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DeltaOverall score based on 31830 reviews
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Delta is my go-to for years on the SEA-AMS run. They are generally always on time and often come in early on the flight back. Seems like the food quality has gone down a bit over the last two years, and I was disappointed in both meals on this flight, but I will continue to book Delta every time on this route.

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Delta is my go-to for years on the SEA-AMS run. They are generally always on time and often come in early on the flight back. Seems like the food quality has gone down a bit over the last two years, and I was disappointed in both meals on this flight, but I will continue to book Delta every time on this route.

Haven't flown Delta in years. Very impressed by all aspets of their service. Flight was on time, efficient crew, comfortable seating, etc. Loved the text updates on luggage, eta's etc.

The flight attendants constantly hassled everyone and nit picked everything. I was told that my seat wasn’t upright, but the seat was old and wouldn’t go upright. Then I was moved a seat over. That seat also wouldn’t stay upright. I was constantly hassled about it, even though I wasn’t putting it back. All the seats were having the same issue, so the flight attendant told us over the intercom that if we couldn’t get our broken seats to work right, they would circle the airport and add another 20 minutes to our flight. Absolutely the worst experience I have had on a plane. Absolutely insane.

No complaints. Good overall.

In my experience nothing!! Was a great experience I do it again with Delta Airline.

Flying with Delta is always a relatively smooth experience.

Early arrival. NIce plane. Quick trip.

Too many people crowding the gate when it’s not their time to board

Delta 1st class was really good

Comfortable flight, food can be improved. Everything was on time, but boarding could be better, more organized.

Pros: "Middle seat was empty"
Cons: "People wiping down their seats during the flight .... how silly"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Traveled Comfort Plus. Looking really crowded in the main cabin."
Cons: "We ordered special meal, and it was even confirmed in the boarding pass but it was never delivered on board.... attendant said they did not get any special meal"
Cons: "The Delta flight leaving Cleveland was a hour and a half late so we could not make our connection to get home and had to overnight in Minneapolis. This is the fourth time in six flights For Delta. I think the Kayak booking algorithm needs to allow more time between connecting flights."
Pros: "The crew was helpful and seemed genuinely nice. The seats felt a little narrow"
Pros: "none"
Cons: "ground staff was rude when I asked for clarification because the descripency between app in formation and unclear voice announcements."
Pros: "Plane was nice and clean. Staff attendants were great & respectful."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Typical Delta efficiency and comfort."
Cons: "Arrived 30 minutes late. The food is ridiculous."
Pros: "The service is very good from the beginning. The flight attendant is very caring thanks so much."
Pros: "Crew was great"
Cons: "Absolutely no entertainment for a flight that had way more people than my first one. Food options were horrible!"
Pros: "Flight was on time. Boarding, flight, deboarding were all fine. Service was fine."
Cons: "The flight numbers that Kayak provides ate not unusable and do not match any flights with the airline. Terribly inconvenient. A call to WestJest referred me to contact Delta. The Delta rep was able to help me. The airlines provided good service. But I probably will avoid booking with Kayak again."
Pros: "left on time and arrived early"
Cons: "no legroom even in first class."
Cons: "Didn’t like the fact that online check in didn’t work on the Delta app.di"
Pros: "Food was unexpectedly good."
Cons: "The flight was delayed for 40 minutes. We could hardly catch connecting flight"
Pros: "Crew was pleasant. Boarding was fast and efficient, nobody bumrushed."
Cons: "The non-reclining seat right next to the bathroom door opening should not exist. I was miserable there; I swear everyone on the plane made sure to take a dump on this <2 hour flight. Also none of the windows on any of these small planes line up with the actual positions of seats and it sucks."
Pros: "On time, pleasant and friendly flight attendant, no unexpected issues or problems."
Cons: "Grumpy gate attendants at YUL! Could not hear the captain’s comments over the PA system. Shouldn’t the volume be checked every so often? We were offered only water or coffee, bad enough, then there was no milk or cream on board, so water or black coffee... not very impressive! And there was no entertainment so I’d rate that zero but the scale only goes as low as one star."
Pros: "Excellent gate personnel, spacious and clean plane"
Cons: "Some crew members were a bit curt"
Pros: "Excellent very good good"
Cons: "Good service good"
Pros: "Great staff, plenty of room, efficient snack and drink delivery, effluent boarding"
Pros: "Great service by crew!"
Cons: "Took too long to get on board."
Pros: "Comfort Plus seating was good for the long flight, lots of choices for entertainment."
Cons: "Some crew members were rather cold in their manner, either disinterested or grumpy. Electric outlet didn't work. On screen entertainment touch screen was very difficult to use (unresponsive to touch)."
Pros: "I dont like that you change my flight and I have to wait 8 hours at the airport to flight to Mexico City"
Cons: "Customer service was lack luster..."
Cons: "The leg room is ridiculously small."
Pros: "Quiet, friendly, fast and efficient. What you'd want for a flight at 6am"
Pros: "Flight went well and was smooth."
Pros: "Staff was awesome."
Cons: "The plane was an older plane and just not as comfortable."
Cons: "NO ENTERTAINMENT no snacks on the second flight after an hr 24 layover AND 52 minutes delay, seat near the bathroom which smelled horrible"
Pros: "The staff are fun and friendly. One of the hostesses stepped into the vacant seat where I was sitting and stepped back further when people where pushing by. We were almost cheek to cheek. The closest I've come to a cute bum in years."
Cons: "The gratis food offering isn't healthy - those bread pretzels, versus the almond & tomato juice I had on the next flight, with ...can't remember the name."
Pros: "Able to watch an interview. Then part of a movie which makes the time fly."
Cons: "Late departure. Late arrival. So I got my car and landed in terrible traffic. Which I had hoped to avoid."
Cons: "We sat near the back of the plane and it was terribly noisy. You couldn barely converse with your seat partner or the flight attendant. These seats should be discounted."
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Having delayed flights"
Cons: "I am a 5'3" 125# woman who, unfortunately, had a middle seat assignment. The passenger to my right, on the aisle, weighed approximately 375# and took up 1/3 of my seat. The arm was not able to go down comfortably, and when it did it was not usable . The passenger on my left, window seat, was probably 6'7" and had to sit with a man spread in order to fit. I could not move and was extremely uncomfortable. The plane was overbooked so I was unable to move. Therefore, worst flight ever. Plus, I paid for a full seat and was only able to occupy half of it."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Employees at the Atlanta airport have a SERIOUS chip on their shoulders. Just when you thought seats couldn't get any smaller or closer together. Paid for priority boarding but the boarding pass still said zone 3. Employees could care less."
Pros: "I'm not sure but it seemed as though the isle was wider than before or other airlines. It looks as nice not having the beverage cart hit my elbow when it went down the isle."
Pros: "On board crew was helpful and polite considwring our circumstances."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed 3xs (non weather) they said we would miss our connection (I didn't think we would) THEY rebooked a later flight. Of course we landed in time for our original flight. They refused to let us back on our original flight. Put me in touch w/ the help desk who after talking in circles admitted it was their mistake but he had no authority to help. FINAlly & only because others missed their flight we were given the option to go. Crew misplaced our luggage and sent it on a flight we were never supposed to be on, and the bad experience with delays of hours on end continued coming home. (Mechanimal non weather) WE WILL NEVER FLY DELTA AGAIN!"
Pros: "Nice crew; with sincerely smile and attentions during all flight. The dinner was delicious... and very very important... puntual trip"
Cons: "Food was really bad"
Pros: "Yo había ido al sanitario, cuando regrese ya habían repartido los jugos, la aeromosa muy atenta me llego a preguntar si quería jugo y me lo llevaron."
Cons: "Al momento de dar las instrucciones de seguridad, creo que los pasajeros prestan más atención y entienden más si hay alguien del crew al frente dando ejemplos de cómo hacerlo. Todo lo demás excelente!"
Cons: "Despite we made web check in, our seat were changed. And we were assigned in separate seats (family of four)"
Pros: "On time flight"
Cons: "No entertainment on board."
Pros: "I was ascended..."
Cons: "The entertainment options"
Pros: "Boarding was fast, left on time, arrived a little early. Drink and little snack acceptable for such a short flight."
Cons: "I realize that it is a very short route circa 1:25 hours, but it would be nice to have USB power outlets."
Cons: "The crew on this particular flight was not up to par with the previous KLM crew standards. From the boarding, which they started letting economy class before elderly people and Skypriority to the lack of at least a smile from the crew serving you. Copa please train your crew. After we are the client"
Pros: "Attention"
Cons: "Avoid lose time boarding"
Cons: "Never took this flight because of AirEuropa bad business conduct"
Cons: "Customers Service: I had an issue with the baggage (it was broken) and they say that is an normal process."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Trying to print ticket for the flight was a problem"
Cons: "Me cobraron $33 por cada asiento de los 5 de mi familia. $165 en total. Al llegar al mostrador me dieron otros asientos a los asignados en el web check in. Me dijeron que no era problema de ellos sino que era problema del sistema. Ahora para recuperar mi dinero tengo que hacer un tramite e invertir tiempo. Pesimo servicio. Copa no sirve para nada."
Pros: "Good experience in general"
Cons: "Lousy plane, very dirty"
Pros: "El tiempo fue rapido"
Cons: "La comodidad del avion. Son muy estrechos."
Pros: "Service!!"
Cons: "Food was not the best this time"
Cons: "The A/C it's very cold, and I asled for a blanket and they did not have one."
Cons: "The plane was delay"
Pros: "Para poder abordar .........muchas Gracias"
Cons: "I was promised an emergency exit seat and... I got the row after the exit row... most annoying."
Pros: "Everything was perfect"
Cons: "It was really coñd during the flight"
Cons: "Leg room was tight. Two seats together on both sides of aisle."
Pros: "Good food and friendly flight attendants."
Cons: "Entertainment system really needs improving and brought up to todays standards. Other than small flights with nothing, they are the most behind, pitiful attempt of an "entertainment system" I've seen."
Cons: "It was great"
Pros: "No delays"
Cons: "Flying to Panama City first then to Guatemala"
Pros: "Flights were cheap and on time"
Cons: "No issues at all"
Cons: "Crew was not attentive in business class. They only offered drinks once during the flight."
Pros: "Attendant for Lost Luggage in GUA was super nice!"
Pros: "They give a nice snack"
Cons: "Flight delayed"
Pros: "No hubo problema con el equipaje"
Cons: "Es tiempo de espera para transbordar"
Cons: "Has to stay over Night in Panamá city"
Pros: "The crew was helpful and always smiling"
Cons: "The plabe was dirty and the food was terrible"
Cons: "Their flights are extremely overbooked. If you book through one of these websites you more than likely will have to spend an extra day. From 3 flights they had that day all 3 were overbooked by atleastv. 5 people. Extremely shitty v"
Cons: "Every thin is good but the time between flights and the staying in the Panama airport is a little tough, we travel from Boston to Guatemala and we have always to wait long periods of time in the airport"
Pros: "The call center was not accured The fligh atendent did'nt pay any attention"
Pros: "The flight was on time, seats were comfortable, service on the airline was great."
Cons: "I am a little upset that you do not offer vegetarian options on the airline. My husband does not eat meat and he was not offered an alternative. Please offer an alternative for those that do not eat meat, I promise, you will have happier customers. Thank you, Daniela"
Pros: "Good airline. Try to use then often. ."
Cons: "The plane was way too cold for me"
Pros: "Even though it was a short flight, the crew pampered us with free food and drink. They were pleasant, jovial, and fun."
Cons: "There was nothing I didn't like."
Pros: "The service in first class"
Pros: "Good staff. Clean. A lot of room."
Cons: "No self checking in kiosk."
Cons: "10 hr delay in San José. A nightmare!"
Pros: "good service"
Cons: "nothing"
Cons: "Copa charged me for luggage on the way back that didn't charge me on the way to. They told me it was a mistake, they should have charged me, but it was YOUR MISTAKE, not mine. I wouldn't have take it if I had to pay. Customer service was AWFUL. Stick to your mistakes, value your customers."
Pros: "- nice staff - food on the plane"
Cons: "Bad food"
Pros: "The food."
Cons: "It was delayed, they did't give us any compensation, they didn't provide updates, I came so late to Guatemala."
Pros: "Small breakfast on a one hour flight"
Cons: "No complaints"
Cons: "There is not so much as even a free soda on the flight. They charged me $50 for my carry on because it happened to be an instrument (a small carry on sized one). They insisted this was normal. Spoiler: it isn't. I have NEVER had to pay extra for a carry on based on its value. I was tired and had been traveling since 3am. I asked for a Coffee to wake up and was informed that they are NOT complimentary. I asked what snacks or beverages they had that were complimentary and they informed me there were NONE. Zero. What? I only had cash on me (my card had been lost in traveling days before) and I asked if they would either let me pay cash or be willing to just this once offer me a free coffee. They flatly told me no. It is worth noting that I was kind and courteous throughout learning this. I didn't take any frustration out on the flight attendants. But I was deeply disappointed. I'm am exhausted traveler on your airline in a bind without my card. Can you please just be kind and offer me a coffee on the house? Nope. Sigh."
Cons: "2 hours of delay"
Pros: "Same as above."
Cons: "Same as above."

I paid to upgrade my seat to premium economy, it was well worth the extra cost. I have vegan meals and they were very good. Most of the flight attendants were very attentive, but for one was slightly rude. I thought the service was great overall and they had a nice movie selection for entertainment

Absolutely everything went wrong. Many delays causing me to have to rebook with another airline. Worst travel experience ever.

Very good crew.

Flight attendants were super profesional and friendly. Very welcoming environment.

Only sad part is one bathroom worked in entire aircraft! And one Barbie sized bag pretzels 🥨 doesn’t cut it

The gate agent (when I got off my flight from Lexington to Charlotte) had dismissed the person who was supposed to wheelchair me to the next gate I waited 10 minutes for her to call for another wheelchair assistant After 25 minutes of saving I ask her to call again as no one had shown up She was too busy talking to a friend and then left and went up to check on the next flight while I sat there I personally flag down three people asking for assistance Finally one of them told me that a person with a clipboard type device would be the one to help me I explained I had had nothing to eat in Lexington my way there because the restaurant closed due to some kind of flooding or other plumbing problem before my order could be brought to me I saw a person with a clip for type of device is actually help me get to the restaurant where I waited in line to get a table This person stayed with me as long as she could before she was called to assist another customer I was able to get something to eat then had to walk to my fly and barely made it onto the flight I have never been treated so poorly as I was in this situation I have a new knee and was in a lot of pain and was hungry I would like someone from American to contact me and indicate what Itgey will do id to compensate me for my time, trouble, and inconvenience as well as pain in his poor treatment of a customer

We were delayed in Charlotte for almost 2 hours because American Airlines didn't have flight attendants for our flight.

Extremely late

Pros: "Non stop flight. Excellent departure time."
Cons: "Understanding the COVID situation but they can give more than a bottle of water (3oz) and a bag of pretzels 🥨 (50 grams) and yet they charge full fare prices and worse extra for any bags!!!!"
Cons: "Nothing it was very nice"
Pros: "The flight was much awesome"
Cons: "The Frodo add more food please"
Pros: "Really friendly flight attendants"
Pros: "Free entertainment and snack. Customer service was great with my bags and had options for picking up and delivering"
Cons: "My bags were not there when I landed"
Cons: "We were delayed because we were waiting on a crew member. It was kind of ridiculous"
Pros: "Crew was AA crew! Always and this time superb!"
Cons: "Leg room gets worse and worse...boarding sucked since they took our bags and we felt like it was only us that were singled out!!!"
Pros: "On time, main cabin extra was great, crew was nice, entertainment was great."
Cons: "No criticism"
Cons: "Great"
Pros: "Plenty of drink passes."
Cons: "The staff was rude. Over heard gossiping about other travelers. At end of flight overhead announcement that our section of airplane using wrong bathrooms. It was rudely stated. Should have directed this instruction earlier in the flight. Very rude"
Pros: "Crew was nice, entertainment was good"
Cons: "Food was mediocre"
Pros: "Customer service was excellent, flight was on time."
Cons: "Nothing for this flight."
Pros: "Left lake but still made it on time"
Cons: "Aircraft was hot. I volunteered to check my carry on and on other airlines they’d let you board early but the lady just made excuses. It’s fine if that’s policy but I don’t appreciate made up excuses."
Pros: "Once boarding, we didn’t wait long for take off."
Cons: "Being on time."
Cons: "Have the plane ready for take off. We had to taxi back in 2 times b/c of an electrical error. Flight attendants were rude, didn’t smile and annoyed when asked for a beverage. Every single leg of our trip was delayed significantly without any offer of compensation. No help to find a lost item."
Cons: "My luggage was delayed. I received it the day after"
Pros: "The agent at checkin was so kind, nice, professional and superb...I will always fly American have the best checkin agents, best gate agents (super funny yet professional) and also the flight crew was absolutely amazing!"
Cons: "baggage claim in Costa Rica is terrible service...but that is the airports fault since this happens with other airlines.....something has to0 change!!!!"
Pros: "4 flights and all of them in middle uncomfortable seats. I requested aisle seats many times and counter agents were unhelpful and rude."
Cons: "Better seat options and more comfortable seats"
Pros: "Lots of legroom with good complimentary foods and drinks."
Cons: "Overhead speakers in he plane weren’t very loud."
Pros: "The crew was very nice and friendly"
Cons: "There was a technical difficulty with the plane, which made a short delay in our flight."
Cons: "Bag check fee is steep for students."
Pros: "0ntime quick boarding"
Cons: "cost to check baggage"
Pros: "On time departure, this flight tends to get delayed, not this time. Good service and pleasant flight."
Cons: "I prefer personal entertainment systems."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Aircraft seating was terrible! Seats were way too close together. Seats were uncomfortable. Couldn’t even get an entire soda from the attendant. Made me remember why I dislike flying."
Cons: "Check in was a disaster with the computer system down. The gentleman that helped us was lovely but system issues kept us at check in a very long time and unfortunately that together with the crazy insanely long distance to our gate- then only to take a bus- we did not have time to pick up any food or make any stops which we counted on and had arrived 2.5 hours ahead of time to check in to allow for."
Pros: "everything but the cabin temperature. it was very hot and uncomfortable."
Cons: "Too warm in the cabin."
Pros: "Can’t say anything good"
Cons: "When boarding crew was rude because carry on did not fit the overhead compartment. No options to choose from for entertainment. Flight was delayed almost an hour while sitting in plane. Food options almost nonexistent"
Pros: "planes were on time, good flight"
Pros: "The crew was very friendly and accommodating. The food as usual just snack type food for purchase as expected. The entertainment system malfunctioned and we could not watch the movie they offered. However one flight attendant was very nice and gave my kids special cookies. Nice touch!"
Pros: "Mostly everyrhing"
Cons: "Food was so so"
Cons: "I do not like that I am missed my flight and got stuck in a city without any re-embersement. I usually use United, but decided to use American Airlines this time. Sleeping in an airport tonight. Thanks."
Pros: "the clerk at the boarding desk was kind"
Cons: "delayed"
Pros: "Brand new plane. Every single airline rep was so happy and so pleasant."
Pros: "Very comfortable and nice staff"
Cons: "Had a 2.5 delay on one of my connectors from NY to Madrid. Was worried I wouldn't make my flight to Vigo on time, but I did!"
Pros: "Quick and smooth flight."
Cons: "Both flights delayed. A six and a half hour drive took nine and a half hours by air."
Pros: "Flight was fine"
Cons: "After traveling on 9 flights during a 2.5 week period, this crew mishandled my bag leaving damage to the handle and top of my bags."
Pros: "Great free Wi-Fi with a variety of movies to watch. Helpful, friendly crew."
Pros: "Poor service They had a severely overweight person sitting next to me. She was struggling putting on her seat belt for a few minutes. I was very uncomfortable in my seat. The flight attendant was walking around withh seat belt extenders ; why are you accommodating severely overweight customers at the expense of others?"
Pros: "The crew did the best they could after 3 delays and having to then get off the plane for another hour while a tire was changed."
Cons: "This entire flight was pretty god awful. The plane itself was the old MD-80 which looks and feels like a museum reject."
Cons: "Late by 40 min"
Cons: "The Cheesy Ruffles were crisp and tangy, a perfect foil for the whiskey & soda. Unfortunately a screaming infant added a sour note. Kudos to the flight staff for not flying into any immovable geographical features. That's the kind of flying one hopes to encounter on a regular basis."
Pros: "Very nice people you guys have. Amazing crews."
Cons: "Waited to long to get boarding pass 2 hrs 1/2 . Actual meal. B"
Pros: "Great leg room!"
Cons: "Bad customer service, constant lies!"
Cons: "Delay for more than 2 hours"
Cons: "I had and early morning flight that got cancelled at last minute. Called the customer service twice because each of the operators sounded sketchy. Finally got ahold of the right line and was left on hold for at least 10 minutes. My fiance called the Spanish line and got ahold of an operator in least than a minute. After another 15 minutes she was finally able to get me a flight. I don't think I'll be flying with interjet any time soon."
Pros: "Lots of leg room"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Everything about the flight was great"
Cons: "The time, huge delay, I lost my car reservation, we were supposed to arrive at 9 pm it's 11 two hours later."
Cons: "Very confusing, gate kept changing ! Gate marked with wrong destination!"
Pros: "Liked the chips and drinks"
Cons: "Boarding was horrible and late, staff was just gossiping before boarding and didn't say much about the procedures given a bad image. Flight attendants semmed quite serious during the whole trip and did not smile at all, pilot was great though."
Pros: "The crew and ticketing staff were wonderful. We had a serious issue with. Cancelled route and last minute notification. The agents fixed it and put us up in a hotel with food and transportation. Our trip was delayed by one day."
Cons: "Bought our flight lax to scl 8 mo prior to trip through a vendor on Kayak. Route was cancelled 2-4 mo ago. We didn’t know until we drove 6 hr to Lax. Ticket agents went above and beyond to fix it. It was stressful for a group of 8. 4 of our kids had special needs (adhd,asd, anxiety, ptsd, & RAD)."
Pros: "Crew forgot to distribute immigration forms"
Pros: "Regular flight"
Cons: "2 hrs delay"
Pros: "Staff wasn’t willing to help with our issues. We were overcharged and told to call customer service to get a refund. However, the call would always get disconnected and the wait was super long."
Cons: "Check in staff could’ve been friendlier and being able to help customers out. She was just rude and had to solutions or any suggestions to make our flight better."
Cons: "Very unhelpful crew Lost my baggage in the way and they didn’t care"
Pros: "Crew was polite, no entertainment on board and slightly uncomfortable seats."
Cons: "More entertainment options."
Pros: "The flight there was fine. I liked the one-way."
Cons: "It would have been nice to receive notification of the interjet policies. I was unaware that there was a cutoff for check in."
Pros: "Everything was perfect :)"
Pros: "I flew two Interjet flights (Lima, Peru to Mexico City and Mexico City to YVR) in late January 2019 and they were both just fine! Great leg room in even the basic seats on every Interjet flight - that's their thing. On these 6 hour flights they serve snacks, drinks, and a sandwich. I didn't eat any of these things, but they exist and seemed decent. The flight attendants were nice, both flights departed pretty much on time and boarding was fine. Also both of my checked bags (I paid extra for one of them on each flight) came out at the luggage carousel after both flights and were in perfect condition. These are basic planes, but a great price and I had no problems whatsoever."
Cons: "There are no charging outlets on these planes. Interjet is very slow with the initial check-in process."
Pros: "The flight was delayed by 4 hours, which happens, but even though I check in online and they had my cellphone number and email I was not informed. Yet when I entered the airport they let me know immediately that there was already a delay of at least one hour so I could easily have been imformed"
Cons: "The delay"
Pros: "departure on time and the interjet team was very professional cordial etc."
Pros: "Price was great. Boarding process was very good. Friendly customer service."
Pros: "Excellent leg space Efficient boarding, service, kind, no fuss. On time both ways"
Cons: "Limited beverages: no juices, no tea no lemon slices Bathrooms not clean stinking of urine smell, only deodorized/ perfumized."
Pros: "Excelente servirse"
Cons: "Register time to long ,"
Pros: "The boarding process"
Cons: "Tha waiting time. They shut off the airport screen and they didn't say anything about it."
Pros: "Friendly staff at check-in and during the flight."
Cons: "Inbound and outbound flights were at least an hour late (not news with this airline)."
Pros: "Full beverage container offered."
Cons: "Cabin was warm."
Pros: "seats were comfortable and had enought leg room."
Cons: "the temperature was too hot."
Pros: "Lots of legroom."
Cons: "Boarding was very slow."
Cons: "Fue un comulo de malas decisiones del piloto 1. Despegar con poco combustible 2. Mentir sobre el areopuerto alterno 3. Llevarnos a toluca y no dejar que los que quisieran pudieran bajarse del avion 4. Volver a despegar para ir a la ciudad de mexico"
Pros: "service is great! And time schedule very precise!"
Cons: "Arrive to another location in the airport, waste off time!!"
Pros: "Boarding was in the middle of the night and flawless"
Cons: "It was freezing cold for much of the flight and there was no way to charge phones through a usb port"
Pros: "Lots of leg room on both flights. This is a big deal to a person that's 6' tall."
Cons: "Had to wait outside in the cold before boarding and the flight was delayed."
Cons: "Lights were shut off in the afternoon and kept off. We could not understand a whispering, muttering word of the flight attendants. No flight attendant at any time walked the aisle to offer assistance or attend to travelers until near the end of the long flight to offer a bag of chips and a drink which mostly were out of stock."
Pros: "Ofrecen bebida a tu elección"
Cons: "Que no tiene pantalla personal"
Pros: "Interjet care was very friendly. Legroom was spacious (in 6'4)"
Cons: "Good"
Pros: "Finally coach seats that a tall person can fit into. Seats had plenty of space between them as well as a head rest that raises up."
Pros: "The space in the cabin is good, the only thing is the air conditioner wasn't that well, where it was stuffy."
Cons: "The boarding, needs more organization as well as with the audio, the screen is there but trying to hear it was difficult at times."
Pros: "The workers were very friendly."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "I liked that I got to my destination without anything missing."
Cons: "There was a two hour delay which was horrendous"
Pros: "Space and Confort"
Cons: "Everything is very Slow with this Airline. They Keep you More Than an Hour trapped at the airplane"
Cons: "All good."
Pros: "Good"
Cons: "Flight delayed for more than an hour, when arriving to destination they still made us wait for a bus, this being at 1200 am #caughtaredeye without asking for one."
Pros: "The seats: spacious with risking safety. Free alcohol drinks n snack...a rarity on other airlines"
Cons: "2 hours delay without any notice"
Pros: "In time, good service. I like that they allow more luggage than other airlines"
Cons: "I wish they had more routes like they had from Santa Ana Orange County to Mexico"

Better seating

Cons: "The internet connection was terrible i was not able to see anything that was being offered"
Cons: "For one my bag happened to some how end up on another flight I arrived at 4 pm in denver and didnt get my bag till 11 pm yesterday evening"
Pros: "On time & well organized"
Cons: "All good. Average service, or lack thereof, for American carrier"
Cons: "Cleanliness of airplane. Vents and tray tables were very dirty"
Pros: "The beverage service and entertainment was fantastic!"
Cons: "I wish the seats were slightly roomier."
Pros: "Nothing...I missed this flight due to negligence, miscommunication, and incompetence by the front desk agents."
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "Flight was good. Since flying is everyday anymore if you want perks you will just have to pay for something more."
Pros: "Flight was canceled."
Pros: "The way everyone helped me get on the flight as I was a few minutes behind the 45 minute window to check my bag"
Cons: "Everything was top shelf they really done a great job on this flight"
Pros: "Great attitude and a genuine love of their job made pass / crew interactions very pleasant"
Cons: "flight delayed by 3 hours. no reason given- effected subsequent schedule..."
Pros: "Flight attendants were exceptional. Loading was quick and easy. The flight left the gate on time and arrived on time."
Cons: "I am old enough that I still feel insulted getting a tiny bag of pretzels on a flight."
Cons: "Felt very cramped which did not make for a good res eye flight from LAX to EWR."
Cons: "As stated above, we never made it to Liberia (where we had family waiting for us). We had to fly first to Panama and then to San Jose and figure out a new rental car situation, as we already had one booked in Liberia."
Cons: "I didn't go. It was $400 just to change my name on my ticket from my maiden name to my married name. I am so disappointed and will never use Kayak again!!!"
Cons: "After being so delayed on our first flight from San Francisco, I was nervous about getting to our connecting flight in Houston. We were assured by the flight attendant that when a flight is delayed and has connections, they communicate that to the gates and we would be fine. It was the OPPOSITE of fine. We landed with 10 minutes until the flight to Costa Rica left and they let all of us who were connecting deplane first, only to run full speed to a gate who’s plane left 10 minutes EARLY and decided that it was not going to wait for the 12+ passenagers who had no control of the delayed flight. My fiancé and I were flying to our WEDDING. So now I’m sitting here in Houston for a full 24 hours waiting for the next flight to take me to my wedding. The only “accommodation” united airlines gave us was a hotel. No compensation for the night we paid for at our resort in Costa Rica that we are missing, no upgrades to a better class on our new flight and no reassurance on how terrible they feel for this giant and heartbreaking inconvenience. I am furious."
Pros: "It was great... all staff where very courteous and helpful. A very comfortable ride. A 10 in my books!!! Love you guys!! Barb Langman from Lafleche Saskatchewan Canada"
Cons: "I didn't like getting bumped and having a 15 hour layover and having to find accommodation in Houston.. that was awful."
Pros: "Service was nice. Boarding was easy. Food was decent."
Cons: "No tv or movies in first class."
Cons: "Haven’t taken it yet. It’s 2:00 a.m. and I’m waiting for the next available flight at 8 a.m."
Pros: "Comfort"
Cons: "Late departure not good with wheelchair disability services"
Pros: "The Flight was smooth,with a little turbulence"
Cons: "They changed the gate number ,and then the Flight was Delayed"
Cons: "The crew, on the flight, were very short and rude. Acted like it was a inconvenience to them to even be there. I was very disappointed. I am a ex airline employee, and it hurts my heart when I see staff treat people with disinterest. So, over all I was very disappointed."
Pros: "Plane was clean"
Cons: "No wifi"
Pros: "Courteous crew and staff, no problems"
Cons: "Warm while on the ground. Otherwise comfortable"
Pros: "Good experience with United. I don't usually fly with this airline wi I was kinda hesitant, but it was ok."
Cons: "I don't like that there is no free in flight entertainment."
Pros: "No entertainment due to short flight"
Pros: "Got in early"
Cons: "Old plane, inattentive crew, wireless entertainment did not work; heavy baggage fell on my head as passenger yanked open a luggage compartment."
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "I was able to get the next flight on standby"
Cons: "I was told at check in to go to the wrong security point, which caused me to miss boarding my original flight."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "This airline is so beyond awful. American has the most janky planes, uncomfortable seats, and worst service on the plane. I had to beg the flight attendant to get me a wine because I was asleep when they came by and missed them by not even a half hour... She acted like it was so hard and it took asking 4 times and finally just asking another person. I was so annoyed. They also have shitty food selections per usual. Who chooses those snack items?! They clearly have no taste. I was miserable the whole flight. I usually am not a miserable traveler so this isn't just me being negative, I seriously may write one review every few months, only if something is really good or really bad. The fact that I'm even taking the time to write this says a lot!!!"
Pros: "The movies, the seats wre confortables."
Cons: "Too long to boarding, very desorganized, my seats were wringful assugned took it to long to reassign the correct seats numbers, the flight was one hour delayed, the food too expensive."
Pros: "Everything went fine no problems and it was XMAS eve"
Pros: "Flight left and arrived on time. Good service on board."
Cons: "For boarding at the gate, attendant scanned boarding passes at one terminal and asked passengers to board next to another terminal across the room. Anyone could have walked onto the plane without a boarding pass, which seems to be a security concern. It felt as if I was seated over the rear wheels of the plane. During taxi and takeoff, there was an irregular bump that made a noise and vibrated the plane every second or so, and sped up as the plane sped up. I was concerned that something was the matter with the tire or wheel."
Pros: "It got me to boston, the pilot etc did a great job"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats, even in Economy plus"
Pros: "Ticket agent got us on a Delta flight."
Cons: "Flight was cancelled."
Pros: "No delay! Earlier then expected."
Cons: "Not to comfy."
Pros: "Crew was able to get most of those delayed onto the incomming flight which was also delayed."
Cons: "The fact that united has no spare planes in case of a delay. Not cool."
Cons: "I paid for the internet access and it says all flight, but that's not true, it doesn't cover the whole flight."
Cons: "No good snacks to even pay for didn't have time to stop and eat in the airport"
Pros: "Finally after an 8 hour delay leaving for San Diego."
Cons: "No hot meal offered in first class. Delayed cause of crew ran out of time, thunderstorms and a mechinal"
Pros: "The price for the flights was great."
Cons: "The airplane was cramped, legroom nonexistent (and I'm small and skinny). The plane was delayed and hot. The ride was bumpy. The crew was slow. I thought United was a premier carrier. I've had better experiences with Frontier and Spirit recently."
Pros: "I like the seats and the leg space .they were very comfortable ."
Cons: "No comment"
Pros: "Flights were on time, no delays."
Cons: "Three hour Houston delay; I accepted a change in scheduled flights with less delays and $300 compensation, but the offer was withdrawn without explanation. And had to switch seats in the first leg to redistribute weight."
Cons: "They over booked my flight, so I would have missed it had someone not gave up their seat for me. This was extremely disappointing begin that I had booked months in advance. I even picked my seats!"
Cons: "Service. Flight attendant negative attitude and disrespect for customers."
Pros: "I liked the fact it went to newark but im not a fan."
Cons: "the planes are old and dusty, laboratories smell bad."
Pros: "Everything was good"
Pros: "Nothing. One flight attendant gave me a gingere when I was sick from landing and that was helpful."
Cons: "Compeltly ridiculous that you had to pay for every single thing. I think the only complimentary thing was cranberry juice and water. Paying for entertainment and wifi with seperate fees felt really cheap and tacky along with the plane itself. It was run down and looked and felt even more that way when you're competing with flights from companies like JetBlue where they work to make you feel comfortable and provide free entertainment. We also were an hour delayed and sat on the runway for an hour before we left due to too much traffic over Cuba. It felt as a customer that it was poor planning on the companies part and that that could have been avoided earlier. Companies that put effort into a comfortable flying experience and care about customer satisfaction will be getting my money in the future. United would be my last choice when make travel plans in the future."

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