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Jun 18 — Jun 251
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Sat 6/18
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Best airline ever!

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Best airline ever!

Delta baggage agents in SJU were 20 minutes late to their post - 5:20am causing departing passengers to overflow - Feb 15, 2022

Almost 6 hours delayed due to a broken plane. 2 hours inside the plane waiting without food or beverages. Lost my first night in NYC.

Pros: "Everything was great. Seats, service, flight, crew."
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "Not a thing!"
Pros: "Fast service and precise timing"
Pros: "The gate agents and flight crew were very accommodating."
Cons: "I was extremely annoyed that TSA Pre-Check was unavailable at Terminal 2 at 8:15am. This is unacceptable and not the TSA's fault. I fault the airline for this oversight. Delta needs to communicate better to the passengers if there is a possibility of this service being unavailable at an airport."
Pros: "Great comfortable seats"
Cons: "Crowds in airport"
Pros: "Clean plane. On time"
Cons: "They have to improve the boarding process a bit."
Pros: "Smooth ride"
Cons: "Seating"
Pros: "Flights were both timely"
Cons: "WiFi on flight from Atl to Tallahassee wasn’t working at first"
Pros: "Amazing service from crew"
Pros: "I missed my flight and you guys helped me catch the next one :D I was able to still make it yo my final destination within the same day"
Pros: "On flight entertainment was very good. Flight was smooth and ran ahead of schedule."
Cons: "They were out of vegetarian meal options. Really poor for a six hour flight. Also, the family behind us was atrocious, but that’s not Delta’s fault."
Cons: "Bigger personal space"
Cons: "Even the baggage was quick (highly unusual for Columbus, Ohio)! Everything went smoothly."
Cons: "Person next to me overflowed into my seat…"
Pros: "Although the weather was sketchy and the flight was delayed about 2 hours, the actual flight was much smoother than forecasted."
Cons: "First time I've experienced a boarding procedure that seemed disorganized."
Pros: "Excelent flight excelent service.."
Cons: "The entrance in the gate to the plane always disorganized"
Pros: "Departed on time. Very courteous crew."
Cons: "Nothing."
Cons: "The floor of the aircraft was cold!"
Pros: "My flight from STX was delayed some 30 minutes. That made a dent in the 57 minutes I had to catch my Delta flight. Naturally we landed at gate A2 and Delta was boarding at Terminal 2 gate B9. Me with my knee replacement can’t run and my wheelchair was not in sight. Thank goodness I had a carryon with wheels. I was out of breath when I got to Delta and the last passengers were boarding. I started panicking and interrupted the ground steward who asked me to wait with a smile. I waited . So when I told them I was standby they waved me on after showing my passport. I couldn’t find my boarding pass. I was pleasantly surprised to get a seat in first class. I was so thankful. My first time. Good things come to those who wait! Thank you Delta."
Pros: "Immagration was fast and organized didn't take long to move through customs. Quick and smooth"
Pros: "I like the fact that entertainment and technology is always good."
Cons: "Boarding is always a horrible experience. I never know what zone is boarding. Your agents at the gates are overwhelmed with so many things."
Pros: "Excellent crew, snacks and coffee, comfortable economy seats. Plane landed 15 min early. Bags beat me to the carousel."
Cons: "N!A"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight delay 5+ hours poor Service"
Cons: "The bulkhead sears had no electrical outlet"
Pros: "Very comfortable and didn't feel cramped. Quick flight."
Cons: "No choice in snack and I couldn't eat what I was given. Staff appeared checked out and not bothered. No entertainment but it was a quick flight."
Pros: "Female flight attendant was incredibly personable and had a bubbly personality. Definitely made you want to smile"
Cons: "Not enough room. Could have better technology and better food choices."
Pros: "The initial boarding process was quick, smooth flight"
Cons: "I've never had a flight wait over 30 minutes past departure got other people to make a connection and get on to this flight. Seems beyond normal and wrong to those that were there in time and on the flight to support an on time departure"
Cons: "For the second consecutive Delta flight, one at LGA, one at JFK, (it’s never happened on any other airline) TSA pre-check was closed and over a dozen agents trying to upsell the CLEAR program were working hard to get people to spend $175 not to wait in the resulting one hour long line."
Cons: "Cancel my flight at 7:50 am to 1:50pm"
Pros: "Had tv & movies available but kept losing signal"
Cons: "Terrible turbulence. Very rough landing. No beverage service. Late taking off."
Pros: "I was going for weekend trip and because of delays I would've been there less than 20 hours. But Delta was terrific in giving me a refund and essy to work with via Twitter. 2 hour phone delay but they called me back to complete refund."
Cons: "Chaos at gates. Changed gate 3 times. No real updates."
Pros: "No hubo retraso y salió todo el vuelo a tiempo. El personal fue atento."
Cons: "El espacio entre asientos es mínimo y es súper incómodo. La experiencia fue de incomodidad."
Cons: "Super delayed. Sat on runway for 2.5 hours"
Pros: "In flight entertainment interface and options were great!"
Cons: "Very uncomfortable!! Spent the entire flight with my knees pressed against the seat pocket. One flight attendant was somewhat rude and unpleasant."
Cons: "I don't know why delta's service has deteriorated so much in the last few years. Last two times that I flew the service and attitude at the gate has been horrible. Seat assignment has become a dread. Upgrade options are over priced. I guess I will be looking for a new airline."
Cons: "Delayed flight, mechanical"
Pros: "Excellent. Smooth staff. Lots of humor and smiles"
Cons: "No entertainment except paid WiFi."
Pros: "I was very grateful to have made this flight on standby."
Cons: "Someone has to sit in the seat next to the restroom. Had I a choice in the matter, I would have preferred to sit elsewhere. But as I said, I was grateful to have made the flight, and arrive at my destination a mere 3 hours late."
Pros: "Got on earlier flight as standby."
Pros: "Cookies"
Cons: "Late"
Pros: "This doesn't really have to do with Delta Airlines however it does affect my experience. I had a very rude TSA agent speak to me na very degrading tone prior to boarding the plane. This experience affected my travel experience with Delta. I realize this person is not a Delta employee however the rudeness that I experienced affected my travel experience."
Cons: "Headphones suck"
Pros: "The plane was surprisingly comfortable. The seats had USB ports. The touch screens were clear and responsive. Most importantly, the service of the flight attendants was excellent. I was quite happy."
Cons: "Did not know they made planes with so little room inside. It was made for people under 5 foot tall with no carry on luggage. Crew took up over head luggage storage."

Too much delay at every step of the travel. Even after landing, had to stay at tarmac for a long time due to unavailable gate. Overall a bad experience of 3.5 Hr delay for one Hr flight. Families with children and mask were struggling to be there.

Improve service

The movies won’t playback but the flight was on time and smooth!


Better food please

Delayed 1 h 40 mins

Cons: "more room, better boarding procedure, on time take off"
Pros: "Crew was good"
Cons: "Plan was in poor condition and needs updated and cleaned"
Cons: "Personal monitors. Free food."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "We made thru customs and rescreening and still 18 minutes early. The gate agent literally closed the gate right I front of us. Argued that they closed the flight. AA closed the gate 8 minutes above the minimum 10 minute gate close requirement. We missed our flight and there was no announcement."
Pros: "Everything was great!"
Cons: "Nothing!"
Cons: "Normal los azafato tienen que estar más pendiente ala tripulación que anda con nenes chiquitos los papas se se duermen y los salvajitos se creen que están en un campamento de verano.y quieren romper el avión más pendiente a eso"
Pros: "Super comfortable"
Cons: "Excellent"
Pros: "Yes"
Pros: "One of our fellow passengers was willing to change seats so my wife and I could sit together."
Cons: "I'm not a fan of American's Basic Economy, where they nickel-and-dime for every little thing. Choosing seats while checking in online does not cost the airline any more than assigning them, so charging for the privilege of choosing your seat is simply a money grab."
Cons: "Delayed was terrible. I arrived 7 hours later than expected."
Pros: "Desde PR comenzó todo mal por supuesto desperfecto y los de servicio al cliente su solución fue que no podía hacer nada, cuando llegara a Miami resolviera lo de mi próximo vuelo. Fue un pésimo servicio"
Cons: "Pudo haber sido resolver para no perder la conexión a mi destino final."
Pros: "Crew was good"
Cons: "They moved us to 6 different gates and took us off a plane due to computer problems."
Pros: "Not expecting high end services but not even mediocre service was done."
Cons: "Flight was delayed 2+ hrs, unorganized, seats uncomfortable, over crowded. Almost missed my layover flight."
Pros: "Great service and on time flight. Got a good comfortable seat with nice leg room."
Cons: "Flight delayed because the crew arrived late the night before. This created a chain of events that got me to Newark 7 hrs later than scheduled."
Pros: "Legroom was great!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Delayed for 3 hours in SJU, no notice until after departure time had passed. Missed my connection , offered only option if 4 hours lay over. waist of time x whole day"
Pros: "Our seats were booked by a cruise line and were not together on this flight. When my husband asked, the gate agent was able to seat us in at least the same row."
Pros: "The staff was very helpful in assisting nearby patrons, attentive to the people with disabilities, and carried through smoothly."
Cons: "Few staff people were clearly having an off day and seemed very unfriendly and crabby, especially obvious when almost everyone else was so friendly and attentive. Makes them stick out like a sore thumb."
Pros: "New onboard entertainment"
Cons: "Rude crew"
Pros: "This was a horrendous experience."
Cons: "I've had flights canceled before, but clearly American Airlines/ JFK is not equipped to manage. American Airlines online hung up on me after 24 minutes of being on hold. I waited in line for 2 hours to get on another flight home and the attendant first suggested to fly me to Charlotte then Cleveland where I would arrive a day late after I'd been traveling with my elderly parents for 24 hours. Additionally, once we changed flights and had to go to Newark, it took an hour to print (yes, print) our new itineraries for United and then when the cab should have arrived immediately, we waited 45 minutes. I was displeased."
Pros: "The un seat entertainment"
Pros: "Arrived 30 minutes early"
Cons: "We had to wait 40 minutes in the runway before parking at the gate."
Cons: "There was a older Caucasian flight attendant that didn't have a name tag on that touched me twice on the shoulder"
Pros: "I like it was fast and smooth"
Cons: "Not too much space in the plane"
Pros: "That I arrived at my destination"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "We were on time. Traveled safely. Uneventful."
Cons: "Comfort is in the past... seats are uncomfortable. No space. we are always crammed in like sardines. Seats were in poor condition and did not appear clean. Video equipment at my seat did not work. Did not seem to have enough crew. . . took forever to get the limited service - - crew seemed complacent - no enjoyment in their jobs - doing what they always do. Having enjoyed five years with Delta - I enjoyed my job and the people. No one seems to like their job now. Shame. Takes even more fun out of flying these days. It's a job - more people - more coffee - more sodas.... Don't LIKE it. . . give someone else the chance to fill that position. Flying Should be Fun. . . it's special!! every time."
Pros: "Ok time flight"
Cons: "Entertainment system did not work in all stops"
Pros: "He crew. They were helpful and friendly"
Cons: "The delay and the plane was old"
Pros: "Large plane, and helpful crew."
Cons: "Not much."
Pros: "I have traveled first class with other US airline, and in comparison, American First Class in this trip was just ok. Is like they work right on the below line on Customer Service for First Class passengers."
Cons: "No entertainment, food selection very limited."
Cons: "The flight attendant was arrogant. This is her job... just for $$$"
Pros: "The Crew was nice ."
Cons: "They displayed for three hours something on TV, but the entire plane had no sound. When asked the crew will tell you to listen on channel 13 or 14. I told them there was no sound. I was sitting in First Class and went to check with a friend that was way back in Economy, same thing. So i told the that to the crewmember who just told me, sorry nothing I can do about. Which I can understand. What I don't understand is why they continued displaying a mute TV set for three hours. Why not just shut it off? BTW, my daughter flew from LA to Boston that same day and exactly the same thing happened on her plane."
Pros: "Staff was nice."
Cons: "Again boarding and unboarding was very slow."
Pros: "The crew was always very warming and assisting. Everything was a breeze."
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Charge for changing date"
Cons: "multiple delays from American airline in Madrid and Chicago, not giving me good alternative, not owning the issue, multiple flight chnages"
Pros: "I must say the in-flight crew, 2 gents and 1 lady for the first class were so friendly and ..... Happy!!!!"
Cons: "It's cold in Ohio"
Pros: "Ontime working airplane with good crew"
Cons: "Setting is crowed especially when person in front reclins entertainment does not support many android and no kindle device"
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "To many delays"
Pros: "I had a great experience overall. I don't give 5 stars because there is always room for improvement no matter how good your service is."
Cons: "Size of the snacks"
Pros: "Fares were great"
Cons: "No update for upcoming travel arrangements"
Pros: "Todo muy bueno"

No headsets

Pros: "I liked the crew"
Cons: "Almost everything"
Pros: "Nice big plane, good movies, good overhead storage"
Cons: "Better food"
Pros: "Amazing crew and good seats."
Cons: "In my experience everything was great."
Pros: "Aisle seat"
Cons: "Snack options"
Pros: "Fatal crew attitude and discomfort seats, really reduced seat space."
Pros: "The flight was delayed for more than 4 times, I lost the transport and I will have to spend the night with my brother at the airport."
Cons: "The flight was delayed for more than 4 times, I lost the transport and I will have to spend the night with my brother at the airport."
Pros: "the crew was great!"
Cons: "The plane was very dirty"
Pros: "Organización y eficiencia"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "Plenty of room, great cabin service"
Cons: "Plane was way late, several gate changes had me chasing my tail in Chicago...and that is not a friendly airport for incoming international flights on a good day."
Cons: "Great"
Cons: "It took a very long time and multiple stops to get to my destination which should not have taken so long. Also it was extremely expensive for such a difficult itenerary to go from SJU to PVD."
Pros: "United provided excellent service for my return from Puerto Rico to the mainland. Unlike other carriers, United quickly adapted to the reality on the ground and adjusted their schedules accordingly. The result was a safe, comfortable, flight for a very reasonable cost given the very short amount of time I had to make reservations. Thank you!"
Cons: "Seriously? Landing on one end of one terminal and having my connection at the end of another?"
Pros: "The plane was clean and comfortable. Crew bilingual wich now a days is a must. Nice people, organized and relax."
Cons: "The plane was late for boarding so the flight was delayed. When finally boarding the crew were rushing us to seat... No good."
Pros: "The staff was extra friendly. I had a good seat coming and goin. Flight was very smooth."
Cons: "No headphones were given. I left mine at home."
Pros: "Great flight"
Cons: "Everything regarding food $ wasn't aware of it"
Pros: "Seat 7 A on this type of aircraft - and United's configuration - had the most leg room and space, esp. when the seat next to you is empty. The flight crew was friendly and great!"
Cons: "Boarding gates/ area in Denver airport for these small aircraft was almost as bad as a bus station! Crowded and most cramped/ uncomfortable. Denver United staff at customer service center was most unhelpful, unsympathetic and dismissive about the fact that in spite of a flight delay that completely their fault (no weather delay), which made me miss the memorial service for my friend's daughter - my main purpose for visiting Cincinnati - they refused to even give me a patient hearing much less consider my request to try and put me on a different flight!"
Pros: "The crew Personnel was courtesy and there were friendly."
Cons: "I didn't like the process of me having either laptop or some kind of computer to see the TV set because I can't afford that and that's why I had to be looking side-to-side to watch TV also changing to Gates when I got to Chicago I had to change three gates C24 B6 and B2 it was too much changes in a short time that has to be improved."
Cons: "The plane was so old that it just seemed like it should be retired. My flight was also delayed 45 minutes. They made passengers get off the plane because of a weight restriction it was absurd that my luggage took 40 minutes to come off the plane"
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Boarding. Board by inside seat to outside seat and it'll go much faster."
Pros: "The attention of the captain with the passengers and that we arrived 10 minutes before"
Pros: "The crew were very polite and friendly"
Cons: "The only thing I didn't like was the seat were to small."
Pros: "Good flight"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The crew was amazing. I was traveling alone with an infant and since the flight wasn't full, the ticketing agent moved seats around and gave me an entire row! It was so nice to have the extra space with all my things and to get up freely when needing to change my sons diaper. There was also a changing table in the bathroom which was much needed."
Pros: "Late"
Cons: "To late"
Cons: "The flight attendant was super rude an racist to one of the passengers"
Pros: "Crew was nice and very helpful."
Pros: "Nothing at all"
Cons: "Layover for every flight, technical problems with plane, boarding & unboarding the plane, uncomfortable, never again"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "It was quick to checkin but considering we were one of the few flights it should have been that way."
Cons: "No snacks were given to my kids cuz they were sleeping, the plane was freezing took a lil while until someone finally listened to the complaints and turned the heat up. No one was able to give us direction at San Juan airport all information desk were closed. It was a very stressful frustrating time at the airport. We were flying with 2 young kids at 2am and there was no body there to help, anyone we asked question we were given the wrong info not pleased one bit."
Pros: "United responded pretty well to the situation and gave hotel and food voucher."
Cons: "My fly got delay and because of that I didn't get in time to my connecting flight."
Pros: "Even though I change my date of flight everything was good, very good customer service100 percent."
Pros: "It was an over night flight and I usually fall asleep on those, but sometimes I have to wake up due to noises etc. This wasn't the case. Thanks"
Cons: "The flight was delayed and we have to pay for the entertainment what it's that One of flight attendant was getto, saying bad words and unhelpful The guy at the gate unhelpful in other airlines if my family and I have seats away from each other they will help you to be together specially if you have children. In united the guy didn't even bother to look in the system and just told me that that's the only thing he has I asked again and he's told me no because if he help me the flight will be delayed and I laugh and then I said are u serious so I told him that the only thing that he needs to do it's to call the person that has the seat next to my family and ask if he or she can switch seats with me that's all and he just walked away. Very unprofessional most of the staff. I'm a ARMY VETERAN 90% disabled and my wife ssg Ayala active duty the flights that we took on our deployments were smoother than the united airlines flights"
Pros: "Attention from crew."
Pros: "Nice flight"
Cons: "Nothing to eat"
Pros: "Chairs, charging stations onboard, courteous flight attendants, onboard entertainment."
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "Smooth ride"
Cons: "No drinks or snacks Well think it was only water or orange juice available"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "I have no complaints so far"
Cons: "Friendly staff and the flight was comfortable"
Pros: "The crew members during boarding were sensitive and very urgent in the process."
Cons: "The only delayed flights were the ones fron United, all the other airlines were on time. The attendant was stubborn and made comments not appreciated I lost my connecting flight in Houston and had to stay 8 hour in the airport until 6M Horrible experience"
Pros: "Nothing. I'm aprecciate if they call me because we have so many problems with the fly. 787-688-5109"
Cons: "The service was bad. Im never fly again with united air line. Never recommended hider"
Pros: "The staff was great and I truly enjoyed my flight experience. I have never had a flight that was so relaxing. Thank you United and Staff."
Pros: "Staff was friendly and professional."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Multiple delays and gate changes; chaotic boarding; shabby plane condition (bathroom looked held together with duct tape)."
Pros: "We arrived almost half and hour before ETA That was amazing. Crew was friendly"
Cons: "Complimentary snacks and drinks were a joke At that time in the morning mini cookie and a mini glass of soda (not even the whole can? ) i think the airline can do way better than that."
Cons: "Boarding went quickly but then waited almost 35 minutes on the plane to take off. Once the plane landed there was again a wait to pull into the gate. Spent more time waiting on the plane than the flight itself."
Pros: "Newer low profile seats created more room. Because of late take off, entertainment was free. Late takeoff also made for a short connection, but we made it thankfully."
Cons: "Attitude of the older flight attendant white woman. I asked her about putting a piece of artwork in a bin that had a yellow thing which looked to be a flotation device, and she was sarcastically rude saying it was a raft, and no I can't put anything in there. I watched the attitude with some other guests as well, so realized it wasn't just me, but how snarkily short she was with people about their luggage and such. If you're not enjoying your job, then quit and let someone younger and fresh come on board to create a more pleasant atmosphere for everyone."
Pros: "The boarding staff in the airport were excellent and very helpful. Wish I would have got the gate attendant name because she was great. There was a 30 minute delay for departure due to a maintenance issue but we arrived in Cincinnati only 10 minutes late."
Cons: "The aircraft was very cramped and uncomfortable the seats were terrible. The flight crew was being very unprofessional laughing and giggling while giving the mandatory safety instructions. The pilots did a great job getting us to Cincinnati only 10 minutes late after 30 minute delay in DC"
Pros: "Crew was great. Plane left and arrived on time."
Cons: "Window seats should load earlier so I don't have to climb over everyone."
Cons: "Mild turbulence"
Pros: "Seats were comfortable for a short trip"
Pros: "Crew was good. Seating not comfortable for me needs to recline and should have movies or vidieo."
Cons: "Better seating and little more space"
Cons: "Poor seats even in premium section. NO recline at all. Miserable for a red-eye flight."
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "Good flight"
Pros: "Very smooth flight and landing"
Cons: "Unnecessary delay in RSW, further delay to rebalance a full flight (makes no sense), and ran out of common food items."
Cons: "Paid an extra 30 dollars for a stretch seat and it was no bigger than the rest of the seats"
Pros: "Great fight attendants"
Pros: "Attendant courtesy excellent"
Cons: "$45 each way for checked luggage is ridiculous, as is having to pay for coffee. Southwest has equally great service without the added cost."
Pros: "seats were comfortable"
Cons: "we had to pay so much for a drink and chips"
Pros: "Once we started boarding and were on the plane all personnel were very accommodating and got us to our destination quickly."
Cons: "The amount of delays. The departure and arrival times was a major reason I flew with Frontier to begin with, so without that I have little incentive to fly with Frontier in the future. At the check-in counter it seemed unorganized. The automated check-in machines were not working properly and customers were not helped in an orderly line when I had to check-in at the counter."
Cons: "Flight attendant didn't take the time to read the entire certification label on our child's car seat. As a result she made me gate check it (no cost at least)...trying to keep a 2 year old in a seat for 3 hours with a lap belt that doesn't fit tightly doesn't seem like the best option. After we landed and I retrieved the seat, I spoke with the attendant and respectfully pointed out that it was in fact certified for aircraft. She apologized and accepted the feedback."
Pros: "Flight attendants were very nice."
Cons: "I did not order food but was disappointed that a complimentary pop and pretzels were not given."
Pros: "The flight was smooth and everyone was friendly n plane was clean"
Cons: "Someone took my bro Jordan red flip flops and we put them in the suitcase before we checked in are bags cause he changed into tennis shoes and put his sandals in his suitcase.. not happy that are bags wasn't safe ... wish I knew who to call to complain.."
Pros: "The crew and personnel were great!"
Cons: "Don't like the additional carry on fee, had 3 hour plane trouble and had to deboard and wait (which I know things happen but at least could of gave complimentary drink or snack to passengers/children)"
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "Frontier ingeneral. Very poor customer service, very uncomfortable, no accommodations for taller people with service animal, flight was delayed twice. Won't make that mistake again."
Pros: "Hilarious flight crew- funniest intro and safety tutorial to date."
Cons: "The flight was so cold the entire time and the bathrooms were not kept up."
Pros: "nothing!"
Cons: "Crew never approached us to ask us if we needed anything and most just sat, talked amongst themselves and kept to themselves the entire flight. Seamed disinterested. Crew on incoming flight, 1115 were the worst ever! Female Flight Attendent verbally ridiculed a passenger to the other attendents who was a bigger husky man who was having a difficult time closing his seat belt. Very unprofessional and I will not use your airline again. Another Male Flight Attendant would not wait a few swconds for a passenger to gather his trash, got disgusted, made some type of remark and just turned and walked away. Never returned."
Pros: "Nothing was good."
Cons: "You guys didn't take me to Cleveland when I laid for you to take me to Cleveland so I didn't really like that."
Pros: "Frontiers system is broke, they've been cancelling flights for days and giving people no alternate options to get home for Christmas. They refuse to pay for hotels or cover other airline tickets and will not guarantee their own flights. I watched as they denied an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair on oxygen. They are understaffed and poorly managed. Also don't let the cheap ticket prices fool you - they make back the difference with ridiculous baggage fees and additional charges."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight never even happened. The airline just kept giving completely unattainable take off times for over 4 hours. No staff was present the whole time. Just all the passengers sitting around having no idea what's going on. I've flown a lot, this is the worst experience I've ever had"
Pros: "Clean and a smooth ride"
Cons: "There was no complimentary food at all and it was a 3 hour flight"
Pros: "We were forced to wait 15 hours with one delay after another. With one excuse after another. My flight was scheduled for 1001 am. We did not board the plane on time. It was 1145 pm and I did not get to Cleveland at noon, no it was 3 o'clock am with no chance to rent a car to go home I had to call my daughter! And the best part was that my 75 year old wife had to endure this.they would not cancel the flight and allow me to take my wife to a hotle. There were parents with infants as well that was not happy.So to Hume it may concern You have lost several customers because of your failure to take care of your customers!"
Pros: "Stewards were professional"
Cons: "Experience started with sitting on plane for 2 hours or more while maintenance was fixing thermostat, then plane was shut down for 10 mins., then had to wait another 10 for plane to reboot. All this didn't work, so we were told get all your stuff, get off plane then go wait at another gate to reboard another family plans were ruined since we all arrived 3 hrs later starving, thirsty & tired.. . No compensation was offered for all the inconvenience and we paid a high price for this flight that you had to pay a lot for a carry on. Flight home was at least 2 hr delay. Also not sure why entertainment is on survey since there wasn't any, or food since not even peanuts were offered and comfort??? Noticed less space pet person since my last flight and even the tray was tiny. None of our group of 7 will fly Frontier again, and will make sure everyone who asks about our trip will hear about our awful experience w/Frontier."
Cons: "not only did i have to pay for food but i had to pay $40 for a carry"
Pros: "#1 include the information that seats/baggage/drinks are NOT INCLUDED in the low fare- prior to booking. #2 None of the seats recline except rows 1,2 & 3 Which are $50 plus dollars extra. Pulling a red-eye on this aircraft was horrible."
Cons: "This airline is misleading and the planes uncomfortable."
Pros: "Crew."
Cons: "Flight delay. Condition if terminal in SFO."
Cons: "seats dont recline, no tv 0r radio, water only - all snacks and drinks must be purchased and they are over priced - must pay for any carryon baggage, and seat choice"
Pros: "The seats are very uncomfortable. There is hardly any padding and no room to move. Margaret"
Pros: "It was cheap and on time."
Cons: "They pretend to be a mainstream airline but are the same as Spirit and other budget airlines. This is fine with me-I actually have no problem paying for what I use (carry ons, bags, drinks, etc.) But seperating my wife and I, who booked and bought the tix in the same transaction is a line too left a sour taste in our moths, especially at the start of our trip. The seats are striped down, don't recline (except for the 18 at the front for a premium price. They have focused on cutting cost quite a bit...I have never heard announcements for trash collection by flight attendants (6 times on this flight) this many times.I guess they had to cut the cleaning crew. :) well, to sum it is a budget airlines, despite their promotions of miles, etc., and you get what you pay for."
Pros: "Honestly at first I liked how it appeared to be a newer plane with updated seats but then..."
Cons: "I saw those updated seats and the joke of a tray table that was provided wouldn't even hold my iPad. The staff was apparently new because they couldn't get through one intercom conversation without fumbling through it and when a customer asked how long the flight was the flight attendant didn't know and another passenger had to answer. We were delayed by 2 hours and all because the intercom phone was broken. I know it's a safety hazard but it just wasn't a smooth professional staff that you typically see. One of the three flight attendants was tenure but all I saw was the new girl fumble through everything. I'm hoping she was new...also, we are delayed two hours sitting on the plane, so I know people will give bad reviews about that but there's nothing you can control regarding our safety. It is what it is, I just couldn't stop shaking my head everything they spoke on the intercom how bad they were on it."
Pros: "The security line to the Frontier concourse was unbelievably long, and even though Frontier knew this, it insisted on closing the plane door right on time, at 10 minutes before departure, even though 6 non-related passengers were going to miss the flight. If they had kept the door open 2 extra minutes, all 6 passengers would have made the flight. Ultimately, the plane left 10 minutes late, so 20 minutes after the door closed. I've had enough of Frontier's inflexibility and will gladly pay a higher fare for a different airline."
Cons: "Very hard cramped seats that don't recline, no headrest, flight was delayed, dishonest pricing w very high fees for carry ons"
Pros: "A new lesson in how to be a sardine!"
Cons: "Configuration of the aircraft is unrealistic and the fact that humans are now 4" talker than out 18th and 19th countrrparts. Fuel consumption I understand, but this is just another way corporate America is making people miserable to make money. Not efficiency. Oh and their flight attendants have serious attitudeS towards dealing with the general public!"
Pros: "The price only"
Cons: "The service is minimal. Everything but a seat selected by the airline is extra. I knew that in advance, but buying a cheap ticket requires you to put up with poor customer service. The Frontier cabin crew spent most of the time on both of my flights in the front and back of the cabin talking among themselves. Both flights made you feel like a sardine. Get you on and off as quickly as possible so they can get the next herd of sheep on board for the next flight. No seat adjustment button. The refreshment tray attached to the back of seat in front of me one half to one third the size of trays on any other flights I have ever taken."
Pros: "It was on time."
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats. Tray tables were too small."
Pros: "The gate staff."
Cons: "First, plane maintenance. We pulled away from the gate & loud noises including grinding metal started coming from the left wing. We were towed back to the gate and deplaned, process took an hour. They determined a part was needed and solution was to have it driven by car from an airport 3+ hours away. Little info was shared from mechanical to gate agents. After several hours they gave us certificates for $10 off food and non alcoholic drinks...after we'd already eaten. Then they announced everyone would receive $100 vouchers by email for a future flight once the plane took off. 3 hours after our scheduled depart time, I see the plane crew walking away with their luggage...never a good sign. That's when we knew this was going to be a loonnnggg delay. We decided to see if we could get on same flight the next day. Gate agent was great and made it happen...but we could not get our checked luggage. Fine, we left and went home. Turned out to be a good decision, flight finally left 9 hours late! Next day we go to airport early, use our $10 certs. from previous day and fly as scheduled...until we arrive in Cleveland and there is no gate ready for us. We sat for an hour waiting for a gate. Then we get off the plane and no $100 certificates in email and are told its because we changed flights! Are they kidding? Airline travel has become like the bus lines of the air but this airline is just awful! Tray tables the size of a phone, extra charges for seats, luggage and drinks, obviously inferior maintenance, poor communication and lousy customer service. Avoid Frontier if possible."
Pros: "This was my return flight and first time on Frontier, it was an effortless flight coming and going, staff were very nice and I will definitely be a frequent flyer on Frontier Airlines."
Cons: "There was nothing I didn't like the plane was clean and the staff were courteous."
Pros: "Newer seats, so I guess that could be counted as a plus for this trip."
Cons: "Ticket counter person in PDX was very rude. Our seats were 'upgraded' for a red eye flight, behind one screaming baby for 75% of the flight, and another next to us that constantly was kicking us. The male air flight attendant enjoyed to hear himself talk so much, that between him and the amplified screaming baby, sleep was not possible. I asked for water, but since that was the only free thing, they were out of it and the male flight attendant sound get me some of their was time before we landed....that was 25 minutes into a 3 and a half hour flight. In his defense, I did get my water just before the plane started its descent. And the last point, girlfriend's brand new suitcase was covered in him when we picked it from baggage claim. Instead of just refunding us the baggage fee, no, we now have a claim open for Up to $50 to get it cleaned. Spend the extra $100 for ease of mind and fly a real airline."
Pros: "Not much. 2 hour delay."
Cons: "These new seats are disgusting!"
Pros: "The crew was wonderful and very helpful and cheerful. Flight was super fast and we arrived early."
Cons: "Seats and floor were covered in crumbs and fairly dirty. In my row it was Cheerios but in other rows there were crumbs and trash too."
Pros: "The flight was actually on time for us to board. In the past their has been delays. Boarding was smooth the plane looked like it had been updated nice seats."
Cons: "The gate had the wrong city so some people were confused on where to go. The staff at the gate need to be more professional and give more attention to customers. They were too busy talking about personal issues amongst themselves. Some people had questions about baggage and needed assistance and they would refer them to the site. They need to work on customer service."
Pros: "Cheap tickets"
Cons: "Extra charges every step of the way, seats were too cramped to sleep on the red eye flight."
Pros: "Awesome helpful flight attendants. My bag needed to be moved because it wouldn't fit in front of my feet and the flight attendant moved it for me."
Pros: "Flight attendants were nice"
Cons: "Absurd wait time to check baggage, outrageous fees for baggage, then lost baggage!! Wandered around airport looking for assistance in how to file a lost bag claim ticket for half an hour because no one could direct me as to where to meet a frontier representative. I was told my baggag would be tracked and delivered within 24 hours, of which I'm quickly approaching that mark and I have no word whatsoever on the location of my bag."
Pros: "everything was great"
Cons: "nothing"
Pros: "Can't beat the price."
Cons: "Airbus jet we flew both ways did not have reclining seats and service tray was only 4 inches wide."
Pros: "convenient flight times; on time statuses. although it may be somewhat unrelated, I loved booking my first time thru Kayak as another option/adjunct else I probably would not have flown Frontier!"
Cons: "I know it's won't be viewed seriously but I hear a lot of people gripe about it -- no free snacks and beverage."
Pros: "The fight, and it's crew were as good, and as professional as any other carrier, I've ever flown with. Even those full priced, and over priced carriers. There was no entertainment on this flight. And I did not purchase any food or drink. I would have liked the seat to recline a little more, but hey,, it's an economy carrier. You can't have everything. Besides, it was a late night flight. Only three and a half hours. By the time I got into a good snooze, we were landing in Cleveland. Look forward to doing it again."
Pros: "Good"
Cons: "Good"
Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "God"
Pros: "Good"
Cons: "Yes"
Pros: "The crew handled themselves well under difficult circumstances."
Cons: "The seats are ridiculously small."
Pros: "My big seat"
Cons: "Food and Beverage selection"
Cons: "After waiting over 6 hours and several delays, missed flight as boarding announcements were not made to area just adjacent to boarding gate."
Pros: "n/a"
Cons: "the flight was 2hrs delayed which caused us to miss our connection flight staff was rude & unprofessional had to absorb additional fees due to the delay along with wasted time"
Pros: "More comfortable seats and leg room"
Cons: "Being able to pick my seat for free, $3 for a bottled water not good."
Pros: "Smooth boarding"
Cons: "At least water should be free not everyone has a credit card"
Pros: "My flight to Atlanta was fine and went great"
Cons: "The flight back was delayed 3 times and the worse flying experience would have thought the pilot was a rookie very scary flight"
Pros: "There's a restaurant in Corvallis, OR where they advertise "gonzo"cuisine. I consider Spirit "gonzo" air travel. It has a relaxed economical vibe, but it's excellent in everything that matters most."
Pros: "On time and everything ran smoothly"
Cons: "The seats"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was late and they kept changing the time, never received an email of the delay or changes. Got to the airports to wait an excess two hours. Girl next to me asked for a water and they wouldn't bring it to her and then wanted to charge her three dollars for water after we all were stuck in the airport for 4 hours."
Pros: "The flight attendants on the plane were very friendly"
Cons: "The attendant at the entrance were extreamly rude and not helpful and made me feel uncomfortable. When I got to my gate I was told I needed to pay for my carry on and initially I was okay with it because I thought it would be going under the plane but the still made me take it on the plane so technically i paid for a carry on and top of that I had to wait about 5 minutes for the two workers to finish their "personal" conversation about a vacation one of them had for them to take care of me. This is my first bad experience with spirit airlines after flirting with them for many years and I am very upset"
Pros: "Flight was cancel and the flight customer service mention that it wasn't non refundable on the behalf of the flight I have a whole lot to say very disappointed this is the first time I ever flew and the action that were taking"
Cons: "Horrible experience not a reliable flight"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Boarding should still be open 36 minutes prior to boarding yet when I got there (36 minutes prior to boarding) no one was there and by the time an attendant came up she said the plane had left early because everyone was on board! Obviously not though because my baby and I had a ticket and we were not on the flight!! They stranded my baby and I. Don't leave without all your passengers when we arrive early enough that we should've made the flight."
Pros: "The price was unbeatable. One of the flight attendants was very comedic in her intercom speeches."
Cons: "At the airport check in, over 100 of us stood in line to drop off bags for TWO HOURS with no Spirit staff in sight. When the staff did arrive, they were slow about helping us, laughed and joked with each other ignoring us, and not even apologetic. Once they began taking bags, they weren't friendly or even very attentive. The flight attendants paid little attention to the customers...stayed all up front eating, talking to each other, or on their electronic devices. The seats are very cramped, uncomfortable, and had no pocket or way to recline (unless you paid extra). There was no complimentary snack/beverage options...not even water...and this was for a 3 hour flight. The overall staff was not friendly or inclined to be helpful."
Pros: "Flight was on time. It was no frills so I did not expect much. I came with just a personal bag which was accepted, so overall I was content."
Cons: "Outbound to BOS there was over 4 hrs delay, yet we had to be at the airport in time for the original departure time. The staff for the most part were not very sym"
Cons: "Delta had to take us home. Spirit cancelled our flight from Orlando to Cleveland. They booked us a flight on Delta from Orlando to Atlanta and then from Atlanta to Akron/Canton. We had to have our son come to the Akron/Canton Airport to pick us up and take us to the Cleveland Airport to get our car. On the way from Cleveland to Orlando Spirit broke our one piece of checked luggage. We will never fly Spirit again."
Pros: "I like the price of the tickets...they kept me posted for my flight."
Cons: "It was very dirty, no leg room, again is because of the prices, and everything is extra!"
Cons: "Their pilots had been on strike for days. They kept us waiting at the airport on my return flight for three hours before telling us the flight was cancelled. They should have started rebooking us on other flights as soon as we got there. By the time they cancelled the flight all the other airlines at the airport were closed. They told us they couldn't help us and we would have to call their 800 number. I was on the phone for 3-1/2 hours on my outgoing flight and didn't have that much time for this flight. They didn't care at all about their customers. In the end it cost them more because they put us up at a hotel for the night and gave us a meal voucher."
Pros: "Nothing tangible about the flight. Though the attendants were nice and didn't have a problem with people overall."
Cons: "Nearly everything....and I'm not the only one. The whole flight iscompletely upset with the whole experience. #1 Checked bags are overpriced and way too many bits and ifs #2 The seats are old and not too comfortable...padding is poor #3 ZERO!!! Entertainment #4 Poor service from management (our flight has been delayed over close to 4 hours now and #1BARELY ANY COMMUNICATION #2 MISCOMMUNICATION #3 NOT ONCE A SERVICE has been offered to ease the inconvenience (everyone's hungry, upset waiting etc) I dare for anyone to suggest that this is the cost of flying an Economy flight. I have flown JetBlue and Delta and those 2 guys are OUTSTANDING. (Bags included/Descent snacks/Starbucks coffee/Entertainement 10/10 with free movies on demand!) I Will NEVER Board SPIRIT AIRLINES AGAIN until they give an entire update to their Airline and Airplane service and craft."
Pros: "All was good for the price, seats are not comfortable, the space is very restricted."
Cons: "All was good for the price, seats are not comfortable, the space is very restricted."
Pros: "The staff in the plane were very rood and was fighting disgusted with every thing"
Cons: "The service and thinking how much we pay was vety poor not even water"
Pros: "My seat"
Pros: "No lines, if you have a carry on. The Kiosk was very easy to use to print your boarding pass. The seats were comfortable for me because I'm 5'5" . Slept all the way there and sat in the middle. I have no comments on the food or drinks because I did not purchase the items."
Cons: "You have to pay for everything extra, from seats, to luggage, and carry-ons, and snacks and food but that is the price you pay for cheaper tickets."
Pros: "Was right on time. Smooth check in."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "I guess I don't like anything that spirit has - except for the price which I finally disliked"
Cons: "I have my flight at 9.30 AM and I was at the airport by 8.30 AM. I had to find out where the check in counter is and I was at the check in counter at 8.40. By the time my turn came, it was 8.50 and the agent said I am late as the gate closes 8.45 AM. There is no mention in the itinerary that the gate closes 30 minutes before departure and I was there 45 minutes before the take off. I didn't get a next flight. Now, I can't even cancel the return flight and I lost all the money for the trip. I called the customer service and they said they cant do anything except to book another ticket the next day. Why do they think I would ever travel with them again!!"
Pros: "flight was on time"
Cons: "they sold out my ticket that i purchased way in advance to someone else and did not want to let me on the plane!! the terrible practice of double booking must be illegal! it was completely ruing my trip. the person at the counter offer me to reschedule my flight (that was on time by the way, and i was 1:15 min before the flight near the counter) on the next day!!! with NO compensation, that was ruining ALL my plans! the worst, most horrible experience i had so far... they charge 50$ for check-in luggage, 55$ for carried on.. next time i'd rather stay home than fly with Spirit. i wish Spirit to get bankrupt!"
Cons: "Lack of communication on the progress of flight delay. Was in airport 14 hours. Next day missed flight because they had two flights with same flight number. Had to find another flight and had to pay twice as much to get home."
Cons: "The fact that they boarded us knowing they had to do a repair or examination of what happened to the plane with a bird strike and fill out the paperwork."
Pros: "cheap, spacious leg room. Got me from point A to point B."
Cons: "Receptionist at the airport terminal was rude. Also on the outbound flight the gate was changed but no one was notified."
Pros: "What did I like? Nothing."
Cons: "What didn't I like? Everything"
Cons: "Service before hand"
Pros: "I liked the base price of the fare. I also liked the staff and flying experience from Cleveland to Las Vegas. That reference may be the only thing that causes me to consider a 2nd flight with Spirit."
Cons: "I did not like the boarding process, a single line for ALL customers regardless of whether or not you already have a boarding pass, my luggage was damaged and no note or apology from Spirit it was just loaded on the conveyor belt as if it were received that way, threats of the gate permanently closing 35 minutes before boarding despite having to sit on the plane until the plane was scheduled to leave 35 minutes later, fees for everything from carry-ons, to seats, to snacks and regular beverages on super long flights, and the list goes on..."
Pros: "Nice crew, easy flight"
Cons: "Over an hour late"
Pros: "The flight attendants were pretty great."
Cons: "As soon as I sat down and figured out I couldn't move my seat back I knew I had entered a nightmare. The guy sharing my row was a selfish jerk who kept putting his items on the middle seat to claim "his territory". There were 3 babies on the red eye flight who took turns crying, so almost the whole flight was speckled with little baby outbursts of emotion. And the amount of leg room provided is just absolutely ridiculous for anything longer than an hour flight! I'm certain the CEO of the company that runs Spirit Airlinesflies first class on another airline and never flies crappy old Spirit!"
Pros: "I liked the cheap price of the flight"
Cons: "Late departure time made me late for work"
Pros: "The flight was cheap which was very nice. But that is all"
Cons: "The dirtiness was foul. I had a piece of chewed up gum on my seat. it was nasty. and how you can only bring one personal item. Normally two carry-ons is customary. There is no complementary food, you have to purchase everything. Also, seats don't recline which is horrible because then sleeping is impossible."
Pros: "Flight cancelled"
Cons: "Flight cancelled"
Pros: "The flights are relatively cheap (if you opt for no luggage and random seating) and the attendants are always friendly but that's usually where the "pros" end."
Cons: "My flight was delayed and the time was changed more than once; I feel this is becoming a trend every time I fly spirit. My cramped and uncomfortable seat was covered in chips upon arrival and there was trash on the ground. This has been happening more now that they have previous passengers clean up instead of having them cleaned up between flights. Overall, if you want a good price you're gonna have to put up with all the woes of air travel."
Cons: "The seats had no recline option which is a bit odd- I've never been on a plane where the seats couldn't recline at least a bit. And the website claimed that they didn't offer beverages /food (including water) to save on fuel and costs over all (such as paying employees) - however, once I was on the plane, I see that they had almost more options than a standard airline but just charged for it (including water), and had the same # of flight attendants - so this explanation was not true, as they claimed on their website. They maybe had more items on their plane to carry, to be honest , with all of the options available . It was a ploy. Everyone was very nice and accommodating, however ."
Pros: "Plane was nice always late"
Cons: "It is always late"
Pros: "The actual in air experience was good. The staff was very nice and smiled as we entered and smiled as we exited. The aircraft was clean and the restrooms were clean and refreshing."
Cons: "The counter service was unexceptionable. I stood in line for 40 minutes. While the few people working did handle the line which literally was the length of the concourse and out the building the the passenger arrival area of the airport. I was one of the most unorganized events that I have ever experienced. The computer would print my boarding pass. I had to stand in line for that. I tried to print it at the hotel for over an hour and it still would not print for me so there is a glitch in the system somewhere. Upon our arrival in Cleveland there was no Agent standing there to give greetings or directions. All in all the service was sub-par and leaves much to be desireable."
Pros: "Low rates."
Cons: "Uncomfortable seating."
Pros: "This is the 4th time we've flown Spirit and our 4th great experience. All the flights we've taken have left on time and arrived on time. This flight actually arrived 15 minutes earlier than predicted. What I truly appreciated was the Pilot letting us know it was going to be bumpy and why, and what he was going to do to try and minimize the inconvenience. An added bonus, a genuinely funny stewardess explaining the safety features. It's one of the few times I actually listened to the instructions carefully. She was applauded at the end - well done! I fly Spirit to get safely from point A to B and I don't mind at all paying for the extras - that way I get what I want, not what someone else thinks I should have."
Pros: "The ride was great. there was no food or entertainment, art least worth paying for."
Cons: "I bought a ticket when I went to select a seat only ones left I had to pay moe for. what did I get from a ticket, nothing!"
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