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DeltaOverall score based on 29827 reviews
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Cons: Great flight. No issues.

Pros: Flight attendants were friendly.
Cons: Luggage that had to be checked at the gate was not immediately available when we landed.

Pros: We were traveling international in Twitter after contacting we were told we can carry one checked baggage but then we were not allowed and at gate they didn’t know the procedure and repeatedly We did not get our special meal we had requested
Cons: We were traveling international in Twitter after contacting we were told we can carry one checked baggage but then we were not allowed and at gate they didn’t know the procedure and repeatedly We did not get our special meal we had requested

Cons: Breakfast could have been offered.

Pros: N/a

Pros: The crew was nice. They did a very good job under the circumstance.
Cons: The flight was delayed over an hour because of an error on Delta‘s part. They did not verify people as they were boarding. Further the person in 17 F was doing video chat as we were preparing to take off and he had very foul language throughout the flight. The crew never said anything.

Cons: Delayed flight ruined it.

Pros: Great flight attendants and service. Plenty of entertainment selection to make the long flight enjoyable. The boarding was chaotic because of the airport facility.
Cons: The airport is too small for loading a full international flight.

Pros: Missed it
Cons: Give back money

Pros: Actually leaving the airport after 2 hours late was the best part.
Cons: Not be hours late. And then when you finally land have to wait longer for an open gate cause they're doing work on the other ones. A lot of poor planning on this trip. Very disappointed in this experience cause I love to fly.

Pros: Friendly crew. Landed early.

Pros: Seat was comfortable
Cons: The temperature, it was kind of hot.

Cons: Safe and happy travel!

Pros: Not much I liked
Cons: The crew were the worst Delta crew I’ve ever had. Sat 1st class and waited 1 hour from sitting in my seat untill I was offered a beverage. Asked for a snack and was told to wait until the basket was brought around, 20 minutes later. Asked for coffee, it was terrible and served with attitude.

Pros: VERY small plane and small narrow seats
Cons: Yes...not change my flight at the last minute and causing me to miss my connecting flight. Then making me reschedule my flight with only options that I now have (2) layover and then arrive in Korea another day later, that then caused me to miss my college orientation day!

Pros: small and uncomfortable
Cons: respectful size seat

Pros: On time this time
Cons: Nothing

Cons: No video screen

Cons: The comfort seats are not that comfortable

Pros: This was my daughter’s first solo travel home from college. She said the staff was helpful and kind. She loved that the flight was not over crowded. It was a smooth flight.
Cons: Only negative thing she could say was her flight was delayed an hour. But that isn’t terrible considering all the holiday travelers.

Pros: Good customer service in person

Cons: I had a 4 hour layover in Minneapolis, there was another flight to Denver that I meant I could’ve been home three hours earlier had I done standby, but because I had a cheaper ticket I was not allowed that opportunity. That makes absolutely no sense to me seeing as my flight was packed. I’m sorry my flight saved me money

Cons: The flight was delayed by more than an hour. My seat's entertainment system was broken, so an 8 hour flight with not much to do other than sleep.

Cons: The flight from. JFK to Barcelona was delayed as well. Their computers were down in Atlanta. So everyone had to have their name hand typed into a computer when boarding. Then the pilot said that our bags are usually weighed and computerized for even distribution on the plane. That system was also down, so we sat on the runway waiting for that problem to be fixed. When we arrived at Barcelona, I unpacked and discovered a jacket and pants in my luggage were wet. The only place that could have happened was at JfK during their rain storm and the luggage weight issue.

Pros: The flight crew were awesome
Cons: Not exactly the flight but the attendant white lady in Atlanta at the gate needs to sharpen her customer service skills, a bit obvious on who she prefers to deal with, as a foreigner and over 25 years of experience in dealing with the public, I felt the indifference. I frequently fly and my choice of airline is delta, this by far has been the only dissappointnent. Please do make sure this gets to the person in charge.

Pros: Not like
Cons: I have Sky Team Elite Plus Platinum but not fare anything!

Pros: Delta provided great entertainment options and it felt like endless food and drinks. The seats were also a bit more spacious than usual

Cons: They cancelled my ticket and did not inform me. Horrible exlefywith Beware of this organization

Pros: The exit row seat on this leg out of PHL to SLC did recline! No need for Delta Comfort+ unless you want to get off of the plane ... faster.
Cons: For some reason, the pilot couldn't figure out how to adjust the cabin temperature for the first hour or so. This made the flight (and I was sitting in an exit row seat, right by the door which is usually cooler) uncomfortably hot and muggy. Food? No food. Thank goodness for Delta Lounge (even if it was the one in PHL). Just snacks make this a poor option for many. I don't know what is up, but the USB charger on the two monitors didn't work and neither did the outlet between the seats. And I have two different sets of cables "just in case" and they're the 3-in-1 so I can try to charge multiple devices (Apple, Android and Samsung) but nothing worked.

Pros: The staff
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Flight attendants were really kind
Cons: We were an hour late to leave so I missed my connecting flight and am currently stuck in Minneapolis for nearly 8 hours now

Cons: Customer Service was horrid except for last attendant. At one point one rep sent us running out of a secured area to retrieve our luggage and then go to British Airways for connection. We had 45 minutes in front of BA ticket rep to get us on BA182 and they took so long we missed the boarding due to reps slow processing to issue ticket. Then we were stuck outside of secured area.

Pros: Stewardesses were sympathetic but could do nothing.
Cons: A few flurries out of Philadelphia and flight is delayed 2.5 hrs, we therefore miss our connection and all they wanted us to do was spend 2 days in airport until next flight. Finally reached a compassionate soul at customer service who got creative and routed us to BCN via ATL, Miami and Madrid.

Pros: We were probably in the air for 30 mins; great short flight. Plane wasn’t filled so had plenty of space.

Pros: Crew was very attentive and curtious. Boarding was a bit more chaotic than usual and the gate agent made no announcement about boarding procedure, which certainly contributed to the scrum resulting. I arrived from the Skyclub several minutes prior to boarding time and was unable to find a path through to the Priority Boarding Lane. As boarding began she had to redirect at least seventy-five percent of those in front of me as they were not in First Class. Had she made one or more clear announcements about boarding procedure I rather doubt such a misunderstanding would have occurred with so many.
Cons: For the third Delta flight in a row (all First Class) the crew did not make any effort to keep economy class cuctomers form storing bags in the First Class overhead or using the only First Class laveratory during flight. This flight I was unable to utilize the laveratory even once due to this excessive and continuous useage. Trying to do my bit to reduce our carbon footprint, yet I am sorely tempted to return to charter service when disrespect of the airlines own basic service class rules gets piled on top of TSA hassles.

Pros: I had a window seat
Cons: bumpy flight

Pros: Flight attendant insisted to take my jacket. She didn’t return led. I forgot jacket in Cincinnati
Cons: I need my jacket

Pros: As usual, Delta staff and crew did their best to make the flight quite enjoyable and smooth.

Pros: All crew was great
Cons: We lost checked bag or it was taken, will loss a half day shopping for replacements. Compensation policy very unclear, not counting on getting any.

Pros: Arrived on time crew worked had
Cons: my seat was BAD , no recline- right by bathroom one of which was out of order.

Cons: Compared to such airlines like Turkish or etihad, service and comfort was lacking behind.

Cons: On time

Pros: Liked the plane and the leg room. Had to switch itenary due to weather and the gate agent did a great job.

Cons: The original flight was canceled and a new one substituted - basically they wanted to fly a smaller aircraft (via a different regional carrier) so the flight number changed. PHL did not have the new flight info displayed at the Departures board or on the screen at the gate. Caused a little anxiety.

Cons: Cramped, uncomfortable tin can of an airplane. Barely tolerable for even an hour’s flight.

Cons: Delta Flight #1661 I paid for 1st class. My first flight was late so I arrived at the gate after boarding began. When the gate attendant scanned my ticket another printed. When he handed me the ticket my seat had changed to seat 25E. I told the attendant that I had paid for first class. He asked me to step aside while he contacted his supervisor, Joe. Then I had to wait until ENTIRE flight had boarded which defeated part of the reason I paid for the upgrade. This was on top of the fact I was so thirsty because 1st flight didn't have drink service and because it was late I had to book it to the connection arriving sweaty, hot and needing to use the bathroom. I was told they had given my seat away to someone as a free upgrade. Joe offered me a $100 voucher to take other seat which was less than I paid for 1st class, plus the seat was a middle seat in the rear of the plane. When I told him as much, he tried to manipulate me by telling me that they would have to kick someone out of my seat. When I declined the downgrade, they made me stand by while they kicked someone out of my seat which was embarrassing and humiliating. Then, when they handed me a new boarding pass, it was not the seat I had paid for and selected, instead it was in the first row, which I’ve always hated because there is no under seat storage and I cannot keep my backpack with me. When I pay for first class, it is primarily so that I can board first and so that I have extra room to work (which I need access to my bag to do). While I was trying to take out the minimum of the things I needed from my bag and figure out how to manage without it, 3 times a flight attendant told me they had to take my bag (since I was the last person to board they tried to prevent me from using the bathroom and they were anxious to leave early). I tried to explain that Delta had prevented me from boarding earlier and that they gave away the seat I paid for which was NOT the first row.

Pros: Service was great. Seating was OK. It was a brand new vehicle, so the (climate/air handling) was great.
Cons: Boarding was not well organized.

Pros: I liked that I didn't have to pay for a carry on and the blanket they gave me in flight to stay warm it was a great flight.
Cons: Only dislike was that the flight was ending other than that no problems

Pros: The crew were great! The seats are not that comfortable, it happened that I had 3 seats raw for myself but the armrests were not going up so I could not utilize them and lie down to sleep.

Cons: Free wifi

Pros: This Transavia Airlines is not good at all.
Cons: Many things cheaper does mean better.

Cons: Very nice crew and great food

Pros: Pleasant crew. Appropriate and efficiently served snack.
Cons: Boarding and disembarkation were slow.

Cons: Everything was OK

Pros: Service and crew amazing friendly and went out of the way to Make u feel special even the pilots gave updates thru out the flight
Cons: Not being to help on the ground in Copenhagen with delta issues

Pros: Seat was comfy and spacious for economy class
Cons: Vegetarian meal was okay but could be more enjoyable if served with bread at start of meal.

Pros: Seat was good
Cons: Depart on time (1 hour late), hostess put a laptop in the overhead, which fell out and hit me when the bin was opened

Cons: Late departure. Rush to connect.

Cons: Entertainment

Pros: Service is awesome. Food is great.
Cons: People with short connection are affected by the 15 to 25 minutes delay.

Cons: Dozens of high school students screaming and climbing onto seats, crew did not intervene.

Pros: The crew was nice and helpful (our flight was 2h late so they put us on the one before in business class for us not to miss our connection)
Cons: A lot of delays, on both flights. We spent twice as much time waiting than flying.

Pros: The crew were very nice, food was tasty, seat comfortable and the entertainment great as well. Will be flying KLM again soon :)

Pros: On time and friendly crew
Cons: Boarding needs improvement

Pros: The flight arrived a few minutes early.
Cons: The plane was extremely old and in poor repair. The seats were extremely close together. The inflight entertainment system, wifi and passenger electric outlets were all non-functional. Even the wastebin in the lavatory was full and an extra bag was put on the floor.

Pros: Crew was in a festive mood, the meal was unexpectedly delicious
Cons: Seats ok, but could be more comfy

Cons: None of our 4 checked bags arrived with us. This was despite ample connection time (2+ hours) in Amsterdam.

Pros: Seat 39A did not recline. The gentleman next to me spread his arms out a bit as he typed on his computer the entire way. So I did not get ANY sleep. Plus he got up at least four times.
Cons: Except for the man next to me - great!

Pros: Comfort was better than on the previous Dash-8. Food was OK.
Cons: Despised the cold temperature and cold draft in world business even with all vents shut off...gave me a head cold. Boarding was disorganized. There was no sense of direction; ergo, everyone was jumping in.

Pros: The cabin crew was so kind, efficient, and attentive. All meals and snacks were delicious.

Cons: Nothing good to say about this flight. The plane was old with no entertainment. The sits where very compact and not comfortable at all. The food was a sweet bread and water. The flight attendants were rushing and will take a while if you needed anything. I felt like I was taking a bus with graffiti all over the place.

Pros: Smooth boarding, clean seats/plane, nice small aircraft (2 rows x 2 seats each), surprisingly spacious (more legroom than expected - and I’m 6’2”).
Cons: About 1h30min delay without an explanation. All other planes in the terminal seemed to take off on time without a problem, without exception (aside from this flight, of course).

Cons: After more than two hours of delay... Initially the flight takes off was at 8:35... Then 21:20... Then 21:50... Then 22:10. Finally we took off at 22:40... Refund our money klm...

Pros: Delayed flight but staff apologized as for safety reasons.
Cons: Very late arrival

Pros: Bording was good and general flight ok
Cons: This airplane must be the oldest in the fleet. No USB, no charging, no touchscreen technology, no plugs, no bluetooth.

Pros: Seats were comfortable
Cons: Flight was delayed by 2 hours. Could have gone to Amsterdam and come back in that time

Cons: Amesterdam airport employee was really rude

Pros: Helpful and smiling cabin crew.

Cons: At some point the luggage was lost. here.

Pros: The food was excelent
Cons: I have to pay to pay a little more confort

Pros: My bagage broke
Cons: I paid extra fee for extra bagage which was tv and i paid insurance my tv broke and no one responces for it

Pros: Good efficient flight crew friendly and helpful

Cons: Flight was delayed 8 hours. Arriving at Incheon, discovered ground crew were unaware of our arrival to take this connecting flight. However, we were put up overnight in a hotel, which was nice.

Pros: The sandwiches were simple yet just the right touch, on all four flights.

Cons: OLD OLD plane with hard seats and tiny screens

Pros: Wider seat than most business class
Cons: Row 6 in business is after the first 5 rows and Galley and restroom. Very awkward

Pros: I was upgraded to Buisness so, no complaints
Cons: No Marlboro light cigarettes on the duty free shopping cart

Pros: The staff were friendly and all smiles. Seats were comfortable and we had a quick, smooth flight from Edinburgh to Amsterdam. The breakfast supplied was an egg and mayonnaise sandwich plus a drink, which seemed about right and very Dutch in character.
Cons: It was rainy and necessary to walk outside to access the plane; the staff should give their customers a heads-up so that jackets can be donned. Additionally, the check-in queue seemed rather sluggish.

Pros: Crew was friendly, and the food was better than the usual KLM fare.
Cons: The "new" seats were hard and uncomfortable. Avoid any kinds of seats near the bathroom in a configuration with 3 abreast next to the windows. The "aisle" seat is essentially a "waiting area" for the rest room.

Pros: Quick (relatively) flight.
Cons: Skinniest seat ever. Couldn't even lean back. I now have hunchback.

Pros: Comfortable flight to Amsterdam for vacation in UK. More meals than expected. Also wasn't expecting some of the comforts offered to "regular" class seats like eye masks, ear plugs, pillows and blankets. It was an overnight flight, so maybe that should have been expected, but I don't think we had those 4 years ago when traveling overseas.
Cons: Nothing. This is filler text to meet min characters.

Pros: Atmosphere, crew were very professional and friendly
Cons: Seats were a little too narrow, and quite uncomfortable when a broad shouldered person is sitting next to you

Pros: Good and plenty of food available.
Cons: No power to charge phones, laptops, etc and no WiFi available. For such a long trip (10 hours) below industry standard.

Pros: I have no complaints about the air crew. They where pleasant and attentive. Plenty of free entertainment. The food was good.
Cons: my only complaint is the USB ports didn't work on any of the chairs that me and my family where assigned to.

Pros: Friendliest economy class service I've ever encountered.

Pros: We love the flight all the way

Pros: Smooth boarding. Good food. Decent leg room at my seat. Good crew. Flight was on time. Good magazine on the flight for entertainment.
Cons: They didn't give any napkins out with the food which was weird.

Cons: Our flight from Nairobi to Lusaka was cancelled for some reason and we did not find out until we happened to log into the website to double check our itinerary. They automatically rescheduled the flight only giving us 25 minutes to reach our next flight...impossible. so, after calling, we were re-booked again and forced into a 13 hour layover in Amsterdam. Our original flight plan had 4 hours. so, because we are a family of 7 with a baby, we had to buy a hotel room to rest, costing us a lot of extra money we had not planned to spend. We contacted KLM for help with the cost but were rejected. We also lost 5 bags somewhere between Chicago and Lusaka, but after 2 days, we received them.

Pros: crew was pleasant
Cons: boarding was chaotic

Pros: Great service. Very comfortable seat

Pros: Competent crew
Cons: Flight was badly delayed.

Pros: Good boarding process and crew today.
Cons: Plane was delayed and connection in Copenhagen was missed, resulting in a five-hour delay overall.

Cons: Momondo sold me a so called 'go light' ticket (not disclosed anywhere though) meaning that only 1pc of carry on was allowed! No checked bags unless purchased. Could not see on the price of my ticket that this was the type of new generation low quality tickets. So tired of momondo.

Pros: Easy, efficient
Cons: Entertainment, food, comfort

Pros: N/A
Cons: I was unable to make it to copenhagen due to missing my connection

Pros: Good service from flight deck and cabin crew. Clean and comfortable
Cons: Take-off was nearly an hour late. No complimentary food and coffee was instant and very average.

Pros: great service flight was on time luggage was on time

Cons: I intensely disliked the 3 hour delay in Copenhagen!!! And that SAS offered the passengers in transit a meal voucher of only 50 danish Kronas, which was just enough to buy a tall Starbucks coffee drink but not enough to eat anything at the airport!

Pros: Nothing, SAD were so incredibly cruel and nasty and even laughed at us after we got stranded in Copenhagen. 40 hours of traveling, 2 small children, and the sas ticket people laughed at us and refused to help us, even after we agreed to pay THREE TIMES our original fair.

Pros: Plane seemed new and modern. Friendly staff, attentive.
Cons: Only one side of my headphones worked, seats not very comfortable.

Pros: The crew was great! and food was good!
Cons: Not enough movie choices. Coach seats a little uncomfortable.

Cons: There was no food or entertainment offered.

Pros: Timing is good
Cons: To craody

Pros: That we had a bottle water

Pros: On time and clean airline.
Cons: Not helpful with stroller. Wanted us to sign off that they were not responsible for if stroller broke while handling it. Insane. They said it “might “ to big even though they didn’t know what measurements would be too big. We’ve flown for the last 3 years with this stroller but different airlines and never heard of such thing. (Since it’s the smallest city mini double stroller there is and folds flat- super small!) first time we flew SAS all. We didn’t sign anything and gate checked it and all was fine but some incompetent crew at check in. Not very helpful finding seats with all four of us. Put us in different rows. Could work on their customer service for sure.

Pros: Everything was nice and smooth. Nice comfort and smooth flight, arriving slightly before the time

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing to hate

Pros: The customer service was great & they attended to my son who has a disability & flying on his own. He arrived well & happy so we were pleased with the service.

Cons: Luggage lost or misdirected and VERY poor effort in getting it delivered to me, once found. I still have no clothes, shaver, toiletries . . . or confirmation on when/if delivery will happen. Just simply disrespectful!!!

Pros: Flight was on time. Boarding was simple and easy. Staff were excellent in handling the boarding process and very prompt in getting people seated/luggage put in to overhead lockers, free tea and coffee was provided which assured that extra comfort, would definitely recommend.

Pros: SAS is a wonderful airline. I booked round trip with them. The plane was clean and comfortable and on time. Will fly with them again.

Pros: Pleasant crew
Cons: Boarding was shambolic and the 737 is not as nice as the new A320 in terms of comfort or amenity. Boarding was all over the place - and the gate agents clearly need extra people around for a full flight. One person for 170 ppl didn't feel right.

Pros: premium economy
Cons: nothing, it was great!

Pros: Pros: -Good food -Good entertainment -Attentive staff
Cons: Cons: -Uncomfortable seats ( I took the free seat and didn't upgrade) -Poor air circulation ( I hardly felt any AC) -Lack of overall plane space

Cons: Unable to select seat/baggage until 22 hours before flight because not booked through SAS. Thought bagged was checked in online and had to pay More than the cost of the flight. Flight was delayed due to mechanical problem. Cabin very warm throughout flight.

Pros: Very helpful crew. Goes out of the way to be helpful certainly in the transatlantic part of the flights. Entertainment is excellent.
Cons: Food taste is terrible. They did accommodate us in getting vegetarian diet. However, online means to do this was impossible. Choices were not provided when we tried to do seat selection. In fact the web site gave wrong information that there are no meals offered even for the selection of the transatlantic flights. Toll free number calls were put on hold over an hour without success. Eventually chat worked. In the flight segment within Europe they do not even offer water for free. Charging 3 Euros for a small can of water/soda is a rip off.

Pros: Pleased with everything.

Pros: Boarding was easy, I'm a Star Alliance Gold member so was able to get on board first. There were significant delays leaving Dulles and our connection was tight, but SAS held the flight so I give them props for that.
Cons: The crew was grumpy and unhelpful, but I can usually overlook that. What really got me was this: YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR BEER & WINE ON THIS INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT! Never in my 25 years of international travel have I seen this from a mainstream carrier. For this fact alone, I will never fly this airline again. You also have to pay to pick your seats in advance.

Cons: I was unable to check in over the mobile app nor online. Had to do everything at the ticket desk in both the US and overseas. Made me feel as though I didn't have a reservation in the system.

Pros: Great movies. Lcd Screen is awesome
Cons: Somewhat unfriendly crew

Pros: I was able to sleep most of the flight.
Cons: Plane left Newark an hour late and I missed my connecting flight in Oslo. Once I did get on a flight from Oslo to Copenhagen, there was no room for my carry on luggage. The stewardess took it and said it would be put in cargo, but now they can't find it! Two bad experiences with SAS in a row. Don't want to use them again.

Pros: It was a clean plane and entertainment was good.
Cons: Crew wasn't nice unless you were Scandinavian. I asked questions about going into Stockholm for our long layover. How easy it was, etc. they were less than helpful. My daughter and I figured it out ourselves. Won't fly them on next trip. Air France or BA r better

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Delay after delay. Screaming kid the whole flight. Could not sleep.

Pros: Clean planes, working entertainment, decent food
Cons: Delay (1 hour) in departing

Pros: Great entertainment in modern plane with good service.
Cons: Having to purchase alcohol is annoying on transatlantic. At least offer a wine or two.

Pros: Nothing at all
Cons: Fight was canceled and no email or communication was possible with this company. Called SAS office - CLOSED. Stood in line for 2 hours and no one came or announced anything. Checkin agents were on dope-no help and checking machines not working!

Cons: Out of all the staff on board they did not give me and a few others those blue customs form, so we made a huge line and when we got to the agent he told us we had to go all the way around fill one out and then come back. The attendants new that those were necessary why so many yet not one made sure we got them lousy service. I wish we got a crew that wasnt so insecure and cared more about providing a good service instead of caring so much over their appearance. I rather have good efficient staff what they look like doesnt matter to me.

Pros: plenty of space (very few passengers)
Cons: scary old plane and a (Estonian) crew with mediocre skills with the local language

Cons: Discovered that I would have to pay 70 euro for my bag check-in. Not fun at all.

Cons: No wifi

Pros: The dinner was great!
Cons: The variety of movies was more limited than I expected.

Pros: Smooth
Cons: Nada

Pros: I tried to check in a 30 lbs suitcase. There was no gate and they asked me to carry the check in plus my carry on down the steps to the airplane on the field. I had to refuse and then one of them carried the checkin down the steps.
Cons: Not much. Bumpy flight. Lousy coffee.

Pros: Loved the time of the flight. The airport was not at all busy and the flight was not full. The crew was awesomely friendly and the flight itself was perfect. We love SAS,
Cons: Nothing

Cons: Over crowded boarding area - delay at departure

Pros: Entertainment facilities was user friendly, but program too few.
Cons: Bad management system, luggage even lost in transfer to Stockholm, also SAS but operated by Air China ( transferred in Beijing, from Taipei.)

Pros: Same as above
Cons: Same as above

Pros: Overhead storage adequate.
Cons: Cramped (standard coach)as rhe person in front of me reclined his seat. Unhappy that I was required to pay extra to select a seat in standard coach when I made my reservation weeks ago. An airline's price should include selection of an available seat. Requirement to pay for even one drink on a transatlantic flight seemed cheesy.

Cons: Nothing, one of my best flights ever.

Pros: Very late departure and arrival cause us lost of transportation in Barcelona and money paid will not be returned
Cons: Lost of deposited money to tea nsportation due to delay plane arrival

Cons: Food was awful.

Cons: WiFi

Cons: Refreshment service was appallingly slow. We were row 21 and were served with 20 minutes if the flight remaining

Cons: This was like a Ryanair flight for 4 or 5 times the price.

Pros: The flight was not busy.
Cons: Seat, Legroom.

Pros: It was easy to get on and off. The crew were well drilled in the art of moving people on
Cons: BA like others charge a premium for using them over easyJet and the like. I take offence to paying £350 for a ticket and hen having to buy a sandwich. If you want to be like low cost airlines, then have the same pricing structure. BA = Rip off.

Pros: Crew excellent
Cons: Boarding process lengtoamd flight delayed

Pros: Excellent service I don’t have nothing to say was amazing

Pros: The food was quite nice for airline food and the crew was very helpful. Would have like to have been seated together but it wasn't worth the price to upgrade.
Cons: The return flight was utter chaos for boarding and lots of grumpy people. Making a connection in Philadelphia was quite harrowing as there wasn't much time to make the connection and the lines at the immigration kiosks were terrible.

Pros: Amazing crew, kind and patient

Pros: made it safe to Seattle
Cons: Bad attitude of an attendant at the airport when inquiring about seat change for medical reasons. Complete ignorance during flight, no water or snack offered to me during 6 hour flight while a flight attendant paid a lot of attention to two ladies sitting close by.

Pros: Food extremely ordinary-crew scarce when needed-stuff “sitting” around when they should be removed-standards of “American airlines” r way below others & should not be-BA whom I booked with should find another partner-Still waiting to be impressed by a NA airline
Cons: Service, staff, food. Hoping the return flight will be a bit above the norm

Cons: Comfortable all crew very helpful and polite

Pros: One of the members of our party needed extra assistance because of an injury. We let BA know ahead of time online, and there was someone waiting to help at every connection and step of our travels. The staff and crew definitely went above and beyond to make our trip easier and more comfortable.

Pros: Smooth experience

Pros: Crew in club was excellent. Could not ask for more.
Cons: Ground staff absolutely unorganised and rude. Boarding a complete shambles. No announcement, no group and priority boarding. This resulted in us losing our a slot and the flight to be delayed by almost an hour. One would think they have never boarded a plane before.

Pros: The crew did their best. They were efficient and polite, no complaints
Cons: First of all, it wasn’t British Airways, it was operated by American Airlines. The seats were cramped; just barely enough kneeroom and I’m only 5’10”. There were no monitors on the seat backs and no choice of entertainment, only monitors hanging from the ceiling. I suppose the airline assumes, probably correctly, that these days everybody has their own entertainment on laptop or tablet. The problem here, though, was that there were no charging plugs at the seats, so you’d better have a full battery when you get on and hope it lasts. Of course, I could have just read the inflight magazine, except that my reading light was broken. Food was decent for airline food.

Pros: After 18 hours of travel I just slept on this flight. Got on, fastened my seat belt, and don't remember take off or landing!! But the plane was MUCH cleaner and nicer than our international flight.
Cons: Flight crew was a bit loud and it woke me up a couple of times, but it was at 2 pm. So I didn't expect them to be quiet.

Pros: Not much
Cons: It was late, it was cramped, they make you pay for everything suitcases, soft drinks, the lot, next time we will consider who we spend our hard earned cash with Disappointing as I am a real advocate for BA

Cons: mybroken seat

Pros: Pilot gave good communication of flight progress, and arrived early.
Cons: Slow boarding and disembarkation processes.

Pros: I was not given a chance to like anything as the flight was cancelled.
Cons: That when I called to rebook another flight, I was on hold for 75 minutes. Yes, that was 75 minutes. I was switched from British Air to Finn Air and then back to British Air. It was a mess.

Pros: Food was good.
Cons: My wife had a tall guy on one side whose knees spilled over into her. She also had a tall guy in front of her who fully reclined his seat. She felt like she was in a coffin. She had to get up and walk around to get some air. The seats are too close on this 747 that no one should have to fly it. .

Pros: Nothing in particular but it was positive.
Cons: It was quite crowded but still fine. I would have appreciated a snack and a drink but this is not a reason to be disappointed.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Boarding an absolute chaos, rude ignorant staff, old dirty airplane

Pros: Crew friendly
Cons: Food bland and limited choice Do not like the new bottle service in Club Service slow Seats very uncomfortable and less seat pitch than on other airlines

Pros: Plane had a bit more legroom than others I've been on recently. That was a pleasant surprise
Cons: Airlines in general need to do a better job of controlling the boarding process (using the groups to board) and controlling the amount of luggage people bring on. Peoples definition of a "personal item" are skewed.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: No food Uncomfortable seats Rude staff Very overpriced

Pros: Good food Welcoming and friendly flight attendants Amazing selection of movies, TV shows, games Excellent customer service Comfy seats with ample legroom
Cons: My seat did not recline at all. When notifying the flight attendants during the meal/beverage service, they said they would note down my seat. However, nobody ever gave me any assurances that they would really inform maintenance to resolve the problem. Half way through the flight, my screen froze. Nothing would start it up again. After waking up hours later, I informed the flight attendant and she was able to reset/restart my screen individually. Everything worked perfectly afterwards

Cons: The flight was delayed over 2 hours after already being there for a 4 hour layover.

Pros: The crew was really nice and the food too
Cons: The only thing not that good is that The comfort of The seats and The legroom was not The bestia, at leas not for a long flight like this pone.

Pros: quite nice and friendly staff. many vacant seats and thus much space to seat comfortable
Cons: old airplane, kind of run down impression. annoying and not really working touchscreen, lousy choice of movies. Everything had the air of not being organized, we had to change our seats twice without knowing, why. Really poor food compared to any other airline I know. One of the stewards constantly spilled drops of beverages over me, when he was pouring them for me and the passengers around.

Cons: Seats on the flight London to Barcelona weren't as comfortable but it's not fair as it's just the model of airplane. Although modern seats just weren't that good to try catch some sleep.

Pros: Free soft drinks. Average boarding speed. Was able to bring on my rather large carry on bag.
Cons: Like the flight from Amsterdam to Philadelphia, the seats were extremely uncomfortable and wouldn't go back much at all. On this flight my tray was also broken so I couldn't ever put any drinks on it without them spilling everywhere. The flight attendants were the worst ones I have ever had on a flight. Very unpleasant and rude. They would barely pay attention to customers and would only gossip when they were making their rounds down the isles. One of them made an attempt to bump either my arm or my leg every time she walked paste me, not once apologizing. It was very clear that she was doing it on purpose. At one point she even kept bending over to get into one of her drawers on her cart and kept shoving her butt into my shoulder and in my face repeatedly without acknowledging me at all. I was returning from a trip overseas and my appearance was less than business casual but that is no excuse to treat me like that or any other customer riding on this airline. I enjoyed my flights with British Airways on my way to Europe. It's extremely unfortunate that these two airlines are sister companies and transfer people between them. From now on I will actively avoid taking any flights on a American Airlines unless I have absolutely no other option. Sadly, this may mean avoiding British Airways as well. It's sad when Allegiant Air offers better flights than such a reputable airline, such as this.

Pros: Service
Cons: They ran out of food. Did not get a choice

Pros: Peaceful
Cons: Delay. Poor food.

Pros: The audio did work for movies
Cons: I felt very warm and uncomfortable

Cons: We booked on Kayak for a British Airways flight international--but it was a bait and switch. We ended up flying on American Airlines--the WORST! And our whole reason for booking British Airways was to avoid any US airline... We paid a premium, plus Kayak then sends you to a third party processor that charges you another $100 booking fee! American Airlines was terrible! Not even an entertainment center on on this flight (OLD PLANE THAT SHOULD BE TAKEN OUT OF SERVICE!). THIS WAS A BARE BONES PLANE> We will NEVER use KAYAK again.

Cons: Three hour delay put me in Orlando really late (and I had two hour drive home).

Cons: The flight was delayed by 4 hours because maintenance needed to change a tire on the airplane. The delay would have been acceptable if it wasn't for the excuses the airline offered. First, they said maintenance couldn't find a spare tire, and when they did rob a tire from another plane, they said the delay was due to FAA paperwork. These reasons, most likely true, suggest American Airlines (British Airways sub-contracted this flight to its partner, American Airlines) was not prepared to handle such an emergency.

Pros: I made it safely to Barcelona
Cons: Where shall I begin? The crew was ok, makes me miss flying JetBlue, the crew can learn a lot from them in what customer service and friendly crew is about!!! In my opinion, if they had the chance to learn, this crew would be the same as they are, because it feels like, get them in and complete the shift. The seat was so uncomfortable that I spent the entire 9 hrs awake. The entertainment was terrible. When watching a movie you can't simply start it when you want so if you miss show time when it started you have to begin where it is...I hope that 1st class is different than what it feels like to ride in coach because it makes me feel like steerage! I most certainly would not take this airline to Europe unless I had better accommodations because being in the coach section sucks!

Pros: Everything was on time. The plane was kind of full but the flight attendants really tried to reseat passengers that wanted to change their seats. To me, that's above and beyond, being in the service industry myself. The entertainment was really diverse and offered many options. The food was good and the red wine was excellent. The pilot gave us regular updates about the flight and the weather in Barcelona, our destination. The seats were roomy and comfortable. Restrooms were very clean.

Pros: Flight attendants and pilot very nice and informative.
Cons: Very small seats in economy for an overseas flight, making it extremely difficult to get comfortable enough to sleep.

Pros: When we got struck by lightning, the pilot helped us stay safe a feel like we were in good hands.
Cons: The flight was delayed due to scary weather.

Cons: Most uncomfortable 6 hour flight I've ever taken. No food or snacks served whatsoever, no entertainment options, flight attendants were curt, not even pillows. This would be OK for a shorter flight, but for 6 hours is ridiculous. This was worse than even the cheapest economy carrier. American Airlines bad service is definitely not what i was expecting booking a flight through British airways, which is consistently top- notch.

Pros: The crew were pleasant
Cons: Sold as a BA flight but it wasn't BA but Vueling a subsidiary of BA. This is in the small print and feels like a deliberate misleading statement. Far worse than other budget airlines like easy jet. Poor organisation and lack of staff with adequate training resulted in lack of information, long queues at check in and delays with take off and baggage collection. Practically queued for 2 hours. Make sure you arrive at least 2 30 hours before check in or you may miss your flight.

Pros: got there alive
Cons: booked British Airways, got American Airlines. I didnt want American airlines. I would have booked American Airlines if I wanted American airways. there was no indication that the flight would be operated by any other than British air until I got to the check counter at British airways, and they sent me to the excruciatingly long check in line for American.

Pros: Everything went very smoothly! Really impressed with this flight, crew and food
Cons: Thanks!

Pros: The crew was awesome
Cons: Every time I fly out of Scranton I’m delayed horribly this time it was so bad I’m stuck in a hotel for the night.

Cons: My ticket did not allow me to use my status to upgrade. Never buying through Kayak again.

Cons: less expensive wifi. more confortable seats

Pros: Great price!
Cons: More food.

Pros: the crew were amazing. And the airplane we took was very modernized with all the electronics. Had a great flight

Pros: Not much except that it was a smooth ride once we were up in the air.
Cons: Space is AWFUL, Boarding waa AWFUL. Airlines consider customers cattle and don’t give a damn.

Pros: Friend service
Cons: Food, seat comfort.

Cons: We made reservations on Premium economy which was overbooked so we did not get a seat assignment until reaching the gate. However they upgraded us to business class so we were delighted.

Cons: going through customs at the airport until barcelona takes in inordinate amount of time.

Pros: The entertainment and crew in flight(not the ticket crew)
Cons: First of all, We were delayed 5 hours, I did not know finnair was operated by American Airlines(I wouldn’t never bought this thickets) we so many issues with AA in the past that we refused to fly with them, on top of all this they were trying to split us up(2 times) I bought 2 ticket for a reason...

Cons: Not comfortable seating bad food fruits were smiling and they made me to check in my carry on bag to charge $60 Will not recommend or travel international again with this airline

Pros: the food was great, and they served dinner right away so passengers could get some sleep before arrival

Cons: Poor service, horror food, and terrible check in attention. On top of this, they lost my suitcase!!!!

Pros: Food was great! Service was excellent.
Cons: It was a long flight. I personally do not like to use washrooms on a plane but with all those hours you just have to. That's not their is me But they made your flight to be the best that can be

Pros: Confort and good treatment.
Cons: I didn’t have the opportunity to chiíes seats.

Pros: Staff was cheerful and nice

Cons: same as above. Was not on this flight

Pros: The 777-200 airplane was nice and comfortable
Cons: When we deplane the aircraft was a surprise having no shoulder just staircase

Pros: The new plane!
Cons: Hmmm, everything. First we didn’t get the seats we selected, then we had to pay an extra 800 for my family to sit together. Took about an hour waiting on the tarmac. Then to top it off American Airlines broke my stroller and NO apology. Never again with a third party site or American Airlines

Pros: Eventually, the actual flight was fine.
Cons: Initially delayed by 3hours (mechanical) which was American Eagle couldn’t get their “bucket of bolts” to Springfield, MO on time so we missed our flight out of Charlotte to Barcelona. Then we were rerouted through Chicago, but lost our first class seats and were bumped back to coach. This was after I had bought first class tickets for the entire trip only to be told 3 months before leaving that AA decided to switch planes on our domestic flight so there’s were no first class seats. THEN, in Chicago we tried to get first class seats on British Airways which would have been fine but After being sent to another terminal (after the bus to that terminal had stopped running) we were turned back because British Airways wouldn’t accept the boarding pass that AA had issued us. Now, having to go back to the first terminal to DISCUSS all this, we miss that flight and wind up stuck in Chicago for another 24 hours. Then, that flight was delayed by 3 hours, so we lost a day and a half of our vacation.

Cons: Delays again. Can American. Ever be on time?

Cons: As above, had to buy same day tickets for the entire flight.

Pros: Plentiful wine. On time departure and arrival.
Cons: Food. Pasta was un-eatable. Cutlery flimsy. Napkin like a kleenex.

Cons: Cabin temperature was cold and food could have been better.

Pros: much room. great entertainment. great crew

Pros: The confort seat, and service

Cons: Crew didn't walk around to offer wanter/drinks except during meal time and it would have been nice if they did.

Pros: seats and space were good
Cons: 2 hour delay and freezing cold inside the plane

Pros: The seats were comfortable and the food was very good!we left over two hours after the scheduled departure time.
Cons: I did not like having to wait to depart.

Cons: They broke a wheel on my luggage.

Pros: Straight flight
Cons: How to check-in, had to many steps to find out which airline to login to.

Pros: Flight and landing were smooth.
Cons: Touch screen worked sporadically. Wifi never worked. Boarding plane was very unorganized.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Flight was delayed, but it's not even delay, but the terrible incompetent unprofessional way this was handled.

Pros: I liked the entertainment, crew was very nice, I had no problems when boarding and dinner was fine.
Cons: Breakfast was lacking, I did not enjoy anything I was given. A hot breakfast would be very nice or even bread with butter would have been a nice option.

Cons: Passengers too crammed in closer together.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: In January, we booked a 5:40pm fight through Kayak to Barcelona. July 7th, the day before our flight kayak sent us an email with a different time. Apparently, this flight had been dropped and completely changed to 5 hours later on February 2nd. Kayak didn't care to tell us until the day before. We ended up having to book a new connecting flight which cost us $250. Ive always booked with kayak and now I fear I will never again. I would like a refund for the $250 or a flight stipend. My name is sarah chambers

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Pretty much everything

Cons: The flight company's got changed to AA from Iberia but didn't get any email from Kayak. Send an email next time please.

Pros: Flights lately have been a huge disappointment but American Airlines was great! Crew was so pleasant and helpful,food was good and the "entertainment" was too! I'll definitely fly with them again!

Pros: This was British Airways operated by American Airlines. I'm usually not a fan of American Airlines but this was a pleasant surprise. Plane was on time and pleasant. Seating was not roomy but what we expected. We were served dinner with option for and simple breakfast. Entertainment system was up to date with personal screens and choice of movies and games.
Cons: There were six of us flying and we choice this flight because it was the lowest cost we could get per seat. When we try to check in for seating, we ended up having to pay significant fees to get seats together. I feel like this wasn't upfront and we may have used other Airlines/ flying times if we realized this wasn't the cheapest way to go. (I'll have to read the fine print better next time)

Pros: The meals were good and the flight attendants were very pleasant.
Cons: The space and seats were uncomfortable. The seat my husband was sitting in (30A window seat), the touch screen seemed to have some technical issues, for it did not recognize when you touch the screen. It was a bit frustrating trying to select entertainment. Also, when checking in from our original departure location, MCO, we were not provided our boarding pass or luggage tags for our final destination, Barcelona, only to our connecting flight, Philadelphia. The connecting flight was delayed in MCO for an 1 hour and a half, after we have boarded the plane, therefore almost cost us to be late for our final flight to Barcelona. Since we were not given our boarding passes for PHL to BCL it caused confusion when trying to board our plane in PHL to Barcelona, and also caused for our baggage to not arrive with the flight. After landing, we spent an additional 2 hours at the Airport going through customs, and waiting on line for the lost and found desk for baggage in Barcelona. The lost and found desk had three agents available to assist, however we can only talk to one which was designated specifically for American Airlines. This caused a very long wait time of 1 hour. We were advised the bags stayed in Phildelaphia since they did not have the additional luggage tags, and will not arrive till the next day. Overall the experience within the Airport service desks and baggage check in' s was not a pleasant experience. I believe many of these issues could have been avoided if the American Airlines agents were more knowledgeable and attentive.

Pros: The economy seats were relatively spacious and had a full TV menu and outlet to charge devices.
Cons: For a red eye they could perhaps ask people to turn off their lights, but it doesn't matter.

Pros: An agent found me a window seat for the Chicago-Barcelona leg of the trip with extra leg room. That was amazing. Also, the lost luggage assistant for American Airlines was super helpful and nice. Also, the 787 (I think that was the Chicago-Barcelona craft) was a very enjoyable airplane. It was super smooth. It had high tech windows that adjusted the amount or type of light that could filter through the windows depending on the settings.
Cons: When I arrived in Barcelona my Bag went missing. It showed up an two hours after my flight landed.

Pros: Everything. I had no problems at all when coming to Barcelona last week!!

Pros: Crew was very courteous.
Cons: Delayed departure.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Delayed 1 hour because crew announced there was a discrepancy between # passengers boarding central records. Flight crew didn't do anything to comfort passengers during this. Captain made one announcement about turbulence once at the beginning but nothing else for 1/2 hour or longer long turbulence period. Crew took away tray without asking. Ran out of water. Doors did not open for quite awhile after docking but crew said nothing. Seats so small one had to keep elbows glued to body to eat without touching neighbors. Felt like cattle being driven to slaughter. Min

Pros: Crew was helpful and provided sufficient food and drinks. Plane was late.
Cons: The plane was late. Took a long time to turn over and the seats were not very comfortable. This was a flight operated by American Airlines

Pros: Another great flight. On our plane the entertainment was free and I was able to watch a lot of movies. We even landed early
Cons: I know it was a very long flight and my butt and legs were hiring by the time we landed. Also I'm lactose intolerant. And I wasn't able to eat any of the food. But it did look good. But overall a very good flight.

Pros: Every single crew member was extremely helpful and friendly. Also the leg room was acceptable compared to similar airlines. Comfortable seats and smooth flight. We were even 20 minutes early to BCN!
Cons: The plane was very old and the entertainment was okay... That's if your screen worked, which mine did not. An 8 hour flight without entertainment is not the best scenario. Also, I know it wasn't just my screen that wasn't working.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: All. The worst airline in the world

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