wasn’t assigned a seat for the first flight and I will get it later at the gate. After getting through security my name was called for a extra security screening which I thought was interesting since I have Global Entry and am an American citizen. Weird. Because my name was called I had to get to the gate early. Upon arriving to the gate the gate agent confirmed I have extra security screening and she would assign my seat soon. After waiting some time she assigned me to a middle seat in the last row of the plane! After boarding someone came and sat next to me that was overweight and should have been charged for 2 seats. With such a long flight it’s the least American can do."
Pros: "The boarding and flight were both good"
Cons: "Paid $10 for WiFi that wouldn’t even allow me to stream some music or open a web page"
Pros: "The crew handled the emergency very professionally"
Cons: "the usual garbage AA flights on CRJ's with poor on-time performance and frequent maintenance issues..."
Pros: "On time."
Cons: "One of my pieces of luggage was not on my flight. The gate agent was difficult to understand. It was her nasal accented English that was the problem."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Nothing was good! Horrible horrible airline!"
Cons: "Very cramped seating This was an American Airlines flight, not Alaska Air."
Pros: "Much more room in seats than expected"
Cons: "Delayed"
Pros: "Uneventful"
Pros: "It was great! I got an entire row to myself."
Pros: "I got here."
Cons: "Everything else. American cancelled my first flight from MSP to ORD. And when I got to Chicago, it cancelled my next flight to Nashville. The flight I managed to get on departed two hours late. There was no explanation for each of these cancellations/delays. There was virtually zero inclement weather anywhere, save for most of the country’s temperature being nearly equivalent to the surface of Neptune. And, the surly, clueless Chicago-based gate agent was the coupe de grace in my search for a reasonable explanation after which I waited impatiently for this episode to conclude. American get your act together."
Pros: "It was on time. Nashville airport is sparkling clean with very happy and warm staff throughout the facility. As opposed to Philthydelphia the city of Unbrotherly Love."
Pros: "Extra room with empty seat"
Cons: "Seat didn't go back due to exit row"
Pros: "Most things."
Cons: "Delayed flight!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I didn't get home til 1am bc of this flight delay. A lot of the passengers were on the final leg of overseas travel, so we had a really hard time with the delays. Boarding was inefficient. Cree counted us like 6 times. Why is that necessary? Plane was old and uncomfortable."
Pros: "I changed my reservation in Hartford. Crew were extremely helpful."
Cons: "I ended up getting to my destination 6 hours after what I had planned."
Pros: "All good"
Cons: "All good"
Pros: "The male server was great. The ice cream for dessert was magnificent."
Cons: "First class was awful- no drink service for far too long, didn't have my food order that I selected ahead of time, the female asian flight attendant was not friendly at all, the seat reclined at the back only there was nothing for your feet, the blankets were awful, and movie selection was mediocre at best."
Cons: "No headset for entertainment"
Cons: "Plane size"
Cons: "The boarding was seemed unintelligent. Why would a passenger in a window seat have to wait until the other middle and aisle passengers board. I got on the plane and had to wait for the other two passengers get up and step into the aisle so I could take my window seat. I was in group 7 and apparently they were in a lower number group that was allowed to board before me."
Pros: "Overall friendliness of the crew"
Pros: "Nice crew"
Cons: "No entertainment. Learn from TAM in Brazil and offer entertainment via smartphone / tablet. No food service."
Pros: "Arrived on time, left on time."
Cons: "It was inconceivable to me that I could not get a seat assignment until I actually checked in at the gate. While AA offered the option of paying extra for additional legroom, if you declined the offer, you could not obtain a seat. I know that it is getting unusual to have any sort of enjoyable experience on an airline, but the lack of transparency ("group two" for boarding is actually the fifth group to enter the aircraft) is totally unnecessary."
Pros: "Ease of checking in by agent. Courteous and friendly staff. On time departure"
Pros: "Everything was good"
Pros: "It was a very quick flight! I got some great rest and went right into work, ready for the day."
Cons: "They checked my carry on, and it ran me a little late leaving from Nashville waiting at baggage claim."
Pros: "Poor"
Cons: "No food chips chips very POOR POOR"
Cons: "Seeing as this flight was cancelled and we had to wait as two elderly people until 3pm the next day to get another flight and American Airlines would not compensate in anyway. I would say that we will never fly American Airlines again nor will my family. This was not the only delay or cancellation because of American either. We spent 48 hours traveling because of delays and cancellations and still American would do nothing for us. I'm 66 and my husband is 72 (who also has had back surgery for five slipped discs) and we had to sleep on concrete floors and had very limited money to buy food. It was by far the worst experience of my life and I would encourage everyone to not travel with them."
Pros: "Free wifi"
Cons: "Late flight, late crew, Late boarding"
Cons: "Delays, delays and more delays. 3 gate changes and finally on an old plane. Avoid if you can. Only good thing about it, it was bringing me home"
Cons: "It was a 2 hour delay and they had us run to two different gates. The plane didn't take off for another half hour or so"
Pros: "The crew did a great job of keeping the passengers taken care of."
Cons: "Flight delays and almost missed the checkout of our rental car"
Cons: "Delays. Always with the delays. An hour to take off and 30 minutes to land? I changed my flight because my father is dying of cancer, you charge me 200 extra for this? These planes shouldn't be allowed to fly. There's efficiency and there's just plain uncomfortable. Too tight. Small seats."
Pros: "Flight was on time. Great service from the ground staff to the in flight crew."
Pros: "Only food you could purchase was snacks, had no entertament."
Cons: "Great customer service appolijesed for only having snacks"

You need to arrive 2 hours prior. They don’t have a bag drop off once you get your bag tag. You have to stand in line with everyone. It moves quickly but don’t think you’re going to drive up, print your bag tag, drop it and walk to security. They do pull people from the line for flights leaving soon but that’s kind of hit or miss. They do a great job considering the volume of people they are processing. Forget the inflight Wi-Fi they charged extra for. Didn’t work and they won’t refund the money.

Flight was cancelled without notice. Passengers moved to later flight for the day while completely knowing that flight is sold out and there is no chance of boarding. After 4 hours of unnecessary waiting, passengers offered $10 gift card for overnight stay. I think this was the worst experience in 30 years of travel. I will prefer to miss an event but will not fly Spirit ever again.

Elvis was excellent at checkin

The flight (pilot/captain) was good. The airline itself is very bad, no free wifi, no free water/etc, have to pay for your seat and everything else with Spirit. This trip costs more than a flight with an airline who offers free seat, checked luggage, free wi-fi, and free snacks. I will stick with flying with paying one set price with all the perks versus this with prices for each thing separate, and prices changing so you never know what it costs.

Everything was good

Flight was on time, crew was friendly, seats weren’t super comfortable and plane was VERY stuffy. Not much room for drinks or snacks / trash, but it was a short trip and inexpensive so I know expectation should reflect pricing. Definitely need more air circulation though, got a bit airsick with lack of air.

We arrived 15 minutes early ,but the luggage take more than 30 minutes to appear.

Leave on time!

The check-in process was difficult. The line was very long, and there weren't enough employees to process people efficiently. However, once we finally got to the counter, our agent was excellent. The plane was very clean and the flight good. It took more than 20 minutes at the gate to get the door open so we could exit the plane.

Excellent across the board

No option for not ordering any food, seat were a little in comfortable, over all flight was quick and on time, even on my flight out the plane was an hr late arriving but it hardly affected my fight at all B+

Boarding was quick and easy and flight crew was great.

Like: Friendly crew and a safe trip. Better: offer free water.

Pros: "I got front seats"
Cons: "Flight was delayed!"
Cons: "During this pandemic they could have just refunded out money but instead they have, thru Kayak, just got it all confusing. Not sure where to go to get credit on a flight i dont even want to book but from what i heard is pigeon holed that its use it or lose it. Good Job. Spirit and Kayak. The Spirit of ripping off America."
Pros: "Crew was fantastic"
Pros: "We didn’t crash."
Cons: "For a window seat, there was too many clouds."
Pros: "Crew was GREAT! value for the price was great as well."
Cons: "Nothing! I’m glad we have options like cheap flights we can buy a la carte like this."
Pros: "Fast boarding. On-time departure and early arrival. Hit the trifecta."
Cons: "I didn’t like anything about the flight."
Cons: "Flight delayed 4h. No real communication about reason for delay."
Pros: "Elizabeth made the flight completely enjoyable and was extermely friendly, funny, professional and just a pleasure to be around and because of her and the other members will share this story as well as happily fly spirit airlines again anytime. Thank you for employing her and please hire more like her! Also the attendants at the gate were accommodating with my bag issue and I appreciated it very much"
Pros: "I like that boarding was quick and the flight attendants were friendly"
Cons: "seats could be more comfortable for sleeping"
Cons: "Freezing"
Cons: "Flight was delayed."
Cons: "I really dislike the amount of incremental charges on spirit. It makes the entire process cumbersome"
Pros: "Boarded the aircraft quickly and left on time."
Cons: "Airplane reeked of vomit and vinegar. Seats were dirty and you have to pay for water."
Pros: "They are thieves charge $65 for a carry on and $40 for a check bag i will never fly with them again"
Pros: "Nothing at all"
Cons: "Everything was bad"
Pros: "Cheap."
Cons: "I had a question about a carry on and could not get an answer online nor on the phone for an hour. Ended up leaving the carryon in the car in case I wouldn't have been able to carry it on. Couldn't afford the possible "no" and the time it would have taken to go back to the car."
Pros: "I had to pay $55 for my regular carry-on that is included in every other airline. There was no music, no TVs and the seats were of the cheapest construction there is. The refreshments on board had to be purchased, even a cup of water $3."
Cons: "They claim they are the cheapest but when you add all the stuff you are giving up and everything that is not included, they are probably the most expensive airline out there."
Pros: "The cost"
Cons: "The seats, the flight was late, the staff was pushy loading, and it was a red eye with the lights left on. Not sure I would fly again."
Pros: "Crew was very nice and attentive on this flight"
Cons: "Gate area was a mess, communication on flight status and delays was poor from initial delay all the way through take-off"
Cons: "Baggage fees are ridiculous, customer service poor in the USA. Flight nk528 flight attendants and ticket agents conducted themselves poorly, customers all disgruntled and staff did nothing to make the situation better but losing their cool instead of conducting themselves professionally. Both female flight attendants were argumentative and even roll their eyes at a few of the passengers. Traveling is an exhaustive ordeal without the delays. Sarcasm was high."
Pros: "Arrived safe"
Cons: "Seats too small no leg room."
Pros: "Flight time"
Cons: "Small seats Baggage charges I wanted to pay before checking to save money Lengthy wait before take off"
Pros: "Low cost base ticket"
Cons: "Baggage fees added 80 to the flight cost and seat fees would have added another 40 if I paid them. If I knew that when I bought the ticket I would have gone with another airline. Oh, and no TSA pre-check option at O'hare"
Pros: "It was a cheap ticket landed on time."
Cons: "Had to pay extra for checking a bag. Called to apply my TSA Pre Check a week before the flight. In doing so signed up for Spirit free fares etc & the reason I called in and change to the reservation did not apply to my ticket had to go through regular TSA."
Pros: "The new were planes, the crew members, and the material of the plane seats."
Cons: "I will likely not fly Spirit again because the baggage that I could take on Delta and United for free was $40 each Way on spirit. Additionally spirit requires you to print out a piece of paper to check in, rather than having a nice and convenient and easy phone app like they are competing do"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "What you think you'll save they'll charge you for with your luggage. $56 per luggage including your carry on luggage. Using that airlines to "save" a couple bucks was definitely not worth it. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone."
Pros: "I want my money back, my fight was cancelled the staff was no good.. no help at all! Getting a lawyer!"
Pros: "Other than the four hour delay? Nothing, nothing at all."
Cons: "Ditto"
Cons: "Fees, flight delayed, conflicting information"
Pros: "seats need better cushions"
Pros: "On time, polite crew, and can be cheap if you travel light."
Cons: "Most items were out of stock, food and drink wise. You think being so over priced they'd keep a better stock. Water was $4."
Cons: "This is the first airline where I have to pay for every single luggage; cargo, carry on which are within weight and size. This is mad. I will never fly with this airline again."
Pros: "I miraculously fell asleep while we spent one hour on the tarmac."
Cons: "i don't mind "unbundled" fees, where you pay for only what you use, as a concept. but i think spirit tries to make it difficult for you to save money. i checked in without paying for bags because i needed some time to pack and see whether i could fit things in a carry on. after i checked in, there was no way to add a bag (we're still a day before the flight) without calling and spending an hour with spirit on the phone. you suck!!! also why the hell don't the seats recline!?!?!?!>!>!>!>"

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