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Our flight was delayed to the point we would miss our connection for a maintenance issue and they could not rebook us until 2 days later to get home. They did not offer any compensation and gave us numbers to call to talk to someone yet the hold times on the Delta customer service line are 2-3 hours.

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Our flight was delayed to the point we would miss our connection for a maintenance issue and they could not rebook us until 2 days later to get home. They did not offer any compensation and gave us numbers to call to talk to someone yet the hold times on the Delta customer service line are 2-3 hours.

Flight was great and everyone was kind and courteous

Seats are fantastic in basic economy.


Cons: "3 1/2 hr delay"
Pros: "Nassau security line was quick. US Customs line was quick."
Cons: "The Delta line to drop my bags was long and unorganized. The ticket agents were moving in slow motion. I waited over an hour to drop my bag. I thought I was going to miss my flight."
Pros: "Desk attendant was very helpful, personable, and efficient"
Cons: "Couldn’t get a boarding pass for the last leg of my trip (AZO>DTW>ATL>CSG) when I checked in online, couldn’t get it at the Delta counter in AZO, nor in DTW. The staff at the Delta counter in ATL resolved it in less than ten seconds."
Cons: "Just a bunch of weather delays because of the bad storms. I did not like the selection of movies and tv shows on the delta flight. So I just listened to podcast in my phone. But other than that everything was great."
Pros: "Flight left on time and landed on time"
Pros: "Crews were friendly"
Pros: "Flight cancelled"
Cons: "Flight not cancelled"
Pros: "The flight was average, but the quality of travel on Delta this year has been the worst I’ve ever seen. It’s average at best and I’m considering going back to American because I have yet to have a true Delta flight consistent with previous years, the whole reason I switched to Delta."
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "The WiFi"
Pros: "The crew asked a passenger to move so we could all sit together. It was awesome. :)"
Pros: "The staff was friendly and helpful"
Cons: "Outlets to charge my electronic devices for the long flight"
Cons: "The boarding process at LAX was awful. I’m sure the horrible shuttle wait and transfer from terminal to terminal is the airport’s fault, but the airline did not do anywhere near enough to inform passengers of what was in store. It was confusing and annoying."
Pros: "The crew were good."
Cons: "The flight was delayed taking off. The crew tried to make it up but it was 90 minutes late in the end - I almost missed a connection. Seats were ok."
Pros: "seats and entertainment was great"
Pros: "Cookies"
Cons: "First leg the server “ran” the aisle and I missed drinks/snacks twice. Seats are rediculously in lack of leg space hip to knee area—I’m a 5’10” female."
Pros: "Everyone was friendly and got us to our destination"
Cons: "None"
Cons: "6 hours late. Unacceptable."
Cons: "Left 30 minutes late from SLC."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Take a long time to taxi to the gate & getting off the plane."
Pros: "The seats had plenty of leg room and the crew was was very kind."
Cons: "My seat was uncomfortable and I was seated in the only row of the aircraft without entertainment for a four hour flight. Then on top of that the passenger next to me removed his shoes and you could smell his feet from a mile away but the flight attendants never requested for him to replace his shoes."
Cons: "The monitors kept on freezing"
Pros: "Crew very friendly"
Pros: "Plane flew perfectly peacefully!"
Pros: "on time, good food, good films enough space to sleep in economy."
Cons: "the stewardess only went up one side of the plane offering eye shades and when i asked for one she seemed really miffed."
Cons: "Full flight and tiny seats surrounded by 2 300lb guys and they wouldn't let me switch my seat."
Pros: "The comfort and attention on the part of the cabin crew of the flight was quite good."
Cons: "What I did not like was the process to go to the assigned air terminal in El Salvador, the process was slow and we took the flight at the end of the last one. The same was the process from Los Angeles to Seattle that was our scale. Process too long and go back through security, the boarding gate was almost closed. I think that for these cases they should leave more time for the stopovers that come from international flights. For my part I did not choose this option, since I was traveling with a person with mobility problems and separated the group for admission to the process of entering the USA."
Pros: "The entertainment unit allowed me to watch the Denver Broncos game live which helped lessen the delayed departure and uncomfortable seating."
Cons: "Uncomfortable seating....too crowded!! We had a delayed departure by 30-40 minutes because of a computer download issue. Too many folks carrying carry-ons delayed boarding. I wish folks were not encouraged to go that route but to check baggage. This time of year gets even tougher with folks carrying Christmas presents and over sized personal items. Ugh. Not fun to travel this time of year."
Cons: "Due to the earthquakes, the film festival I was going to was cancelled. Ten days prior to the flight I called AeroMexico to cancel and they said there would be a cancellation penalty, which was fine. When I tried to redeem my credit, they said there was also an additional "No-show fee" even though I called to cancel 10 days prior, which left a total of $70 credit after all their penalties. I called and emailed to complain but they did nothing but pass me to someone else who was equally unhelpful. I will never fly AeroMexico for any reason in the future."
Pros: "Good service smooth flight"
Cons: "The food on bosrd"
Pros: "Excellent Detroit crew"
Pros: "We didn’t order food"
Pros: "For a short flight, they gave it drinks and snacks."
Pros: "On-time"
Cons: "No power outlets, back of the plane is really loud, overhead bins suck"
Pros: "Crew was courtesy"
Cons: "1hour delay from departing LAX runway - not good"
Pros: "Flight was delayed for over 6 hours. Not an ideal way to spend the day."
Pros: "Everything was easy to follow....All of the flights were on time and very comfortable...."
Cons: "Nothing to report that was bad..."
Pros: "Nice crew. Clean cabin."
Cons: "My outlet didn't work and it made it impossible to make the most of the internet I purchased."
Pros: "Good for an economy flight"
Cons: "Too long"
Pros: "I have never had a problem with this airlines. This flight was no exception"
Cons: "More space, but I am in economy and that's just life! I expect my hips to hurt after, again my problem not there's, if I wanted more room I would buy first class but I won't for a short trip."
Pros: "At least the plane didn't return to the gate and we departed 7 hours late."
Cons: "All the delays and gate changes with no explanations and only informed via text message. The weather wasn't even that bad. Missed the connecting flight to Bucharest and part of vacation time."
Pros: "Smooth. Great Staff"
Cons: "No complaints."
Pros: "We barely got on the flight."
Cons: "The boarding "red shirt" saved us. We are a band on tour and thanks to her we made the gig"
Pros: "First time flying Delta. And let's just aay, now I know why it's so cheap. You get what you pay for."
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "On board entertainment (movies / games) was not working the whole flight."
Pros: "Boarding was quick"
Cons: "Wi-go didn't really work- crew was unpleasant. We upgraded to first class we were never offered a drink. One of the flight attendants keep using the restrokm"
Pros: "Comfortable as plane was half empty."
Cons: "No entertainment available at all."

Every single BA flight I've been on this year has been delayed, sometimes 30mins sometimes 1 hour, there's also been huge delays on the luggage collection at arrivals. It's amazing how they keep blaming everything either on a system fault or on covid.

Pros: "The pasta was great"
Cons: "Movies with english subtitles"
Pros: "Nice seats and nice enough staff"
Cons: "Delays, no information provided and no water provided while we were waiting to depart. 1 hour delay (57 mins to be precise....)"
Pros: "Crew were helpful. Food was OK. I had Hindu meal and it was hot and tasty but salty."
Cons: "Seats could have been more comfortable. I am not a tall person so seat spacing was not an issue, but for any one more than 5'8'' tall, seat spacing may be uncomfortable."
Pros: "Service manager Alan and crew were lovely, very friendly and felt genuinely happy to help us. I have never been given so much free stuff on a plane before! The snacks and beverage offerings just kept coming. I enjoyed my warm meal. Entertainment offerings were good, and as we were on a newer plane the technology was better than other flights I’ve been on."
Cons: "Seats could have been a bit more comfortable and roomy, but they were decent and I didn’t have too much trouble sleeping."
Pros: "The crew were pleasant and helpful"
Cons: "The entertainment system is way behind many other carriers - poor variety of choice, and small poor quality screens"
Pros: "Everything went like clockwork. Great service and flight."
Cons: "Nothing to dislike."
Pros: "The crew"
Cons: "Despite a 5 hour layover for our connection, one of our checked bags was left in London by British Airlines. Other bags made it. Makes no sense."
Pros: "Seats are good sized. Food and service was good."
Cons: "Too many flight delays."
Pros: "Staff that served us."
Cons: "By the time our turn came there was no more choice in food."
Pros: "Food and entertainment was good."
Cons: "The flight was delayed over and hour and then we waited on the tarmac for about 45 minutes, all the while having to keep our shades open and the cabin was hot."
Pros: "Those beautiful British accents (ok English spoken properly)"
Pros: "Food and entertainment are not applicable for this flight as it is too short to need this anyway"
Cons: "The crew were clearly not happy to be here New Year’s morning. They didn’t do the proper number of services, then left many of us with our food trays while they all went to take a lengthy break together. Passengers were using the flight attendants call button, and they were ignored."
Pros: "British Airways makes you pay for water!!! I accept paying for food and drinks but water should be free Also their machines to pay on board don’t accept USA credit cards so I couldn’t pay but a kind flight attendant allowed me to buy with card and she hand wrote info"
Pros: "Flight to London was cancelled so I missed the flight and ba wouldn’t help me figure out what to do!"
Pros: "The dinner was surprisingly good! Movie selection was great and the wine was also surprisingly decent."
Cons: "The economy seats are extremely close together. I'm not a large person 5'6") but my knees were practically touching the seat in front of me. There seems to be an inch or 2 more of space on American carriers, which makes quite a difference on a trans-Atlantic flight."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothinf"
Pros: "The flight was very good. Friendly crew, and barely half full so room to spread out. No good or entertainment (just a pond-hopper to Paris)."
Cons: "We sat waiting for takeoff for 45+ minutes. I slept for most of that, but woke up to us taxiing for takeoff (instead of landing as I had expected)."
Pros: "Everything was great! Good food and service. On time flight. No complaints!"
Pros: "This was the first time I had flown into Oakland instead of SFO. It was faster, easier and close to my destination than San Francisco Airport."
Cons: "The selection of music on BA flights has fallen dramatically in the last year. I prefer to listen to music rather than watch movies and in the past there was a good selection and a broad choice."
Cons: "Legroom is extremely tight."
Pros: "5 star"
Pros: "Storage bins next to seat in world traveller plus"
Cons: "Lack of seinking water and no toilet in the world traveller plus cabin - curtains divided off the area blocking access to any toilets!"
Pros: "Food crew and most of all the entertainment"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Leg room, food and entertainment"
Pros: "The plane was comfortable and clean, and there was enough legroom for me even in economy. The flight attendants were friendly and meal services were well timed. For a 10+ hour flight, this was about as comfortable as it could be."
Pros: "Crew were great."
Pros: "Nice plane, very smooth flight, good landing."
Cons: "Small screen on movies, couldn't find charger station for my iPhone."
Cons: "I loved everything except the in flight entertainment which was very limited and boring. Please upgrade it to the high standard and good quality of everything else. I spent the whole flight reading!"
Cons: "Had to pay even for water. Seats very small."
Cons: "Crew did not seem friendly nor as though they wanted to help. Perhaps because they were all young, perhaps some senior crew members to supervise would be beneficial."
Pros: "Some of the cabin crew were friendly."
Cons: "I was in the premium economy section, which was definitely more comfortable than regular steerage but the 777 cabin was old, and the amenities out of date. No plugs for phone or ipad charging; the in flight entertainment system was buggy and the selection was very limited. There was one drink service. Even business class looks worn out and tattered. No wonder the Gulf based airlines are eating their lunch."
Pros: "Boarding was exceptionally well-handled. Boarding passess/passports were checked prior to entering the boarding area and seating started when people came into the boarding area so passengers were finltering onto the plane immediately without the first calls for priority passengers."
Cons: "Short flight, not much to notice or complain about."
Pros: "On time, good entertainment"
Pros: "Service was good. 2.5 meals, lots of water and drinks, kind service, kind help desk. Good room between seats"
Cons: "Seat bottoms were painful. TV screens were super old, but thats a very first world complaint."
Cons: "The plane takeoff time was delayed by almost two hours. When we got to Oakland, waiting for the luggage took an exceptionally long time. Don't understand why we couldn't sit in the waiting room until a "certain time" before getting on the plane, we had to wait outside in a hall with no seats. The room was not being used by anyone else."
Cons: "Ruse at check in"
Pros: "Flight was delayed because of no AC, but we were put on another plane and the flight was only delayed an hour"
Cons: "Initial boarding. We stood in line for at least 30 - 45 mins to board the plane"
Cons: "My flight was booked for April 25 and my paperwork actually showed that. Upon arrival at Gatwick I was told the flight left on April 24 and no other flight till April 27 so I had to go to Heathrow."
Pros: "Friendly gesture"
Cons: "Maintenance of toilets"
Pros: "The food was excellent and the flight staff was very accommodating."
Cons: "No wireless internet or USB/Power plugs to charge my devices on the plane."
Pros: "Everything was ok. Just OK. Decent meal - if small."
Cons: "Not much space in the cabin. Plane was quite tired. Breakfast, as always, terrible."
Pros: "older plane, so seats were like southwest's leather seats"
Cons: "Crew was very ignorant, only paid attention to those flashing their credit cards for purchases. didn't even offer water, so had to contact the customer service rep onboard who gave us water rather than the air hostess"
Pros: "nice plane and seats left on time"
Cons: "no water or coffee offered unless you paid for food"
Pros: "Pleasant efficient staff. Flight on time"
Pros: "Nothing in particularly"
Cons: "Disorganised boarding, people standing to find a seat, upgrades being handed out on a whim. Meal service poor."
Pros: "Crew friendly and attentive."
Cons: "Leg room worse than Economy."
Pros: "BA just provides great and professional service, even on this 35 minute flight"
Cons: "LHR boarding a little chaotic as usual, late gate assignmemt..."

I attempted to book a flight on Frontier and after an hour of not receiving a confirmation email I I contacted another airline and booked a ticket with them. At some point later I sent an email, via a link on correspondence from the chat/customer service department, about the trip. I had sent a response in the customer feedback field, noting that I was unclear about what had transpired from my initial request and that, I had checked a couple of times, shortly after the requested booking and had not received any information back. So, if a ticket had been booked, I was requesting a refund. I still have had no reply to my expectation of a refund. So, I shall take up the matter with my credit card company. I would appreciate a prompt reply to this information at the earliest convenience. I can be reached at Thank you in advance for your assistance.

So sad to say please improve your service

Provide snacks

The staff is very nice.

Pros: "Crew was very good. Flight very comfortable."
Cons: "Nothing. It was a very enjoyable trip."
Cons: "Most uncomfortable seats I’ve experienced. Booo Frontier. Additionally no one from Frontier present an hour before boarding 2/3 of flight were waiting in line. Unless flight an hour or less - No frontier for me - seats were torture."
Cons: "The flight was over an hour late, that knocked the POTENTIAL top rating down to a max of 4 out of 5 stars ......"
Cons: "On time take off"
Pros: "Absolutely nothing...horrible service. Don't blame them for the equipment problem, but when it happens they need to help customers out...or at the very least, openly inform them of options"
Cons: "Virtually zero customer service after flight cancellation. When they did finally show up, incredibly disorganized in their dissemination of information. Won't ever risk flying Frontier again."
Cons: "Service was awful. Delayed for more than 8hrs without an explanation of what type of maintenance issues were happening. Never given a straight answer as to what was happening. Food vouchers were only offered after the airport restaurants had closed. Once the plane was finished the crew had timed out and we could not leave till the following afternoon. Ended up being put up in a hotel for the night and lost an entire day of our weekend get away. Poor contingency planning on frontiers part. There was no reason"
Pros: "Didn't crash"
Cons: "Most uncomfortable seats and flight was late"
Pros: "Food, entertainment NA, didn’t use. Rest of flight uneventful, happy to say. Because this was so late due to previous leg of journey delayed, our planned transportation to hotel wa not available."
Cons: "The plane and terminal was filthy. The workers were helpful and supportive, but that does not make up for late departures and disgusting conditions."
Pros: "I arrived at my intended destination."
Cons: "They charged me for a CARRY ON which no other airline does or has ever done and they don't tell you until you're at the gate. It cost money to check a bag, so I didn't but it costs double to bring s carry on which seems like a manipulative, strategic move on their part. Awful frontier. Just awful."
Cons: "at 4:30 pm I had a text alert that the flight was delayed by 8 hours yet there was nothing done to replace crew who were going over their max hours. The pilot and both stewardess told different stories. At 1 am in the morning they claimed they were looking for replacements. It is bad enough having a flight canceled and having to drive 840 miles or wait up to 2 days to be rescheduled....but to have blatant lies told was even worse. Then cancel due to weather...when that was not the baggage fees cannot be refunded. The baggage fees were almost as much as the airfare."
Pros: "The check in staff were rude, we felt like we were rushed. Frontier is a deceitful airline, they didn't tell us that the bags were SO expensive, usually an airline gives you some bag for free, nope! Carry on and checked luggage cost a ton of money. Not to mention you have to pay for seats, which is expensive! If you're travelling with someone and you don't pay for seats and you wait until the end to be assigned then you won't end up sitting beside the person you're travelling with and I must tell you the response I got from them was that they're busy and they have no time to deal with this. Then there is the flight crew, through the flight all I could hear is the flight crew talking about how they are on a waiting list and something about becoming a full attendant and every other word was accompanied by a bad word. I would file for a refund if I thought that would get me anywhere. Sorry Kayak I like you but from now on I'll be going direct to American Airlines. By the way! The CEO of Frontier is the former CEO of spirit...That alone should tell you stay AWAY."
Pros: "Great crew"
Cons: "Many hidden expenses like checked bag, food and drink, seat selection."
Pros: "There was no entertainment !"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Bad service never traveling again with them."
Pros: "It was quick to board friendly staff"
Cons: "It ran late"
Pros: "Not a lot of people on the flight."
Cons: "No drinks or snacks?? How cheap is Frontier?"
Pros: "I got where I needed to go."
Cons: "Having to pay for water! Not being able to sit in one of the many empty seats - when I was in a dense spot. Apparently you charge for that? The crew was ok, not spectacular. They seem to feel oppressed by Frontier limitations. It can't be easy working for an airline that's so rigid."
Pros: "On time good Capitan some what the Capitan never spoke to the pasenger only the flight attendance and they seemed to be very rude at times not gold coustomer services at all."
Cons: "The ride was smooth ."
Pros: "I travel with my toddler by myself pretty often and this was the most helpful, kind, friendly and patient crew we've had! T was amazing along with all the stuarts."
Cons: "frontier seems to not even open their line to check baggage until 2 hrs. before the flight. Which I understand should allow plenty of time, yet there is always a horrible line or person to "greet" everyone and tell them they basically have to walt there in the entry until they open. Creating an extra 45 min line for the toddler and myself to go through, I love the option to curbside drop my luggage which when traveling solo with a little one you usually have a car seat, suitcase, diaper bag, carry on, and coats and things. This just seems to be the one time in our traveling with frontier that always is unpredictable and stressful."
Pros: "The crew and the pilots were friendly!"
Cons: "For starters what is the point of paying a $400 ticket if I have to pay for a seat again?? This makes no sense. When i board i noticed the tray sizes where cut to 3/4s of the original size, and the seats where plastic and VERY uncomfortable. I am 5 feet tall and even my knees were cramped. TERRIBLE airlines. NEVER will fly Frontier again."
Pros: "On time."
Cons: "The nickel and diming. Good lord."
Pros: "I liked the crew and plane, smooth ride and easy security lines."
Cons: "Baggage pricing and seat choices were a bit steep. Cheaper flight with frontier didn't save me much at all after paying for baggage."
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "Had to pay for soda. Too small. Very crowded plane."
Pros: "Nothing to like about this airline"
Cons: "Flight from LAX was 7 hours late departing. Missed connection in Denver. Airport was basically closed upon arrival. No Frontier staff available. Wouldn't help find solution on the phone. Finally routed through Cleveland to get to Raleigh 14 hours late. 23 hours for LA to Raleigh and not so much as an apology."
Cons: "3 hour delay. Wait on the runway because the gate was full"
Cons: "They don't have adequate terminals at Trenton Mercer and use an outside ramp. We arrived right before a thunderstorm and were told the ground crew couldn't come out to move the ramp until 15 minutes past the last lightning strike within 5 miles. Many people wanted to get off the plane and felt they were willing to take that risk themselves, but of course the ramp was controlled by the ground crew. Seats on Frontier are generally terrible."
Cons: "I dislike that we have to pay for carry on luggages and drinks."
Pros: "I found the seats to be an acceptable level of comfort. I'm not a skinny person but I didn't feel any more squeezed in than on any other airline."
Cons: "There was a one hour delay on my flight out and the pilot apologized for this during his announcements. Ended up at my destination about 45 minutes later than scheduled but this did not cause any problems for me."
Pros: "The stewardesses were very nice and did everything they could to calm the passengers down. They were professional and courteous when certain irate passengers (not me or us) screamed at them."
Cons: "There was NO COMMUNICATION with the passengers to explain what was going on with they delayed boarding. We woke up at 230am to make the 605am flight which was not easy. My wife is stage 4 cancer with a 7% survival who, after 9 months of surgeries, chemotherapy treatments-9 and countless procedures, struggled to get up to make this early flight. Despite calling the airline, going online there was no indication whatsoever, even after we had checked our bags, that a nearly 7 hour delay was already in store. When we asked the Frontier personnel they had no idea what was going on and did their best to control the situation. Even when they had changed the gate it was a communication nightmare. Folks, we don't live in a perfect world, far from it, but communication would have gone a LONG, LONG way for us and the many other passengers. I did appreciate the $100 credit voucher but I pray that the flight back home will be a lot less dramatic and stressful, especially for my courageous but ailing wife."
Pros: "Crew was friendly. Plane was clean."
Cons: "When booking and checking in, no opportunity to enter Known Traveler ID number, so did not get TSA precheck. No information when booking about additional charges - $30 for a carry-on bag?? additional fees almost doubled the price of the ticket. On the flight, the volume of pilot announcements were very loud, crew said it was a new plane and the volume wasn't adjusted yet. I have never been on a flight where I had to pay for water! I have since learned Frontier doesn't allow TSA precheck - will never fly this airline again for that reason."
Pros: "Flight was early, crew were helpful and creative ve in delivering the same old safety messages. Seats were adequate and felt new. But $30 for an overhead bag?? $2.99 for a cup of coffee??"
Cons: "Ridiculous t charge so much for overhead bag and cup of coffee. Small seat space."
Pros: "Everything else besides next box below."
Cons: "Your website was not working or not understandable by your customer at online check in time. When I hit check in, the icon for same turned from green to blue and then stalled. Repeatedly, Customer stuck, but was trying to get set up in plenty of time before flight. The very nice people trying to help said, we cannot check you in. Did the button turn from green to blue, YES, then try again later. Really? No hurry, airline is customer service oriented, cough. Then called, 3 more almost impossible attempts to speak to a human. Tsk, Time waining, no pressure. Actually lots, Got to airport, tried to check in for boarding pass and inserted credit card after entering data. Nothing again, Oh, line at baggage claim filling up, but wait I'm way early, but still being stressed, next card works while both were good everywhere else. Thanks for asking for my opinion mechanism that does nothing or the process would have been easier form the start. oh and the one free carry on I paid $30 for cause rushed at the gate, have one on me! You have my permission to use this survey info to any paper will that will publish and help you. Ugh, thanks for stressing me mid vacation before I have to deal with you for trip home! Ugh, UGH, UGH! Thanks to the machine that processes my fact filled response!"
Cons: "I paid extra to be in the front row for ease of getting off and on the page. However, I was given no warning that since I didn't have a chair in front of me, I would have to store my purse as well as my carry on Also boarding was kind of a clustered mess."
Pros: "Not crashing."
Cons: "Everything is sold separately, pay for seat, pay for luggage, pay for beverage. I really wanted to chew someone out for leaving us on the tarmac 2 hours. But who? Not the crew. Horrible experience."
Pros: "The crew was entertaning and polite"
Cons: "No free beverage or cary on lugage."
Cons: "This was the s cond time we chose frontier and again a disappointment. First time you lost our luggage on our honeymoon and then this time the flight was delayed and there was no attempt to make it right. We had to cancel our trip to Vegas and drive to a different destination. Ruined our vacation again but never again!"
Pros: "The staff was very pleasant and extremely nice."
Cons: "I wasn't aware that I had to purchase my luggage and carry on until after I booked my flight. Was very upset about that because it cost me additional $65. I also wasn't aware that you had to pay for your beverages and snacks. I've never flown on any airline that makes you pay for those things."
Pros: "$74 flight"
Cons: "$70 in baggage fees. 1 carry-on 1 checked-in bag(32lbs.) $16 to pick a seat. All food and beverage besides water came at a cost on 5 1/2 hr flight. Seat was awful. Hard, didn't recline even a tad bit. No wifi. Had I known this, I would have saved myself $20 in the long run and been way more comfortable on United. A really bad trip."
Cons: "4 HOUR delay at gate. Felt sorry for gate attendant who came out ever 15-20 mins., telling us the work was done but paperwork was the reason for the holdup. This went on for the entire 4 hours."
Pros: "We left on time, and though the seating was cramped, I was able to sleep most of the way."
Cons: "The seats we're not very comfortable, especially the room under the seats."
Pros: "Crew was fantastic, plane was very clean and new. I dont know how to answer the entertainment question since no entertainment was offered."
Cons: "Mechanical issue delayed flight for an hour, glad it was fixed. I wish the online confirmation was clearer, it looked like i had to pay extra for a seat i had already paid for. It would be an improvement if online confirmation made it clearer as I wasted about 20 min trying to just confirm."
Pros: "all excellent"
Pros: "NOTHING."
Cons: "The service was very poor. From the airport Frontier employees to the the flight attendants. There is an additional fee and charge for everything. My flight was delayed for 2 1/2 hours and upon boarding we still sat in the aircraft for an additional 45 min -1 hour wait! NEVER AGAIN."
Pros: "I will never fly Frontier again. Poor customer service. Poor baggage handling. Poor timeliness of flight and baggage delivery. Poor communication of flight delays and baggage mix-ups. Understaffed. Undertrained. Poor seats, particularly considering I paid for the best. Inadequate compensation for 8+ hour delay and missing baggage for 3 days. After all the nickel and diming for seats, baggage (checked AND carry on) it would have cost me less to fly my preferred carrier and avoided every hassle, not to mention the inadequate compensation (again). Horrible, horrible experience."
Cons: "I will never fly Frontier again. Poor customer service. Poor baggage handling. Poor timeliness of flight and baggage delivery. Poor communication of flight delays and baggage mix-ups. Understaffed. Undertrained. Poor seats, particularly considering I paid for the best. Inadequate compensation for 8+ hour delay and missing baggage for 3 days. After all the nickel and diming for seats, baggage (checked AND carry on) it would have cost me less to fly my preferred carrier and avoided every hassle, not to mention the inadequate compensation (again). Horrible, horrible experience."
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22h 31mOAK-NAS
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
27h 05mNAS-OAK
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
14h 35mOAK-NAS
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
17h 37mNAS-OAK
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
14h 49mOAK-NAS

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2 stopsMultiple Airlines
25h 04mNAS-OAK
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
26h 44mNAS-OAK
2 stopsFrontier
18h 16mNAS-OAK
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
27h 21mNAS-OAK
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
17h 00mNAS-OAK
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
27h 26mNAS-OAK
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
27h 16mNAS-OAK
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
25h 04mNAS-OAK
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
27h 05mNAS-OAK
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
17h 00mNAS-OAK
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
19h 52mNAS-OAK
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
28h 13mNAS-OAK
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
35h 35mNAS-OAK
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
27h 26mNAS-OAK
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
42h 51mNAS-OAK
2 stopsDelta
11h 56mNAS-OAK
2 stopsDelta
12h 16mNAS-OAK
2 stopsDelta
21h 50mNAS-OAK
2 stopsDelta
23h 26mNAS-OAK
2 stopsBritish Airways
28h 49mNAS-OAK

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