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American AirlinesOverall score based on 48352 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Everything"
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Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "Smooth flight, great service onboard"
Pros: "Food was good and crew was very nice"
Cons: "More leg room"
Pros: "Fast boarding"
Cons: "There was no service at all outside of first class. There was garbage around my seat. Small seats even in extra space seat"
Pros: "Friendly crew, smooth flight and comfortable seats."
Cons: "NA"
Pros: "Really a nice meal and good service"
Cons: "The AA app broke"
Pros: "Booked week ago, expensive but seating was comfortable, crew first class, in economy."
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Nice crew. Newer comfy seats"
Pros: "this flight was canceled!"
Cons: "Tiny seats..."
Pros: "Nothing. I’ll never fly American Airlines again."
Cons: "Literally everything. I spent 30 hours sitting in the Philadelphia airport and then had to buy a flight with SouthWest so that I could get home. Too bad my luggage is headed for Toledo."
Pros: "It was a great flight. It was on time, and the plane was clean and the stewardess was courteous"
Cons: "It was a great flight."
Cons: "Who is at fault for running out of de-ice solution and making us sit on the tarmac for almost 3 hours in a plane with ventilation turned off? The apology and last minute glass of water were not enough. Terrible customer service."
Pros: "Power outlets at some seats"
Cons: "Little entertainment choices, no complimentary food, late, charged for even the most basic seat selection"
Pros: "Nothing, this was a miserable flight."
Cons: "Gate at Philadelphia was tiny with not enough space for everyone on the plane, it was a 6 hour flight and no snacks beyond pretzels were available-not even for purchase. I'd just come off an 8 hour international flight where I was provided lunch, ice cream, a pot pie snack and frequent beverage service. Somehow as soon as you are flying domestic on a slightly shorter flight American Airlines thinks its okay to treat customers like garbage-nothing but some sad pretzels and 2 rounds of drink service was provided for a 6 hour flight. The seats were super uncomfortable with no head rest, no personal entertainment devices were provided, and there was no general entertainment for the whole plane-seriously I've never been so bored. I would have fallen asleep from boredom but the seat was too uncomfortable so I couldn't even do that. The plane landed in Seattle but sat without unloading passengers for 20 minutes because the gate crew wasn't ready. We didn't get our checked baggage for over an hour after landing. When asked, customer service reps said that the S gate was far from baggage claim-seriously I'm not sure how that is a reasonable excuse. Other airlines arrive into S gates and have timely baggage claim service. American Airlines has no standard for timely baggage claim service like other airlines (Alaska) so there were no repercussions for such late baggage service. We left the airport with our luggage over 90 minutes after the plane landed. The entire experience is just another example of American Airlines of why the terrorists won't even fly American Airlines. I was seriously disappointed to find out that the British Airways flights we booked were operated by American instead of BA crews. I seriously will never select this option (or fly American) again if I can help it."
Pros: "The crew was probably the only positive thing of the flight."
Cons: "Late boarding because of downsizing plane and overbooking, than sitting on a plane for an additional hour after boarding completed while it was very hot inside. Departed and landed with a delay. Very old airplane with no individual fans above the seats, no outlets to charge devices and no entertainment system."
Pros: "Relaxing"
Cons: "Some turbulence"
Cons: "We were rerouted by JustFly prior to our trip. Instead of Venice - Philadelphia-Tampa at noon, we were moved to Venice - London - Chicago - Tampa. Flight from London - Chicago was delayed 6 hours. Of course missed connection in Chicago. Spent night in Chicago and arrived home 48 hours after leaving for Venice airport."
Pros: "I really liked crew, fast boarding"
Cons: "Old airplane, very noisy , no tv screans on seats, boring movies on tv and horrible ear sets, could not hear anything. very dissapointed experience."
Pros: "flight crew was great"
Cons: "“Yvonne” or whatever the actualy name of the gate agent in PHL was. Terribly rude and condescending. The CRJ 200’s are way too small, old, and uncomfortable. Please sell or give them to the third world where they belong."
Pros: "Flight attendants actually seemed to care about what they were doing. Seats were pretty comfy for once."
Cons: "Flight delayed with no explanation or apologies. Putting two and two together from the airport monitors it looks like they had to swap planes due to a scheduling or maintenance issue. Just another chapter in the neverending saga of delayed American airlines flights"
Pros: "Crew was great, and flight was relatively on time."
Cons: "Itinerary I received was for British Airways, with whom I have always had excellent experiences. However, I discovered at check-in I would actually be traveling on American Airlines with a different flight no. I had already provided my BA flight numbers to family. No explanation was give to me prior to flight that this would be the case. Food was terrible- even for Coach class - I don't always expect a gourmet meal, but BA was consistently good in the past, so I had positive expectations. My personal entertainment system did not work properly so I could not use it."
Pros: "The first leg had awesome pasta.Then, on the 2nd leg, Philly to Denver, they had a "pay for meal" option for turkey with Chutney sandwich - again, delicious. I should add that the service was very good as well."
Pros: "The entertainment factor of people with huge bags being told they have to check them at the gate!"
Cons: "Middle seats!"
Cons: "No in flight entertainment. Delayed"
Pros: "Staff was great!"
Cons: "Seats were really uncomfortable up and reclined. Overhead baggage was full by the time I boarded and there was no enforcement of the carry-on baggage sizes... This needs to be addressed and contributed to our lack of comfort, noting this was the last leg of an 18 hour journey. My body still hurts today after a good nights sleep."
Cons: "No movies or other entertainment that I could find"
Cons: "They broke a wheel on my luggage."
Pros: "Pilot was very friendly"
Cons: "Seats were very uncomfortable"
Pros: "Comfortable, very friendly helpful staff"
Cons: "Nothing, well I miss the movies shown on their divides rather than my tablet"
Cons: "For a flight five hours or more I was disappointed that there was no complimentary food. It otherwise it was fine"
Pros: "Crew was professional, flight was smooth."
Cons: "Plane was old. NO in-seat power, no USB chargers, no in-seat entertainment. TV monitors in the aisles? Is this the 1990s? One crappy movie? The "headsets" are a joke. Too many announcements - and I don't like it when they play movie trailers, commercials, etc. over the sound system. The food was horrific. I wish American Airlines would charge $20 more per ticket and provide some reasonable food. Everything just screamed LOW QUALITY. Lucky I had brought a sandwich and some snacks with me on board. The food was so bad that I didn't even touch it. They should just eliminate the food completely and tell people to bring their own on board."
Pros: "Biscotti, pilot, crew"
Cons: "Seating is so uncomfortable, unable to recline more than an inch or so, then everybody rushes around making you return to an upright position! What's the point?"
Pros: "Crew was exceptional (as usual), everything ran smoothly and on time."
Cons: "It doesn't make sense to board from the front of the plane backward. I know this is not an AA thing, but a way to make customers paying more feel more special by having the privilege of sitting on the plane longer...but it's really silly."
Pros: "Not much."
Cons: "There are NO ENTERTAINMENT, and I had two flights that were more than 5 hours each. It was not operated by British, it was actually American Airlines."
Cons: "Missed connection flight because they were late taking off, stuck in Munich all day. Only some of us got our second ticket to begin with even though we were told to check in to both through AA. They did take responsibility and pay for our lunch though so there's that."
Pros: "It was a small plane so I didn't expect much. The attendants were a little disconnected for it being a three hour flight."
Cons: "Baggage was damaged, which required a claim to be submitted. Company policy requires me to take the damaged baggage home, empty it, and return it to the airport. The airport is 1-1/2 hours from my house. They inconvenience me by handling my baggage like an ape and then continue to inconvenience me by requiring me to go way out of my way to get it repaired. American Airlines apparently does not understand what customer service means."
Cons: "I nearly missed my flight because I did not have a seat for a flight that I bought a ticket for at full price. Which, would lead one to believe that I would have a seat on said flight. However, coming to the gate an hour before boarding the personnel working gate the said he was having computer difficulties and could not get me a seat and it would be 10 min. I continued to return till boarding to find out I had no seat and I was on standby. Upon going to customer service they replied the airline oversold tickets and every airline does this as if to make this practice ok. Well being in sales myself and if I were to sell x amount of product to one customer ( or several) I better make sure I have it all there to deliver. People rely on you schedule wise. It nearly shot a meeting I had to make in the foot. Very disappointed with the airline and the way things were handled."
Cons: "Horrible service and was never notified so I was not able to make either of these flights."
Pros: "They finally got us there."
Cons: "The airplane broke on the ramp and they made is sit in the airplane while the tempeture rose to about 100 degrees. I think someone was about to pass out before they realized they had to get us off. Then we were over 4 hours late departing while they were getting another plane"
Pros: "It was not a finnair flight.... I actually flew on American Airlines. The flight was a little bumpy. The captain did a great job of keeping us informed of things going on! The crew were awesome!!!"
Cons: "I didn't like that up until the day before I thought i was flying Finnair and was trying to checkin with finnair onlt to find out it's American Airlines i was flying. Very confusing but I figured it out"
Pros: "I was not able to seat with my son, I was not very happy about it."
Pros: "We arrived safely. Flights were on time and the staff were professional and friendly even though they had to deal with awful passengers. In flight entertainment worked well."
Cons: "The boarding process is stressful. The monitors at the gate do not indicate which groups have been called and are allowed to board, so everyone just crowds up at the gate, you can't hear what's being announced and it's messy. It would be so helpful and efficient it was clearly displayed which groups have been called to board. I don't know why all airlines don't implement this. We were also made to check our carry on at the gate and when we got on the plane there was enough space in the overhead, which was a bit annoying."
Pros: "The fact that I was finally put in the plane at the last minute"
Cons: "The fact that I was confirmed on this flight and no one would give me a seat assignment. Not when I checked in 2 hours early for my initial flight from MHT nor when I arrived in Philadelphia to catch this next leg. They made me wait at the gate and then went and checked the plane and came back and said board and take any empty seat! Never again!"
Pros: "Boarding was efficient, check in at PHL was quick, cabin attendants were good. Food was fine."
Cons: "Entertainment system seemed to overload and choke at times. Seats were ok but no coach seats are great overnight."
Pros: "Clean and not much space but ok"
Cons: "No individual screen and no choices"
Pros: "Crew was great, boarding fine."
Cons: "Several trips on train around airport due to gate changes. Bummer, that! Could have whiled away a bit of time instead of perpetually thinking I was late and going to miss flight."
Cons: "Snappy middle-aged flight attendants Laggy entertainment system"
Cons: "Seats need to be bigger (wider)"
Pros: "The text messages from United"
Pros: "Amazing experience"
Cons: "No, everything was perfect"
Pros: "The attendants were amazing, fun, attentive and provided for a very quick four-hour trip!"
Cons: "Not one thing."
Cons: "Delay for 3 hours"
Pros: "Minimal turbulence"
Pros: "Friendly staff and efficiency"
Cons: "None that I can think of"
Cons: "The flight was delayed more than 4 hours. It was a bad experience with United."
Pros: "Everything was good, except the seats are too tight."
Cons: "Seat space"
Cons: "The waiting in the lobby."
Pros: "Everything was on time and it was a good flight"
Pros: "Crew was helpful and everything went as planned"
Cons: "Smaller seats"
Pros: "My father passed away earlier that day and I needed a ticket quickly to fly home. At the airport I was a mess and the airline counter attendant was so amazing helping me ( I had never flown United and had no idea about their luggage policies ect..). She quickly pulled me aside.. helped me with checking in and did her best to fine me another seat thatvwas better than the one I had already chosen.Also, she gave me a hug and her condolences. Flying with an airline that has heart helped me so much during one of the most difficult times of my life. I will absolutely fly with them again."
Cons: "No complaints ... but I paid for a movie to take my mind off of my father's passing during the flight and there was a short in my monitor for our whole row. It kept cutting in and out and "searching for signal", I only was able to see 1/4 of the movie I paid for with all the interruptions in signal."
Pros: "The people were all very nice. The plane was top-notch. Would definitely fly with them again if I had the opportunity."
Cons: "The boarding lasted much longer than I had anticipated. I was also not informed of when my group was boarding at the proper time."
Pros: "All was good. Flight attendants helpful and friendly."
Pros: "Everything! The flight left on time and landed early. Service was great and the staff was super."
Pros: "Well organized."
Cons: "The plane was delayed 5 times causing us to miss our connection. We had to stay overnight in the airport in Chicago. We were told that there would be blankets waiting for us that we could use however there weren't and we had to practically beg for them."
Pros: "a little bit more foot-room than my previous flight on a different airline."
Cons: "The plane got delayed by more than 3 hours!"
Pros: "I was able to move my dear and get better leg room. Really appreciated that!"
Cons: "Teeny snack."
Pros: "Landing safely."
Cons: "Everything else. I flew from PHL to IAH and was very unhappy with the experience. The gate agents were unfriendly. The bag check agents downstairs were unfriendly. I had two separate phone calls with United a week prior to the flight to understand and confirm the bag policy. This was AFTER booking my flight so they knew upfront I bought a basic economy ticket. After my first call, I understood a personal item would be free and I would be able to pay for my carry on bag, but only within 24 hours prior to the flight. I made a second call to be absolutely sure the previous agent gave me the correct information and pricing. So I paid the $25 for my carry on, checked in online, and waited at the gate while boarding at the very end because I was basic economy. They did not let me board with my bag. They requested another $50 to check my carry on with them or I would be rebooked. I struggled to afford the flight, let alone the carry on fee I had paid in advance. I literally did not have the money, and even if I had the cash, they only accept plastic. What blew me away was they weren't asking me to check my carry on because of the size. But because of my basic economy ticket, aka, the N fare. Despite checking with two employees by phone after buying my ticket and paying for a carry on in advance, there is a rule in place that states "if you have purchased Basic Economy, you will only be allowed one personal item, unless you are a Premier member or a primary card member using a qualifying MileagePlus credit card." Therefore, there is no alternative. You are a second class citizen; a no good deplorable, when you buy this ticket and there is nothing you can do to upgrade it. Only the "premier" passengers have the right to bring a carry on aboard even if you think you're paying for the privelage. What I was expected to somehow understand after asking two United employees prior if I could purchase the right to bring a carry on bag aboard, was to CHECK my CARRY ON downstairs or learn the hard way. Wow. What a ruthless way to learn this lesson. I waited 7 more hours to board the next available flight. What a nightmare. I thought I had did the appropriate research necessary and planned in advance to avoid these situations. Checking in online and contacting customer service prior is no longer the convenience it used to be. Even if you've done your research, bring additional funds with you. Even if you check in online and have a digital boarding pass, always check in with a real human prior to entering the TSA security line. A side note, United is trying to save money while "speeding up" the process by forcing you to use a computer to hand over your checked luggage. Speaking with a human now is a monumental struggle."
Pros: "Clean aircraft, swift flight"
Cons: "Seat was changed to last row/middle seat (not what initially booked or confirmed with online check-in). Before takeoff, attendant moved all passengers in back row to alternate seats. Which meant that I was no longer traveling with my colleague. Unfortunately, that made our intended meeting time impossible."
Cons: "Just give free wi fi already"
Cons: "I didn't realize how you can no longer be accommodated without being charged for everything."
Pros: "I fly weekly, but try never to book United because there are always issues with my support animal. Without fail, regardless of the city, the agents at check-in do not know what to do. Each time I'm met with annoyance at having to check me in, and I usually end up calling either the disabilities desk and handing the agent my phone, or asking for the CRO. I have to leave an extra 45 minutes to accommodate flying United every time -- ridiculous. This time I also got a load of unprofessional gate agents cooing and awwing at my my support animal, and trying to pet him. When this happens I always simply state, "please don't" and this was key with rudeness as well. United please provide us with more professional and adequately trained staff at the airports. Once we're on the planes it's fine. But you seem to have VERY low hiring standards for airport staff"
Pros: "All good, no complaints!"
Cons: "Hour late taking off and customer service terribleness!"
Pros: "The incoming plane was delayed due to 'equipment prep'. Since it was connecting me to my longer leg, I was nervous. The crew did a great job of deplaning everyone and getting the plane ready for our flight with very minimal delay."
Cons: "It was a quick 30 minute flight and everything was fine."
Pros: "The seats and the price"
Cons: "How far back I was"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Delayed 3 hours"
Pros: "Tv"
Cons: "The tv kept shutting on and off"
Pros: "The leg room"
Pros: "United got me from point A to point B"
Cons: "Crew was rude, not just to me, but to other patrons. Flight was packed going and the man scanning boarding passes spoke to those of us asking simple questions as if we were stupid and defiant. Was he a prison guard in his previous job? On the way to Newark, I had an aisle seat. One of the stewardesses blazed by me with a cart ramming it into my shoulder without so much as a, "sorry." I'm not a big woman but maybe as I dozed off I leaned over a bit...There is no way she didn't feel her cart hit me. Rudeness, it seems is a part of the culture at United because the flight attendants coming back squeezed past the long line for the bathroom without saying, "excuse me." They did however, say, "I need to get by," and one of them brushed by the gentlemen sitting next to me and bumped his laptop and coffee. Overall it seems that the crew working these particular United flights have forgotten that we pay hard earned money to fly. Some of us are going on vacation, to see loved ones, and some are flying to deal with unpleasant circumstances. The staff may fly several times a day, but most passengers do not. There's a lot of prep and anxiety, that goes into taking a flight and a surly flight crew multiplies that anxiety. No one wants to fly with a crew that hates their job."
Pros: "Seats are comfy"
Cons: "Food service sucks"
Pros: "I'm handicapped and the help getting from terminal to terminal. The people were very helpful."
Cons: "I have metal leg braces. I had to remove them to get in the seat. So the flight was uncomfortable. It would be nice if the plane could have handicapped seating.I know I wouldn't have minded paying a little more for comfortable seating."
Pros: "Pilots and some flight attendants were kind and friendly."
Cons: "On the return home, I was seated in the last row right next to the lavatory. I was bumped into at least 25 times by other passengers and flight attendants. I would suggest removing the aisle seat on both sides."
Cons: "My connection to YYZ was cancelled and I was not even rebooked to the next flight. I needed to buy a ticket on Air Canada in order to get there. Every time I fly United I find myself asking "why in the hell am I flying United?""
Pros: "The seats were comfortable. Staff was loud. But flight was okay. On time."
Cons: "Very rude crew."
Cons: "Where do I start. Let's start with booking and the lack of knowledge, inability to listen and respond in an appropriate manner, and the fact that after I asked to speak to a manager due to the previous issues with the agent, and after being transferred all I needed was some understanding and support due to a family emergency and instead I get a short rude push back and then hung up on by the manager after I expressed my struggle and desperation for help. The lack of empathy and just the overall experience was beyond horrible, and if it wasn't for the desperate situation I was in I would have never used your services."
Cons: "I didn't like that on the way to Philly I could watch movies on my device, but on the way back I would have had to pay to use the seat-back system."
Pros: "On time bags made connection"
Pros: "Crew very friendly!"
Cons: "No entertainment (video screens ) on board flight."
Pros: "The boarding was very smooth."
Cons: "The passengers behind me had a baby on board that cried throughout the whole flight."
Pros: "Got me safely to my destination. Other passengers were friendly and helpful. Sf and Vic airports nice. flight attendants passably pleasant. No food that I was aware of. Entertainment at least there was a wifi option since there were no screens."
Cons: "Check in agents all might as well have been robots, but with bad attitude. Even at the star alliance gold checkin desk the agent was clearly unhappy/furious (seem to be ongoing issues with the system/ machine frustrating him) and was consistently abrupt and cold though our interaction. He did help by lifting bags onto weigh and to press buttons to get the tickets issued, but I would have a much better experience of United if he has shown any sign of warmth or even smiled. I was struggling with a baby in a carrier, and several suitcase, and he didn't show any sign of humanity. The guy who labeled our bags was a bit nicer. The team overal though just barked instructions at the customers, never looked them in the eyes, and seemed to all hate their jobs. We got our boarding passes issues successfully, yes, but I felt on pins and needles like I had to be very careful not to offend anyone.... Which I don't think is what you want your passengers to feel at the start of a flight."
Pros: "In Flight staff very nice"
Cons: "Delays delays"
Pros: "Friendly service, nice and comfortable."
Cons: "The seat cushions were in terrible condition!!!"
Pros: "Departures and arrivals were on time. Boarding was efficient. Baggage arrived in claim area quickly. No stress or hassle."
Cons: "I did not book a flight on spirit airlines so I have no idea you think I did!"
Cons: "Flight delayed"
Pros: "Flight was delayed for 8 hours due to crew and pilot shortage. Weather was fine."
Cons: "Make larger passengers purchase two seats"
Pros: "Everyone was nice"
Cons: "The customer service was very respectful answer all of my question and was kind."
Pros: "They eventually got us there. staff were friendly."
Cons: "Online check-in - DID NOT WORK. Awaited the email, but never came. At the airport - kiosk didn't work. Got an attendant - flight had started boarding 5-10m before getting the agent / *their* policy is no boarding passes after that -- even though hours earlier the online check-in was done. They charged for the baggage, so parts took. Reality seems to be that flight was oversold. Upon rebook at next flight - that one was delayed due to awaiting inbound flight attendant. They know this stuff hours ahead of time, but never say."
Pros: "My luggage arrived in good condition in Tampa.Easy"
Cons: "Daughter got sick.I checked in and had to leave the airport to take care of her."
Pros: "Speed of boarding"
Cons: "Cost of carry-on"
Pros: "Great Crew!! Easy ride home!"
Pros: "Everything was on time"
Cons: "Seating is always uncomfortable"
Pros: "Flight was early, plane was clean. Flight was uneventful"
Cons: "They charge ridiculous prices for luggage, even carry ons. Paid $42 each way for one checked bag. Food and drink are not free. Water was broken on plane in washroom. They try to get you to pay for a seat, otherwise you may not sit with your family. Only allow 40lbs in checked luggage, but you can bring as much weight as you want in personal or carry on. 41+ lbs costs an extra $30. They nickel and dime you for everything even $10 to print boarding pass. Initial price on Kayak was lower than everyone else, but with all the add ons turned out to be much more expensive. Not allowed to bring tennis racquets on board, have to check them. Jet Blue allows them to be carried on board. Will NEVER fly this airline again."
Pros: "The plane was big and you had space, flight attendants were kind."
Cons: "Airport Employees are extremely rude, multiple delays on flight and none of their employees were even at the desk or giving updates, insanely expensive. It was my first time flying spirit and will definitely be my last. Worst airline around."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "My flight was delayed twice causing me to arrive late, the service was awful and the seats were uncomfortable. I will never fly with spirit airlines again."
Pros: "The flight attendant was at least comical"
Cons: "First off while checking in the spirit attendant would not leave me alone, insisting that she work the kiosk for me (2 of which malfunctioned btw). I soon found out why she was so helpful, BECAUSE SHE WANTED ME TO CHECK MY BAG. A single bag that I have never needed to check before that fits fine under the seat. 50 bucks at ta the gate. Thanks. Second, why does water cost money? On a five hour flight there should at least be a complimentary water. I dont need pristine filtered bottled, just anything. Even the stuff that they use for coffee or noodle cups would do. But I guess thats why they're so expensive too. Listen, I get the whole "flying is actually really expensive" and "We're a business" blah blah blah... but when you begrudge someone a cup of water, stuff them in uncomfortable seats and call common decency an upgrade I have trouble believing that spirit is in it for anyone's best interest other than themselves . And as their incessant sales pitch at the end of every flight tells me "There are a lot of choices when it comes to flying". And after their "helpful" clerked shanghaid my luggage and cost me 50 bucks, I'll take my chances being beaten and dragged off of other airlines. At least I'll get a free soda out of them."
Pros: "The fact that there was a nonstop flight from PHL to LAX at a reasonable time of day."
Cons: "When we arrived, it seemed Spirit was understaffed. There was a long line at check-in, and no bag drop. The attendants seemed stressed, understandably. We were seated in the second to last row, in front of three unaccompanied minors. The flight attendants were doing their best to make sure the kids behaved, but they were incredibly disruptive. My wife and I agreed: unless Spirit has a deal that's too good to afford, we will not be flying with them again. What you may save initially, you pay for in quality of service, comfort, and convenience."
Pros: "I like the other passengers . I liked the person that checked us in -he was very accommodating - Girard Patrice (Pennsylvania check in)"
Cons: "Going to Atlanta: The seating arrangement was poor and had gum on the seat and dirty. I was unable to adjust my seat even though cramped."
Cons: "they cancelled the flight, because their pilots refused to fly the OT. THEN THEY WAITED TOO LONG TO FIND TO INFORM US, SO WE HAD TO STAY ANOTHER NIGHT"
Cons: "I had a small carry on which they forced me to pay $59 for at the airport. If you add this to the price I paid for the ticket, there is not much of a discount. The seats also did not recline which is not very comfortable. you pay for everything including the water."
Cons: "I had to cancel my flight because my uncle went into hospice and is actively dying. I was not able to get a refund my ticket or use it as a credit. i think that is deplorable"
Cons: "My flight was delayed by over three hours on Sunday traveling from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. Flight delays happen but there was zero communication from anyone at the airport let alone anyone at the customer service desk. They also changed our gate several times, which led people going back and forth completely confused and upset without anyone there to answer questions or help explain where we should be, etc. This was a terrible experience and I will not be flying Spirit again and will encourage friends and co-workers to do the same."
Pros: "Landing in fll"
Cons: "Over 2 hour delay"
Pros: "Spirit airlines changed the time of my flight, cancelled my flight twice, and delayed my flight. I will never use this airline again."
Cons: "A woman at the LAX (connection point) boarding area was so rude to the point where a supervisor got involved. I had a carry on with insulin(I'm type 1 diabetic) that she told me I had to check in. I politely asked her why since Philadelphia international did not give me any issues about it. I also told her that I'm type 1 diabetic and can die without it. She said "you're either checking this bag in or no one is boarding" and proceeded to put the security arm down. I spoke to a Supervisor, who told me it was completely fine. My 7 year old child and I finally boarded thanks to the supervisor. My advise to the wpmn is to stop and think why another reputable airport would have let someone through with the bag she's refusing to let in due to simple fact of size. This was not larger than a normal carry on. I understand that flights are often full and make these requests but certainly not in a humiliating way and ceerriamlg not after being told that it contains medicine that someone can die without."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "First they charge you for "CARRY ON" which takes away whatever savings you believe you're getting with Spirit. $55 is the price they charge. Second, the seats are smaller then all the other airlines and the cushion is hard and not comfortable at all. I'm pretty sure they're made from old coke cans. Third, the snacks and yes snacks, not meals because they do not serve meals even on a 5hr coast to coast flight, are just junk food. Terrible menu. Cup-o-noodle is one of the items. Wow! No entertainment of any sort either. So basically you can pay the same money on another airline and recieve all the usual food, comfort, entertainment, and service. I don't know how Spirit thinks it'll stay in business. It's the worst business model I've ever come across. Stay away"
Cons: "I do not write reviews. I have never needed to until now. The people at ticketing who worked for Spirit were so amused by the crying families that they could hardly hold in laughs. Spirit had delayed the flight 3 hours past the original time, and 30 minutes before they had put it back on schedule. Needless to say many people including myself had to rush to the airport. When I go there there were crying families being rudely insulted and laughed at by the staff at Spirit airline. These men were of middle eastern decent and they were making incredulous racial slurs about the Hispanic customers to their face. They even encouraged us to leave, and not try to make my flight, saying "you have only two minutes, you will never make it!" They said this after refusing to print our boarding passes, which we were able to make enough noise to convince him to do so. He also tried to swat a cell phone out of my partner's hand when he was trying to film these Spirit employee's make these insulting slurs. The plane is also terrible and crew seemed like they were all high on opiates, sluggishly making their way through the cabin. Very unsafe airline, price gouging enterprise of deceit and ineptitude."
Pros: "Nothing, It was cancelled."
Cons: "The flight was canceled, I had to miss work the next day with no compensation. I had to purchase another flight from a different airport and airline. My family had to drive 2 hours to and from the airport to come and get me again. Worst travelling trip ever. All because with no explanation; spirit canceled my flight to LAX."
Cons: "Drove 145 miles to the airport only to find out it was cancelled. How Do you think I feel about that."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The internet was not working to check in online had to call 6 times just to check in."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "The baggage fees are too high"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The airplane"
Pros: "I got everywhere on time."
Cons: "Spirit charges $55 for carry-on luggage. This would've been nice to know ahead of time as the money I saved on the flight was quickly diminished by those fees. They also charge for every little thing on the airplane, including the ability to pick your seat. I probably won't fly with spirit again. The seats didn't work as they would not recline. There was no entertainment at all. It was really the bare minimum of what a flight can offer."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything about it"
Cons: "I arrived for my flight early and checked my two suitcases at $114 dollars. I proceeded to my gate an hour before boarding time to find that my flight was delayed 1hour and 45min. Thinking I had some time to use the lady's room and grab food I arrived back to my gate an hour and 40mins before take off to find that the plane was already boarded and the attendant would not let me on. They had reverted back to the original take off time because the plane showed up on time but did not call those who walked away from the gate. I missed my flight, I missed my check in time at school, my bags went without me and I was stuck in Philadelphia until my next flight today. I'm afraid my bags with everything I have are somewhere lost I in LA."
Pros: "The seats are awful! They shouldn't use these planes for cross country flights as the service and comfort is not good. You can't even get a glass of water without a charge"
Cons: "Seats and service"
Pros: "Crew was friendly, helpful"
Cons: "Seats were small. Charged $45 for a carry on bag which was not mentioned previously. Would not fly with them again. Thought I was getting a great deal on airfare, but I was really getting ripped off."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I am EXTREMELY upset with my entire experience regarding Spirit Airlines and 3rd party travel services. We showed up to the airport for our 7:35 pm flight and the flight board indicated our Spirit flight to Las Vegas was delayed until 8:15 pm. Since we now had extra time we went to go get food at the food court. We came back at 8:00 pm and it turned out that the flight wasn't actually delayed and left on time (ie without us!). No other flights were leaving until the following day. We were going on a short business trip for a seminar and the timing was meticulously planned out. Because of this, we missed half the seminar and also lost $150 on non-refundable hotel rooms we never actually used. When trying to cancel the hotel, we were informed we had to go through the booking agency. When going back to the booking agency, we were informed they needed to go through the hotel... Long story short we are out $150.This kind of "pass the buck" mentality is why I will NEVER use ANY 3rd party booking agency again when traveling. Thanks for nothing!!"
Pros: "good folks wo4rk there, kind and helpful"
Cons: "cost too high for no comfort/frills"
Pros: "Smooth ride, friendly staff, no problems"
Pros: "Low fares. Great service."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "nothing was impressive."
Cons: "Charging for every single thing they can possibly charge you for. The icing on that cake is that they even charge you for water in flight. Now, that is so horrible. Only taking credit cards too. There are many older people on these flights that do not even have credit cards.... so they may not have water? Cheap flight!!??? nope, add everything together and with flight attendants that don't want to be there and a captain that let us sit on the tarmac for a good 15 minutes before thinking he should tell us what's going on. That was my first and it is my last Spirit flight! And i am telling everyone that i know not to fly Spirit. Some people I have told have stories of their own and said they won't fly Spirit ever again too."
Pros: "Nothing! Grateful for a safe landing"
Cons: "Charge too much for luggage; uncomfortable seats; nothing to drink or snacks on flight; flight delayed; I will NEVER fly spirit again, the price is NOT worth it; first and LAST time flying this airline. Just HORRIBLE"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled for weather related reasons but we were notified by email only and only 30 min before we had to leave our house. Needless to say we got to the airport only to find out our flight was cancelled and there was pretty much nothing they could do for us. The lines were long and took forever just to make other reservations. Now we missed a whole day of our already short vacation. NIGHTMARE."
Cons: "The charges for seats, carry-on, and checked bags are incredibly outrageously high. The added costs makes the flight way more than flying on another airline."
Cons: "the personal at the airport was super rude, so i canceled the trip and booked with united right at the airport!!!"
Pros: "I like that I arrived at my destination alive."
Cons: "Spirit Airlines nickel and dime you for everything. I think I actually ended up spending more than I would've spend had I booked another flight that was a little bit more expensive upfront. Old dirty planes."
Pros: "I liked how quickly we got on the plane and got seated."
Cons: "I didn't like how delayed the flight was or the wait time."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The absolute WORST phone customer service."
Pros: "The Crew and the seat trays that perfectly fit an iPad for watching movies."
Cons: "That i was charged $50 for a carry on, I was told due to the size and semi hard cover. The person traveling with me had a much larger bag, but it was a soft duffle bag. i saw other people getting on the same flight with larger bags the same style as mine. I was told that they used the KIOSK. I used the check in counter. I had to pay for a bag that was smaller and then wait for my bag once we landed. This was the low point of my trip to Atlanta. When I am asked about my trip this is the first thing that comes to mind. I feel like i had $50 stolen from me. Dan Heyduk, flight # , on 2/27/2016, Sat @ 7:50am request #10518498471"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything, the staff was rude and unpleasing."

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