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Alaska AirlinesOverall score based on 30305 reviews
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Everything is good I really like it

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Everything is good I really like it

I didn’t like the two hours and more of delay

Pros: "Timeliness"
Cons: "If alcohol is served on a short flight I recommend getting through drink service faster. I did not appreciate getting my beer at the end (because I was at the back of the plane) and 5 minutes later the crew asking for it back because we were landing soon."
Pros: "Bryan was my steward on flight 1402 from Seattle to Portland and he was so kind and helpful. Will fly again just because of him."
Pros: "The crew. Customer service."
Pros: "Crew was friendly"
Cons: "Tray tables very dirty, flight overbooked, hard to find gate agents"
Cons: "Flight attendants were not particularly friendly. Food had some odd textures."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "If the windows had a pull down shade"
Pros: "Always enjoy flying Alaska. Especially like that I can get a good coffee or a good beer on every flight."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Crew is so friendly and helpful."
Cons: "bus shuttle ride to plane could have been quicker. standing on a bus in the freezing cold with the doors open was a bad experience"
Pros: "I didn’t realize I was buying saver fares. Being stuck in the middle seat with no option to change really sucked."
Pros: "Nonstop."
Cons: "We flew to Lihue on a different airline and they provided a free meal. The attendants on that flight were more friendly, carefree and smiled more. This is the second time I flew with Alaska."
Pros: "The flight went exactly as anticipated. 30 minute departure delay due to airport construction, but arrived almost on time."
Pros: "No delays and was on time as expected"
Cons: "No in flight entertainment, but for a one hour flight can't complain"
Pros: "Excellent service. I just saw a flight attendant carrying a toddler so he could be calmed while the mom settled. That was sweet!"
Pros: "Where another airline waited till the last minute to advise me of a delay that completely stopped my travel, you had multiple availability schedules at the last moment. That airline did not even attempt to search other airlines to accommodate my need. In fact your connections were more direct!"
Cons: "The boarding areas were primitive and not sheltered for the weather."
Pros: "I liked being able to carry on my bag that I purchased from the airport just so I wouldn’t have to check a bag. Spent a good sum of money doing so."
Cons: "Checking my bag just so the airport could charge us more money."
Pros: "I missed the flight and they got me rescheduled and on my way when I showed up at service desk just before cabin closure"
Pros: "I had additional legroom for some reason, and 2 windows. We didn't die."
Cons: "No in flight wifi, no one asked me if I wanted to order food, the flight was really bumpy. Took forever to board."
Pros: "Book the flight with Kayak never let us pick the seat and I’m not be able to sit with my husband! That the worse next time I’ll just book directly to the Airline website."
Pros: "Great flight crew"
Cons: "Nothing to dislike"
Pros: "All the staff was friendly and did the best they could"
Cons: "Had the last seets in row 32 Very uncomfortable. Was not given anything to drink for over an hour. When the meal trays reached us in the last row of seats, no more hot meals available..... We were by the bathrooms in the back of the plane. Every time someone use the bathroom the doors kept slamming and there was really no peace to close your eyes or sleep if needed on the long trip Very disappointed. Jerry"
Pros: "A Flight attendant went beyond the call of duty when she found me after I had returned to my seat. This was after I had walked to the rear of the acft to work out a bad cramp in my thigh. She provided me with a hot water bottle that did wonders in relieving the pain and stopped the cramp from returning."
Cons: "I don't like the fact that I didn't take the time to remember her name."
Pros: "Our flight was delayed an hour but the captain was very good about explaining the issue and giving us ongoing information."
Cons: "I arrived a the airport early and tried to get on an earlier flight. The Alaska rep wouldn't help me and said I had to use the kiosk for that. I did not get on the flight. When I got to the gate (I paid for first class) my boarding pass didn't work. It was resolved but it seems my using the kiosk created the problem even though I didn't change flights."
Cons: "They overcharged me for my beer by $9 and I didn't notice until I got home when I looked at my billing statement."
Cons: "the airline attendant poured wine all over my suit jacket. i am traveling on a quick business trip and only brought this one suit jacket, which has been doused w/wine and smells disgusting. this was after i saw him douse another passenger w/water. i wish it was water he spilled on me!"
Pros: "Sean was an excellent flight attendant!"
Cons: "Every flight with Alaska was delayed and the staff were not pleasant (except sean)"
Pros: "Flight departure and arrival was on time. Staff even helped move our seats so family could sit together."
Cons: "Nothing I did not like."
Cons: "5 hour flight and no comp meal served. Hot / stuffy / no air flow coming out of vents. Aircraft: 737 -900."
Pros: "I had a problem with my ticket, and before my flight the information desk helped me get it resolved very quickly with none of the hassles I have come to expect flying other airlines. Huge relief!"
Pros: "Always nice people. Boarding was slow due to tech failure but gate agents were resourceful and pleasant about it"
Pros: "Serves the area I needed to go, luggage handled efficiently with carry-on's loaded and checked in items accurately delivered."
Cons: "Really bad snacks, no charging plugs for short flight. No movie options for short flight."
Pros: "Electrical outlets at seat + Wifi almost made me forget the agonizing pain in my knees"
Cons: "Having the next seat jammed into my knees made the Wifi and outlet not as enjoyable"
Cons: "Flight was scheduled to leave at 7am, ended up switching flights and did not get out until 10am and was late for a conference. Problem wasn't due to a delayed flight coming in but failure to fix something overnight. Alaska has been good in the past but screwed this one up."
Cons: "Walking in rain to the steep ramp into terminal. A very nice gentleman saw I was struggling with my carryon and cane and kindly pulled my bag to the top for me."
Pros: "Nothing. No attempt by Alaska to help much with my situation. I had to spend the night in a chair or on the floor of the arrival area. I will spend 24 hours waiting for the next flight. I had to wait until the following morning to get my luggage. I have a headache. I asked Alaska for a room to catch some sleep and they said "call customer service". My phone battery was out because my charger was in my checked bag."
Cons: "Nobody was there to help me. I had to search for the luggage room of Avinca. Airline."
Pros: "What a pleasure to fly with Alaska Airlines. Have yet to feel like I was an imposition with traveling with AA. Thanks for letting me feel like a client rather than a bother. Virgin Air and AA will be a happy merge, I believe. Keep your work ethic and soar even higher!"
Cons: "Not a thing. 15E and 15F even!"
Pros: "The pilot was very polite"
Cons: "Gate staff we're rude seemed bothered when asked for assistance or info"
Pros: "Wonderfully attentive staff with Alaskan that made my trip very enjoyable."
Pros: "Extra leg room was well worth the upgrade. Flight was better than on time, leaving 10 min. early (well organized) and arriving 45 min. early due to favorable weather."
Cons: "Snack was meh and not really filling, paid extra choices were not appealing either - bring your own food if you have any dietary issues."
Pros: "The crew on both flights were very nice!"
Cons: "On first leg of trip my suitcase came off the plane with a very large dent! On return flight my 2nd suitcase came off the plane missing one wheel! I have a back injury and it's very difficult to drag a suitcase around without a wheel. So now I have two broken suitcases!!!!"
Pros: "It was a smooth flight with very accommodating flight attendants. It couldn't have been any better."
Cons: "part of leg space is used up by the airplane. Guess you can't really change that, but it was uncomfortable"
Pros: "Boarding process, simple and easy. Great attendants."
Cons: "The movies I rented on gogo were finicky, meaning it skipped a few seconds every once in a while, and when I rewinded it still skipped the same parts. Made the movie more difficult to understand."
Pros: "Ticket agent kindly arranged for us to sit together - after we had been assigned seats apart from one another."
Cons: "Boarding was delayed, disorganized and chaotic. Flight crew seemed to be overwhelmed and scattered. Ran out of hot meal about halfway through aircraft. When I expressed my disappointment, the F.A. said that there were a lot of wrestlers on board and they got all the food. I commented that it was poor planning and the FA stated that he didn't think anything would please me. He was argumentative and rude, IMO. He could have handled it better, eg: "So sorry. Out of our control, etc." To say that the food went to the wrestlers, and attitude gave me and those around me, the impression that he really didn't give a damn. Customer service training would be a good idea."
Pros: "The flig t had a delayed departure so I was given a voucher for $12 to get something to eat. In this day and age I thought that was very thoughtful. Also a representative handed each passenger a chit with instructions for a discount on a future flight. Again a thought act instead of a flat response!"
Cons: "Lack of space between passengers."
Pros: "To be able to upgrade, charging stations at my seat, generous beverages"
Cons: "No free baggage, unclear coomunication about check in and choosing seats, was not offered my free drink."
Pros: "I like the hospitality from the crew members and how smooth my travel experience was."
Cons: "No complaints"
Cons: "TSA was unprofessional, slow, and as usual pointless."

There were complications with my flights boarding in spokane and my secondary flight was changed without my consent to one that boarded at the same time as my first flight let me out on the opposite side of the massivr layover airport. It was only because an employee saw my struggle and confusion and hooked me up with a ride that I even made the flight dispite delta's best efforts. My TV's headphone jack on my first flight was also busted which sucked to find out after buying headphones on the flight. About halfway through the flight one of the attendants moved me to a seat with a working TV. Long story short Delta as an airline was terrible but their employees did their best to help me with what limited options they had to work with.

The staff was extremely nice and professional.They did excellent job!

Pros: "Excellent"
Cons: "Nothing short"
Pros: "Though departure was delayed, arrived at destination on time!"
Cons: "Entertainment options"
Cons: "Slat Lake is not good for mobility challenged people."
Pros: "Everything was amazing"
Cons: "Nothing really."
Pros: "Great crew."
Cons: "Nothing!"
Cons: "Cleanliness"
Cons: "Despite the fact that I fell skiing and broke my elbow, requiring surgery, for which I sent a copy of the medical procedures, Aeromexico was the ONLY part of my trip, other flights and hotels, that refused to offer me a change of date option. Terrible customer service."
Pros: "Crew was awesome! Service was quick!"
Cons: "One flight the plane was quite warm and the air overhead was blowing warm air.. didn’t cool down until we were preparing to land and then it blew warm air out again.."
Pros: "Seats too small"
Cons: "Crappie entertainment. Never figured out how to login on phone,"
Cons: "Flight into Seattle delayed, flight out of Seattle to Minneapolis delayed flights out of Minneapolis to Bismarck delayed. Ran from gate F to gate c24 arrived at 10:23 p.m. Slight to the park at 10:25 p.m. and they closed the door on me as I was running up there. Ran across the entire terminal to get there and they would not let me on. Last Flight of the night to Bismarck. Missed my uncle's 90th birthday party. Would not give me food voucher. Delta gate agent told me she would lose her job if she did not close the doors 8 minutes prior. However the Minneapolis flight waited for 15 minutes for people to board that plane. How does that compute? Why would they not wait 3 minutes for me rather than pay the money to put me up in a hotel?"
Pros: "Crew is always friendly"
Cons: "Aircraft broke, had to route me to an additional three stops just to get me home and through the night. Also, still unsure of where my checked baggage is."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Flight attendants not friendly"
Pros: "Nothing to like when 1. you are arriving at your destination after 24 hours plus delays. 2. you paid Comfort+ class (not cheap) and are constantly pushed back in the Main Cabin."
Cons: "Actual flights flying on time. What a mess!"
Pros: "The crew was amazing"
Cons: "Don’t change my chosen seat that I paid for as I am entering the plane without my knowledge and acceptance"
Pros: "Free WiFi"
Cons: "Dirty bathroom on the plane."
Pros: "Everything."
Cons: "No food or drinks"
Pros: "Hot towel was a plus"
Cons: "The seats weren't that comfortable"
Pros: "Excellent attendants. Smooth boarding and on time flight."
Cons: "Left 30 minutes late from SLC."
Pros: "Free movies"
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "The monitors kept on freezing"
Pros: "Entertainment on first flight"
Cons: "Food, no smoking at Minneapolis airport"
Pros: "The crew was friendly and accommodating. Although the flight was several hours late the crew and staff were very professional and apologetic. The alerts were accurate and timely. Once we were in flight I was extremely please with the ride. Thanks to the captain and crew my granddaughter and I made it home safely."
Cons: "The plane was delayed several hours."
Pros: "The service was impeccable as always"
Pros: "nice people"
Cons: "need more food and drinks"
Pros: "That i survived"
Cons: "Cramped no entertainment cofée was nasty"
Cons: "My seat was taken by another person and the crew member was not very helpful with getting the issue resolved"
Cons: "I dont like that we wasted 3 hours delay in the fiarst fly, makimg us waste more time at los angeles it was a really nightmare"
Cons: "Due to the earthquakes, the film festival I was going to was cancelled. Ten days prior to the flight I called AeroMexico to cancel and they said there would be a cancellation penalty, which was fine. When I tried to redeem my credit, they said there was also an additional "No-show fee" even though I called to cancel 10 days prior, which left a total of $70 credit after all their penalties. I called and emailed to complain but they did nothing but pass me to someone else who was equally unhelpful. I will never fly AeroMexico for any reason in the future."
Pros: "Delta is the best airline by far."
Cons: "My bag did not make the connection even though there was almost 4 hours layover... :("
Pros: "For a short flight, they gave it drinks and snacks."
Cons: "Was not a wheelchair waiting for Wallace."
Pros: "Boarding super excellent! Also: Best landing I've ever experienced! Props to the pilot!!"
Pros: "Crew was courtesy"
Cons: "1hour delay from departing LAX runway - not good"
Pros: "Flight was delayed for over 6 hours. Not an ideal way to spend the day."
Cons: "requirement to wait for seat assignment until at the gate"
Pros: "On time"
Pros: "On Time"
Pros: "Hassle free left on time arrived early San Jose nice airport and drive to red wood city picturesque Staff friendly and cookies great"
Cons: "On this occasion I actually enjoyed it all"
Pros: "Delta made sure my husband and I had seats together and my husband was thrilled to have a window seat. We took off and arrived earlier than scheduled so we didn't have to run to catch our connecting flight."
Cons: "Everything was perfect. Nothing negative to report."
Pros: "The crew was great, boarding and exit went smoothly."
Cons: "Seats are tight, not very roomy, I'm 6' tall and my knees were in the seat in front of me. The delta studio entertainment app didn't work, couldn't use the internet at all."
Pros: "We barely got on the flight."
Cons: "The boarding "red shirt" saved us. We are a band on tour and thanks to her we made the gig"
Pros: "The crew & my seat"
Cons: "The movie offerings & the snack offerings."
Pros: "They had aircraft flying to my destination. All other airlines were booked for the time and the destination I had in mind."
Cons: "Long Delays, Over Booked Flights, Customer Service is not helpful, Wrong info delivered by Customer Service, No boarding gate info, Luggage was damaged, and I was charged a large premium with no added value. Delta sold me a 1st class flight because of their delays and overbooking their flights. This was because they could not fulfill the ticket I had. This was Delta's solution to their problem caused by them. I still have no idea why the flights were delayed. On top of all this, I overheard a walk-on pilot ask if there was room for him to catch a lift home. The flight attendant responded with "absolutely this flight is not full at all, you can sit right here". Wait I had to pay 200 bucks extra for an overbooked flight and you are having your Delta representatives say different. This was my first and last trip with Delta. I spent 1000 dollars for round trip ticket from Seattle to Spokane WA. No way is that OK or acceptable under any circumstances to treat your customers like this. The best part about all of this is, I have sent feedback and called customer service to talk to a manager to hear the blame put on back on me. Perception is reality Delta. Awful service, awful prices, awful care, awful communication, and awful value for the money."
Pros: "Great flight from tampa, everything was perfect"
Cons: "even though I paid for premium economy, the seating was still cramped shoulder to shoulder"
Pros: "I was upgraded to First at the gate. The crew was very professional and friendly. Food mini-minimal, but OK."
Cons: "On this A320 craft, old style, the First class seats are a joke. I had seat 2B. The pitch is apparently less than in the Comfort+ rows. The passengers in 1A and 1B started reclining even before departure, and during the whole flight. For me and my neighbor, with that seat on our chest, it was impossible to reach down to the seat-back pocket, not to mention to the bag stowed under the seat in front. To get out of the seat, I almost could not get my legs through the 5-in. interval between the back of the front seat and the irremovable armrest. I shook the passenger sleeping in 1B rather violently a couple times. The lady in seat 2B apologized, but she had to climb and put her feet on my seat to get out of hers, there was really no other way. Delta needs to address this ridiculous situation of their First Class seats urgently."
Pros: "Our flight was cancelled and we had to buy $447 worth of Southwest tickets to get home. Our luggage is still missing, by the way."

Provide snacks

Canceled trip due to covid risks. Given credit toward re-booking, without any attached fees.

The company said the airline changed my flight time but the airline said it didn't. I had to scramble to find another flight last minute and let my credit card investigate the charges.

The staff is very nice.

Pros: "Some staff tried to be helpful and we kind."
Cons: "We were bumped off our connecting flight by a Frontier staff member in Spokane, WA, and then had to pay $60 each to get on the flight we were originally supposed to be on. Will be calling to see about a refund."
Cons: "Being able to cancel without paying extra"
Pros: "More easy to board with the size bag, within their limits, that I thought it would be. Didn't know about all the price sticklers until after I bought my plane tickets, but once I knew the rules and we only packed one change of clothes into a small bag that we could carry on, everything else went smoothly."
Cons: "No USB ports on the plane and no entertainment. I've never flown Frontier before so I asked the male Steward a couple of questions about the drinks (short bright from GEG to LAS) he was rude as if I should know the rules. So I simply got water which he filled one third of the way and that was it :-("
Pros: "Nothing good"
Cons: "Frontier cancelled flight without notifying us. ( for no apparent reason. Not weather or mechanical) No more flights on the same day. Totally lost our money never flying with them again"
Pros: "The crew was awesome dealing with the 2 1/2 hours of delays and gate change ."
Cons: "Frontier has problems with all of their flights I think , not just the one I was on . I fly them only when I have too , meaning no one else fly's that route or is just way too expensive . Sometimes they tell you they are delayed , other times you find out at the gate , then sit and wait ."
Pros: "I didnt like anything"
Cons: "No complimentary drinks had to pay 70$ for one carry on bag rude customer service"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "2 hours delayed flight. No one behind the counter to discuss it. Seats are hard with no head support and they do not decline, there is no in-flight entertainment, no free drinks, complimentary snacks are limited and bland. We must have sat on the tarmac for 40 mins before departing, and upon arrival waited on the tarmac for another 30 mins. The longest two hour flight ever. I know Frontier is a coach airline but why isn't there any televisions, or even a magazine to kill time?"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Everything. This airline has taken cost cutting to a new level, and it isn’t even that cheap. It felt like a completely gutted old plane with flimsy seats. The crew was nothing exceptional to note. The few extra bucks to fly American is completely worth a reclining seat, a full tray and WIFi that I would pay for. Never again will I fly frontier."
Pros: "Great crew. Will fly with you again."
Cons: "All was good other then waiting on the crew from housekeeping!! They took their sweet time cleaning so we could board."
Pros: "The crew was nice."
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats. Not enough space. Makes nervous flyers even more anxious. No entertainment. No TVs. No charging or WiFi."
Pros: "The helpful counter agent."
Cons: "All ok."
Pros: "Forced to order a $50 Uber because the flight was delayed over 3hrs. I would like a refund since I always take public transit and allowed for some delays to still be able to take the A-line train. With no explanations our flight was delayed over 3hrs which made us land after the last train and when I talked with frontier agents they said that public transport schedules were not their problem, however their delay prevented me from using RTD and accruing a large charge for a ride home."
Cons: "I was not happy with the large delay along with the horrible customer service. For being a low end airline you should understand that your customers can not afford rides from the airport and rely heavily on the train from dia."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "2.5 hours delay is what I didn’t like"
Pros: "Pilot was amazing, well experienced! I have fear of flying but was not worried about outcome of the flught even though it was raining outside."
Cons: "Pretty pricey flight and no snacks included in price."
Cons: "Late 2.5 hrs"
Cons: "Flight delayed twice for a total of 5 hours and never once received a text or email about either delay nor was I contacted for food vouchers I just happened to go up to the desk and they gave it to me."
Pros: "Staff was very nice"
Cons: "Very uncomfortable plane to fly in. Wouldn't have paid extra to choose a seat if I realized they were all hard and didn't recline"
Cons: "Seats"
Cons: "No frills to the point of passenger despair. Budget airline to the T."
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "First of all, I hate the way Frontier "nickel and dimes" you. $40 for using the overhead bins - give me a break! They have no way to control that! This flight in particular was delayed several times and finally cancelled. Passengers were given cheap lunch vouchers and then told to wait until 12:30pm to call an 800# to reschedule the flight on another airline (if we could find something less than $400). Fortunately, that worked out for me but it was 12 hours between the time I was scheduled to leave and the time I actually left. I'll never fly Frontier again. I'm convinced they only have one airplane!"
Pros: "The crew was friendly."
Cons: "No in flight snacks, entertainment, and seats were not very comfortable."
Pros: "Landed early. Crew was nice. Didn't purchase any food."
Cons: "Very cramped uncomfortable ride. Freezing temps made ride uncomfortable. Food and snack charges are a tad ridiculous."
Pros: "Friendliness of crew and gate agents, comfortable seats, efficient boarding, On time. Clean aircraft."
Cons: "Seat rows seemed a little close"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The staff was atrocious, the time management was the worst I have ever had expierenced while flying. The staff on the plane was moseying along. I understand they have to be there but after a 7 hour delay we would've liked to see some ambition in getting us home. I could not have been more dissapointed. I should've paid the few extra bucks for a better company."
Cons: "you shouldn't have to pay for juice or soda and carry-on luggage."
Pros: "The flight was direct. The crew was friendly."
Cons: "I wasn't told it would cost to have a carry on. There was no free drinks or snacks and no free entertainment options on board."
Pros: "Price of the ticket was cheaper than others, but the airlines charge ala carte for everything after the ticket. (Seat, bag, beverages). After all the fees you end up paying the same price for a major airline."
Cons: "Cheap ticket"
Pros: "Crew were friendly and accommodating."
Cons: "Seats were not that comfortable and the tray tables are almost non-existent. I have never seen them so small that you could not even put a drink on them."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "This is NOT a discount airline. Everything is a hidden charge. The seats are uncomfortable."
Pros: "Nithing"
Cons: "The flight from Philadelphia to Indianapolis was delayed 6 hours. We were told to arrive to airport at the same time as if leaving on original scheduled time. Therefore we were at airport for 8 hours!!! I believe they had a plane out of commission and used one plane to handle several flights. I will never fly frontier again."
Pros: "Watch out for the baggage fees. This flight is much more expensive than it looks. Save yourself a headache and fly American or United."
Cons: "The flight was severely delayed and the worst part was when the flight attendant did the advertisement for the rewards card. It felt like a joke after being delayed so badly with no explanation. There were no snacks and the drink service wasn't very attentive. Also the seats were uncomfortable with no headrest so it was impossible to sleep."
Pros: "The crew were very nice & professional Thank you"
Pros: "You were on time. The attendants were good."
Cons: "The cabin was dirty: floor, seat,overhead bin doors were splattered with soda stains, I just didn't want to touch anything!"
Pros: "What a joke. Discounted fair was anything but discounted. They charge for carry ons as well as checked baggage. Overall ticket doubled in cost. consumer beware. Buyer beware!!!!"
Pros: "All crew members were friendly and helpful. The staff at the check-in counter were also very friendly."
Cons: "Seats are very crowded and uncomfortable in general seating. I upgraded on return flight to exit row which was much better, however to do so each way would make flight pretty comparable in price to other airlines that offer more comfort and amenities."
Pros: "Price was good, the staff was very friendly"
Cons: "Everything is extra carry on $35 checked bag $30 in flight soda or water $2 oh and let's not forget the $12 seat charge witch do not recline or even give u a place to put your $2 soda (its about 4" wide) and the seats are hard as a rock and hope you have short legs cuz u will need them"
Cons: "They lost our bag"
Pros: "It got me there"
Cons: "You buy a ticket and do not get a seat. Every thing is an extra. I knew what I was getting into. A single leg trip less than 2 hours. Would fly something other than Frontier if the distance was greater"
Pros: "crew"
Cons: "The 1.5 hour delay into Philly that wasn't relayed to passengers that were getting off the previous flight from Portland. Had a person not looked at the flight board they'd never have known. The 1 hour delay when we finally boarded because the check maintenance light came on and some computer had to be replaced. The cramped uncomfortable seats. The plane was sitting there for an extra hour on top of the normal hour layover and no one could clean the bathrooms? The broken AC"
Pros: "Flight Crew was very friendly helpful"
Cons: "Very uncomfortable seats, the check in process online is very misleading prompting you to buy an actual seat. Clever and mischievous marketing. If everyone realized you could check in without buying a seat what would Frontier do. They would probably stick it to you somewhere else in the process. The flight crew however was fantastic."
Pros: "Nothing felt "budget" about the flight. it was a great plane staffed with great employees. The spacious seat option really did feel spacious."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Smooth flight, on-time, good crew."
Cons: "Had to pay for a reclining seat. Had to pay for luggage. No food. Had to pay for tomato juice (really!)"
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Spokane to Oakland

Airlines flying from Spokane to Oakland have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Spokane to Oakland

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Spokane to Oakland

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Spokane to Oakland

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Spokane to Oakland

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Spokane to Oakland

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1 stopMultiple Airlines
9h 21mGEG-OAK
1 stopMultiple Airlines
6h 44mOAK-GEG
1 stopMultiple Airlines
6h 53mGEG-OAK
1 stopMultiple Airlines
3h 59mOAK-GEG
1 stopMultiple Airlines
6h 31mGEG-OAK
1 stopMultiple Airlines
5h 55mOAK-GEG
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
24h 39mGEG-OAK
1 stopMultiple Airlines
17h 41mOAK-GEG
1 stopMultiple Airlines
5h 54mGEG-OAK
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
7h 13mOAK-GEG
1 stopFrontier
9h 21mGEG-OAK
1 stopFrontier
13h 09mOAK-GEG
1 stopMultiple Airlines
9h 21mGEG-OAK
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
7h 47mOAK-GEG
1 stopMultiple Airlines
9h 21mGEG-OAK
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
9h 56mOAK-GEG
1 stopAlaska Airlines
6h 26mGEG-OAK
2 stopsAlaska Airlines
25h 46mOAK-GEG
1 stopDelta
6h 31mGEG-OAK
1 stopDelta
6h 16mOAK-GEG
1 stopDelta
4h 44mGEG-OAK
1 stopDelta
6h 15mOAK-GEG
1 stopAlaska Airlines
16h 01mGEG-OAK
2 stopsAlaska Airlines
12h 12mOAK-GEG

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1 stopMultiple Airlines
11h 00mGEG-OAK
1 stopFrontier
9h 26mGEG-OAK
1 stopMultiple Airlines
16h 34mGEG-OAK
1 stopMultiple Airlines
11h 00mGEG-OAK
1 stopDelta
6h 03mGEG-OAK
1 stopDelta
6h 31mGEG-OAK
1 stopMultiple Airlines
24h 59mGEG-OAK
1 stopMultiple Airlines
13h 18mGEG-OAK
1 stopDelta
6h 52mGEG-OAK
1 stopDelta
6h 31mGEG-OAK
1 stopAlaska Airlines
6h 42mGEG-OAK
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
12h 01mGEG-OAK
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
23h 54mGEG-OAK
1 stopDelta
6h 21mGEG-OAK
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
16h 05mGEG-OAK
1 stopDelta
6h 52mGEG-OAK
1 stopDelta
6h 21mGEG-OAK
1 stopAlaska Airlines
19h 01mGEG-OAK
1 stopAlaska Airlines
4h 27mGEG-OAK
1 stopAlaska Airlines
12h 26mGEG-OAK

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Spokane - Oakland Flights


Spokane (GEG)United States


Oakland (OAK)United States

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