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GSO — Florida
Oct 26 — Nov 21
1 adult
0 bags
Wed 10/26
Wed 11/2

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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found tickets from Greensboro to Florida for the following prices or less: to Fort Lauderdale $158 one-way - $243 round-trip, to Miami $93 one-way - $345 round-trip, to Tampa $46 one-way - $335 round-trip
  • Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be May and June. The cheapest month to fly to Florida is January.
  • Morning departure is around 17% more expensive than an evening flight, on average*.
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DeltaOverall score based on 31454 reviews
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It was a great flight.

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It was a great flight.

Everything was fine it was just cold

The flight attendants were happy!

After a delay, the flight departed and it was a smooth flight. Good service from the flight crew and we arrived home nearly on time.

Cons: "Wearing a mask was difficult."
Pros: "Good! No complaints, no suggestions."
Pros: "Crew was exceptionally nice. Live DISH TV unexpected and appreciated."
Pros: "None"
Pros: "Crew very helpful and accommodating."
Cons: "The flight was delayed almost an hour due to inclement weather in the originating city. The Delta personnel explained the situation and did all they could considering the circumstances."
Pros: "Very friendly and professional."
Cons: "Better options in economy for food"
Pros: "Nice smooth flight."
Cons: "Tiny seats. No entertainment offered."
Pros: "We actually did not fly this route. We bought a car and drove home!"
Pros: "The crew was amazing this round I got good seats"
Cons: "Forgot my earphones so I had to read a book. I never asked nor did I see earphones"
Pros: "The flight crew was amazing! Very helpful and did everything they could to assist!"
Cons: "The plane was pretty toasty! It didn't really mellow out once we got in the air, either! That was my only complaint."
Pros: "Crew was very nice."
Cons: "Long delay with vague explanations why."
Pros: "Didn’t like security. They were rude"
Cons: "Security"
Cons: "There was a dog barking the entire time that disturbed everyone."
Pros: "See Below.. Inflight WiFi Entertainment Options"
Cons: "Flight was delayed hour due to missing crew. Boarding involved a bus taking to stairs-only-access tiny plane, in pouring down rain. Grumpy flight attendant. All Carryons taken. Ran out of snacks and beverage service."
Pros: "Entertainment on board"
Cons: "No service, very hard landing - many screams"
Cons: "There was a mechanical delay and I ended up missing my flight. Even though I arrived 10 minutes prior to departure."
Pros: "All was good."
Cons: "Screen went out after an announcement. I told the attendant but lost the screen for the rest of the flight. Slow to load and unload."
Pros: "Good flight attendants.."
Cons: "Cramped"
Cons: "Crew was grumpy and Curt. Seats still smaller than a kindergarten class, and didn't even serve water."
Pros: "Not too bad once we got on the plane"
Cons: "They make up this lame excuse about a slight delay on the plane arriving and having no flight attendants to get on the plane on time. This delayed our flight by two hours. They need to staff their flights !"
Pros: "The flight is short and easy."
Cons: "I always try to purchase an aisle seat. I feel like there is more room and I don’t feel trapped against a window. This flight a man with very broad shoulders sat in the middle seat. I felt like he should have paid for half my ticket since he sat in half my seat. Thankfully the flight is short. Had it been my second flight I would have been quite upset."
Pros: "Weather kept them from being able to serve everyone but she did pass around cookies which was a really nice thought!"
Pros: "Quick, efficient, affordable!"
Pros: "Cody was such a great flight attendant. We weren’t seated with our kids and he helped us switch seats. He was so help and just sincerely nice. Really great person to represent your brand."
Pros: "Ditto!"
Cons: "Horribly uncomfortable on plane! Need more room!"
Pros: "Excelente"
Pros: "Plane nice and comfortable"
Pros: "Got me where I needed to go at the price I wanted to pay. - The gals at the ticketing desk were extremely helpful and cheerful."
Cons: "Not my typical Delta experience: -Boarding for special needs was a joke. A literal ‘run-on-sentence’. No more did I get up and they went to the next group. I was almost knocked over in the rush. -The onboard staff was nice enough. However, between the two of them, one of them had a thick accent. Maybe that one shouldn’t be the one making all on board announcements… and please fix the horrendous crackles too!!! -It seemed our pilot was in training… during our short flight a series of right and left turns were made, no effort to avoid turbulence, and the landing was surprisingly hard. It felt as if my spine took a quick jab to my brain as a result! What’s up?"
Cons: "it is a shame that for an international trip, with a "superspecial rate" of almost 700 USD. We still had to pay to register 1 piece of luggage. Why are these flights NOT considered international and allow at least one piece of registered luggage? They seem to be considered international when it comes to the ticket price."
Pros: "Easy boarding, great service from the flight crew, and excellent food and drink service. Seats were comfortable and plenty of entertainment options for a long flight"
Pros: "Flight was comfortable. Short, sweet, and landed before I knew it. Boarding was a smooth process."
Cons: "The flight crew and service on the plane was fine. My biggest complaint was at the baggage drop off at the airport, where there was quite a long line without any crew members assisting us. A five to ten minute wait is fine, but a fifteen minute wait, with only three crew members compared to the other airlines? By the time I dropped off my baggage, the other airlines were finished with their customers, and there was still quite a line behind me."
Pros: "Crew very cheerful and friendly"
Cons: "Still don’t know why I’m always zone 3. Also, need to stop people in main cabin from putting seats back. Either everyone would need to be like dominoes or basically they are just getting rid of what little space there is."
Pros: "The most humorous and professional flight attendants that I can remember on any flight. The ladies were friendly and efficient, but th male attendants were the same, but quite humorous! And at ten o'clock at night, after a long day, that made the flight relaxing and "fun.""
Cons: "Nothing, great ride!"
Cons: "I was not able to use this flight from Dallas because of the Hurricane Irma's impending closure of Sarasota. So I had to purchase a one way, First Class ticket from Dallas to Tampa so that I could get home before the hurricane hit. However, the flight from Dallas to Tampa via Atlanta was excellent in all the above. Now, I have to figure out how to get credit for the unused portion of the DFW-ATL-SRQ! Any suggestions? FR. JOE CONNOLLY"
Cons: "Crew allowed passenger to leave bag on floor between seats on emergency exit. This is a safety violation."
Pros: "Attention to detail, truly caring for the passengers and a nice smile."
Cons: "Everything was first class and there was nothing that was actually decided that was not received."
Pros: "consistently good"
Cons: "no problems... a little late because of uncontrollable factor... WEATHER"
Cons: "Awful experience. Delta left us stranded on the runway for 3 hours. Pathetic airline."
Pros: "Clean, pretty roomy (Delta Comfort)"
Cons: "Couldn't get onto internet. Both my wife and I could not access internet. Might be platform thing as we have Apple devices; woman next to us seemed to have nomorobkem with PC."
Pros: "I had my own entertainment...none on the plane. No food...just pretzels."
Pros: "On time,smooth good servive"
Pros: "Like the online check in and advanced seat assignment"
Cons: "It's only a 45 min flight so no ptoblems"
Cons: "Delayed and crews attitude. Also being seated next to someone when the plain is half empty"
Pros: "Good pilot. Decent flight attendants. All good."
Cons: "The price."
Pros: "Flight attendants were very nice"
Cons: "Overbooking flights"
Pros: "Not happy"
Cons: "I was given a hard time on getting my boarding pass printed. They made me waknback and forth twice to clear up this situation. Delta said I had to pay extra to cover the fare. Even the "special services" did not give any great service. Alex me think twice abotnbooking through this and delta.!"

Delayed, missed connecting flights had to book new ones out several thousand dollars and caused to miss next flight several more thousand I’m sure before it’s over…


no comments

Flight left almost 90 minutes late because they determined we were too heavy and had to come remove some of the fuel. Additionally, in flight entertainment wasn’t working

American airlines has always been great. Will definitely be using them in the future!

Pros: "The crew did their job."
Cons: "At least monitors to watch a movie since there is no food in first class..."
Pros: "After the GSO - PHL flight, I mistakenly boarded a flight to Portland Maine PWM. Why didn’t the gate attendant catch this error?"
Cons: "Attention to detail by both the gate agent and myself."
Pros: "Uneventful flight! Love that!"
Cons: "The crew is just over it all. They are Tired & put out by the job. They cannot even pretend to like their jobs. Quite unfortunate."
Pros: "Great crew"
Pros: "Being relatively on-time was nice for a change."
Cons: "Seats are tight / uncomfortable. Crew could be better at spotting intoxicated passengers and not continuing to serve them."
Pros: "I am traveling with my 79yr old infirm mother. The crew was so kind & so helpful! On the scale of 1-10 (10=Best) they were like 100! Even though my flight was delayed a bit it was still VERY GOOD! Plus the flight was amazing. The flight was also amazing. Even though we were flying though a storm."
Cons: "You couldn’t have been on time because of the storm so there’s nothing that you could have done"
Pros: "Crew was amazing considering we had a delay for a 18 minute flight due to weather. They passed out water etc.. even though they didn't have to"
Cons: "Boarding process was chaotic"
Cons: "Be on time. We missed connection flight due to departure delay"
Pros: "On times and good service - half-empty plane."
Pros: "Excellent beverage service and opportunity to purchase food"
Cons: "How to connect to AA in flight entertainment. Always takes forever to connect"
Pros: "Great crew - good attitudes."
Cons: "Delayed for an hour due to a log book issue."
Pros: "Great service!!!"
Cons: "I couldn’t finish the free in air entertainment. My flight was to short. :)"
Cons: "Seats were small"
Pros: "Smooth Flight"
Cons: "Delayed on both flights"
Pros: "Ease of travel. Seamless boarding process."
Pros: "I planned a very affordable & organized trip, using KAYAK! Very satisfied so far!"
Cons: "NA"
Pros: "Entertainment options."
Cons: "This new low life category where you cannot even pay to be treated like a human."
Cons: "longer hours due to the 2 stops"
Pros: "The counter attendant was helpful in changing our seats so could sit together."
Cons: "The flight attendant when first boarding was extremely rude. We had a bag we brought on three previous legs of our total travel which was considered by all of the other attendants as a personal item. This particular attendant very rudely informed us it was not, and we needed to check it. When we tried to explain the previous flights she responded with “I just explained this to the other’s not allowed.” We didn’t argue, and gave the bag to the personnel in attendance, but the tone for the duration of the flight continued."
Pros: "Relatively comfortable!"
Cons: "It was late."
Pros: "Left on time arrived on time. Also, luggage got to the carrousel quickly."
Cons: "Nothing it was a short flight and the plane was mostly empty."
Pros: "No problems."
Cons: "All was well."
Pros: "Excellent and original Japanese foods"
Cons: "Food could have been better. Plane was 1/2 full. WiFi was not giving all the movies. Only 6 or 7 to choose from."
Pros: "Nice staff"
Cons: "Checking in was so in-efficient. We had to visit the machine and 3 desks to be able to check-in. The entertainment screens on the planes were so unresponsive that it was a feat of patience to be able to choose anything."
Pros: "I got there in one piece. Even made my connection (barely)"
Cons: "TSA were abusing power and pulling ppl out of line like crazy. Tried to take Christmas toys from someone (and they weren’t in violation of anything. ) flight was delayed and took so long it would have been faster to drive to Charlotte. Whole airport was the most inefficient thing I have ever seen."
Pros: "The flight was a quick 39 minutes from Chicago, the staff was friendly. Good flight."
Cons: "It's snowing!"
Pros: "Wow! Really nice plane, nice entertainment system even though it’s Android and it has glitches."
Cons: "They didn't even get me to Sarasota, they flew me into Tampa."
Pros: "Everything was excellent"
Cons: "Your partner vayama doesn't provide the terminal or airline. Went to Iberia/ terminal 7 just to realize it was AA/terminal 8."
Pros: "Loved everything about flight. The flight attendants were professional and personable. One of best crews ever on American Airlines. Loved it all."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "They were able to arrange for a seat for my daughter who was technically a lap child. The crew were courteous and helpful. The flight arrived early."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Staff was nice. Very full flight."
Cons: "Annoying passengers that are sitting in the rear of the plane putting their luggage in the front bins forcing people in front to go beyond their seats for a bin further back. Screws up the flow of boarding and deboarding."
Pros: "plane was entirely too small for any hope of comfort will advise friends not to book a flight that includes American eagle, and will not use American in the future if I can avoid it."
Pros: "I. Did not take this flight had a family emergency had to get home right away"
Pros: "Fast boarding"
Cons: "Paying for WiFi"
Pros: "Other than the delay, it was your basic 1 hour flight."
Cons: "The flight was delayed by an hour."
Pros: "Much more legroom on this flight, even though it was a smaller aircraft."
Cons: "Gate agent seemed a bit overwhelmed. Helpful, but not overly friendly. In stark contrast to my earlier flight from Charlotte to Memphis, where the gentleman was extremely pleasant and cheerful."
Cons: "The flight was delayed my baggage was charged when I use my credit card for the flight and the plan was very small"
Pros: "Price and schedule."
Cons: "Do not like how this or any airlines board passengers."
Cons: "This is a tiny plane and without warning they wouldn't let me carry on my carry on bag which would have fit just fit in their luggage test."
Pros: "Love PTO, always efficient."
Pros: "The hostess was friendly and helpful. She made the trip pleasant."
Cons: "We arrived at the airport early, as suggested. The plane was over an hour late in arriving. Then it was announced that there was a maintenance problem and that there would be further delay. An hour later they were still waiting for maintenance to arrive. (I know that Greensboro airport is not O'hare, but it is not Dogpatch,either!) A large airline like AA should adequate personnel. After about two hours they arrived and the word given to us was that it would take about 30 minutes to resolve the problem. Finally, at 5:00 pm the 1:30 pm. flight was cancelled. They put us on a flight leaving 9:25 am the next day, and we were on our own until then. That flight left on time, and my comment about the hostess was, of course about that flight. I will consider all of the other options available before risking flying AA again."
Pros: "The videos"
Cons: "Seats are small"

Charging for water is unexceptable. Food was ridiculously over price for horrible food.

Flight staff seemed scolding to passengers over loud speaker

It was the worst flight ever. I don't even know where to begin. My mom was supposed to fly around 6:30pm and a bird happened to get inside the engine. They kept rescheduling the flight all the way until 12am and no one knew what was happening. My mom had to get a hotel to stay tge night. The next day they rescheduled her flight for 11am and the same thing happened. They had no food until 1:30pm and finally left around 2:45pm. This was insane.

Not this flight but the flight down to Tampa was horrible. The lack of prior needed communication was a 0/10! I think a six hour delay is ridiculous in my opinion and could be avoided.

The seats are small and hard. There are zero frills whatsoever. Everything you can think of costs extra. Beyond that we were surprised at how uneventful and easy the flight was. We only spent 3 hours on the plane (Boston to Florida), if it were more than that I might look elsewhere for a bit more comfort...

Pro- The flight was on time Con- seats were uncomfortable, person sitting next to me took up 1/4 of my seat. If the arm rest was more substantial it would divide the seats more equally. At Rockford Airport baggage took too long to come in

They don’t, as a policy, check bags to final destination. It’s not an option. I’d rather walk than fly with these clowns.

30 min to get luggage at SRQ! This not what we are paying for.

awful service. not of kayak but of allegiant

Pros: "Nothing. Worst flight I’ve ever taken."
Cons: "We were on the tarmac for 3.5 hours with little communication or apology. The seats were very uncomfortable. Terrible turbulence. Not even a complimentary soda for all of this. I will never fly Allegiant ever again."
Pros: "Crew was great!"
Cons: "Boarding was excruciatingly slow."
Cons: "Website is still slow to update trip delays, not a problem today though!"
Cons: "I don't think any sanitization took place in between the people who rushed off the plane and when my flight boarded."
Pros: "Amazing Crew! Fast flight!"
Cons: "Security"
Cons: "Pop and pretzels"
Cons: "We had a 40-minute mechanical delay."
Cons: "Two hour delay"
Cons: "A plan to deal with a hostile mom with a screaming kid that was out of control."
Cons: "Late to load and then put us all on the plane and made us sit on tarmac for over 1 1/2 hours"
Pros: "The crew was good and the flight was smooth."
Cons: "The seats were far too close to have any kind of real comfort."
Pros: "Slight weather delay, no problem. We were assigned to seats with additional leg room that we didn't pay for, that was a nice & unexpected upgrade."
Cons: "I was a bit annoyed that my TSA Precheck was not included on my return ticket although I purchased the RT tickets through my Allegiant account that has all of that on my profile information. Feel like this should automatically have been added when tickets were purchased."
Cons: "Everything went quickly and smoothly. Great flight; even the weather was less turbulent than expected."
Pros: "Pilot was friendly"
Cons: "A little confusion about departure gate"
Cons: "PIE airport does not have a lane for TSA pre-check so be prepared to wait in the long security lines with everyone else."
Pros: "Ticket prices are always the best. Even though The flight was delayed by 30 minutes we were only 15 minutes later into the terminal"
Cons: "The flight was delayed by 30 minutes but we were only 15 minutes later into the terminal"
Pros: "Efficient, direct flight, outstanding price, quick boarding, left late but arrived on time"
Cons: "Nothing. I did not try food or entertainment on this flight."
Pros: "Great flight"
Pros: "Great crew and online customer service..."
Cons: "1- Flight Behind Schedule 2- Live customer service agents are truly non-existent until 1.5hrs before ‘departure’"
Cons: "Fight was changed then late"
Cons: "The airports restaurants closed and security shut down as well. We were prisoners in the airport with only a vending machine. Unbelievable. Believe the Allegiant Air stories from 60 Minutes. The stories are true."
Cons: "So many charges at every step. $5 for boarding passes?"
Pros: "Quick non stop."
Cons: "Seats are uncomfortable- they do not recline and the springs in the seat back pole into your back"
Pros: "I’m 5’10- tall for a woman but average height I’d say overall. I was so cramped in that seat that next time I will choose another airline to get more rom."
Cons: "No free water?! That’s just cruel considering the flight was over 2 hours."
Cons: "Cut my already short trip even shorter. I used this airline twice now, and both times I was delayed."
Cons: "Our engine seats at the rear of the plane were of course a little noisy at first. We got these seats on both our flights. Hoped that at least one-way we would have managed seats with a window."
Pros: "Flight went smooth"
Cons: "I checked into my flight with luggage to check in. The lady behind the counter said I could not check my luggage that the only way for it to get on the plane was to take it through the TSA checkpoint. They confiscated everything in my bag that was over 3oz which was quite a bit of stuff hence the reason why I was trying to check it in. I will not be flying Allegiant air again."
Pros: "other airline seats are concave, forcing my back in to a painful posture. I'm 5'2", 120 lbs, so I'm not the normal body; but I just can't imagine who finds concave comfortable. Thank you Allegiant for a chair with a more-flat back."
Cons: "I was surprised with the carryon fee and wondered if I would have to pay fees to use the toilet. I didn't use it, so I don't know."
Cons: "No issues"
Pros: "Great service and very clean plane. Staff did everything to accommodate everyone's needs."
Cons: "There was a lot more turnulance than expected which could have made for our shaky landing but the pilot did a great job regardless."
Pros: "The crew was plesant and helpful."
Cons: "The flight was delayed 35 mins. Then we couldnt get luggage when we arrived because of lighting. We were told to go one place and our luggage was taken somewhere else."
Cons: "Bad service. Long waits. No directions at airport from the airline and counter service slow"
Pros: "Loved their crew and the way they contacted you over the internet to remind you to check in, etc."
Cons: "NOTHING BAD TO SAY-a 3 1/2 hour flight on a comfortable, well piloted plane beats a connection from LAX that ends up being 8 hours for travel that day all hollow!"
Pros: "The prices are good. Anything additional (food, overhead carry on space) is an additional cost but this is how they make the tickets cheaper for people who don't need extras."
Pros: "No lay overs"
Cons: "My return flight was rescheduled for a day later."
Cons: "I paid more to be upfront so I could get off plane faster but there was no room in overhead because people had put their carry on and personal items. I also didn't like that drinks weren't complimentary, especially beings that it was a 3 hour flight."
Pros: "Flight attendants were very kind."
Pros: "Easy boarding"
Cons: "Slow to get luggage. Seats not comfortable"
Pros: "The price and the fact that our flight left late but still arrived almost on time."
Cons: "The gate agent wouldn't switch our seats so we could sit beside each other. We've done this multiple times if we find ourselves not out beside each other and it's never been a problem before. He claimed he had to charge us to do this. We have never been charged before. We fly Allegiant often. The on-board flight crew were so not friendly at all. Typically Allegiant flight attendants aren't as happy as Southwest but they're at least cordial. This crew we're just unhappy, snippy, a little unprofessional (saying huh or what instead of excuse me. Pointing people to things instead of getting it for them or walking them to it) and at one point one stewardess was just rude to a passenger."
Cons: "Would be good to know I need to download an app on my phone before the flight in order to access the entertainment"
Cons: "Perfect"
Pros: "It was just a quick flight, but everything/everyone was efficient and made the process/flight no problem. Great experience."
Pros: "Getting off the plane"
Cons: "I did not know I purchase a BE ticket. Was asked to pay $175 for the suit bag i had in addition to my computer bag. I was also place in a seat that does not recline. Very poor value at any cost."
Cons: "No drink service And no free tv"
Pros: "Smooth boarding process."
Cons: "The WiFi wasn’t working."
Pros: "The plane was clean and on-time"
Pros: "The loading and no hassle boarding"
Cons: "Nothing everything was smooth"
Cons: "Far away Gate"
Pros: "Bought a ticket through a discount site. Since I'm a senior I really didn't realize certain things. Didn't realize my TSA wasn't accepted with this ticket, also I'm was in group 5 & always in middle seat. First time I flew on United. I bought the same type of ticket for a flight in April very unhappy about my mistake. I used Skiplagged."
Cons: "The crew was very helpful & pleasant."
Pros: "Plenty of leg space and crew was friendly"
Cons: "2 Hours late"
Pros: "Friendly efficient staff with good service and comfortable jet."
Cons: "Armrests didn't go up in our row only, would have been nice to know. Waffle snacks taste good but are very crumbly and make a mess, there were other options for $$. Stating "free wifi" is misleading as you have to pay for internet access."
Pros: "The flight crew and the cabin crew were professional and efficient and friendly. The ginger ale kept me from getting nauseous during the turbulent approach."
Cons: "I realize that the airline doesn't have much control over screaming babies, but the reality is, my flight experience was significantly worse because of one, a couple rows back, who kept screaming at the top of their voice for most of the flight. While everyone was seating themselves, my fellow rowmates asked me to exchange my window seat for an aisle seat, so that grandmother, mother, and daughter could sit together. That put me two rows closer to that screaming baby. I came prepared to watch a movie with my phone and new noise canceling headphones, and then discovered the United Wi-Fi didn't offer movies on that flight, the same aircraft type and route as when I was able to watch a movie that way, earlier this year. I didn't find a way to connect my Bluetooth headphones to the plane's entertainment system, and I'm also disappointed in myself, to have to say, it took me far too long, to figure out that I needed to interact with the screen in front of me, through the control pad under my elbow on the armrest. By that time, there wasn't enough time left in the flight, to start a movie. So, I just played music stored on my phone, which helped mask the baby screams."
Cons: "No communication when extreme turbulence was happening. I thought i was dying, i cried as well as the person in my section. The lady behind me appeared to be praying."
Pros: "Great and fast"
Pros: "On time and early arrival."
Pros: "The service was good along with everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Service"
Pros: "The in-flight crew were very nice and no one got beat up. our flight was delayed but we got put on a later flight without issue."
Cons: "No entertainment and no free wifi and the seats hurt my beck and back. The girl who checked us in was abrasive to us and everyone in front of us in line, but maybe she wasn't trying to be, that was just her personality. Our flight got delayed which meant we missed out on seeing an old friend I hadn't seen in years, but at least we got there."
Pros: "On time departure and arrival"
Cons: "That you charge to watch the entertainment."
Pros: "Everything was good"
Cons: "nothing"
Pros: "The blanket was nice. The crew was very friendly."
Pros: "Very professional employee! Well thought safety equipments"
Pros: "Boarding was easy and there was plenty of overhead space for my carry on luggage"
Cons: "Coach cabin was not spacious at all. Very little leg room and the aisles seemed very cramped. Also, the seats weren't particularly comfortable."
Pros: "We waited for 12 people that were running late from a connecting flight. It ended up being a 45 min delay and I was so impressed that they waited. I had a precious experience from a different airline that didn't wait for us, 6 of us with first class tickets, and we were only 5 min late! So, great that United waited for these passengers. And the time lost, was made up in the air."
Pros: "Anthony"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "4 hour delay"
Pros: "Sucks"
Pros: "The crew was very nice and welcoming!"
Pros: "Everything is great"
Cons: "I didn't like how the flight attendance wasn't so friendly, I felt as if I was a bother to them."
Cons: "Turbulence was insane"
Cons: "Not enough space"
Cons: "My seat was given away and had to rebook on another flight and another airline"
Pros: "Pleasant crew."
Cons: "Tight space between seats. Quite uncomfortable."
Pros: "Easy"
Pros: "The flight was very smooth and on time"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Leg room in economy plus. We were upgraded because of a seat assignment issue."
Cons: "No entertainment what-so-ever! And the wifi didn't work. Extremely warn/hot in the cabin from takeoff to landing and the blower didn't work."
Pros: "Never got there"
Cons: "Never got there"
Pros: "Comfort and service was right on target"
Pros: "Nice people working."
Cons: "The weather! And air traffic control!!"
Pros: "I could get my boarding pass, I could flight home have to buy different ticket too fight home??? I wish your return my money"
Cons: "This flight had a TV for each seat. However, you had to pay $5.99 to watch basic cable."
Pros: "It canceled"
Cons: "It canceled"
Pros: "Boarding the plane was Good"
Cons: "That I was charged for the flight again or they wouldn't let me on the plane"
Cons: "Flight was delayed 3 hoursvwirh no explaination. Checked in early and was given a boarding pass with the wrong name on a flight to the wrong city. Hate agent in KW said she would call us up to rebook us on 1:06 flight and never did. Most passengers could not understand the flight attendants announcements. Very poor experience. Better from FLL to KW."
Pros: "Flight was on time"
Cons: "Better food would have made my night"

I show up my ticket is not recognized. I am Told in order to board I have to purchase another flight. FRONT counter at MIA was rude extremely! I was forced to purchase a flight and when I check In I was told I had two seats u see the same name the gate entrance to plane. I was Charged extra 100$ for the unnecessary one way flight. By the the worse experience with spirit and I been with you guys for over 5 years I am calling the kayak / spirit and Bank of America this was ridiculous.

The luggage team has forgotten to send our stuff. We waited for a long time. Someone called and we heard them that our car seat is there inside the black plastic and that they will send it out but they never did. Very disappointed! Now how can we leave our house without a car seat? Yea they let us borrow a car seat that’s not even working well and that is not appropriate for the age of my daughter. Will never book with spirit again! Very disappointed!

Left 3 hours late because we didn’t have a pilot

Everything. The best thing was the funny flight attendant.

Felt like I was on a bus

Boarding was easy and orderly since passengers with carry on luggage boarded first.

The wide seats help and were reasonably priced. Def worth it. Added at least a small bit of comfort to the flight

Seats need to be bigger

Looooooonnnnggggg flight plan. Omg.

They need to add outlets to charge phones, laptops and tablets . Also it is annoying to pay for the ticket and then seats and luggage . The only thing they are not charging is the air we use.

Horrible. Double booked me, double charged me and THEN, the flight was delayed 6 hours. True story

Flight was delayed 6 hours. I had to buy a ticket from another airline thanks to you. I will never use Spirit again.

At least give passengers snacks & something to drink

Be On time

Spirit is the worst US airline. Their business model is to inconvenience customers to save money, such as with long wait times at check in. It’s also an airline that makes no effort or be organized or take passenger comfort into account. The flight staff is also rude and demonstrates an attitude or superiority to customers. Budget airline passengers deserve to be treated with a bit more respect.

Perdí mi equipaje

Nothings, have better planning for pilots as I lost my flight after many days of planning.

Terrible all around especially the customer service.


The crew , should be nicer

It was not a full flight so I had lots of space. Also I was given an exit seat which was great. Crew was very friendly. We took and got back Miami even earlier than scheduled. Thank you spirit.

Cons: "More staff. Plane delayed. Line to get bag tag was not clearly marked, self tagging did not save me anytime. Security agent was rude. No place to sit in gate area. No snacks or beverages. Seats very uncomfortable. Luggage too a long time to arrive."
Pros: "The attendant was the only reason I stayed on flight, very polite and nice."
Cons: "The surprise fees for luggage starts off this rant. It cost another $160.00 for three checked bags. More than I paid for a seat. Then the boarding was terrible, thru charge you for “priority 2” boarding which amazingly everyone is. The seats inside the plane don’t recline. $3.00 water??? Enough"
Pros: "Inexpensive"
Cons: "Comfort"
Cons: "45 min for baggage to get to carousel"
Cons: "Какая то сволоц пердел(а) весь полет"
Pros: "Cheap, plane was 2 seats on each side, not even close to full."
Cons: "Crew was lively, they spent most of the flight gossiping about nonsense and playing on the intercom. Felt like I was on the plane from Soul plane, bunch of dudes congregating by the rest rooms, people running amuck all over the place. People yelling in 4 different languages. They are super cheap but then nickel and dime you to death. Everything costs from a $40 carry on bag to a $5 pepsi. 18x16x8 is what's free. Pissed them off because I had a book bag exactly that size and sure stuffed it fully!"
Cons: "After landing we were told that our gate is busy, and we need to wait another 20 min, but it took like around 40 min to get parked at the gate. After flying non stop for 4 hours waiting another 40 min in the plane is just too much...."
Pros: "The staff was amazingly friendly and always smiling. It was. quick flight to Denver from LA but was overall pleasant."
Pros: "Our flight attendants were great. They took care of us doting on our daughter and checking in frequently. We had a great time the plane was clean and overall for the price I feel like we received a great deal"
Cons: "Not that we can think of."
Cons: "Family of 5 of infant and toddler did not sit together."
Pros: "Seat was comfortable when the kid wasn't kicking it."
Cons: "I nicely asked the kid, about 8 years old, not to kick my seat. I explained every time he kicked the seat, he was also kicking me. His mother apologized, but she went back to her reading and it continued. !"
Pros: "The pilot knows how to fly in the pockets, awesome!"
Cons: "Delayed flight, I lost my connection to New Orleans because the baggage took much time to live"
Pros: "Crew was great! They took care of the passengers with complementary water during short delay. Comfortable seats and smooth flight."
Cons: "Disorganization of boarding."
Pros: "The price, no hassles, everything went smoothly."
Cons: "Boarding announcer a little hard to understand, pilot's voice was hard to hear, and no reason was given as to why the seatbelt light was turned on mid flight. It turns out it was due to turbulence, but it would have been nice to be reassured as I don't fly all that often. Other than that, everything else was perfect and I could not complain."
Pros: "Just one staff member."
Cons: "Lack of Integrity and Structure."
Pros: "Straightforward, price is right!"
Pros: "Love the prices and the cleanliness of the airplane. Every staff I have interacted with have been friendly, polite, and look as though they enjoy their job and coworkers. The Spirit terminal at the Baltimore airport is phenomenal. It is spacious, clean, bright and modern. I will definitely be flying Spirit again!"
Cons: "This is the second time that I have flown from Logan airport on Spirit. Both times I have been very disappointed and disgusted by the terminal. The terminal is crowded and unclean. There were crumbs, wrappers and bottles on the floor. The trash can near the gate was overflowing with boxes and napkins. I was in the terminal for over two hours and not once was the bathroom or terminal serviced by facilities or maintenance staff. The bathroom is dark and crowded as well. Because the stalls and space is so small it's hard to manage your bags while using the bathroom. I would highly encourage an extra shift for cleaning crew and perhaps a different layout for chairs to make it feel less crowded and to bring a modern feel and look to the terminal."
Cons: "Should have at least soft drink"
Pros: "Despite the fact that there was a very large line to turn in checked in bags very close to boarding time, the staff was very fast and efficient at FLL airport (also very many of them). Also I was traveling solo and was able to be upgraded from a middle seat to a window seat (this was because it was available but still they were helpful enough to answer my request)."
Cons: "I don't like the fact that you only get one personal bag for free, I had to check in my small carry on bag since it was less expensive than paying for it as a carry-on. Please Spirit, let travelers bring 1 personal and 1 carry on for free! like all other airlines do :)."
Cons: "At check-in I got surprising charge of $55 for my CARRY-ON!! Also, most cramped seats I've ever encountered."
Pros: "On time and quick boarding"
Cons: "So cramped - I'm inly 6ft 0in, good luck if you're taller than me. Flight attendants are the most inattentive crew ever. There is an insistence on a 15-20 minute hard-sale, infomercial type pitch by the flight attendants to get a Spirit MasterCard (it's annoying)."
Pros: "Pilot was funny and informative."
Cons: "Could hardly hear the boarding area announcements."
Cons: "The flight did not have a pilot and had a large delay and possible cancellation. I did not stick around to find out if it was cancelled. I had to buy a new ticket on Southwest. To top it off, when I tried to get a refund, for some reason they had screwed up my ticket in their system and were not able to process the refund. Overall, a poor experience with Spirit."
Pros: "I like the cheap tickets! Friendly crew, although they tend to be less professional, good snack and drink options too. Ride was smooth."
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats, feel like you can't put your head back. Good prices but know that the ticket price is the bare bones and anything and everything else, including any luggage or water, will come with a fee. One checked bag is $50+. Wish there was a way to charge your phone on board, too."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "$50 to check a bag with no warning. $50 to carry on a bag. Are you kidding? $13 to reserve a seat. $3 for a Coke. They said I could save money by doing online, but the website would not work on my android. Smallest seat and least legroom I have ever had on a flight. Simply the worst ever. Please tell your friends."
Pros: "Plane not on 2 hours late"
Cons: "No room or comfort"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The service was terrible, my flight got canceled by a spirit rep at the airport and my whole vacation was messed up due to all of was my first time ever flying and it was a terrible first experience"
Cons: "no food"

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