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— South Carolina
Sep 24 — Oct 11
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Fri 9/24
Fri 10/1

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  • American Airlines and Breeze Airways have all waived their change and cancellation fees on flights from Kentucky to South Carolina. Confirm policies on booking site.

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Top 5 airlines serving from Kentucky to South Carolina

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DeltaOverall score based on 29838 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: Very nice crew, quickly boarded and smooth flight!

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Pros: Very nice crew, quickly boarded and smooth flight!

Cons: The one member on the crew team was rude and harsh. Very poor customer service skills.

Pros: Great spacing gives great comfort. Love they have a comfort class option. So much better experience than American. Wish Delta had more direct flights out of Charlotte.
Cons: It was perfect!!

Pros: Great crew, spacing of passengers, comfortable, on time

Cons: Seats are tight

Pros: Quick boarding
Cons: Arriving over a half an hour late

Pros: Crew, atmosphere, timeliness. I was satisfied overall
Cons: Gate number changed couple times before flight departure

Cons: Needed assistance for limited mobility to make connections at ATL was not provided. Caused us to miss connections and had two falls trying to get around. Air France was terrible. Very limited food and beverage service left us hungry and thirsty on 7 to 10 hour flights.

Pros: Delta crews are very friendly and helpful. Seats are 'good' on the E175 plane - better than the cramped CRJ200 on some other short flights. We boarded early, left a little early and arrived early. Nothing to complain about, except maybe a crying baby behind me, but that's not Delta's fault. :)

Cons: The girls were sweet as usual!

Cons: Late and bumpy

Pros: Crew was great
Cons: I actually can not complain

Pros: There were minimal passengers on the flight so I was able to have the entire row to myself. The flight was also very short which is always nice.
Cons: N/A

Pros: Helpful staff
Cons: I didn’t have anything negative to report regarding this flight.

Pros: No issues

Pros: Video access
Cons: Too hot, too crowded

Cons: Didn’t get our beverage and snack till we were almost ready to land at Charlotte

Cons: Nothing!

Pros: This was two hours of absolute freezing temperature
Cons: It was so cold it was actually unbeasable

Pros: Great experience. Left on time and landed early. Comfortable and great crew
Cons: Wish there were more snack options

Pros: Crew
Cons: No upgrade

Pros: Really nice staff all the way through from gate agent to flight attendants. Flight left on time and landed early. Night and day vs American
Cons: Nothing. Flight was perfect.

Cons: I didn’t appreciate that your rude flight attendant allowed another passenger to move suitcase and she got an attitude with me. Delta there is always something on your flights.

Pros: Like the smaller contingent of passengers. Boerding a lot quicker and simpler. Captain gave us some interesting details about plane and its capabilities.
Cons: Exit row seats were were very uncomfortable, very little padding, although there was plenty of legroom. No snacks or entertainment. WiFi did not work.

Cons: I was the very first person in line for Zone 3, and they automatically told me I had to gate check my bag, which would mean adding at least 20 minutes when I landed. I took it on the plane anyway; and there was PLENTY of space in the overhead compartments. This feels like I’m being treated as a second class citizen because I was unwilling to be nickel and dimed for seat or boarding upgrades. It’s infuriating

Pros: They had available seats on an earlier flight and I was able to get home super quick! My checked bag also made it which was great!

Cons: Delayed

Pros: It was great because I was able to get an aisle seat.
Cons: Like it all

Pros: Delta personnel were very pleasant/friendly

Pros: Flight attendant was nice. She changed my seat to the front cause the guy behind me was kicking my chair.
Cons: They cancelled my flight from the day before and when they rebooked my flight, they could of gave me a better seat.

Pros: Non
Cons: My return portion of my flight was canceled and had to purchase a new ticket. I would like a full refund of my expenses.

Pros: Left on time!
Cons: Too cramped

Cons: I understand gate changes happen, but I got 4 texts switching the gates back and forth. Is that necessary?

Pros: The flight attendants were very nice and the boarding crew. From the time I walked up to the counter at LGA to the time I exited the plane in CLT, I was treated so kindly and with such respect. Kudos to the Delta Crew.
Cons: The FLIGHT!!!!! There were delays. Scheduled take of time was 6:59 PM. We took off at 735 PM. Once I was on the plane, I started kicking myself in the you know what because I knew immediately I was scammed. I had purchased a 1st Class ticket for $400+, only to find that my comfort would be the equivalent of that if I purchased a ticket in economy. My long legs would still be cramped. For the past few years, I have been purchasing 1st class for it's spaciousness. On this flight, on the RCJ700, I did not fly comfortably. The space was very tight, and I was able to stretch my legs as if I sat in economy. This was by far, my most uncomfortable flight ever. SMH; A WASTE OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY!!!!!

Pros: But, this wasn't bad at all, even though we were on the very last seat of the plane. We were next to one of the flight attendants during take off and landing and she was very kind and we were speaking with her. The flight was smooth

Pros: Smooth flight.

Pros: We spent 90 min in line to take off on the tarmac. Pilot kept us informed. Crew were very pleasant.

Pros: Very friendly staff and the onboard meals were surprisingly good. Korean Air may quite possibly be my favorite airline.

Pros: The flight was on schedule and landed early, and the pilot landed that plane very gently. It was quite impressive.
Cons: I purchased a first class ticket in hopes that I would have a lot more comfort during the flight. It took me quite some time to get comfortable. The seat was ok, but I found the pillows to be very small and flat. I needed multiple pillows. The head rest was not adjustable, so I also found this to be uncomfortable. Usually when I fly AA, the headrest is adjustable. My final dislike was that the beverage selection was limited. I'm quite sure there was plenty of alcohol, but what about those customers who do not drink alcoholic beverages? I asked for hot chocolate, there was none. I asked for hot tea with honey, there wasn't any. So all in all my flight was okay, but that is solely because of the flight attendant and pilot. They did their jobs and they did an excellent job.

Pros: I got a seat in the exit row with lots of leg room. The entertainment that I didn't use offered a great selection with very recent movies, etc.
Cons: I didn't like that I had to take a bus to my terminal. I didn't like the fact that my gate was changed more than five times. I didn't like that my flight time was changed more than 15 times with no reason why until boarding time. I didn't like the fact that I did not get a seat assignment until boarding the plane. I didn't like the fact that they couldn't manage to scramble another plane and crew, but instead forced us to wait over four hours for one that was stuck somewhere else in the country.

Pros: Speed and comfortable kind bars were a nice touch

Cons: Luggage went elsewhere

Pros: Plane left 2 hours late.

Pros: The boarding process was very well done. Gate agent and flight attendants on top of their game. This is how it is supposed to be done. Thank you.

Cons: Although weather played a part in the poor experience, it wasn't the only factor. Delta was unprepared.

Cons: I paid for the upgrade to Delta Comfort Plus for an aisle seat & for some reason they reassigned our seats and I got Putin a middle seat. It was not what I paid for and it was very uncomfortable. If people pay to upgrade to specific seats we should. It be reassigned to whatever seat they want to put us in.

Cons: The aircraft was older and visibly dirty in the corners. The baggage took well over the guaranteed 20 mins.

Pros: The gate agents were courteous and efficient. The flight crew was very attentive. The pilots were clear in their announcements. Even though we were held up by sheer plane/ground traffic, we managed to still get back home early!
Cons: At one point on the initial flight, the cabin got so cold that I had to put on a jacket.

Cons: Due to last minute and absurd changes made to my itinerary by Delta without my knowledge, I was not on this flight.

Pros: Boarding was not a problem at all! .
Cons: The pilot was very rough maneuvering the aircraft. Starting from take off the pilot took off from a halt and accelerated so fast that I believe takeoff took 3sec or less. Also taxi into the airport about to land His maneuvering was Preety rough compared to the other two delta pilots that were perfect. There wasnt any food offered.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Getting all my luggage. Allowing my wife and I to sit together

Pros: I was in first class this time. The seat was comfortable for the flight of roughly 2-1/2 hours. We were served a continental breakfast that was filling and healthy with cereal, fresh fruit, Brie, soft crackers and yogurt. I'd rather have something simple but satisfying than something overcomplicated and possibly not that good. The crew was polite and efficient. I did have to use the lavatory at one point and I was happy that it was clean.
Cons: The entertainment system was down, but it wasn't American - it was gogoflight or whatever it's called. I ended up listening to my Audible so it turned out alright, but on a 2+ hour flight, it could have been frustrating.

Cons: AA needs to standardize their WiFi. Sometimes it is boingo, GoGo, or Panasonic or something other. Each has a different way of logging in. It is way too complicated. Sometimes you can watch on the iPad in a browser, other times you need a flash player or the AA app. Have a common way of at least accessing the internet, otherwise it can take 10 minutes to log in if switching from a GoGo yo Panasonic service. It is just too difficult and buggy. I am glad I don’t actually pay for the internet.

Cons: Truth is they practice in like cattle. I ended up sitting next to a ginormous woman. It was a very uncomfortable flight from DC to Charleston. Come on American you're better than that quit using such small planes!

Pros: Flight was fast and professional.

Cons: We had to wait for a flight attendant in Louisville going to Chicago, which made us a little late to OHare. Then we had to wait at OHare for another plane to leave. I ran from the one set of gates to the other, but I missed the boarding, even though the plane was still there. I was extremely disappo

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: No reason to delay a 55 minute flight to make it over 4 hours just for rain. Absolutely ridiculous and I will be calling and complaining to be compensated for my time.

Pros: Crew was great! Flight was smooth and on time!
Cons: Air conditioning!!!

Pros: Nice quick flight.
Cons: Plane was really small. So we’re the seats.

Cons: This was a terrible flight. Had a connection that was delayed several times and eventually cancelled without explanation. I was traveling for my best friend's wedding and they did not work with me to try to get me on the next flight. I had to book another flight from another airline.

Pros: Nice crew. Newer comfy seats

Cons: Thank you

Pros: Would’ve loved if the flight from Louisville to Charlotte weren’t delayed 2 hours for mechanical reasons!
Cons: The flight could’ve waited for us instead of leaving on time for Allentown!

Cons: Nothing you could do, it was a maintenance issue.

Cons: Beverages

Cons: More space for carry on luggage

Pros: EAsy boarding

Pros: The crew were super nice. All the people in the SAN were very nice.
Cons: They didn’t have headphones :(

Cons: Because our first flight was delayed over 4 hours we missed our connection and had to be re-booked on the only other flight that still had seats that day. We had previously booked and paid for Main Cabin extra seats in the second row that included extra leg room and free drinks. We ended in an airplane with two exit rows, one near the front and the other near the back. Our seats were right behind the rear exit row in the back of the plane. The seats did not recline and there was limited leg look because the exit row seats were aligned differently due to the crew seat next to the door. Also, the bathroom was right in front of the row in front of us and so it was busy, noisy and smelled. Obviously we didn't get our free drinks either. Now I'm having to fight with American trying to get a refund of the money we spent for the Main Cabin extra fees. The fun never stops. I will never fly American again.

Pros: Friendly crew, excellent food options, very clean cabin.
Cons: I had to pay for water.

Pros: Best leg room last leg.
Cons: Nothing specific.

Pros: Everything went smoothly. The flight landed early.
Cons: Seat back in economy was uncomfortable for a shorter person. The head rest pushed my head so far forward that my back and neck were curved so much it caused upper back pain.

Pros: Not a challenging process from beginning to end.
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: Aircraft seating was terrible! Seats were way too close together. Seats were uncomfortable. Couldn’t even get an entire soda from the attendant. Made me remember why I dislike flying.

Pros: Flt on time & comfortable. Crew outstanding!!

Pros: On time departure and arrival.
Cons: Boarding lounge and plane were hot. No gluten-free options for snacks. At least I’d had a long layover where I could get a decent meal.

Cons: Made us wait over 2 hours on the tarmac before take off inside the airplane.

Pros: The crew were friendly and did their job effectively
Cons: Lack of seat space Planes seemed old Minimal overhead storage room—carry on fits all other airlines overhead but struggled to get bag in compartment Also, no help from crew with this Seats recline nearly into lap of person behind

Cons: Departed late and missed connection due to an overage of fuel. The crew took an additional 45 minutes to defuel the plane of 8000 gallons. Wth?! Have to stay overnight in Chicago now.

Cons: Surprise no carry on bag. I missed my flight because of their policy changed policy

Cons: After being delayed without any explanation, I was told that I would not have my purchased 1st Class seat. To add to that I received no service In economy.

Cons: the AA flight arriving to Charlotte experienced a door malfunction that delayed deplaning by 15 minutes. Not a big deal unless you had a close connection to begin with. Result was a dead sprint to Charleston gate where no attempt to hold the plane for those passengers. Also, a black, middle-aged woman with short hair working the ticket counter had the personality of a piece of cardboard with zero responsiveness. AA should reconsider who it places to interact with the general public.

Cons: I don't like the fact that American Airlines try to get me to put my small carry on bag below both ways in the cargo area it is against FAA to have batteries down there. I have 30,000.00 in cameras and they tried to get me to do this both times saying the bag will not fit. The Flight Attendant each time say that it fits JUST FINE! I'm going to try to avoid American Airlines as much as I can!

Pros: My flight wasn't completely full, so I had a row to myself. The pilot was excellent; takeoff and landing were very smooth.
Cons: I had to gate check my luggage because of the small plane size. Had I had a shorter layover this could have caused an issue for me.

Cons: Timely I have no complaints. The flight went well.

Pros: Airline counter worker in Philadelphia reeassigned my seat twice so that I can get a window seat with no one next to me (thanks!). Tons of films on the free entrainment system.
Cons: Someone attempted to claim the seat next to me and the flight attendant allowed him. Luckily he moved elsewhere after I objected. There were plenty of other empty seats.

Cons: Had to wait for pilot coming from Mexico flight for 20 mins after everyone boarded

Pros: Half full so plenty of room to stretch.
Cons: The plane was old. Seats seemed quite worn and didn't have the amenities (tv screens) like newer planes.

Pros: Everything was fine except it was inexplicably late!
Cons: It was over 30mins late for no reason!

Pros: Courteous crew, easy experience smooth "get in and get out" process
Cons: Flight was late due to weather but that's beyond anyone's control obviously

Cons: AA gate attendant assigned two of us to the same seat.

Pros: Great flight overall. Crew attentive and helpful. Food and entertainment were good and available throughout.
Cons: Planes were identified to have mechanical or electrical issues after leaving the gate for flight from Philldelphia and to Philadelphia. Things were ultimately fixed but with significant delays. Crew as very accommodating during this time however.

Pros: It was empty and there was a lot of room. It was nice and quiet. They still served snacks and drinks. Can't complain!

Cons: customs in miami is aweful. long waits. its a long maze to get back to the domestic terminal as well.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Board on time. Need more room on the plane.

Pros: Short duration
Cons: Didnt have a seat assignment for me. Told me the flight was overbooked... paid long in advance. Disappointing, finally finally found a seat.

Pros: Flights were boarded efficiently and on time. Crews were courteous and helpful.

Pros: Left on time!
Cons: No peanut options for gluten free customers

Cons: The flight never happened, so all in all, things we're pretty terrible!

Pros: Amazing flight crew.
Cons: NA, all was well.

Cons: Communication with the customers

Cons: Seemed understaffed at the airport, never anyone around to answer questions about why our plane wasn't even there until 20 minutes after we were supposed to have boarded. They finally showed up, but didn't mention that we'd be delayed (which I eventually found out thanks to a KAYAK alert). Kept telling us the flight would be 62 minutes, but it ended up taking forever. Probably not Allegiant's fault, but they acted like they wanted to hide the fact, rather than own up to it and apologize for the inconvenience as if they valued all of us as passengers.

Pros: Great crew. Everything was on time. Loved it

Pros: The passengers were spaced out, so we could actually social distance.
Cons: Not all passengers wore masks. During a contagious pandemic. What the actual hell? Also, the tray tables are too small to use for anything, and we didn’t even get a free drink. Water and soda are so cheap, it’s absurd. I’d never take Allegiant again if they weren’t basically the only airline operating out of my town’s small airport.

Pros: I liked the price and that it was a direct flight
Cons: Everyone was moved around a lot to try to social distance so I was closer to more people than I would have been on a regular flight.

Cons: Allegiant plays games with seating to try to milk more money from passengers.

Cons: The air pressure in the cabin was awful. My ears hurt & it gave me sharp pains in my head. Even typical yawning & blowing nose did not help.

Pros: Cool
Cons: Good

Pros: Short flight but not comfortable and no entertainment
Cons: Most flights to Vegas are cheap so not sure why this one was so expensive

Cons: Crew unfriendly. Flight attendants and pilots never acknowledged us or said hello or thank you.

Pros: Arrived safely
Cons: Almost two hours late.

Pros: Crew was friendly, boarding process was easy, spacious aisles
Cons: The seats do not recline and are not very comfortable. Drinks and snacks are not complimentary

Cons: 2 hour weather delay. Flight didnt arrive in Tampa until 1:30am. Hard time finding transportation from airport that late


Cons: Bad turbulence throughout the entire flight. Hot temperature during majority of flight.

Pros: We finally got to our destination
Cons: Uhh not boarding and then the pilot coming on and saying "whoops we have to deplane since the weather is bad." Really? Why not just delay boarding instead of putting everyone through that. Terrible experience

Cons: Very dissatisfied with boarding and told we had to pay for our luggage but noone else did .I had prepaid for 1 incase I brought big luggage but I brought carry ones. So I was charged 100..but everyone else's was larger

Pros: Definitely the price. Boarding process was pretty quick. Flight attendants seemed nice.
Cons: Left a little late, but still arrived on time, so that was okay. Seats aren't the most comfortable, but that's expected. Was still able to get a little nap in.

Pros: That we landed safely in 20 mph winds.
Cons: Stop stuffing too many people in an airplane, stop charging for every little thing, nothing nice or fun about flying in the US.It is just the fastest way to get to places..International airlines are much better and not cattle planes.

Cons: Good flight.

Pros: The plane, the crew...
Cons: Seats wider

Pros: Ticket prices are always the best. Even though The flight was delayed by 30 minutes we were only 15 minutes later into the terminal
Cons: The flight was delayed by 30 minutes but we were only 15 minutes later into the terminal

Pros: Timing and ease of travel
Cons: Nothing

Cons: Paying extra for EVERYTHING

Pros: Passengers were fun
Cons: Need entertainment

Pros: For a “no frills” airline I like the modern aircraft, professional and friendly crew and on time departure and arrival. The flight is too short for entertainment or food service but the snacks and drinks for sale are varied and acceptably priced.

Pros: After the delay, we were treated to complimentary soft drinks and snack mix. This was after sitting in the plane for over an hour, though.
Cons: We spent two hours of the delay in the airport and then eventually boarded. However, another problem with the plane developed and we waited for at least an hour more in the incredibly cramped plane. The seats are bearable for a short flight, but they’re hard to endure with multiple delays. The boarding was also disorganized. There were two announcements: one for people who needed extra time to board and another for the final call. Nothing in between.

Pros: The price was unbeatable, especially if you don't pay for a checked bag, carry-on, or a soda on the flight. Very smooth flight as well.
Cons: The plane interior looks like it was gutted, then fitted with hard, plastic seats. No headrests, no privacy for the flight attendants. Everything costs extra.

Pros: From entering the airport, gate, and plane- nothing is more pleasant and efficient than Allegiant flights. I was able to attend my grandsons bday and back by start of the next week- round trip at REASONBLE prices! Thank you.
Cons: I am ok with it but the walk way was so filthy on my return trip. I know plane was late and we boarded late... but a really quick vacuum would have taken only a few minutes. I realize it was messy from cl

Pros: Fast and efficient!
Cons: Everything was great!

Cons: Both original and 2nd plane had malfunctions which caused extensive delays and doubled boarding time

Pros: Crew was nice
Cons: No wifi

Pros: Very efficient service... for a first experience we were pretty impressed because your review overall were not that great. Good job.
Cons: The airline nickel and dimes for everything.

Pros: Cheap fare
Cons: High baggage fees. Airplane sat for 30 min after boarding for fueling and some type of technical specifications. Seats don't recline.

Pros: Nice smooth ride
Cons: Could offer more options on snacks

Pros: The food vouchers for 5 hour wait and water/beverages available. Liked alligent app for boarding pass available without printing.
Cons: The 5 hour wait while the plane was worked on was unexpected. Not a lot of extra space for a near 6 hour flight. Seats do NOT recline at all. The other plane they boarded us on smelled like dirty shoes or diaper.

Pros: We eventually got to Las Vegas.
Cons: Everything. Spend an it make and book with someone else.

Pros: flight took off on time

Cons: No complaints.

Pros: The crew was very friendly
Cons: The flight was delayed 2 hours. The plane was freezing the entire flight. Apparently, the crew tried to get the pilot to turn down the air, but it never happened. I hate how Allegiant nickel and dimes you. Not even a cup of water is free.

Cons: They arrive to the airport over an hour early and went to the desk we're asking them to print my ticket they informed me that they cannot check me in at the desk I had to do it online I didn't have the ability to do that so therefore I miss my plane

Pros: The price.
Cons: Having then bill me for each little thing.

Cons: The flight was late and we were not given updates until the time we should have been taking off.

Pros: The flight attendants were great. Pilots attention to detail..Great.
Cons: Charging for every little thing including seat choice, bags, snacks. No complimentary beverages or peanuts. Not even water! In the long run, I didn't save money on this trip.

Cons: I didn't like the schedule time change. Very inconvenient missed some of my planned festivities that were prepaid.

Pros: initial price seemed great...
Cons: price seemed great until you add up all additional charges for carry on bags, seat selection take off was over 35 min late passengers seemed to be an inconvenience to attendants. air on & of valve f at seats was jammed & didn't turn off attendants said "oh well sorry"

Pros: They opened the door when my friend was late
Cons: Nothing they are great

Pros: Good crew
Cons: No wifi

Pros: This was a full-size jet, and the seats were more comfortable than those on the regional jet.

Cons: The WiFi did not work the entire flight (4 hours from Chicago to Seattle) and despite passengers inquiring multiple times, we were never informed whether to expect it to start working or not. Streaming TV was also poor quality on the United app.

Pros: Good flight, decent crew. Food was okay.
Cons: My entertainment set didn't work because the headphone jack was broken so that was a major bummer.

Pros: The crew was friendly and helpful.
Cons: I have no complaints!

Pros: Crew amazing, smooth flight and on-time
Cons: Legroom and the fact that there is even s lower version of economy now! Yikes

Pros: I liked that the flight was directed to Chicago nonstop flight
Cons: Washrooms

Cons: Cabin temp was extremely warm. I sweated thru my T-shirt like I was at the gym.

Pros: On time departure & arrival

Pros: Pleasant flight crew and comfy seats, even in coach.

Cons: Why using the oldest plane to fly for a 5 hours flight? Seats are very uncomfortable and the last row doesn’t recline.

Pros: They did allow myself and children to board earlier 5/4.

Pros: Nothing at all!!! That should really tell you something!
Cons: The staff were rude, abrasive, ignored several passengers that were trying to get her attention before take off as 2 overhead bins were wide open and full to the brim. She of course was too busy playing on her cell phone in the back of the plane and ignored/silenced the passenger call button. They were so loud when people were sleeping, yelling ‘trash please’ every 5 minutes, we are not stupid, we can see what you are doing and if we have trash, we will give it to you - so please STOP disturbing my peace and let me bloody sleep!!!! I was never offered any food or drink during the entire flight, not even when I was awake - other airline attendants are more observant and come back and ask us when we are awake if we would like anything to eat or drink. So essentially that was 7 hours with nothing after having paid a little over $700 for what was seemingly the WORST transatlantic flight I’ve ever taken. I travel back and forth often, because I’m a dual national, but I will stick to BA or Virgin Atlantic - the planes and service are far superior to this pile of turd that goes by the name of United. There were no charging facilities (power outlet or USB port) and the TVs had such horrendous resolution that you would get a headache from having to squint at the screen.

Pros: Legitimately, nothing was liked.
Cons: My plane broke, worked multiple mechanicals, returned to the gate, my severely delayed departure caused all my connections to be missed thus creating more compounded issues. HUGE HUGE headache. Almost forgot, I'm still missing my luggage 2 whole days later.

Pros: The space on the plane, we left on timeand arrived early and I was able to sit by myself.
Cons: One of the stewardesses spoke very harshly to me. I felt very embarrassed and offended.

Pros: At least UA rebooked me next day no charge.
Cons: Had to cancel trip until next day due to initial flight so delayed I would have missed connection in Denver. Since UA claimed was weather related, I woulda been responsible for hotel.

Cons: The delay!!!

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Cancelled the flight two hours before departure. Weren't apologetic.

Cons: Had to pay for entertainment. This was my 50th flight this year and first time any airline has no free entertainment. Probably will boycott united on future flights

Pros: Polite and friendly staff.

Pros: I overslept my flight and United was able to find the next available flight into Denver which helped me tremendously. The guy on the phone was very pleasant and helped so much.
Cons: Boarding was disorganized and hard to understand. Flight was delayed because of paperwork that wasn't signed, which caused me to miss my connecting flight.

Pros: There is no food essentially. No entertainment unless you have your own electronic hand-held device.
Cons: See above.

Cons: The plane wasn't very clean. And I might have liked another option besides a weird trail mix for a snack.

Cons: It was freezing on the plane.

Pros: The soda
Cons: Crazy lady sat next to me complaining about noise

Cons: Seats are too close.

Pros: The Embraer ERJ-170 has comfortable seats!

Cons: More leg room

Cons: There was a delay with the flight. I wish there had been earlier communication about what was going on, i.e. Why it was delayed, how long will the delay be.

Pros: The crew on board the flights were always friendly and Stern with unruly customers. Very good job in that department.
Cons: I am 5'10 and 155 lbs I wasn't so cramped in the sets that when the person infront of me put there seat back I couldn't cross my leg or sit comfortable. I can't imagine what a person any taller or larger then me felt. Oh also the average size man sitting extra to me was spilling over my seat. Luckily he did not smell and was very apologetic. The only reason I booked through united was because of how cheap they were. But with Lon delays. Rude check in emoployees, bad snacks, zero in flight entertainment 7.99 to watch tv? Come on you have us trapped already. (returning to Hawaii) and one of the worst seating set ups of my life. Yeah I'll gladly go back to delta.

Cons: I haven't gotten on the flight. It's been delayed 3 times.

Pros: The captain was especially friendly and considerate with the guests. The flight crew otherwise just seemed very routine.
Cons: I booked in coach so overall the experience was pretty much what I expected.

Pros: The Pilot is very proffesional.
Cons: Very inconvenient to collect the luggages and check in again for a transit passenger. There is also no proper assistance in Ottawa. It is because of that one of my luggages didn't arrive with me. I wasted much time waiting and again claim to know the where about. I will never use Air Canada connection flight.

Pros: The seats were comfortable and spacious place were awesome :) The snack was very good, the best I had so far while flying. Service was great :)
Cons: I didn't like that because I was 4th group to get in the plane, all the space above my seat was full and I had to go put my carry-on quite further down. It didn't cause me any problem because my connection flight had a long layover, but if had not been, I could have been late.

Pros: Crew was efficient and friendly, food was actually some of the best I remember on a long flight. Almost no turbulence helped comfort level!
Cons: The boarding process up and down flights of stairs and then being taken on a hot bus to the plane was unpleasant and not easy for many of the older travelers.

Pros: I was very nervous, but the flight attendant made me feel at ease.

Pros: On time!
Cons: Old plane- lots of noises/raddles. Flight attendant not especially friendly, but that's ok? Wish United went direct from Louisville to Ft Myers. Need to add trip to Frequent Flyer Account

Pros: Flight cancelled
Cons: Flight cancelled. Had to wait 30 minutes to speak to United service rep to rebook to Boston. No other Manchester flights. Forced to check carry ons. There were 10 terminals for service reps and only five reps. Line was very long and reps were in no hurry to assist. Not a pleasant experience. They should pay us a cancellation fee like they charge us when we cancel. Incurred additional expense getting to Manchester, NH. Not happy with United.

Pros: Good movies, empty seats so i could stretch out.
Cons: The crew was nice! But a little awkward. The food was kind of bad.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Held up at check in because of understaffing. Long TSA line. When we finally got to gate wouldn't let us board. Then agent was extremely rude about putting us on a different flight. Have always flown Delta and am sorry I ever strayed. It will never happen again.

Pros: -Pounctuality
Cons: - Horrible food; - Very old airplane. The oldest I ever flew; - The entertainment system was horrible and not worked. We came the whole flight without having access to anything, neither the map of the flight.

Pros: service was great

Cons: There was no air circulating on the plane the entire flight. The plane was over 90 degrees when we got on. Everyone on the flight asked for the air to be on and we were told it was. No air was coming out of the vents. Horrible flight.

Pros: Crew was friendly
Cons: A lot of turbulence for the 1st hour of flight

Pros: The piolets and staff were kimd
Cons: The airline kept delaying and canceling the flights with little to no notification, resulting in people missing work, connecting flights, and other important situations. there weren't many employees working at the airport to assist the people who were in unfortunate situations involving the flight, including myself. Overall it was a poor experience flying with United airlines, but that won't stop me from future planning.

Pros: It was a pleasant surprise to find out I had a choice of movies to watch on my iPhone. Be sure to install the United Airlines App so that you can take advantage of this service.
Cons: We were among the last 10 people to board and with the small plane size we had to gate check bags, but not a big deal.

Pros: The flight attendants were great!
Cons: If you can tell that overhead storage space is going to be full so much as to pass out the green tags to check at the gate, why not just insist upon it? Instead of making me walk all the way to the back of the airplane and then having to walk all the way back to the front with the bag. Not everyone is familiar with all of your procedures without any explanation for them.

Pros: I loved everything , I would fly with United airlines again , thank you so much.

Pros: Nothing

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: Everything.

Pros: The flight and crew on the plane was fine..
Cons: Get the bag police off people cases looking to pick people of color to pay more money.. not right ..

Pros: Yes very impressed
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Flight attendants were nice
Cons: Disorganized and crowded

Pros: Price
Cons: Easy up on the dumb mask rule it a little ridiculous..

Pros: Everyone was friendly, the flight was on time

Pros: The courteous flight attendants.
Cons: Put cable tv on the back of the seat. Give snacks for free.

Pros: nothing
Cons: being on time so I could have been on the flight

Pros: The crew was excellent, but the seats were very uncomfortable, very hard to find position and they were very soft in the back, so you could feel when people were pushing with their knees.
Cons: I know that spirit airlines is a very low fare airline but they could add some entertainment and change their seats, even if you're paying for them.

Pros: Staff attitude for sure
Cons: Extra close seating

Pros: We had a weather delay— so we sat in the plane for 3 hours before we left. Should have had the option go leave.

Pros: Staff was very friendly and welcoming.
Cons: Seats too cramped.

Pros: The plane is sturdy - but the inside is not meant for comfort whatsoever
Cons: Delays on take off, for a variety of reasons, terrible service, non communicative staff, extremely uncomfortable seats for any period of time longer than two hours. Spirit is so cheap, that it’s reaching a point of diminishing returns; the service is so poor is not even worth the low cost. Will never make the mistake of flying spirit again

Cons: I could not go on the trip due to medical reasons and submitted the documentation. Spirit refused to reimburse me and said they would give me a voucher to fly in 30 days although my doctors said I could not fly or travel due to being on a heart transplant list and wearing an lvad to keep me alive. Flight net also refused to reimburse me. I will never use kayak.

Pros: Convenient
Cons: I was doing the right thing by changing my flight due to the winter storm I didn't like the price of the modification fee which was actually more than my actual original ticket

Pros: What you see is what you get. Bring your own snacks and entertainment.
Cons: Seats are very uncomfortable but I read the descriptions and was okay with it beforehand. It is a budget airline and the web site clearly states what it does and doesn't provide. Upgrades are also clearly stated. Loved the honesty and efficiency of this airline.

Pros: Easy boarding
Cons: No complimentary water.

Pros: The crew
Cons: Being 2 hours late

Pros: Flight attendants were friendly
Cons: No carry-on luggage? It wasn't clear when we booked the flight. We have 4 kids and we just packed carry-on luggage, which all ended up being needed to checked in. Their price for carry-on or checked in luggage is ridiculous. The flight ended up costing us much more than if we flew other airlines. Also, our flight is scheduled to take off at 5:05am, and there were NOBODY at the counter to help any customer for bag drop less than an hour before the flight. There was a huge line and everybody was rushing through the bag drop line at the last minute and running to the gate in order to make the flight. Terrible!!! Seats were cramped, no entertainment and water will cost you $3! Definitely will not fly Spirit again!

Pros: Spirit is a good deal for the money. I like the wider center aisle. Flight attendants and crew are always great. I have on several occasions arrived early to my destination.
Cons: I wish you could get a cup of water without having to pay. There's no entertainment but that's not an issue with tablets and technology.

Pros: The convenience of buying - for a reasonable price early zone 2 boarding. I don't mind paying for carry on or checked luggage but I thought the prices were a little high and ultimately it just is misleading because your 'cheap' advertised fair isn't really cheap with all the upcharges.
Cons: The arm of my chair was broken. That you don't get told that you don't need to buy security expedite if you have toss precheck already. But customer service totally made good and credited me back. I rated Food and entertainment only one star because you either needed to pay and I didn't participate or it wasn't available - you need a N/a category.

Pros: Cheap short
Cons: The seats

Pros: Inexpensive fare.
Cons: The flight's departure from CAK was delayed by an hour without any stated reason. We didn't find out why until during the flight to MYR. The flight attendants could at least give the pretense of being happy. Some are downright crusty. The Spirit Airlines website is a mess. I didn't pay ahead of time for a seat reservation and when checking the day before the flight, I was randomly assigned one near the back of the plane. At that time, it was showing that all other seats were reserved. I then added a carry-on piece of luggage and paid for it online. Then when I printed my boarding pass, I was assigned a different seat more near to the front. How was this other seat available when just before the site was showing that all other seats on the plane were reserved. The website is slow and it lacks transparency (honesty).

Cons: I have never flown Spirit without a significant problem. This time they cancelled my return flight without a solution for me. I had to spend hours on the phone to them to book me a new flight. They are by the far the worst airline I have ever flown and I will never ever fly them again unless it is the only option even if I have to spend 100s more! All the additional costs they apply make it way more expensive then the fare anyway. Peace and good riddance!

Pros: My seat was comfortable and the crew was very nice.
Cons: I don't like being nickel and dimed but such is the way of air travel these days.

Pros: We didn't crash .
Cons: Their website didn't allow me to pay for my one checked bag online. I had to pay more than double at the airport . The people at the check-in counter said there is nothing they could do about it. Checking in is a slow multi step process . They offer no amenities on board and the seats are small and uncomfortable .

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Our flight never left because they didn't schedule a crew to fly the plane. I received an email only 6 hours before my early morning flight so I was unable to even find another flight to take. When I received the email there was no explanation as to why my flight was cancelled. I then waited on the phone for over an hour to speak with someone, I was told that no crew was scheduled to fly the plane. Because of this airline I missed my sisters graduation. I will never ever be flying with this company again. On top of that they try to rip you off by making you pay 50 dollars to carry a bag on the plane. Their flights may be cheap but they are completely unreliable and I would rather pay more for my flight then deal with this terrible company again. NEVER FLY WITH SPIRIT!!!

Cons: This was my first experience with Spirit Airlines. I was due to fly in and out of Myrtle Beach, within 24 hours, direct from Boston, for some meetings. I had a 5:05 am flight and because I travel frequently, I knew at this time of the day, from this terminal in Boston, I could park and be at my gate in under 10 minutes. I arrived at 4:20 am and proceeded to the kiosk at 4:25 am to print my boarding pass. The kiosk said it could not print me one. With no one at the counter, and another passenger also unable to retrieve a boarding pass, we stood at opening of the security lane with not a single person in queue, staring in disbelief at our gate on the other side of the security point, which began to board, and while I was frantically on the phone with customer service, departed without us. At some point three Spirit Airline employees leisurely strode by engrossed in personal conversation. When we inquired how to retrieve our boarding passes, they said "Sorry, the kiosk closes 45 minutes before boarding. Someone will be back at the desk at 8 am." They shrugged their shoulders and walked away. My ticket says "Gates close 15 minutes before boarding" and NOWHERE on their website, boarding passes or itinerary does it say that you cannot obtain a boarding pass within 45 minutes of boarding. Furthermore, when I tried to check in online and "print" my boarding pass (who has a printer these days?), the process was so laborious, requiring me to login and create an account, that I abandoned the process and thought I would just use the kiosk at the airport. How wrong I was! Had I "printed" my boarding pass at home, I would have parked, walked through security, and boarded within 45 minutes, as I frequently do on American, which also flies from this terminal. This is a piecemeal, self-serve airline. Do not expect any customer service; in this unreliable era of air travel, I would not advise using this carrier unless cost is your priority and you are willing to risk the consequences.

Pros: Landed early
Cons: -

Cons: Flights were delayed and over booked, I didn't have a seat and couldn't make my final destination. Had to pay 400 to book another flight with another airline.

Pros: On my way to Myrtle Beach the crew was great, lively and accommodating. Unfortunately, it was quite the opposite on the way back to NYC.
Cons: I flew with my ESA. At Myrtle Beach through the check in to the flight, to take off the validity of my ESA was questioned. At check in my letter was passed around numerous time to see if it would suffice. It clearly stated why I needed my ESA. I was also asked in a very professional way if this was valid before one man gave the green light. I didn't feel comfortable disclosing details of my reason for my ESA, or the fact that it was questioned in general. This was a first as my ESA has flown with me through many different airlines, and my condition, paperwork have never been questioned. In addition on the plane I was told my ESA could not be on my lap and had to be under the seat. What is the point of the ESA? Ultimately once in the air I kept my ESA on my lap. This was a point of contention as the attendant kept coming by and asking she be secure under my seat. Truly an awkward, uncomfortable experience.

Pros: The crew was very nice. It was a short flight so we didn't eat. I was ok in my seat but I'm average height of 5.5 ft. Glad you included the 1 free carry on otherwise there would b no incentive to use your airline at all.
Cons: Cost for checked bags is high. When u add 2 checked bags both ways that is an extra $200. Be serious what are you saving with all your extra fees. This is passed on to the consumer. I'm not a frequent flyer with this airline but if u want my money u have to do more. The food is high too not much of a selection for restricted diets. I can't eat what I offer. The flight was a little rough on take off and landing. No leg room for a man 6.2 ft man husbands knees were against the seat in front off him. Switched seats going to MB but could not going to CHI not a good ride home for him.

Pros: People were pretty nice, flight was full but wasn't super crammed like I hear everyone talking about. Not bothered by anything at all. Would've enjoyed some water but I brought a coffee on board anyhow.
Cons: Everything was fine!

Cons: They cancelled my flight and didn't tell me until I arrived to check in.

Pros: The actual flight was great.
Cons: Baggage prices

Cons: They denied me boarding, although I was there on time, with no lines. There was no one at the desk. No lines at TSA. Nothing preventing me from boarding except SPIRIT incompetence. They flew the plane with my seat empty. Idiots. I will never do business with this airline again. First and only time.

Cons: We were flying out of Latrobe airport which is the size of a smaller house with 2 gates. We arrived 40 minutes before boarding and was told that we could not check in. We were not allowed on the flight and had to pay for another flight that left the next day. We will never fly with spirit airlines again.

Cons: To start, I booked a hotel room close to the airport and upon my arrival at eight thirty in the evening I explained to the reception that I would need a shuttle at 5.15 in the morning..she then told me the shuttle didn't start till eight , so anyway I get a cab and arrive at 6 and as I approached the counter to get my boarding pass the lady blurted out with joy you're late and we have to rebook you. I said my flight was leaving at 6:30 she responded with a smile and pointed to a sight 45 minute before flight sight in required.. so a200 ticket ended up coating me double and I had to Waite in the airport 5 hours and go to Fort Lauderdale and wait there for another 4 hours.. I will never spend a dime on spirit again.. one bag 50 dollars , greedy,rudeness,just all around uglyou!!

Pros: Our flight was five late because of the fog over MYRTLE BEACH SC.
Cons: We were not offered free snacks and drinks is the less spirit should have done.

Cons: Cancelled flight twenty minutes to boarding - doesn't actually tell anyone. The boarding area is so immensely overcrowded and they make no announcements - just waits for you to notice the sign changed. Then when everyone is hoarded to the ticket counter, there is no attendant to speak to at the front so you're left to guess which of the two lines to stand in - if it matters at all. Half an hour into waiting in line, a desk clerk announces that one line is for refund only and the other for rebooking only.... After waiting half hour in wrong lines. Where's the sign? Where's the courtesy? My JetBlue flight was a half hour late - they sent me a credit automatically. Spirit cancels your flight - and all flights after (so the next available flight was in THREE days) and they make you jump through hoops. NEVER AGAIN.

Cons: The staff is horrible. Maybe because this is the first time I fly with Spirit Airlines, and I always fly with Delta and start comparing. The staff very unorganized and SPIRIT AIRLINES is full of HIDDEN FEES. Yes, it might say it is a cheap flight but adding carry on bags for $100 whenever the people in the front desk dont tell you what is available for you, and found out at the gate that you have to pay $100 for holding up the plane when they are still boarding?! Overall horrible experience and will never flight with spirit airlines! Even if they gave me a free flight I wouldnt fly with them.

Pros: Absolutely nothing. Our flight was scheduled for 750a. We wake up 5am to ge to the airport, while waiting for the cab I decided to check my email to find out the flight was cancelled due to "mechanical issues". Which means they didn't sell out the flight. The rep I called caught a lot of my animosity, which the issue wasn't her fault, but she remained professional to her credit. The next flight was the next morning already a day into my vacation. I declined cause I wasnt gonna be Charlie Brown to thier Lucy. She then closed out the phone call with the normal spill, "we appreciate your business, book online, we are always here for you etc." This further annoyed me. My vacation was ruined and you think I would ever give Spirit another shot at anything at all in my life.

Pros: The crew was friendly and joked throughout the flight.
Cons: The return trip was horrible. The staff at the Myrtle Beach airport enforced the bag fee that I overlooked when booking the trip. I travel quite a bit and used to one free roll on bag. They treated me like a criminal before boarding. I will not fly with Spirit again.

Pros: Not much, we at least landed safely and arrived at our destination.
Cons: They will not inform you, or at least well, that carry ons are not included in your ticket price. Not cool. - They then try to jack you again when you need to choose a seat. They will probably sit you in the back of the plane between two big people who actually need more than two seats for their size. I'm a tall guy and prefer the aisle seat. None were available even if I paid extra. - I will fly delta and pay $20 more for a ticket but get better service thought, notifications and online check in reminders without having to look myself and $100 dollars in savings when compared to this rip off cheap airline. - Hey Spirit I have a good name change for your company... Ghost. That's because soon I expect it won't be around much longer.

Cons: I was harassed , demeaned, demoralized by the security staff that took me through the metal detector. I felt it I would ask where my suitcase was I would have been detained and held against my will I reported the incident to a representative of the security or what I assumed was security on the phone. The person I asked if I could make a complaint just shoved a card and said go online and report it. He never asked what happened. I am appalled that as much investigations that are going on that still treat people the way they do. Still was the worst experience of my entire life and I am not exaggerating. The sad part is I have another flight scheduled.

Pros: i liked the price. we also liked the crew. they were helpful.
Cons: did not like having to pay for my carry on (free on all other airlines). It adds to the price of the ticket which is on of the things we liked of the airline. I also got a discount because of my age and it was negated by having to pay for the carry on and then some.

Cons: I will never fly spirit again. When booking my flight through cheapoair I thought I had found a deal. After checking in I not only had to pay another 30$ in fees, but also had to pay 20$ each way for my carry on, and 20$ each way to "reserve my seat". Needless to say I ended up paying an additional 273$ that I was not anticipating. You'd think I could have had a complimentary beverage while on board paying that much but that would cost you too much. Not only will I never fly spirit again but I will also be communicating my experience with friends and family, encouraging them to do the same.

Cons: This is the first time in my last 3 months I wasn't delayed!

Pros: The counter spirit worker Ozzie in Logan Airport went above and beyond to make sure I made my flight! Mr Ferraro who works for the TSA in Logan airport also went above and beyond, Mr Ferraro knew I was in a hurry, he thought I might forget my wallet, and when I took off running to catch my flight Mr Ferraro yelled Sir don't forget your wallet Awesome all the way around! 2 guys made my day and week! It was my brothers 20th wedding anniversary, and these 2 guys Ozzie and Mr. Ferraro truly provided heartfelt customer service that I will never forget! Thanks for being awesome!
Cons: Keep hiring great people! All is great!

Pros: N/A
Cons: The flight was delayed for more than an hour. The plane was making horrible sounds. It was like a loud Saw. No one told us what the sound was. It sounded as if the plane was going to fall apart. While I understand the need to charge for bags, I can not imagine why my purse and laptop are counted separately. Having people pay for a boarding pass is utterly ridiculous. The website is terrible. The system would not allow me to pay the $80 for my 2 bags when I logged on from home. When I got to the airport, I was charged $100 for my 2 bags. The staff was not very friendly. You could tell they were used to people complaining. They were indifferent to any complaints. For all the aggravation and additional fees, I really wish I had paid the extra to be on a different airline. It would have been cheaper and less aggravating.

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