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DeltaOverall score based on 31471 reviews
Airline reviews

Less seats more room.

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Less seats more room.

Delays really ruin days, excitement, the overall experience of traveling. Having inaccurate times and poor communication sucks.

Great service as always!

One of the crew member weren’t to pleasant

The fly was delayed one hour for A/C problems, then after being on the road to take off, we went back to terminal secondary to a passenger problem. Last but not least I was first class and my sit was so uncomfortable, I landed with headaches

My seat next to the emergency exit could not be reclined. The meal was just fruit and sandwiches. I appreciated the fresh fruit but the sandwiches were mediocre.


Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Loved it!"
Pros: "Easy boarding. Good entertainment. Didn’t bother me too much."
Cons: "Better good. More comfortable seats"
Pros: "Everything..."
Cons: "Brighter, kinder and nicer faces."
Pros: "Very friendly cabin attendants. Especially Irene."
Cons: "Food was poor. I would prefer a good piece of cheese or fruit."
Pros: "Got here early!"
Pros: "Great crew!!"
Cons: "Boarding was a bit slow!"
Pros: "Crew was absolutely amazing!"
Cons: "Delta check in was HORRIBLE! I was charged for a bag check in and had to take my bag through security and they threw away my cologne and razors."
Pros: "Nothing exceptional stands out"
Cons: "Flight was not on time"
Pros: "The cookies and soda was good and staff was exceptional. Instead of cheezits, chips would be better"
Cons: "Instead of cheezits, please upgrade to chips"
Pros: "On time, smooth take off and landing."
Pros: "All aspects"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Excellent"
Pros: "I liked the wide variety of movies and snacks available."
Cons: "The kid behind me wouldn't stop kicking my seat."
Pros: "Sat in the Key West airport for five hours because of delays. Somehow the other airlines managed to get their people on and off the island. Although they say they can’t land in a 25 mph crosswind we were watching the weather. It mostly stayed below 20 mph for hours before departure"
Pros: "Flight was on time/ early."
Cons: "Have hot water for coffee and outlets for phones"
Pros: "see above"
Pros: "2: 1/2 delay"
Cons: "They put us on the plane after waiting 11/2 hours, we all had to deplane as the mechanical problems were not done correctly. We waited another hour to correct before leaving. The gate agent was able to get me on a later connecting flight to Charleston. That was a positive."
Pros: "Everything went great. Flight left a little late but was fine and only arrived a little late. I like the side wings on head rests really help."
Cons: "Seats are always hard on long flights."
Cons: "Had a 5 hour layover - booked first class but this did not entitle me to use the delta lounge in seattle. Snacks only on the flight."
Cons: "flight rerouted to LAX!"
Pros: "Staff very courteous and professional"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "Like the airplane - Boeing 757. More comfortable than the 737."
Cons: "Don't like the towel dispenser location and function. Can't find it when standing and a bunch of them come out at one time."
Cons: "Flight delayed 2 hrs"
Pros: "After almost every airline cancelled. Delta still took me to where I needed to go with not one single problem. That pilot was amazing. I forget his name. But the plane didn't slide or anything during take off. Amazing."
Cons: "What was there not to like. We were a little bit late but I wasn't in a rush. I planned well ahead. Delta moved my flight from 10 a.m. to 6 a.m. and that was perfectly fine with me."
Pros: "Food available for purchase. Entertainment system."
Cons: "WiFi doesn’t work."
Pros: "Was initially hoping to fly a US airline but will now look for Aeromexico first. Exceeded my expectations!"
Cons: "The layover in Mexico City was a bit long and the airport was not so great"
Pros: "The flight was on time and the crew was extremely friendly"
Cons: "Early morning flights .. the People are not aware and awake"
Pros: "Yet one more trip that reminds me why I refuse to fly any other airline than Delta. (I fly every week for work.) Top-rate LA crew, flights always departs on time, early to destination more than half the time. Comfortable seats, upgraded to Delta Comfort today. Gate agent was friendly, helpful and joking with passengers. Made it seem like we were all going on an adventure. Kudos to Delta all around!!"
Pros: "Crew very nice"
Pros: "Boarding, checking in etc. The usual stuff, nothign spectacular."
Cons: "Seats are getting too crowded!"
Pros: "The crew was beyond friendly and courteous. Lots of leg room."
Cons: "I was an older plane, it was louder than our flight down to Atlanta. Nothing they could do about it, but a slight annoyance."
Cons: "The food service was way to rushed , no time to relax with a cocktail before dinner was being served. The warm mixed nuts were stale tasting. The soup was excellent. The breakfast was not edible . Not your usual standard, Delta. Makes me sad as my late husband was a million miler plus and we have always been loyal to you, Seems like you have too many passengers in business class to provide food and service you can be proud of"
Pros: "Friendly and informative flight attendants kept the passengers in reasonable spirit."
Cons: "Left nearly an hour late after confusion related to oversold seats and upgrades. The gate agent entered the plane multiple times. The landing was rough, the brakes were loud."
Pros: "Time was made in the air and we did not miss our connecting flight."
Cons: "The flight was very late."
Pros: "Meg, our stewardess came out to tell us there would not be any coffee on a 6 AM flight and that we had time to get coffee, if needed. She kept us informed of flight delays, helpful with my bags."
Cons: "There was nothing that could be done, but due to construction at the airport, waited on tarmac for an hour before we could get to a gate, then they had problems with the ramp and that had to be addressed. But pilot was very good about keeping us informed on delays and he was as frustrated as we were."
Cons: "Delayed four hours"
Pros: "Like the online check in and advanced seat assignment"
Cons: "It's only a 45 min flight so no ptoblems"
Pros: "The crew was friendly and accommodating, and service was good"
Cons: "I purchased a basic economy ticket and upon checking in, my Delta app said my seat was unassigned and I had to get my boarding pass at the airport. I checked back later and the app had me as number 7 on the standby list. I called Delta (wait time 3+ hours... my flight was in 3), and then the Delta app support where I was able to get through to someone. She told me that the ticket I purchased over a month in advance did not guarantee me a seat on the plane (???). She said that if I was bumped from the flight they would reschedule me for the next morning. She was pretty rude and made it seem like I had a 50/50 shot of getting on this plane. I rushed to the airport in hopes that I would be the first from Standby there, and the gate agent told me that I was fine and would board right after first class and be assigned a seat then. Great. Once I got my seat assignment, I board to find out there is someone else sitting in my seat...... They eventually called the desk and had her moved, but it was the weirdest boarding experience I've had.. and I've flown Spirit. These planes that Delta fly's are SO OLD. Both times I have flown Delta the "turbulence" has been so bad and cold air was blowing right on my the whole flight with no option to turn it off (it wasn't from one of the vents, but from the side). Someone close to me works for Delta and I know for a fact that some of their engines blow mid-flight.. and they tell the passengers that it's turbulence.. so that doesn't make me feel very safe. I won't fly Delta again if there is another comparable option."
Pros: "There wasn't much to like. Just about everything was wrong. The plane was a newish 787, so it didn't feel old. Boarding went well because we complained about how tired we, at 70+, were because the flight was late and we'd been standing up; this resulted in us being boarded with some of the latish priority passengers."
Cons: "Everything, really. The plane was very crowded; small seats, little leg room. The meals were mediocre and the cabin staff were just barely the good side of unhelpful, officious and unfriendly The flight was inexplicably 2 hours or more late in excellent weather. No apologies given, the flight that was originally scheduled for 8 pm left close to 11 pm. While boarding the only light is a purplish ambient lighting that made it impossible to read anything, including the safety material, until the inflight entertainment was loaded up (the lights are only controlled through software-actuated virtual buttons on the screen). The inflight entertainment system is hard to use, too, designed by idiots for use by geniuses. But the very worst thing was the stress caused by Virgin Atlantic in just about guaranteeing that we would miss this flight. On our outbound voyage in January, VA, for reasons nobody knows, booked an ADDITIONAL leg from JHB to CPT on BA at 12:30 pm, even though we were already ON the earlier 9:30 BA flight we'd booked and paid for. Then, when we didn't show up for this spurious flight (because we were already in the air) we didn't book (BA swears they have evidence that VA made this booking), our return flight CPT to JBG three months later was cancelled WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE. If I hadn't been interested in knowing, the day before the flight, if the return BA flight had a meal, I would have showed up at the CPT airport in April and discovered that I had no way to get to the VA flight in JHB! As it was I spent an entire day trying to get back on the flight I'd already paid for. I advise EVERYONE who uses VA to reconfirm flights over and over. There is still no explanation for this. I will never NEVER fly VA again. They are not to be trusted."
Pros: "The prompt transfer"
Cons: "My one piece of hard shell luggage has a special, difficult way of latching. As long as nobody opens it, it stays fine for shipping. The problem is your greedy Chinese luggage handling thieves who work for your airlines in Chinese airports. Whenever they can steal from luggage, they always try to steal from passengers, particularly American. I have had multiple experiences with theft from Chinese airports. I have been to China and back to the USA five times. Many times, items have disappeared from my suitcases in Chinese airports. That is why I decided not to move to China to live but instead move to Indonesia. However, if I fly any plane that transfers my luggage in China, I can usually expect to have my luggage robbed. Although this time, nothing was missing from my luggage, that fact that your people had to wrap my suitcase in plastic (because they did not know the secret for relatching it) and resend it a day later, that is proof that one of your airport personnel opened it to see what he could steal and then got caught because he could not close it again. I am really really really tired of you Chinese thieves. I blame all of you because you are all a product of Mao Tse Tung’s godless atheistic evil society. The Chinese have proven to me again and again that they cannot be trusted. A Kong Chinese official even stole my Ohio driver’s license when I transferred through that airport on a previous trip to Jakarta. I understand your problem. If you fire all dishonest luggage department workers, you will not have any workers remaining. That is why you will always rank as a third world backward primitive society even though you buy expensive airplanes that you don’t build and dress your people up like professionals which they aren’t. AS LONG AS Chinese airport luggage people are dishonest and cannot be trusted, your entire airline is a failure. That is not prejudice against Chinese people. I know some honest good ones. They are all Christians, the kind of good people the corrupt Chinese government hates. An atheistic country is an evil country. Do not expect to be respected by honest people. You people clearly do not deserve it. You are still in the stone age when it comes to professionalism which requires total honesty, a quality which your luggage handlers consider to be dispensable. Such cave men they are!"
Cons: "Flight attendants were a little snobby and didn't treat all passengers equally, in my humble opinion (note: I was sitting in 1st class)."

check in terrible, too long

Cons: "Food and entertainment"
Cons: "Zero entertainment which seems like should be standard these days"
Pros: "The crew was friendly and very connected with the passenger's."
Cons: "No having entertainment individually makes it really hard when you have a hild and has to watch adult content."
Pros: "Comfortable chair"
Cons: "They didn’t finish the in flight service supposedly due to turbulence but the plane was actually fine"
Pros: "The crew was good and the seat confortable"
Cons: "The cheking process. The pre-cheking dora not works,"
Pros: "Crew was very helpful."
Cons: "Took a very long time in check in. Agents were very nice; just very slow. Should have kiosks in Buenos Aries. We did not have internet to get our tickets before going to airport."
Pros: "Business seats good Food good Well taken care of."
Cons: "Seat is uncomfortable and food is terrible."
Pros: "The crew"
Cons: "Entertainment. Games were blocked. Movie section was poor."
Pros: "Land crew at BA."
Cons: "Onboard service (Food, entertainment and comfort)."
Pros: "in this particular flight, nothing! I'm a Copa fan and always flight Copa while travelling within LatinAmerica but this last time was bad"
Cons: "1st of all get new planes, it is inadmissible not having individual screens on every seat. Plane was extremely cold, and there were no blankets!! and the crew did nothing to get a better temperature. Boarding was soooooo slow, OMG. Crew is totally useless, did not offer help with the sitting/luggage"
Cons: "Few new Entertainment options."
Pros: "Not enough leg space"
Cons: "More leg room for tall people, I’m talking about people over 6’ 4”. I am 6’ 6”"
Cons: "Seat confort"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "The food wasn't great-- more vegetables/healthier would have been nice. The schedule was terrible-- they wake you up more than 2 hours prior to arrival for a breakfast, then turn the lights off again for an hour. How about breakfast a little later and let us sleep?"
Pros: "Boarding was organized, the crew and food/refreshment services were great. I prefer Copa over others because of this. Last time I traveled to South America was 6 years ago and the quality is still great."
Cons: "Seating cushioning was a bit uncomfortable, which is a bit difficult during a long flight."
Cons: "En el check in lo hice por la web y liego tarde mas q la gente q no lo hizo xq atendian a todos mezclados"
Pros: "Smooth flight. Pleasant crew. Good entertainment"
Cons: "Food very basic. Small aircraft (737)."
Pros: "The crew in business class was very good and attentive. The meal was very good; I enjoyed the wine served. The hot towel and the warm snack provided was a nice touch. The seat was comfortable."
Cons: "The foot rest on the seat was pretty poor."
Cons: "No fue informado que el asiento 10 no reclinaba ."
Pros: "I liked the Boarding and the friendly service, entertainement was good."
Cons: "Seats not comfortable, did not liked the food."
Pros: "Crew service and boarding"
Cons: "Seats not being able to recline in row 10"
Pros: "I like the fact the there was a entertainment system for each passenger."
Cons: "I didnt like that the airplane was small for a international flight, also didnt like that the aircraft did not have wifi."
Pros: "All the services at the plane were very good"
Cons: "The order at the boarding in Istanbul and in Panama, were poir, with no preference for freq flyers"
Pros: "Flight was canceled by airlines Ruined our whole vacation to Panama Was offered a flight the following week After our vacation Did not offer a refund"
Cons: "Non cooperative Did not allow a refund after they canceled flight"
Pros: "Super friendly crew."
Cons: "Check in for baggage took forever with one person especially knowing that there is a 2 hour queue for customs. Many were on the line on customs and can see the gate but crew would not do anything. The whole process upon arriving to airport to boarding gate took about 4 hours."
Pros: "They're a frud"
Cons: "There customer service sucks"
Pros: "The great service and all good attention during the flight."
Pros: "THE flight mouved too much and delayed There aré not diabetic's food"
Cons: "The crew was kind"
Pros: "comfortable seats with good leg room, very good food provided."
Cons: "additional xray at gate and requirement to leave all water bottle behind."
Pros: "Food, attention, kindness"
Pros: "Copa got me a seat on a flight with another airline.."
Cons: "My flight was canelled."
Pros: "Speedy and timely checking, tasty free meals, friendly staff"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Tve crew on the aircraft. Is ver friendly"
Pros: "Everything was good, just a little delay of about 25 minutes"
Cons: "Delay of about 25 minutes, was because we were waiting the catering to arrive"
Pros: "Good airline Seems we'll run."
Pros: "Their affiliation with Star Alliance enabled us to go to the Copa Lounge. We enjoyed the Loung's food, beverage, and overall travel ambiance. Ed Villena"
Cons: "None"
Cons: "Business class lounge in Panama was terrible. Over crowded, noisy, poor and inadequate food and drink, only tiny, underfilled, tasteless sandwiches and dry crackers. Inferior to any other lounge I have been in. On the plane, the food was dry and tasteless for the most part."
Cons: "I was in business class. You basically had to beg for alcohol. I just wanted a glass of wine, and I had to wait over 1.5 hrs to receive it. This was annoying as this was a red-eye 7 hours flight . I wanted a glass of wine, and then to sleep. Very poor service for business class. Also, flying a 737 8 hours is not ideal. The need to upgrade their fleet."
Pros: "smooth ride no hiccups relatively smooth boarding process nothing tremendously problematic"
Cons: "I ordered a veggie meal and they gave me vegan instead of veggie/dairy My screen was broken so I couldn't use the entertainment system the seats were quite close together"
Pros: "FOOD"
Cons: "My baggage did not arrive in Quito until 2.5 days later. Apparently it did not leave Panama with my flight."
Pros: "I loved the drink service. Star Alliance aircraft continue to impress me with their cleanliness and maintenance. The crew service is wonderful. I thought boarding was standard, compared to other airlines. The in flight entertainment was a positive surprise."
Cons: "If you stick to your part of the Panama City terminal, there may be VERY limited food options. For me the only food option in the area was a tiny fried chicken stand."
Cons: "New aircraft, clean. Friendly crew"

No food o drinks

Cons: "What I already mentioned you make my travel a nightmare"
Pros: "No"
Cons: "Letting me know from the beginning that I need to scan some stupid code that is not necessary I waste a lot of time trying to scan the code and I couldn't to finally an employee give me a form to put what all ready was written"
Cons: "The delay"
Cons: "4 h delay"
Pros: "Delayed"
Cons: "On time"
Pros: "Caring and through personnel in the face of a virus."
Cons: "WATER"
Pros: "Quick boarding"
Cons: "More comfortable seats"
Pros: "The crew were fantastic and the seats were comfortable."
Cons: "Leg space was a bit tight for a tall person so if you can get an exit row do it."
Pros: "Las aeromozas muy secas y déspotas. Los asientos duros a pesar q viaje en salida de emergencia"
Cons: "La distancia entre asientos es RIDICULAMENTE justa, y no se diga cuando el pasajero delante se reclina, no sean pichicatos con el espacio...."
Pros: "The crew were really nice!"
Cons: "Better seats!"
Cons: "The flights took off over an hour late. The seats were incredibly uncomfortable and didn’t recline., even ven a little bit. I am 5’6” and my knees touched the seat in front of me."
Cons: "I have yet to have any complaints about volaris they are economical"
Pros: "Crew was poor in preparing for boarding. Boarding happened 30-50 minutes past final call."
Cons: "They could have been more open about checking in. They had a long line that was a mix of three flight leaving in the same hour. They could have organized the boarding better as well. Splitting the passengers in three groups didn't play out so well."
Pros: "Unfortunately, I don’t have anything positive to say"
Cons: "I paid extra for seats by the emergency exit. And they move me because my son is underage. Why did they take the payment if they wouldn’t let us seat where we requested?"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "I had to pay for check in at counter because I could do it online. Their system didn’t work well. Ridiculous"
Pros: "Crew were really friendly and willing to help"
Cons: "Flight was delayed"
Cons: "The flight did not exist!"
Pros: "The arriving time was the only good thing"
Cons: "Better food option, the seats are really small, checking documentation and boarding pass several times is ridiculous, charging 10.00 dollars for boarding pass and having to pay for a seat is a slap in the face"
Pros: "It was awful"
Cons: "The airline needs to change and advance it was awful uncomfortable and miserable"
Pros: "The crew was nice; however, the seats from LAX to MEX where extremely uncomfortable. The seats practically didn't recline at all and there was hardly any leg room. I am 5'3 and had ok legroom but it was not comfortable for taller people. Everything on the flight was being sold."
Cons: "Seats could have a bit more leg room and should recline a bit more. Water or a small beverage should be complementary."
Cons: "This schedule is not for me , is too late and is not even direct , I almost miss my connection to Mexico City ."
Pros: "The service was amazing. The staff were friendly and quick to answer my concerns."
Cons: "Perhaps very light snacks and free water. Just the basics all other extras passengers can pay for themselves, but a light snack and refreshment is a kind welcoming gesture."
Pros: "Nothing Volaris made us miss our flight and they charged us to be on the next flight tomorrow."
Cons: "Everything could be better."
Pros: "Right on time. No frills. What you want in a 70 dollar flight"
Cons: "All good."
Cons: "Light free snack"
Pros: "Changed seat easily."
Cons: "Flight was late, little organization at gate, seats so small you hit the seat in front of you so never comfortable, no complimentary food and drink, extremely loud airplane noises throughout flight."
Pros: "Quick"
Cons: "Gate decision because we had to wait until last minute to announce"
Cons: "Maybe courtesy soft drinks and peanuts"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Had to pay extra for a suitcase that was a couple of pounds above the 10 Kgs, and a small tube where I bring my fishing pole (paid as much as a large suitcasewhen it only weighted 1.2 lbs). In the previous flight they also charged us for printing the boarding passes (we we unable to do it online),"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Luggage delayed at least two hours. Waiting for it still! This is nuts."
Pros: "Everything was fine. I recommend Volaris."
Cons: "Long walk to boarding gate."
Pros: "That you guys sold our seats and still in Tijuana for another flight"
Cons: "Same as above"
Cons: "Left 22 minutes late, there was a bomb scare, we made a emergency landing and after one hour we are still on the plane with no ens in sight."
Pros: "Both ways the trip was good. Fast service on Bajío Airport and back to Tijuana. Wait time was as expected on normal basis but fast service on checking in and out."
Cons: "Like every airport they over charge on snacks and food"
Pros: "that i had a entire row for myself"
Cons: "they dont add the global entry number on your ticket like other airlines, therefore you cant get TSA pre check. The flight was delayed around 40 mins. When we got there, the bags took 30 mins to come out. There was a huge fight in the baggage claim from the flight before from NY. They wouldnt get their baggage and we were stalled."
Pros: "The food and the place"
Cons: "The weather to hot"
Pros: "On time, arrived early, good price, good service"
Cons: "Got to Acapulco too early in the morning to check in the hotel"
Pros: "Travel time"
Cons: "No real food only snacks"
Pros: "The worst experience since, besides they weight your luggage before check-in, they do it again right before you take the airplane. The cost for register a luggage os 45usd!!!!! Wtf..."
Cons: "The worst experience since, besides they weight your luggage before check-in, they do it again right before you take the airplane. The cost for register a luggage os 45usd!!!!! Wtf..."
Cons: "checking in process, Over one hour in line which. 2 people 1 regular bag $55 dollars. Pay for everything on the plane except water. Poor ventilation. Couldn;t even lay tray down without it sticking in my gut, I could go on. I fly quite a bit and this was probably the worst experience"
Cons: "We had to pay $150 I’m extra charges for our luggage and carry-on."
Cons: "Llegue 1 hora antes de mi vuelo y no me permitieron hacer mi check in porque “debería estar ahí 1.5 horas antes”. Me indicaron que debería comprar otro vuelo, ya que ellos no hacían cambios. Me tuve que cambiar de aerolínea y adquirir otro vuelo para el día siguiente."
Pros: "Puntuales."
Cons: "El procedimiento de abordaje es un relajo."
Pros: "Puntuales y eficientes"
Cons: "Pocas cortesías en alimentos y bebidas"
Pros: "Punctuality, friendly flight crew"
Cons: "Boarding was an unorganized free-for-all"
Pros: "La posibilidad de viajar a Chicag sin escalas"
Cons: "La línea Volaris o por lo menos el avión en el que viajamos es muy viejo. Y el mantenimiento deficiente."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Bad service"
Pros: "Nonstop San Francisco to Guadalajara"
Cons: "Negative legroom, some rows were full others empty, cabin crew couldn't care less about passengers, never even offered me a beverage or food (even though I would have refused due to excessive fees for everything!), most announcements were in Spanish even though the flight originated in San Francisco. The worst part was the seating being so tight I could not put my knees in front of me and I had to endure the entire flight in pain. I would never have been able to get out in an emergency because my legs were twisted like pretzels and they were in cramps with circulation cut off. Why is there no law against passenger abuse like this? Why should I pay extra just to be comfortable for a few hours? I'm 6'4" and not that giant but these seats were sized for children. Cabin crew never tried to reseat me in one of the numerous empty rows yet they allowed others to sleep across the empty rows. They saw how unsettled I was yet ignored me. Why don't they distribute passengers evenly instead of filling some rows and leaving some empty? They charged me $50 to carry on my bag saying "We're not allowed to have carry on bags." Unless I paid $50 and then carry on bags are fine. Checked bags were $30 but with expensive electronics in my bag I was not going to risk it to the baggage handling crew with their knack for destroying bags every day. I will never fly Volaris again, no matter how inexpensive they are."

My flight from Chicago O'Hare to Boise was not booked. I feel disappointed about it.

Pros: "Flight attendants were nice"
Cons: "Disorganized and crowded"
Pros: "Everything nice"
Cons: "The space was nice plus it wasnt Many people traveling but it was a bigger plane"
Cons: "Delay 3 hours"
Pros: "Staff"
Pros: "Una mierda de servicio"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Friendly flight attendants, on-time flight, simple boarding process."
Cons: "Seat didn't recline which makes sleeping tough."
Pros: "Two nice Lift drivers."
Cons: "Having to returning to LAX early this more once again. Paying for 3 cabs vs only i"
Pros: "My flight to Atlanta was fine and went great"
Cons: "The flight back was delayed 3 times and the worse flying experience would have thought the pilot was a rookie very scary flight"
Cons: "No USB"
Pros: "Price"
Pros: "Nobody was in my side"
Cons: "Super delayed"
Pros: "Flight crew was Nice.... And the pilot very funny... Great experience"
Cons: "That I have to pay for carry on bag.. At the end there's no savings like you think there are. Plus my boarding pass said gate G14 and actually it was E9....I didn't like that plus they announced the change 20 min before departure... imagine my workout"
Cons: "I had to pay $110 for a back pack and skateboard as carry on items from LAX to Chicago"
Cons: "Delayed"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Multiple delays with no communication from Spirit staff. When the flight was finally canceled, staff was unresponsive and ran away. I will never fly Spirit again."
Pros: "Seating is uncomfortable"
Cons: "Flight was delayed and I was uncomfortable the whole ride . Paid 250 for bags because they were ok to come yet charged me to bring them back . So I paid 600 in bags and seats she I should or could have paid for comfortable seating with another airline"
Pros: "Clean plane"
Cons: "3 hours delay both flights n compensation"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything that Spirit has done has been mediocre. I bought a ticket for my employee to fly to New Orleans and he showed up at the kiosk 40 minutes before the flight and was not able to get on so I had to pay $15 to reschedule for today and he showed up at the same time and still they said that their computers were down and they couldn't check anybody in and there's multiple people angry that they're boarding passes want working and so now we have to figure out how he can get to New Orleans and actually make it there. It'll be three days of not being able to get there because of spirits unethical and subpar customer service. I will never choose to fly Spirit again after this"
Pros: "great flight and landing at LAX!!"
Cons: "did not give out free snacks and charged $3.00 for a cup of water!! OUCH!!"
Cons: "I paid more for baggage than my flight"
Cons: "Return flight from Houston was terrible, flight had a 5 hour layover in Orlando, Florida which was cancelled just 45 minutes before boarding time. Although the cost of the flight was reasonable, baggage fee was unacceptable. This trip ended up costing me much more than I anticipated paying. I had an appointment, which could not be cancelled & no way of getting home on time."
Pros: "Superb airline service"
Cons: "Abysmal Kayak service. Very poor website design."
Pros: "They booked me on another airline so I didn't have to fly spirit."
Cons: "The flight was delayed several hours, causing me to miss my connector. They told me they'd give me vouchers for a hotel and transportation in Fort Lauderdale, but instead booked me on an American flight to Charlotte and didnt tell me. Had to sprint across the airport when the American airlines people called my name over the intercom and nearly missed that flight because of the lack of communication."
Pros: "My most horrific, horrible, total nightmare, near to death experience I have ever experienced in my 30 years of traveling. Cancelation of flight on my way to Costa Rica (instead of 5am flight we ended up flying 6pm) did not help the situation. On the top of it, and after 3 days of being in the paradise of Costa Rica, spirit still managed to screw my experience by delaying the flight on my way back to Chicago for 3 hours (2 hours stuck inside he plane with zero service from the flight attendants ) resulting to be stuck in the middle of a storm. The flight attendants useless. They should not call them flight attendants but Flight Sales/how to ripp you off personnel. No compassion, standing around giggling and laughing hysterically , and did not even offer us some water after being stuck inside the plane for 2 hours due to.....let me see.....first, the plane could not find a gate, then it was a computer glitch, then it was missing paperwork and so on. Do your self a favor and spent the extra couple dollars to get a descent airline. John Reppas Flights 409/ NK 464 on March 2nd and March 06 2017"
Pros: "Nothing - service on the phone was awful"
Cons: "Everything. Spirit was overbooked on my way to LAS, so they put me on another airline. Upon leaving LAS I learned that they marked me as a "no-show" so canceled my flight back to DEN. It took over an hour on the phone to correct THEIR mistake. Awful service."
Cons: "Spirit did not include my TSA/GOES information on my boarding pass. Therefore I had to disrobe, remove shoes, belt and go through an embarrassing, full body pat down in full view of everyone. Very frustrating...given that I took the time to provide Spirit with all of that information on booking!"
Cons: "Seat and knee room tight"
Cons: "Didn't print my own b pass... Should've gone to a kiosk. Got to ticketing 55 min before flight, then I got bounced around from line to line (ending up where I started) and then told sorry! It's closed. I had to rebook, fly to Detroit, wait around 4 hours, and finally got home 8 hours later than scheduled and I had to pay for the new flight! The agent actually mentioned that Spirit overbooked!!! No wonder they didn't give me a b pass right away. Obvious it was a con job."
Cons: "Seats are not comfortable especially for a ;5 hor flight."
Pros: "Flight was very crowded, gate changed twice for departure, flight delayed 15 minutes, trash was in seat area, and I ended up getting a bad chest infection from flying with spirit."
Cons: "My flight was cancelled"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The no frills advertising just distracts you from the fact that after you by your ticket, then your seat, then your bag, then a $3 dollar bottle of water you've paid just as much as any other airline. Also we were 15 minutes late due to weather for check in and they refused to check our bag and give us a refund, meanwhile they were over an hour and a half late taking off. I'm disgusted by this airline and will never fly it again."
Pros: "The price is right for the base fare, but Spirit gets you with all the extra fees. Baggage cost is very high, and higher at the airport if you don't 'pre-purchase' bags to check online. The weight allowance for checked bags is only 40 pounds with massive fees for heavier bags, and they charge for carry on, too. Checking just one 30 pound bag doubled my total cost of flying, and it would have been more if I hadn't pre-purchased. They even charge for water on the plane, which I find really bad. Maybe it's just me, coming from Australia where you're legally required to provide free water, but this rubs me up the wrong way. They also charge if you need agent assistance to check in at the airport. The staff were all very polite and friendly, and the overall experience was fine, but the extra fees do NOT make it worth it. It makes the guests feel unwelcome and each extra step and extra charge makes the whole experience more stressful and complicated. You could pay a slightly higher base fare with United, for example, but probably save money with more generous baggage/check-in procedures, and have a worry-free experience, too. The staff were great; it's the company policies I have a problem with."
Cons: "Ridiculous fees and charges for every aspect of the flight. Not a fan. Probably won't fly with Spirit again."
Pros: "Spirit was significantly cheaper than other airlines when I was looking to purchase tickets. Online purchase and check-in are easy on their site. Boarding was smooth. All staff were friendly and helpful. Overall, it's a great option for shorter flights, or those who don't mind omitting some of the comforts of other airlines for a better price."
Cons: "The seats leave something to be desired - they've got very little legroom, don't recline at all, and are thin (you can really feel people putting things into the seat pocket behind you)."
Pros: "The crew, flight, plane and ease of security and the airport were great! everything else basic."
Cons: "The spirit website was ridiculous to navigate and obviously on purpose. The spirit website is set up to take advantage of people and I will not be flying with them again. Water should always be offered and it wasn't. Also, the flight was delayed but not much like 20 minutes."
Pros: "It was on time"
Cons: "Not enough space"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "It was cheap and didn't get cancelled"
Cons: "I didn't like that the seats I paid for were not the ones assigned to me, I also didn't like that the table top for food wasn't locked in so it would constantly fall down and it was only big enough for a toddler"
Pros: "Never had a chance as my flight was cancelled a few hours prior to take off."
Cons: "How awful to have a flight cancelled within hours of departure, creating a difficult situation for transportation there and the people picking me up on the other end. Unreliable airline."
Pros: "It was on time both at arrival and departure!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "We were not assigned a seat and had to wait at the gate until everybody got in the plane and they gave us the last seats and were seated separately, although there were 2 seats available next to my friend i was traveling with, but we were told it was a full flight. The flight attendant told us we could switch after the seat belt sign came off, but after that we were told no and one of them was not very polite. Terrible. Hope not to fly with spirit airlines ever again!! I dont want to talk about the baggage also, those people only know how to be rude and don't explain anything!"
Pros: "the service was wonderful, the l8nes wwnt by quickly"
Cons: "The delays were ridiculous"
Pros: "Check in at the front desk was awesome. They were very helpful!"
Cons: "We sat at the gate on the Plane for 2 1/2 hrs because maintenance and paper work on tha maintenance was not completed."
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Expensive and restrictive baggage fees. Seat fees small seats no entertainment"
Pros: "Ihate the way the charger laggage"
Cons: "Seats uncomfortable, bad service, cramped planes, dirty"
Cons: "Checking, etc., was very difficult & disappointing!"
Cons: "Many delays with no info."

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