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  • Looking for cheap airfare to Miami? 25% of our users found tickets to Miami for the following prices or less: From Santa Cruz de la Sierra $382 one-way - $391 round-trip, from La Paz $450 one-way - $425 round-trip, from Cochabamba $475 one-way - $438 round-trip
  • Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Miami is May.
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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
AviancaOverall score based on 13375 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Crew was great, comfortable, on time!!!"
Cons: "More affordable"
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Pros: "Crew was great, comfortable, on time!!!"
Cons: "More affordable"
Pros: "Flight was very smooth and plane was comfortable. Crew was great and so the Captain and his staff"
Cons: "Everything ok"
Pros: "Una muybuena experiencia. Las sillas son de buen tamaño pero son un poco duras."
Pros: "Clean airplane, is ok food ,"
Pros: "Great service like always"
Cons: "The plane was way too hot, the food was horrible, specially since Avianca used to have an amazing food service"
Pros: "Window seat"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Food was great, in boarding and off boarding was quick"
Cons: "More snacks"
Pros: "I got an upgrade being a gold member."
Cons: "Food. AVIANCA has been lowering the quality and quantity of food, now money is saved even sacrificing bread..."
Cons: "Thank"
Pros: "Got the emergency exit seats, extra leg room"
Cons: "Choice of food"
Pros: "Crew professional, kind, personable. Seat comfy"
Pros: "great crew"
Cons: "more drink options"
Pros: "Seat quite comfortable"
Pros: "Relatively comfortable"
Cons: "Flight from Lima was delayed 3 hrs (so was flight from MIami to Lima) Meal was mediocre"
Cons: "People were NOT following instructions at boarding time... even though they were giving us instructions about who was boarding... I mentioned it to the agent when I boarded and he replied “No, that’s not true” when I was seeing who was boarding and when... if families with children were called... even single travelers were boarding the general boarding line... nobody really cared"
Pros: "Was really good"
Cons: "I was trying to change my return but they said because I bought it with KAYAK they will charge me minimum 300 dollars and they say they can not do it anyway. That I didn’t like it."
Pros: "Aircraft was clean"
Cons: "Late departure and arrival When about to land had to go up again for some runway congestion, I guess because getting later than schedule. This was my first trip with Avianca and both flights were late"
Cons: "They need to make premium passengers know where they are supposed to board...which line"
Cons: "they changed my flight, and boarding take 2 hours, i hate this airline, three time i loose my time and money and they still own me money."
Cons: "the aircraft. kind of old"
Pros: "Crew is always smiling and pleasant"
Pros: "The flight was ok"
Cons: "The cancelation"
Cons: "Some of this stuff need to be a little more friendly and courteous"
Cons: "I had cancel my flight with Avianca due to hurricane Irma and the airline would not cancel. It does not want to return the money"
Pros: "in Overall the trip was good I'd like de services in the plane and the entertainment"
Cons: "I didn't like the delay in Lima and the poor information of the personal in a land."
Cons: "We were stranded in Lima for 12 hours! Supervisors were not showing up at all. They kept lying to us. We, the passengers, caught them in one lie after the other. First, flight was delayed until 2pm, then 4pm, 6:30pm and finally 8:15pm. They could have told us to leave and come back at 8pm.We were there since 8am and many passengers even earlier. I was with my 6 year old daughter. I got tired of requesting a charger for my cell to be able to use it for work reasons and they kept IGNORING me and would not even make the effort. Never again Avianca."
Cons: "Apparently our seats got sold to someone else and they had to send us to Panama and then Miami with another airline (Copa Airlines) with their oldest plane. Longest and slowest line at check in counter. Very disappointed. They said we were going to get a refund and haven't seen it yet."
Pros: "Nothing at all it was the worst experience ever"
Cons: "We weren't treated the way we were used to being treated with great customer service this time we felt poorly treated"
Pros: "Much better boarding experience and many new movies to choose from. I watched the new Beauty and the Beast."
Cons: "Their protocols for taking off and landing are a little dated. Passengers are not allowed to use blankets during take off/landing, also all window shades have to be open. They were very serious about it."
Cons: "The crew only came by once with a drink and would not let me have a drink before noon."
Pros: "Free movies"
Cons: "The landing was horrifying. After being on many commercial flights over the years I have never felt this way about a flight experience. The pilot seemed very inexperienced nor skilled at landing. The plane first took a plunge leaving everyone grabbing their seats in fear. The plane was going way too fast as we then continued descending while the plane tilted to the side and then the nose of the plane tipped downwards. To best describe the situation, the plane was completely out of control. Everyone around me was frightened and talking about the awful experience. Flight attendants nor the pilot made any mention of what happened nor did they make an announcement to make passengers aware that there may be some difficulty landing. Therefore passengers were left to wonder what really happened but it seemed as if this was the first time the pilot had flown a plane. After the landing I was sick for the rest of the day with nausea. I would like a refund and will report this matter to the FAA for answers and I believe they should investigate what happened on this flight for safety matters. I did not feel safe at all, and I have never had an experience like this. I'm afraid to ever fly AVIANCA again."
Cons: "Na"
Cons: "the food between bog and mia was horrible a very hard and greasy piece of meat. the entertainment system had to be rebooted 4 times, it started working one hour into the flight."
Pros: "Their service has lowered the standards though and that is why I do not grade them 5 stars. In particular the crew in the plane was not as nice and the food was not as good as before. Compared to other airlines I frequent though, Avianca is the best."
Pros: "On the flight down from Miami to Cartagena, we did not expect a meal...and since we are all vegetarians, pretty much did not get one, but the flight attendants gave us what they could. I called Avianca and requested vegetarian and received for all 6 of us! Also, pleased that my whole family was seated in one row."
Pros: "The movie"
Cons: "How they play yoyo with the fare....i paid about $1100.00 for a round trip flight from miami to barranquilla, and a couple of days later it dropped to half the price. On my way back from barranquilla to miami, i was excatly 4 minutes late, they refused to let me on the flight, which was not even boarding yet (1 hour away from flight time). They forced me to buy a one-way flight back, with connecting flight, for $550. I don't know if this even going to make any difference, or even be read, for that matter, but i thought i would relay that to other customers who are thinking about flying with avianca."
Cons: "I have no complaints about the actual flight. My problem is that I flew from Miami to Barranquilla Colombia. I checked one bag which had a lock on it. Nobody told me to remove it. When the bag arrived in Barranquilla it was wrapped in a plastic bag. Upon opening it the bag was open and my belongings tossed around. The lock was gone, one zipper was missing and the other zipper was damaged. Couldn't close the bag. Made a complaint in Barranquilla at the Avianca desk. They gave me another bag. Made another complaint over the internet at Let see if they reimburse me."
Pros: "Just a very good honest and helpful airline - a first class service from a reasonably priced airline. I was in business class and extremely comfortable and very reasonably priced for the extra room and service"
Cons: "My office in UK needed to change my departure day electronically. She was told she needed (for complex reasons) to go to London to do this - ridiculous as we live on the Isle of Wight. The other option was I needed to go to the airport to change it and pay supplement. Luckily it was only a 30min taxi ride from my hotel. The desk staff could see the issue and resolved the problem within 20mins - extremely helpful. A shame this could not be sorted in UK by phone and email"
Cons: "Estábamos en las sillas de atrás y se demoraron mucho tiempo en servir el desayuno. Debieron empezar a servir el desayuno de la mitad del avión hacia atrás."
Cons: "Pessoal despreparado, levei meu cachorro de suporte emocional, me colocaram em uma poltrona qualquer, apertada. Sendo que em outras cias colocam na primeira fileira para o cachorro poder ficar no chao. O meu voo foi cancelado e me colocAram em outro horas depois, um transtorno, e para completar estou sem minhas malas, porque nao sabiam o que tinha acontecido. Estou em orlando sem nada! Nao recomendo!"
Cons: "Attitude of the employees, organization of the airline, no assistance what so ever, lost baggage most terrible flight ever"
Pros: "The punctuality is good, the crew is good."
Cons: "How can you sell a full fight on an Airbus A-330 and not have enough food for everyone?! On this flight, me and my son were left without a hot breakfast and their excuse was "sorry, we ran out" so we got only the leftovers from the serving trays. It's sad how airlines keep getting worst by the day."
Cons: "Bad service, worst customer service, we asked for vegetarian meals and never served even though they were confirmed."
Pros: "The seats were comfortable and the service was prompt. The attendants were cordial"
Cons: "The attendants did not know if the meals they were serving had dairy products or not"
Cons: "The check in process was hectic. Even though on line check in was completed 24 hours earlier it took us almost 45 minutes to get our boarding passes. We understand the need to check documentation but this has to improve"
Pros: "the en of the rows were free so i could sleep y a 4 row sit. that was excelent! :P"
Cons: "delayed departure, i know it wasnt airlines problem, but air traffic. but the flight could have been faster to keep the arrival on time or closer."
Cons: "I'm writing this review in behalf of my mother, who had a nightmare in Lima, Peru. Avianca changed her flight without prior notice (email or phone). She is a 72 years old woman that had a stroke three years ago, can't be exposed to any stressful situation, she needed to take medication at 9:30am LIFETIME! They didn't asked if she had a health condition, they just decided to change her flight from the one at 10:00am to the one at 5:00pm. Maybe they would be able to guess it as she was so nervous, she showed worried and confused in the counter where they informed her the "news" during check-in process. She arrived 3 1/2 hours in advance to the airport in order to avoid flight stress. She doesn't have family in Lima, so they sent her to a nice hotel (but far), arrived at 10:15am so she took her medication late. Very stressful episode for me and my family after trying to contact her as the hotel didn't let her call us (Avianca said she would have an international courtesy call). My mother called a friend of mine informing her the situation, that is how I knew about this. She didn't ate correctly that day as her food has to be low sodium. They should have arranged her flight in a same group plane and avoid old persons (with conditions) wait 9 hours. There are no words to express my frustration as nobody could help me in Avianca customer service. They should have priorities and consideration for elder people as this kind of situations are harmful for them, their blood pressure and their hearts! CERO COMMON SENSE!"
Pros: "The Weight allowance. And the crew of"
Cons: "It was horrible to speak with a bunch of representatives prior to the flight, trying to ask something and pay for luggage. It was un possible to make check in online. It was un possible to know how much Weight i could pack and bring with me. It was unavailable to choose a kosher meal. But overall it was un possible to explain those issues to the representatives. Each one transfer me to another one, or just transfer me to a someone that speaks spanish, with no reason. That was awful. I was 2 hours on the phone with avianca trying to solve those issues. but i gave it up. It was un possible at all. That's a shame."

There was a total Lack of communication regarding delays.

Cons: "More movie selections and better food"
Pros: "yes good"
Cons: "Due the COVID-19 El Salvador closed its boarders, leaving me unable to fly. I have sent two emails, called and spoke to a customer service representative who treated me unprofessionally and rude. After that I have been calling numerous times with a wait of over 25 minutes each time and I still have to answer from you as a company. I am extremely disappointed and want an answer soon."
Pros: "Everything was very nice"
Pros: "The crew was excellent!"
Cons: "Maybe more movies"
Cons: "No entertainment. Plane is getting old."
Pros: "Everything went smooth the trip was fast. The crew excellent So far so good!"
Cons: "The transport from terminal to Customs was a little slow."
Cons: "Hot and delah"
Pros: "Airplane"
Cons: "Maybe another round of jrinks"
Pros: "Food was fresh and ok for a short flight."
Cons: "Agents at check in gate were not very helpful and did not communicate the changes in an efficient time or manner."
Pros: "The crew and service"
Cons: "Personalized entertainment system or available through WiFi in tablets."
Pros: "On time!"
Pros: "Copa is always on time"
Cons: "Nothing I’m so glad"
Pros: "Great seat. Right behind first class."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "a/c full, needs more control."
Pros: "Excellent service and on time."
Cons: "Food could be improved a bit more."
Pros: "The food and entertainment."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Alll"
Pros: "Flight was delayed because "they did not have a plane"....this does no make sense.... The food is always very poor tray was almost half empty with the food....however the small portion of meat (just a snack) was tasty."
Pros: "Same as above."
Cons: "NIL"
Pros: "Attention"
Cons: "Oficer"
Pros: "Excellent service, on time!!!"
Pros: "Punctuality"
Cons: "Food very average"
Cons: "De vuelta hubo sobre venta de pasajes (18) en mi vuelo que causo incertidumbre"
Pros: "Great service, flight both ways on time, connection flights perfect everything in same concord, baggage transfer no issues, will Flight again with Copa for sure"
Pros: "2 checked bags for free! Free alcoholic beverage. Other airlines nickel and dime you, Copa is great. Best prices, great service."
Cons: "NAda"
Pros: "This is a full service airline that serves complimentary food and movies for a similar cost as low-end airlines like Spirit or Frontier. I was traveling from Punta Cana DR to Denver but had connects in Panama City & Miami. Because 3 flights is a long day of traveling I chose the emergency isle for my flight from Panama-Miami so i could stretch out with the extra leg room. Because I didn't speak fluent Spanish though, the crew had to move my seat. They upgraded me to 1st class! Amazing airline! Incredible crew! Shame most airlines in the US with their FU attitude don't operate this way."
Pros: "Great flight to Miami via Copa. Attendants are friendly and helpful. Plenty of room for the legs. Food and entertainment are good, so it was a very pleasant flight. Could repeat anytime."
Pros: "The crew attention and an arirplane in nice conditions"
Cons: "The food is bad"
Pros: "The crew on all of the flights were all very nice. At the end of the day, my suitcase did end up getting shipped to my house within a few days. It was just a little unorganized throughout the process of tracking it down."
Cons: "Following this, my flight in Bogota left 3 hours late. Not only did we board at the time we were supposed to be leaving, but then sat on the runway for an hour and a half before having to go back to the gate to refuel.... All passengers sat on the plane for 3 hours in Bogota before we ever took off with little to no communication as to why. Upon landing in Miami, my bag was then missing which honestly wasn't a big deal - I knew I'd get it back eventually. But with my new flight, I wasn't entirely sure which flight my bag should be with and which airlines (Copa or Avianca) I should go to regarding it. The staff for both were incredibly rude. My suitcase was the one missing and I was the happier, nicer one out of everyone I spoke to. I was told it would be shipped to my house which was great until I got an email saying I could pick up my suitcase at the airport. After searching for 2 hours of where to go and all staff pointing me to a different spot and offering little help, I tried calling the Avianca number I was given for any questions. Unfortunately, there wasn't going to be anyone who spoke English in until after my flight took off. After getting to my final destination, I tried calling the number again to try and sort out where my suitcase was and no one spoke English or could direct me to someone who could. I had to have my friend in Cali call the main office for me to find that my bad was still in Bogota after all of that."
Pros: "Nada"
Cons: "Copa placed passangers in scattered seats even if they were together, we had to talk to other passangers to switch spots. The crew was unhelpful most of the time. Boarding was totally disorganized, it reminded me of a persian market trying to go though a single door, all at once. Security bands to form lines were obviously unavailable. The whole experience was like riding an old bus with no technology, and it’s entertainment was along these lines."
Pros: "I like the easy connection and that we arrived on time. Even that the boarding was late."
Cons: "airplane cold and no blankets. Bad service. No info"
Pros: "Crew and staff were very helpful and nice."
Cons: "Plane could be cleaner."
Cons: "La comida no es adecuada para un viaje de tantas horas"
Pros: "Service"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Everything qas good"
Pros: "Left on time and arrived on time"
Cons: "Very crowded. Woke everyone up to serve breakfast"
Pros: "On-time departure and arrival Friendly and accommodating staff"
Cons: "Old plane. No charging USB connectors"
Pros: "Food and sandwiches are tasty."
Cons: "No movie!, uggg... The real problem though is 1) they changed the gate on a connecting flight. Copa seems to make gate changes on all flights without notifying passengers. If you don't watch the board you'll miss your flight. Why not send a crew member to the gate you told passengers to go to , and put a sign by that gate notifying passengers of the change! So stressful!!! 2) In transit passengers catching connecting flights, Copa to Copa, have to go through their security again! What, why?? We cannot eat, drink and relax at the gate because no fluids are allowed AT YOUR GATE. We are not talking ourtside security, you are already in the security areas. Even to go to the bathroom you have to go in and out of security, again! Stupid!! We didn't leave the terminal, and you're making us miserable!"
Pros: "Boarding is very orderly. Flights are always on time with Copa, which makes them a very reliable carrier. Planes are modern, clean and well maintained. Copa offers free headphones, meal and drinks, which is very rare on short flights. I was glad to enter a cool plane, as the Tocumen Airport was without air conditioning service."
Cons: "Tocumen Airport is always crowded, noisy and this time around was without air conditioning. As their main costumer, Copa Airlines should pressure the airport authorities to keep a standby AC system in place or replace it with one that can better handle extreme traffic of people."
Cons: "Everyone everything"
Pros: "Nothing. They said I was a no show on Wednesday Miami Panama and cancelled my reservation. They made me go to The airport and didn't even apologize. Unbelievable mistake."
Cons: "The way I was treated"
Pros: "Service was good everything except the entertainment system"
Cons: "No entertaiment system"
Pros: "I now am a fan of COPA airlines"
Cons: "Food"
Cons: "Boarding is not as organized as it should be. All groups are not called so order is lost. Not enough agents attending this process. On-board entertainment system is not very good. The food is poor as well."
Pros: "I did get a window seat which i enjoy"
Cons: "No entertainment, old plane which didn't have very comfortable seats and the food was not very good. Also, boarding was done in a very disorganized manner in Panama."
Pros: "The same as my flight from Managua to Panama"
Pros: "ok. good"
Pros: "All the staff was great."
Cons: "I was trying to upgrade for business and the front desk told me Can only be done 24 hours. What diferentes it makes if I paid in front desk or by the phone?"
Pros: "Yes ..... but you have to pay in order to fly confirtable , they dont give you alternative!"
Cons: "Not to pay for ítems that are bebefits with Workdmember credit CARD Santander I paíd luggage and they dont return money baca even if you made the mistake"
Pros: "Easy check in, and kindly personnal"
Cons: "Maybe consider some upgrades when its possible"
Pros: "Easy access to entertainment via my phone"
Cons: "Better snacks"
Pros: "Seats were fairly comfortable. Almost all seats on planes are tightly crammed together."
Cons: "More options of TV shows to watch."
Pros: "the good treatment of the staff"
Cons: "the flight schedule at dawn is usually a bit tired"
Pros: "The flight was canceled and Latam did nothing to help get me on a new flight."
Cons: "Latam has zero customer service skills I went around and around in circles trying to get a new flight."
Pros: "Everything was ok"
Pros: "Very attentive and friendly personnel; efficient and timely boarding: surprisingly good meals"
Cons: "It was good"
Cons: "Venden asientos pero sus sistema de la aplicación es pésimo no me dejaba cargar el pago. Para el embarque de miami a lima no había buen orden"
Cons: "Have the seats when I boughted the ticket. Couldn’t check in , there is no option for residents, only visa Viver"
Cons: "seat, food, entertainment system and options"
Cons: "Terrible food"
Cons: "One bathroom was out of order, and movie system did not work"
Pros: "The crew was extremely helpful with my insulin dilemma given the limited resources they had at hand."
Cons: "Food. And some entertainment on an international flight."
Cons: "Always not clear if the carry on are included. Always getting a surprise to pay $35 for carry on. Offered an upgrade for $15 took it to find out no more leg room only placed at front of plane.. No entertainment on 3 plus hours flight. Overall lots to be willing to upgrade."
Cons: "No retrasos"
Cons: "Too tight, no entertaintment"
Pros: "smooth flight, attendants were very polite"
Cons: "did not offer a bottle of water, sodas were restricted at a small cup"
Pros: "The Crew tried to work with what they have."
Cons: "1. Plane to small. there was no room. 2. Flight was delayed for 2 hors. 3. my suitcase was sent down to storage and my back pack have to be put under my feet. but there was two more tenet my seat already. 4. We have to board the plane in the middle of the airport. and have to walk a lot to get the gate signed. 5. Once arrived I had to connect to American Airlines flight and have to walk one mille and change to get to the other side of the airport. It will be ok, but I was with a 3 year old minor and I have to deal with this and the child"
Cons: "It actually was all good"
Pros: "Excellent service and the food is awesome :-) It has one of the youngest fleets in the industry!!! the LATAM Dreamliner feels so smooth! You should really try that aircraft, it has a special pressurization that you won't feel the"
Pros: "Never"
Cons: "Never made flight because of Latham delays"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Lost my flight after connection with Turkish arrived late and lost my luggage, Latam has no office in Chicago so i had to call, didn't assist me on the phone with changing my flight, sent me to speak with American airlines that was operating the flight, asked for a supervisor on the phone but they declined. Second day at airport i found out they booked me on a three leg flight home at 8 AM althought i was on the phone with them at 1:30 AM and I was never informed about the flight they offered at 8 AM. I ended up paying again for a flight with United the same day."
Pros: "Nice flight, enjoyed the food, excellent service."
Cons: "They didnt check my bag from DCA to BOG, so I had to check out my bag in MIA and then run to check in the next flack. I couldnt. They gave me a seat in another flight from another company, so it was OK."
Pros: "Landing was perfect!"
Cons: "One of the orlando airport Imigration building was underwater. There was a broken pipe. They have to take us to the others Imigration building where we have to wait for suitecases together with 4 other flights. All that summed up to about 4 hours. Lost connection NO personal of Latam was there to help out. Had to buy another ticket."
Pros: "Clean"
Cons: "That there was a friend of the staff seated in seat 7 aile and the steward from first class kept on asking her if she wanted something to drink he didn't ask anyone else She asked for something and they brought her what looked like a cell phone in a blue case She was treated way better than all the other passengers and I just thought why can't we all be treated the same way"
Pros: "Service was very good and professional"
Cons: "Flight was packed but thats expected"
Cons: "The space"
Pros: "Easy boarding and organized staff. Friendly staff overall."
Cons: "Terrible terrible food- no TV (really? in 10 years flying to Colombia this was a first) seats were very uncomfortable, no room to move the legs, the seats were super old no room at all. I have traveled with LATAM before and I had good experiences, with no complains. But the flight from Bogota to Miami on may 29th was mediocre and it seems longer than it was. That plane should be used for shorter flights and not a 4 hour international flight. I am not expecting first class seats and 5 course meals. But for the same price I could have used other airlines."
Cons: "I flew home on the LATAM600 Lima to LAX. My flight was suppose to leave noon on May 25. Unfortunately we were delayed until noon the following day, May 26. I understand these matters are out of attendant's control, but the changes were not communicated in English and everyone was extremely slow to get us situated. Our flight was officially canceled at 5:30 pm, and it took five more hours for the attendants to get us to a hotel. In the morning, the transportation was not communicated well that I missed the bus. During all this, they never tried to re-book anyone either. I would pass on flying LATAM in the future."
Pros: "First of all, all of the information regarding the flight listed the carrier as Latam. However, the flight was actually an American flight. Based on the confusion I missed my outgoing flight. Thereafter I purchased a oneway ticket to Medellin on another airline only to learn that they cancelled my return flight. They wanted to charge me almost $600 to rebook! I ended purchasing a ticket with different carrier. Money paid to Latam was wasted."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "airplane was new"
Cons: "i was not able to do online check in"
Pros: "customer service in Bogota"
Cons: "needs to download the app to watch movies if you do not have a I pad or smart phone????"
Pros: "Once I was aboard my flight in Lima LA 2514 the attendants were helpful."
Cons: "When I arrived to Jorge Chavez the ticket counter was down. I waited for 20 minutes and Brunella eventually gave me a boarding pass. The pass was hand written and missing information but she assured me it would be fine. When I attempted to go through security they informed me this wasn't a boarding pass and was missing information. They said I would have to go back downstairs to the desk again. have a visible disability that affects the way I walk, and typically I do not require a wheelchair. I give myself enough time to get to my destination, but thanks to Brunella I was running incredibly late. I finally arrived though my flight was then rerouted to Orlando due to weather conditions at Miami and never arrived in Miami. The pilot of this flight LA2514 decided he was done and wouldn't fly there at all. The passengers were informed they would take buses to Miami."
Pros: "I flew from Baltimore to Miami to Bogotá with zero issues. I am a musician and was traveling with my guitar, nobody hassled me and there was adequate space. The only issue was in Bogotá for my return flight. After struggling with the LATAM kiosk machine I was told by a LATAM ticket agent that flights from Bogotá to Miami are through American Airlines. Luckily a very nice American Airline agent accompanied me back to LATAM and convinced them my flight was with LATAM. Everything else was simple and easy!"
Pros: "flight hostess attention"
Cons: "Latam gives wrong information about connexions. The plane seats extremely uncomfortable. Attendant gave a tissue paper to client to clean her pulling table because it was dirty. They didn't apologized and asked traveler to clean the table instead. Miss connection with the flight from Miami to New York and no help from LATAM personnel at all. This is an airline that at one point it was the best and now is the worst. It is important to clarify with passenger about passing inmigration and aduana and the distance from international to national departures!!"
Cons: "One of my bags was damaged on the direct flight from Santiago to Miami. It looked like it had been dragged down the runway. I showed this to Latan representative Angel Pupulin in Miami who's first statement was, "Latan is not responsible." He was rude and initially refused to even fill out a damaged bag report. I explained that I would call my credit card company and put a non-authorization on $2500 worth of tickets. He continued to speak to me in Spanish although I told him, " No habla Espanol." He spoke English but was trying to jerk me around in every way possible. This is not going to be ignored! One employee screwed up all the positives of multiple flights with Latan. I will avoid flying Latan in the future and will not recommend Latan to others."
Pros: "This was the last leg of a very long trip. It went great and the whole trip went as planned. Highly recommend LATAm and American."
Pros: "The onboard crew was great."
Cons: "Computers offline in La Paz resulted in absurdly long wait to check in. In Santiago waited a ridiculous amount of time for buses to take passengers to the terminal."
Pros: "The planes were new and immaculate, seats were comfortable, we were welcomed by the flight crew upon embarking, and there was a wonderful selection of entertainment."
Cons: "The food selection was rather light, especially for those with celiac issues and or vegetarian."
Cons: "worst service ever"
Pros: "The crew was very polite"
Cons: "The food didn´t had flavour, tasted like nothing"
Pros: "friendly flight attendants topped off wine glasses a few times in flight! meals were actually pretty tasty"
Cons: "seats are a bit tight on the 777 but what airline isn't these days"
Pros: "The flight was about 85% empty! Loved the whole row to myself. Staff was extra friendly probably because it was the last flight and everyone was comin back home. Arrived early, and smooth landing."
Cons: "No complaints here."
Pros: "I loved the attention and courtesy of the crew through my flight. They gave a welcoming greeting and they flight was pleasant due to the whole crew"
Cons: "On the flights I looked for a news radio or a news short clips, but I didn't see nothing of that. It would have been amazing and great to know what's going on in the country and final destination"
Cons: "Entertainment for 7 hours of flying must be considered. Too few flight attendants which made service very slow and poor."
Pros: "Boarding was super fast and they give you a snack for a 45 minute flight. That was nice."
Cons: "Nothing really, it was just fine for such a short flight."
Pros: "Very friendly crew. Great leg room. Great price."
Cons: "Entertainment"
Pros: "Very friendly crew. The legroom was so much better than most airlines. The price was great."
Cons: "Entertainment"
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "No entertainment"
Pros: "The crew and captain"
Cons: "They need to be more kind of serious respect the time"
Cons: "I hope BOA refunds me what I paid to buy another ticket since y lost my connection in Miami"
Pros: "Everything was ok, the flight was on time, all the crew was kindly, the seat was comfortable."
Cons: "They should have better food on board"
Cons: "There was a delayed"
Pros: "Comfortable wide seats. Fantastic staff and lovely attitude of flight crew. Pleasant in this age of over exposure to screens to have peace and quiet on a flight! A bit like flying 15years ago in many regards, including not having online check-in but the process was so easy and pleasant that it makes it unnecessary."
Pros: "La atención y servicio"
Cons: "No salió en hora y los asientos algo incomodos no había entretenimiento"
Pros: "Todo en hora buena atención"
Cons: "Hubo turbulencia y cancelaron las bebidas"
Cons: "I think they should offer more water, it is a long trip and I was deshidrated"
Pros: "Everything was great. I honestly have no complains. I love the fact that they keep you fed the entire time."
Cons: "The annoying children in the back which wasn't the crew's fault and they helped with calming them down."
Pros: "The crew on land tried to do their best to speed up the boarding, but the departure was delayed 45 min because "connection problems" and warned only 15 minutes before boarding should started"
Cons: "Small airport with almost no services, plain is old and not clean"
Pros: "La atención de las azafatas fue muy gentil, me agradó el servicio."
Cons: "La atencion de las ,azafatas fue muy gentil. El catering muy agradable."
Pros: "Good space"
Pros: "Crew was nice, seat configuration 2-3-2"
Cons: "Old planes, long flight with no entertainment, paid for exit row seat & directed to move because we don't speak Spanish. Totally understand this, but there should have been something on the booking site to alert us to the fact that we would not be allowed to sit in that row. It's irritating when you pay for something, you think you're going to get it, and then it's refused to you, when the situation could have been easily avoided in the first place."
Cons: "Mi madre es adulta mayor y viajaba con mi hermano. cuando pedimos que por favor la atendieran como adulto mayor para evitar la larga fila, se negaron. Le indicaron que como viajaba acompañada, podía ir a sentarse. Que el acompañante hiciera la fila. Que descortés, que falta de cumplimiento de la LEY."
Cons: "Abordamos 1 hora tarde y mala comida"
Pros: "Flight seemed ok when I had to buy a ticket for missing a flight to Cochabamba"
Cons: "The flight from miami to santa Cruz was terrible. My friend also had a ticket with them. We got there checked in and checked the bags. During this process the ladies that were checking in people had very bad attitudes. My friend who already had her visa for Bolivia was harassed for paperwork for a visa. (Which was not necessarily needed, AA proved tha t) but she didn't check her passport. I informed the attendant that she already had it. Then they didn't direct us where to go. We didn't see the other f corridor going upstairs. So we waited then I finally I started asking questions because it was 12 minute from departure. All the employees said they left. Not only did they leave early but made no announcement of missing passengers or that they were leaving. We could not get a hold of anyone from Boa to help. We called only to be told we would have to wait until the next day to see if we could leave. It was so sketchy that we booked a sure flight with AA. In the morning we went to check for our bags but no one was there. So while waiting for the flight from AA a attendant from Boa comes over to say "I remember you""you missed your flight ". So told her what happened and she didn't respond as to why they left early. Only that our bags were still in the airport and there was a fee. I responded for what and again she didn't answer. So returned later to pickup our bags from Boa and waited in line. We were told to talk to the manager who ignored us and some others. A rude attendant steps away from checking in people to ask why we missed our flight. I told her what happened. Then she says tsa closed at 1030pm. I told her they never mentioned this and how are we to know. The manager kept insisting that the computer was down and she could not talk. My friend kindly explained that we just need our bags because boarding for our was soon to begin. She didn't listen, she said the computer is down so we have to wait although our bags were right next to her. So the rude attendant (blond, wish I got her name) comes over to say you going to have to pay 250 for the flight change. Then I told her "look we are not flying with you and we need our bags for another flight". So she gave them to us angrily and my friend asked why she was so anger. Then finally we got the managers attention and both said no nobody is anrgy. Then my friend proceeds to say but you're raising your voice and the blond attendant say I'm not angry, I'm upset because you delayed a flight. I Choose to stay quiet because I was so angry. Now that I think about it. I think they complained to security because when we returned security stopped both of us although we were separated by that time."
Cons: "Overnight flight to Miami. Flight itself was fine. But no entertainment on board whatsoever. Dinner was OK, but practically no breakfast, only a piece of bread was offered."
Pros: "We got there checked in and checked the bags. We went to the what we thought was f but was not. We happened to turn a corner with no signs. After going to the bathroom and sitting for 20mins, i thought it was weird no one was calling boarding 12mins before the flight. After talking to two people they said they left."
Cons: "No paging for checked in guest, no warning of early departure."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Time to stay in the check in"
Pros: "Crew made effort to accomodate"
Cons: "Paid the surcharge to pick my seat. Check in changed my seat to emergency row. 1. I don't like the emergency row. I am not fluent in Spanish, the predominant language for BOA. They had to change my seat and changed me to an aisle seat. My shoulders are too wide and get hit by carts personnel. This was a Red Eye flight. So, between the bumps on the aisle and the storms we were flying thru, there was no sleep to be had. I also believe that BOA is reducing the pressure in the cabin. My breathing was like I was up in La Paz ( strained). This was a 7 hour flight. One of the wordt if not the worst, I have ever flown in 50 years of flying. Also, I do not usually gripe."
Cons: "they didn't have enough fuel. Two hours in Jamaica to refuel which was not scheduled ruined the rest of our day. We were unable to make our appointments"
Pros: "The friendly flight attendants"
Cons: "The burocracy on the check inn for both flights, the clerk didn't know or was scared to make mistake so she was asking for things that I didn't need"
Cons: "I had to overnight in Santa Cruz. Flight was cancelled, they rebooked me next day"
Pros: "Very reasonably priced."
Cons: "Despite the Santa Cruz airport only having two international flights leaving that night we started boarding 20 min after the scheduled departure time. The plane was at the gate 4:30 hours before the scheduled flight time."
Pros: "I'm not sure if the aircraft had some problems. I was sitting next to the window and I have never felt the floor and window that cold before."
Cons: "I'm not sure if the aircraft had some problems. I was sitting next to the window and I have never felt the floor and window that cold before. Lack of tv, outlet"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "I love how professional and comfortable BOA is. If I could fly BOA all over the world, I would."
Cons: "There was a mechanical problem with the plane that caused my flight to be delayed for about 6 hours. Of course, I wish this would not have happened, but it was not the airline's fault. They were very gracious, provided beverages for us free of charge while we waited, explained things to me in English (very helpful, as my Spanish is not great), and made sure we were still accommodated for our connecting flight in another city."
Pros: "There unfortunately was nothing positive about this trip."
Cons: "The flight was delayed three hours (they indicated mechanical issues but I suspect capacity came into play since they substituted a much smaller plane and that plane still wasn't full). I missed my connecting flight and I am on standby all day but the flights today are full so it is a strong possibility I will be spending the night in MIA and not making it to my final destination today. Not one update at the airport was in English even though the flight was going to a US city. Once on the plane the flight attendant repeatedly asked me questions not in English when she knew I didn't understand her and I know she spoke English since she made a few announcements in English. food was not good. Very carb heavy and protein was very dry. No entertainment on a 7 hour flight. No place to buy a book or magazine in the holding pen area prior to boarding. This flight was not worth the money saved. I would have been better off spending a few more hundred on another airline."
Cons: "No A/C, fly attendant was rude and didn't want to provide me a blanket and answered me that is not his problem and is not responsable. Plane went in to an air stream an pilot activate the sit belt sign after all."
Pros: "BoA is easy to fly, but loose with time schedules"
Cons: "Always late and poor service"
Pros: "BOA needs to improve entertainment in its fligth, considering the long flight"
Pros: "Flight attendants were quick and efficient."
Pros: "Flight attendants were professional and efficient."
Cons: "Crazy boarding process--passport checked 3 times and bags searched twice (all passengers). That was AFTER our arrival on same carrier (having cleared secrurity)."
Pros: "Clean appearing flight, safe and secure. Staff attentive"
Cons: "Flight was one hour late for no apparent reason- or at least that wasn't shared. Took sometime to receive blanket. Food service in middle of overnight flight with lights on for about an hour- this seemed unnecessary and just screwed up sleep. Upon screening,had to throw away water purchased in Bolivian airport. This flight has the basics- but don't expect the wine pours (very tiny), movies (none) eye covers or service of many overseas flights . This airline has it made for now though as it is affordable and not many other options to Bolivia from USA"
Cons: "Side note- other inter Bolivian flight attempted to purchase online but system didn't work"
Pros: "The only good thing were the beverages"
Cons: "BoA check-in crew need to be trained, they leave their desks when you are hand them your passpport and make you wait more than 45 minutes, this is due to the M.A.S controlled government, this issues never happened before this party came into power. Beware when you check in , these shady employees will try everything the can to halt this process and leave some passengers behind and too late to board the plane, and you will have to pay $200 to reschedule your flight next day, Also beware of the changing lanes for check in, thats how they get you pay those fines, you are first in line , then it changes and you are now last."
Pros: "Great service, and the food was actually very tasty and fresh! I was comfortable and felt like I was in good hands. Thanks! Also loved the pillow and blankets, as well as the wine, which was surprisingly very high quality and also put me to sleep."
Pros: "There was no way to check in ahead of time, either on-line or otherwise. It would be helpful. The staff was friendly, the seats comfortable with plenty of leg room."
Cons: "The meals are at awkward times. I would prefer one or the other, but not both."
Pros: "Ample blankets/ plIllows Courteous crew"
Cons: "Boarded plane late with additional search of carry-ons. Congested flight Needed a vegetarian alternative"
Pros: "Everything that BoA provided was top notch. They just simply do not provide entire swaths of things that other airlines typically offer."
Cons: "Website check-in is a joke: the site crashes or just gives you errors, it barely gives any information. You can't even look up your itinerary. You most certainly can't check in, nor get help. Useless website. No wifi, on any plane, of any type. No on-board entertainment: My all-day flight had no entertainment of any kind. No movies, no reading material, no wifi, and no power outlets. You better have pre-loaded stuff on a computer or tablet that is fully charged, or you're just going to sit in a metal tube for 7 hours with nothing to do."
Pros: "Zero."
Cons: "Flight was rescheduled 40 minutes earlier, but notification wasn't sent to us until almost 2 hours after the flight."
Pros: "I liked the service in cabin plus the vegetarian meal was decent. Request in advance though. Comfortable seats. Can't beat the price."
Cons: "NO AIR CONDITIONING VENTS! It got very hot at times and there's no way for you to get fresh air of you're feeling sick."
Cons: "Sucks the way they treated nnhh"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "food sucked, no entertainment, hour late, they suck"
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Safety measures for airlines flying from Bolivia to Miami

Airlines flying from Bolivia to Miami have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

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Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Bolivia to Miami

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Pre-flight testing

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