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Sep 24 — Oct 11
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Fri 9/24
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Cons: It was the most mediocre flight I've taken in a long time. And I still had to pay $100 for an exit row instead of a regular seat. Really? $100 for no recline, no underseat storage, and nothing more than cliff bars and goldfish crackers? Delta.... You can do way better

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Cons: It was the most mediocre flight I've taken in a long time. And I still had to pay $100 for an exit row instead of a regular seat. Really? $100 for no recline, no underseat storage, and nothing more than cliff bars and goldfish crackers? Delta.... You can do way better

Pros: Competent crew
Cons: Too many people, especially children running up and down aisles during flight. Not adhering to COVID guidance. None of the crew addressed this ☹️

Pros: Boarding was good
Cons: Plane smelled like urine

Cons: We were delayed by 2 hours because of storms in Atlanta. The crew was awesome with updates but it made for a long day.

Pros: Due to COVID 19 we got a 737-800 on a route that usually boasts nothing better than a 717 so everything about this flight was superior to normal runs.
Cons: I wish DL could find a way to better manage food and drinks during the COVID 19 restrictive era.

Pros: Delayed

Pros: The staff at Delta are always friendly and helpful and they were able to squeeze me onto a very full flight.

Pros: The crew at Missoula airport was amazing, and most friendly

Pros: Seating and serving, both very good
Cons: I couln't get my view on for movies, since there was (I presume) a charge for the earphones. Won't know now what happened to Jean Grey. Maybe offer a small book cart as an alternative entertainment for us cheapskates? do-de-do...

Pros: Flight was short and pilot got me there safely. Kept passengers informed about delays.
Cons: Absolutely claustrophobic cabin with uncomfortable seats and no leg room. I paid for first class and ended up in the back of the plane. No drink service. Flight to MSP was far superior

Pros: crew was ok. entertainment ok
Cons: they always give us seats way back in the plane.

Cons: It was late

Pros: Loved the pilot telling us a little about the flight crew and their piloting experience(Air Force) , and how he kept us abreast of flight status/timing , as well as our location at various points along the route. The crew was very very nice!
Cons: More leg room

Pros: Entertainment
Cons: Food

Cons: The flight was delayed and it ended up being delayed for 4 hours and we had to take a cab to Detroit to catch our flight to Europe

Pros: The plane was not full, so the stewardess put my wife and I by the exit seats. I am a tall guy and really appreciated it!
Cons: Both connecting flights were very tight time wise, and the gates were at opposite ends of the terminal. Couldn’t delta flights be closer together?

Cons: WiFi

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Excellent hospitality I asked for a cup of coffee at an odd time, the attendant went out of his way to brew fresh pot and served me, instead of just saying "Sorry sir, we don't have any coffee at this time...."

Pros: The flight was only half full so boarding was very quick.
Cons: The seats were hard and there was no entertainment system.

Pros: Comfortable seat for a short trip.

Pros: In flight movie in back of head rest. The kids thought I was the bomb when I booked this flight.
Cons: The bathroom was smaller than my seat!

Pros: Nothing
Cons: They cancelled my flight. I never flew home. I missed my little Sister's graduation. :o(

Pros: Flight was good. Left on time. Crew was attentive.
Cons: Did not assign seat at check in. Had to go to gate and check in. Staff handled it well, but it was inefficient. Wasted time dealing with it.

Pros: Everyone was very friendly and courteous the plane was very comfortable!
Cons: I know things happen but it didn’t make a pleasant travel experience sitting on the plane for almost 2 hours and the fear of missing my connection to NO

Pros: Great. Love first class whenever price allows.

Pros: The crew was great, the plane didnt have any extras and the headrest didnt have the adjustable flaps.
Cons: Lack of charging outlet and no headrest screen for entertainment.

Pros: every person who was not a delta employee, those people were kind and helpful.
Cons: The gate agent was the opposite of professional. You might as well get a cardboard cutout. The gate agent was unable or unwilling to explain when and how I would get my seat assignment and with what group I should board with. A passenger helped me. I am a frequent flyer, primarily AA, I will never fly Delta again.

Pros: Flight was on time.
Cons: Did not appreciate Aeromexico/Delta changing my flight times after I booked, giving me a more than 7 hour layover.

Pros: I lost the flight To hartford and I pay 4 the hotel
Cons: I lost the flight To hartford and I pay 4 the hotel

Pros: Entertainment is very good
Cons: Send my carry on bag, outside.

Pros: On time departure and arrival. The Airbus plane has enough legroom for tall persons.

Pros: Entertainment options
Cons: Tight space

Pros: Despite small aircraft, boarding was fast and easy. On time departure and arrival. And quite clean aircraft despite a very fast turnaround. And Biscoff!!!! Delta's free wifi for messaging is a nice touch, as is free in-flight video. In-flight music would be nice, too. Doesn't hurt to ask :)

Pros: Flight attendants were super.
Cons: Delta is just another cattle car

Cons: I had to buy a ticket on Southwest to get where I needed to go. So a wasted trip, wasted time and Southwest came through immediately after I had told them the situation. I'll be using them much more now.

Pros: On time departure; staff friendly; no security delays other than TSA now requires taking tablets out of luggage. Almonds instead of peanuts is a welcome change.
Cons: Leg room on the regional jets. If the airlines narrow the space between seats any more, I will not fit into the seats. I am not overweight, just tall (6’4”). Luckily, the person in the seat in front of me did not recline their seat.

Pros: Crew was very nice, boarding went smooth and flight was on time... No complaints!

Pros: Being able to watch a movie on the plane
Cons: Packed...

Pros: The new delta seats are super uncomfortable and zero legroom. When you put the seat back back the butt part goes forward and your knees are crunched in front of you. The cushion also angles down its horrible. They gave a couple rows extra room and now charge more for them while crunching every other seat together.
Cons: Seats and legroom horrible

Pros: The plan had Wi-Fi and free movies. Plugs for the phones
Cons: Crowded

Pros: Left on time....arrived on time. Boarding was as good as it ever gets. Anytime you can get your carry on in the overhead bin it is a great flight.
Cons: It wasn't easy to find what gate I had to go to. I didn't see any boards in the check in area. It was only after TSA check that I found a staff member who gave me the information. After that all went okay. The problem might have been my is a big airport.

Pros: This time the tea was nice and hot!

Pros: Great crew. Good space on my exit row seat
Cons: Seat doesn't recline, though it's considered a "premium" seat. No power either. Ticketing process was crazy - I was not able to get a seat assignment until 5 minutes before boarding. Why? And there was no explanation of the situation. I had to ask, multiple times, what was going on,before I was finally told that I was going to get on, but they just didn't know where. This could be handled much more clearly!

Pros: I was notified about the delay via text before I left for the airport, which was nice. I would not have checked my email.
Cons: Delayed for over 2 hours. I have never flown Delta before this flight and it wasn't a great representation. The flight attendants were nice but I was in a seat near the engine and it was making really weird noises. I fly almost every two weeks, so I'm used to engine noises but this was one of the loudest/most rickety sounding flights I have ever been on.. and I have flown Spirit a few times. It just didn't feel safe. Landing scared me a little too as I have landed in O'Hare countless times and have never flown so low to the highway upon entry. It felt like we were only a couple hundred feet above the cars.

Pros: Nothing!!
Cons: Everything!! I wanna be compensated for this nonsense I went through!!

Cons: Delta allowed us to board knowing of possible weather delays at the destination! Once on board the captain announced that we could not take off due to weather at the destination! Why didn't they let us just sit in the airport until Delta knew one way or another? Been sitting, trapped in the plane, no AC, no announcement from the flight crew. Could be waiting in relative comfort inside the airport!!

Cons: No entertainment available at all. There were empty seats available and passenger next to me in the aisle seat was not offered to move--she fell asleep with her legs crossed and kept kicking me in the middle seat--I was traveling with the window seat passenger.

Cons: Probably the roughest, bumpiest landing over ever experienced. The brakes were grinding very loudly during taxi (I overheard several other passengers comment on this). The plane was very cramped and the air smelled. Thank God it was such a short flight.

Pros: All went as planned and expected. No thrill- like taking a Greyhound bus in the old days...gets you where you are going but without much pizzazz New seats and quite clean, but the new seats were very hard and uncomfortable after an hour.
Cons: Somewhat claustrophobic and always wish the drop down tray table behind could be disconnected from my seat. When the passenger behind uses the tray as a set of bongo drums to keep beat with his headphones it is a pretty miserable trip.

Pros: The crew was so nice and helpful and the Captain’s in-flight announcements were helpful.

Pros: No problem with the flight itself
Cons: Fewer gate changes

Pros: Amazing crew
Cons: Perfect

Cons: Had flight delay affecting my connecting flight.

Pros: Crew were very nice.

Pros: We eventually left.

Cons: flight delayed, gate busy when we got there, took train to next terminal and gate, plane was there for another 20 minutes but...door was closed and couldn't board...rebooked to different airport

Pros: Polite crew
Cons: No air traffic

Pros: The plane did not crash.
Cons: Pilot to passenger communication. On time departure. Cleanliness and comfort of plane. Bigger plane to accommodate roll aboards. Flight attendant’s attitude. Ticket price, but there’s no competition on the route.

Cons: Communication among crew members was terrible. We had to ride a crowded shuttle over to the plane only to be told we could not get off because the crew was running late. The crew shows up and begins their pre-flight preparations, but we then could not get off the shuttle because of broken air system

Pros: Pilot and crew were great even though we had lots of delays due to weather
Cons: Gate agents were a little rude to some customers

Pros: The crew was pretty nice. The seats were actually comfortable.
Cons: I don't know; it's economy in a plane. It is what it is.

Pros: Flight was delayed, and unclear why.

Cons: Thank you

Pros: not atg all
Cons: I paid for a preferred seat and the passenger seated next to me was so large that he could not buckle his seatbelt and totally squished me into the window. I called the stewarddess over and I was haphazardly moved to an aisle seat next to a smaller passenger. I was then bumped into repeatedly by

Pros: Much better flight. Nice quick easy boarding and getting off. quick easy overall. Seats were much more comfortable

Pros: Short flight
Cons: Negative leg room. If the seat next to me had not been vacant, my legs would have lost circulation.

Pros: The TVs and free movies!

Pros: Newer plane. Ceiling light. Pilot’s skills!

Pros: Lunch was GREAT- usually fly Delta but this was comparable.
Cons: WiFi, ESPECIALLY when you pay for a first class ticket, should be free. Further, the instructions for connecting to paid WiFi are NOT printed clearly anywhere. I had to go to the internet while on the ground. There are many movie and TV show options for free on your own device, however.

Cons: Delayed due to no available gate attendant. Limited ground crew.

Cons: Delay

Cons: TSA Safety Point officer was not on point..She Made me go through the checkpoint again just because I passed a zone where she was sitting at and not standing there to warn or stop people from passing through. This happen at the End and D gate terminals by Starbucks. I was very inconvenienced.

Cons: Legroom was a bit cramped for a tall person

Pros: Same as above. Very pleased

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Pilot was going so fast never told us why we kept descending and going back up and people were throwing up and they wouldn’t give soda to settle stomachs

Cons: No charging outlets on seat ( this something pretty standard on most planes now). The flight was delayed because of the plane had a problem with the tire. The passenger next to me had a broken tray with tape around it. The bathroom had a broken sink.

Cons: Late taking off. Almost missed my connection

Pros: It makes such a difference when the attendant is happy and clearly enjoying her work and trying to make a difference. A fantastic boost after a long flight

Pros: It was a red eye and I made it back safely, and a couple of minutes before schedule. There was no food or snacks, barely had enough water to pass out. Otherwise it was an ok flight.
Cons: No snacks or food, barely enough water on the flight.

Pros: Arrived on time.
Cons: Seat space is bad. Food is all for a fee.

Cons: it was cancelled "mechanical" sure heard that one before

Cons: Ground crew was inadequate and unorganized. Ground crew caused a late flight to be even later. Plane was overbooked and the ground crew was more interested in filling the flight than accommodating Advantage Member seating.

Pros: Relatively smooth flight
Cons: Seats are built for very small people. My knees were pressed into some hard surfaces for the entire 3+ hour flight. Made it a little painful to walk when we landed. The movie screens (not headrest systems) were all up overhead so you get a neck cramp watching anything. The headrest behind me pressed my shoulders forward and the extendable part would not stay up. The window stopped at about my shoulder so to look out I had to crouch down. AA better stop squeezing us for profits and start delivering a quality service or we'll all find some other airline that puts passengers first.

Pros: mango juice and soft blankets
Cons: too much time between meals

Pros: Staff polite and helpful. No complaints/ Slept all the way

Pros: The seats were more comfortable. You
Cons: The middle seat and the guy in front of me who decided to recline!!!

Cons: Haven't taken it yet!

Pros: I enjoyed that the ride was only 35 minutes. The crew was helpful and professional. Quick and smooth trip and came in on time. Can't really ask for too much more than that.
Cons: The middle seat was a little cramped but I can't really complain since I lucked out with window seats the entire trip and only had to sit in the middle seat for the shortest plane ride on my trip.

Cons: It was an hour + late. A trip I took from Washington two weeks before was late in both directions.

Cons: Gate personnel was not as accommodating. Didn't seem like they wanted to help.

Pros: New plane

Pros: The plane was new and the leg room was worth the extra $20.
Cons: No inflight entertainment and the seat did not recline. I guess there are pros and cons in the exit row. I also had no choice but to buy the more expensive seat since all others were taken at check-in.

Pros: Staff was courteous, efficient, and professional. Plane was clean and the seats seemed roomier too. Pilot was excellent. He made up considerable time once we were in the air.
Cons: Flight kept getting delayed.

Cons: The delay

Pros: Like I said before nice early boarding.
Cons: No problem

Pros: This was the roughest flight I have ever been on, it Was so awful I opted for greyhound going home also being made to check my carry on bag was not cool.
Cons: The constant turbulence ,having to check carry on bag

Pros: The crew seemed nice, and the seats themselves were basically comfortable. The option to check baggage at the gate was good, since it was a nearly full flight.
Cons: The seating was completely cramped. Airlines need to decrease rows in order to provide actual legroom. The boarding process didn't seem very logical in terms of rows and seats. I don't believe there was any food, but that may be because it was a red-eye. The pilot thought Springfield was in CT, which was alarming to me.

Cons: The delay

Pros: Nothing
Cons: How about a sip of water atleast

Cons: Nothing all good

Pros: Smooth travels
Cons: N/a

Pros: The crew was very attentive and the seats were comfortable, which was my reason for upgrading to first class, I am tall with long legs, therefore leg room is a MUST for me...but the reurn flight from Memphis to Houston was HORRIBLE!!..PACKED FULL, NO leg room, NO A/C-seriously-Hot air and body odor!
Cons: The plane had no A/C! just circulated hot air mixed with stale body odor from previous flight! leg room and the flight was 100% full..CanadaAir regional jet..and the seats were all narrow, and we were in 1A, !B...totally disappointed!

Pros: Nothing
Cons: A flight not canceled due to mechanical failure. A staff that were actually helpful. United could care less and I will never fly with them again

Pros: Crew was night
Cons: Mechanical delay, then no air conditioning on our side if the plane, missed connection, terrible customer service

Cons: It’s United. What couldn’t have been better?

Pros: Crew was great. The landing in Memphis was exceptionally smooth.
Cons: The seat was ridiculously tight, and I am a very small person. There was no room for my carry on above the seat, and under the seat made it so there was no room for my legs. Also, we sat on the runway for an hour on the return flight before taking off.

Pros: Cabin cleanliness is below average
Cons: Cabin service is average

Pros: Kind crew.
Cons: Did not allow me to have carry on. Had to pay for it to be checked. Unexpected cost.

Pros: Great inflight service! On the ground faster than expected.
Cons: I asked to complementary check my small carry on, but the attendants at the desk would not let me. The stewardesses were booked too closely to their last flight and we were delayed - huge oversight. Boarding was chaotic as the gate immediately across from us was simultaneously boarding and the United staff made the whole process long and miserable by failing to call the next boarding group in a timely fashion. This is not the first time I’ve felt miserable while trying to board a United flight :/.

Pros: Nothing!
Cons: Kayak sent me a message that our connecting flight out of O'Hare was boarding at gate B5. However, checking the monitors in the terminal showed the correct gate was B21, which is on the opposite end of the terminal. I don't know why Kayak had the wrong information on this. We barely made our connecting flight because our starting flight was over 30 minutes late, which was United's fault. This made rushing to the correct gate for our connecting flight all the more stressful. No time to stop at the bathrooms or pick up something to eat. Both United and Kayak let me down on getting back to Hartford. We arrived at the end of boarding with no room left for our bags in the overheads so we had to check them and pick them up at the carousel. A totally BAD flight experience.

Pros: On time & courteous. & On board service was excellent
Cons: Nothing

Pros: We were on time and the flights were excellent. Liked the way the pilot and the crew interacted. Appreciated the humor when the groundcrew was late parking us.

Pros: The ar very friendly

Pros: Crew friendliness
Cons: The cabin was way too cold. Audio beeps (fasten seat belts) are too loud

Cons: The crew was very rude, I was told I had to store my purse, the person next to me wouldn't store the carry on baggage, I needed to take scheduled medicine in flight, I couldn't as my purse was stowed. I was delayed for over and hour and a half after arriving. I had to stop and eat in the airport. With chronic health issues addressed this way I will probably not use United again.

Cons: 4 hr DELAY

Pros: Absolutely nothing!
Cons: Scheduled to arrive in Honolulu @ 7p on 10/7 but won’t arrive until 10/6 @ 11:26a. My only daughter re-enlisted in the military and I was due to attend the ceremony but because of United Airlines that didn’t happen. So disappointed as she is also. Overall such a horrible experience!

Pros: Pilots had great skill and provided a very comfortable flight despite bad weather. Exceptionally smooth take off. The newer planes being introduced are very nice, too.
Cons: I didn't realize how amazing the United Airlines app was. Shows all kinds of cool info on your flight and free media. I am now shocked st how ignorant people are to write complaints regarding delays due to weather. It's for your safety. Appreciate technology and respect Mother Nature fools.

Cons: Been a long time since we had to walk down onto the tarmac to board a plane. Would rather not have to do that. Otherwise a good experience.

Pros: see above
Cons: see above

Pros: Nice plane, looks clean and new
Cons: Seats were surprisingly uncomfortable for some reason. They were new, but I think they're just new and not "broken in"?

Pros: The crew was all very polite, attentive and helpful. They were troupers amid a flight gone bad.
Cons: My wife and I booked a round trip to California from Connecticut. We had a layover in Dulles with plenty of time to change gates. We arrived at our gate and established our place in the waiting area. We were then required to change gates; this was not horribly stressful as the gate was near by: However, on the return flight things changed. Keep in mind that my wife has arthritic hips and knees and I have arthritic knees. Arriving at Dulles, we went to our waiting area at Gate C-19 and ordered a breakfast at a nearby kiosk. Before our order was ready an announcement stated that our gate was changing to D-24. We waited for our order but had to leave the coffees behind because the lids did not fit correctly and we didn't want to spill them on ourselves while hurrying to the new gate (about a mile away). We finally got to that gate and boarded the plane. We wanted to wait to eat our food until we were airborne. We waited on the plane for about 45 minutes in the heat. During that time the "gate attendant" announced that they were waiting for that pilot who could not be found but was in the airport. At the same time my United App on my iPhone messaged me that there was a mechanical issue with the plane and we were waiting for another plane. At the 45 minute mark we were told the plane had a mechanical issue and we would have to disembark and go to Gate D-1 (about 1/2 mile away). My wife and I were already exhausted and needed to stop, but we did not know how long we had before boarding the new plane so we pushed onward. We then were told the plane would be a couple hours and that there was snack and water at no charge. My wife and I proceeded to dissect our breakfast sandwiches to eat what ever was still less than discussing. The new plane arrived and all else went well. We were delayed over 3 hours but made it to Connecticut; exhausted and sore. We had been awake for over 29 hours by the time we hit Hartford, CT. This experience will linger in our minds for a long time and travel by United my not be possible for us. We are very traumatized.

Pros: Left on time.

Pros: Everyone was friendly, but touchdown was kind of brutal

Pros: Left on time. Arrived early.

Cons: Finally surrendered to the delays after 5 hours waiting (enough to drive to Hartford and back) and took an Uber home.

Pros: The newer express jets (4 seat rows) had more leg room for Economy seating! Free wifi and movies.

Pros: On time

Pros: We did not return on the illness. From San Francisco to Memphis was terrible.
Cons: This was the smallest amount of space I have ever sat in on a plane. Totally ridiculous. To shink the amount of space for seating & ile space.. There are three seats per row when there should only be two

Cons: This was a connecting flight which I missed because of a giant delay on the first leg of my journey

Pros: On time flight. Great service from United crew.

Pros: New plane. I like the new seats with the slot that can hold my iPad cover so I could watch a movie. The services was great.
Cons: Nothing.

Pros: Quick flight time.
Cons: The crew seemed so much less friendly on this flight, however they got the job done. I was scolded for having a carry on with me, although I did notice there was still a portion of overhead space that was unused. Also, no in-flight wifi service like the last flight was available it seemed. That was a bummer

Cons: Flight was delayed by more than an hour due to maintenance issue which could have been avoided.

Pros: Staff were nice.
Cons: They didn't even provide nuts!! No snacks at all after the long trip. There was a one hr delay at departure from NEWARK. And the seats were VERY UNCOMFORTABLE!!

Pros: Free entertainment
Cons: Uncomfortable seating and couldn't sleep

Pros: We were diverted to Austin due to weather. We had to refuel and we were stuck on the Tarmac for over an hour. While all of this was miserable, the Crew stayed active answering questions. The Captain gave several updates and walked the aisle. They even let people off the plane who were trying to get to Austin. For a bad situation this crew made it so much better!
Cons: Weather, but what can you do about that?

Pros: Crew on the plane was helpful and nice.
Cons: Crew boarding the plane was bossy and a bit rude. I also think it's very inappropriate that United boards it's pre board group by saying, "anyone with disabilities can board now" The term pre board was created so you wouldn't have to publicly announce that someone was disabled.

Pros: Everything went smoothly
Cons: Uncomfortable seats

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Your crew and service atrocious

Pros: Crew was nice
Cons: Seated at the back of the plane directly across from the bathroom. It was horrible the entire time. Never want to experience that again.

Pros: easy transfer
Cons: had to transfer

Pros: Pricing and services were excellent!! Top rated experience for me!
Cons: Nothing at all was lacking

Pros: The flight crew were nice
Cons: The seats were uncomfortable. We were not able to choose a snack, I had no knowledge what was inside the snack package, did not like. Unfortunately, our flight was delay a few times due to storm at Houston, we experience lots of turbulence while flying, no fault of the pilot. I think you should install TV's to help passengers relief some flying stress.

Pros: The boarding process was smooth, the crew was courteous.
Cons: I want able to select my seat and ended up being separated from my sister. We had a 3 hr lay over due to problems with the plane. By the time we got to our destination we almost didn't get a rental car. There was some turbulence on the flight, which is expected. Landing was very rough, came in too fast and hit the breaks so hard I thought I was going to end up in the back of the seat in front of me.

Cons: Flight was cancelled due to pilot and crew never showing up. Customer service didn't offer a hotel or any type of compensation for wasting time and money. Instead they put me on a flight another day which I incurred cost on parking, hotel, food and etc.

Cons: Small plane, it was hot. Delayed, missed connecting flight.

Pros: Price was the biggest hit with me. The service and attitude of the crew was super.
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Yes
Cons: Nothing

Cons: I was shocked how full the flight was and no flexibility to move around seats! You get what you pay for... no comfort. I won’t be flying with frontier again for a while

Pros: The flight was early and plane was very clean
Cons: can't really say anything we got on the plane very fast and we got offbthe plan just as fast. The plan was clean and everyone was so nice plus the cost of ticket was great for me since I'm low income that help a lot. All I can say is keep up the hard work.

Pros: when our first flight was delayed so long many of us would have missed our comnector so they held the flight until we got there.
Cons: more staff, not overworked and rude. better communication. no lost luggage.

Pros: Crew was great especially the guy, didn’t catch his name...
Cons: Seats that recline would’ve been nice

Pros: Crew was excellent, always smiling and upbeat!
Cons: I don't think it could have been, I will definitely fly Frontier again!

Cons: They charged extra for everything. $45 for a checked bag, $3.00 for a can of soda or snacks and up from there.

Pros: Moved along quickly boarding and unloading. Very efficient.
Cons: The price. I found it very odd to pay for the drinks and snacks. First time flying frontier and I was not impressed with the prices and how divided all the costs were, checked bags, carry-on, personal, etc.

Pros: Nice crew
Cons: Maintenance neglected until plane was filled with people, 5 hours of waiting unnecessarily, 30 minute updates that came as each estimated departure times had passed. Paperwork after each incident extended our wait time.

Pros: At first, what seemed like a competitive price.
Cons: Extra cost for carry on bag, and any seat not center. Be aware that its lowe cost to pay for carry on bag online. It was $60 for one way for my one and only carry on bag. And to top it off, the in-flight service only service a cup of water. I will avoid Frontier in the future.

Pros: Staff was nice
Cons: Pay for flight, buy a seat, pay for carry on, and ginger ale is $3. Abosolutly ridiculous!

Pros: They moved me to the same flight the next day at no extra charge.
Cons: Gave everyone a $10 food voucher for a 4 hour delay. No one came out to tell us anything until about 20 mins AFTER we were supposed to take off...

Pros: Priority boarding for military.
Cons: The baggage policy was confusing, the seats were not comfortable, and no free drinks or snacks is a big minus. They also spent about 5 minutes trying to sell their rewards credit card which was annoying.

Pros: It was a direct flight and left on time
Cons: Paid extra money for my carry-on and check bag. Bad cabin flight crew placed my carry-on in rear of plane though I paid for row 2 seating. They wouldn't let me use overhead cabin for row one or 2 and said it was for row one passengers as they have no under seat storage. No reason to pay for a seat upgrade I now know. Never again on this airline.

Pros: The clean plane, the price, the lack of extras (unnecessary freebies), the friendly crew, and the safe arrival!
Cons: I could barely turn around in the restroom, and I'm tall and thin, so that's saying something. I appreciate the need for space conservation, but I literally struggled to do the basics. It was, however, very clean!

Pros: Nothing!
Cons: First of all, I hate the way Frontier "nickel and dimes" you. $40 for using the overhead bins - give me a break! They have no way to control that! This flight in particular was delayed several times and finally cancelled. Passengers were given cheap lunch vouchers and then told to wait until 12:30pm to call an 800# to reschedule the flight on another airline (if we could find something less than $400). Fortunately, that worked out for me but it was 12 hours between the time I was scheduled to leave and the time I actually left. I'll never fly Frontier again. I'm convinced they only have one airplane!

Pros: Not much
Cons: I was stopped at loading & forced to pay 60 for my carry on even though I checked early online & it showed I had paid 40 for my bag. It was misleading, also checked with a Frontier staff at check in desk & she confirmed I was ok. "Supervisor" at gate was very rude & turned & walked away while I was asking a question & trying to show her my email receipt. I have never gotten sick on an airplane before but I did on all my Frontier flights & there was no air sickness bags in seat. This trip was ridiculous from the start as my flight was changed from non stop direct to overnight layover in which I had to purchase a Hotel room as well as all the extra fees taken after purchase. Frontier is not "cheap" at all. And worst customer service I've ever dealt with.

Pros: Price before additional fees
Cons: All the extra fees. Pick a seat fee? Checked bag fee? Carry on fee?

Pros: Loved everything about this flight, the flight both ways was on time, check in went smoothly and the crew were funny and so did their job so good! Thank you frontier!

Pros: Crew was funny, always moving up & down aisles to get people their orders, never lost their sense of humor.

Cons: Was repeatedly verbally harassed by vindictive ticketing agent in Nashville, TN. She had an absolute disregard for any semblance of customer service and cast a dark shadow over our entire trip. The flight was uncomfortable, the crew overbearing, and the passengers subjected to one long informercial for Frontier's frequent flyer program.

Pros: Like, it was a first time experience . Notone wewill repeat. First off chrck in was not available until two hours before departure no one was at the counters when issued a ticket from an attendant she acknowledged my carry-on but said there was no fee to pay when called to board the plane the agent told me to go back to the counter and register my carry-on I did not understand and was irritated when we paid a fee of $45 for that carry-on we were able to board no complementary beverages or water were offered on a two hour and 45 minute flight . It seems like and nickeled and dime operation sorry but hard backseats are not the way I want to travel so very mediocre

Pros: It was a direct flight between the two travel locations. It was marginally cheaper than the other option, however it was still $800 / ticket, round trip, so not at all cheap.
Cons: I understand that Frontier is now a deep discount / no frills airline that charges you for everything, and have removed almost every convenience from the flight, however the boarding and flight crews were very preachy about the carry-on luggage, going as far as to treat the customers as though we were boarding a flight ran by a policy state, and threatening body cavity searched to make sure that you did not smuggle a carry on item aboard without paying for it, then continuing to tell the passengers that the overhead storage was reserved for passengers paying to bring carry-on luggage aboard. We paid $800 per ticket for this flight, we expected that we would not be treated like children. In addition, the seats did not recline, and the tray table was so small that it was not useful for much of anything, not even large enough to hold the small book that I was reading. Ultimately, I feel that I should have paid the extra $400 to fly Southwest. I used to like Frontier!

Pros: Nothing- it was awful service
Cons: Flight cancelled. Had to spend the night in Denver airport. I was given no hotel or food voucher. It was such terrible service and disorganization that I ended up switching airlines to make it to my final destination. The crew continually tried to tell the travelers (for about 6 hours) that the plane would arrive any minute after not knowing where the plane was exactly. Ultimately the flight was cancelled because the pilot did not show up.

Cons: After a 7+ hour delay, our flight from Nashville to Las Vegas was cancelled. The worst part about this was that nobody from Frontier would tell us anything. We only knew what we could find out online. Once security from the airport confirmed that our flight had been cancelled, the Frontier employee passed out an 800 number for us to call to either rebook or process a refund. Once connected, the employee offered to either refund me a total of $68.10 or rebook me on the next flight out... 3 days later. They offered no compensation for having to stay extra days nor would they offer to book on another airline. I ended up asking for a refund from an irritated and rude employee and had to pay over $600 just to return home.

Pros: Nothing at all
Cons: First time, they gave me the wrong boarding pass to a dif destination (someone with the same last name, but completely dif first name), not professional...second time, didn't email me until two hours to boarding that a flight was cancelled and we had driven all the way out to the airport (2 hour drive) and sat on hold with frontier another two hours just to speak to a barely competent human being... NEVER AGAIN. I refuse to fly frontier. Worthless

Pros: The ticket counter personnel in Denver and in Nashville were wonderful, helpful, and took care of everyone quickly. That part was great. And the plane didn't crash.
Cons: Frontier has so many problems - from a terrible website with very confusing instructions where even calling the help line was a nightmare - to charging for every little thing (seats!!, water!!, baggage of all kinds, etc.) When we arrived at the Denver airport we sat on the plane for AN HOUR waiting for a gate so we could get off. The stewards kept saying "just a couple minutes" so obviously someone was lying to us. AN HOUR - really - and no one could solve the problem and find an available gate so we could deplane?!? So we arrived an hour late, which is ridiculous.

Pros: We got there safely
Cons: Fees for everything

Pros: I paid for the Perks and got priority checkin to bypass your broken kiosks but then at the gate there wasn't a separate lane for priority. I guess I got a benefit but if I'm paying more than base I want more service.
Cons: If you're going to force me to check a bag that I carry on with every other airline - force me to pay for the unbundled services - you need to get the bags out faster than 35 minutes. I expect actual service when I pay for it. Also, I was in row 4 and the guy in front of me reclined into my lap and I couldn't go back. Need to make that clear at seat selection. That seat is NOT worth as much as the row in front of or behind it. If I knew I could have picked better.

Pros: Short flight of 1.5 hours
Cons: Being told if you put your personal item in the overhead rack you would be charged the carry on baggage charge.

Pros: Okay ground crew rocked. Can't say that enough they rocked. Flight crew... they were just happy being away from everyone after you paid for you $2.00 juice.
Cons: Everything was extra. I was worried I would have to pay to pee. I get it cheaper flights, but really $30.00 for a carry on bag. $2.00 for juice for a kid.

Cons: I showed up to get boarding pass and no one was at counter. I waited and when she finally showed up she wouldn't let me check my bag that I already paid for online saying I must be there 45 min prior. I was exactly 45 min prior but waited for someone to come check me in. Therefore I JD to open up my suitcase and throw away every product I had since I was carrying my bag on. Trying to rack my brain if that was everything I ran to security. They ran my suitcase through scanner and checked my suitcase 3 times which took a very long time all bc of a wine key I had and forgot about. Finally finished I ran to my gate only for them to tell me it was too late. I am a frequent flyer and am very aware of what to take and not to take on a carry on. But bc it was supposed to be a checked bag it was a nightmare. I have never missed a flight and I have always gone through every airport in the states and internationally quickly and stress free. I will not be flying with frontier again.

Pros: The best I can say is the flight was smooth.
Cons: Almost everything; from paying extra for EVERYTHING to extremely uncomfortable, non-reclining seats.

Cons: The flight itself was just fine. The problem was the check-in counter at the airport. When I arrived, there was an extremely long line with no Frontier representative at the counter. Everyone was confused and worried we wouldn't make our flight. Eventually ONE person came out to assist customers, but the line moved very slow. The self-check kiosks were all broken as well. It was pretty stressful waiting/wondering if I was going to make it to the gate. Finally two more Frontier representatives came to help and at that point the line moved quickly. The self-serve kiosks are a great perk with Frontier. It was a shame they weren't working at the airport. That probably would've reduced the line significantly so the one worker could be more efficient in helping people check bags.

Cons: Carry on charge. My upcharge seat 2C did not decline. I had to put my fee charged carry in a row 4 bin or beyond.....So when you deplane you have to go back against passengers trying to get out!

Pros: Passenger next to me
Cons: The flight attendant was rude and let him know customer service or personable skills then when the employee said that I cannot take my bag on the plane because it was too big and I thought other bag that way bigger than mine and I had to pay my $40 which I did not appreciate

Cons: Boarded late, departed late, sat on the tarmac at destination for 30 minutes while they waited for a slot to open up. Not flying frontier again.

Pros: Getting home safe
Cons: Frontier airlines from start to finish was a terrible experience. My first time flying. I will not go into details of my experience in while on the plane the person beside me was complaining about frontier. I got on the shuttle to go home and another couple wS pissed off over Frkntier and the person across from us chimed ion they would never fly again within Frontier. It was just bad from use of their website to the checkin process and the flight.

Pros: Noting.
Cons: All of it. They cancelled my flight. Then I rented a car and started a 13 hour drive. 2 hours in I get an email saying the flight it back on and departing in 30 minutes. Call Frontier to get refund in flight and car rental. They only refund the flight. But now I'm still driving 10 hours. This is bull shot and I should be refunded my car rental. Unacceptable.

Cons: Frontier has all the hidden fees they can manage with as little customer service as possible. Fly this airline as a last resort

Pros: Frontier is a poor airline with outrageous prices for in-flight food and drinks. I was not offered even a drink without being charged. Besides, the seats are stiff and very uncomfortable. I am glad it just a 3 hour direct flight. I could not wait to be out of the plane!!!

Pros: The crew members were very friendly.
Cons: The delayed flight and small seats.

Pros: On time. Friendly.
Cons: All snacks and drinks cost at LEAST $2. Any carry-on that doesn't fit under the seat in front of you will cost you $45 to carry-on to earn the right to put it in the overhead compartment, OR $40 to check it and have the privilege to wait at baggage claim to retrieve it!!!!

Cons: There is no warning from Frontier that customers will be charged for both checked and carry-on bags. Along with being charged extra depending on what seat the customer chooses (up to $30 additional charge). It's a good thing I went online 24 hours before my flight or I would have been very upset to get to the gate and have had to pay $60 for my bag. There seems to be an up charge for everything after the ticket is paid for, including food and drink. The seats in the airplane felt like glorified plastic lawn chairs.

Pros: Nothing except the flight attendants tried to be pleasant
Cons: On a Friday night the flight was over 4 hours late. There was nobody at the gate the entire time and no notifications on the board we had to find it by calling customer service or notifications on our phone that were confusing. No apologies or explanations were ever offered. No refunds and to add insult to injury when we finally got on the flight they still insisted on charging for a soda. The seats are barely better than sitting on a bus, hard plastic with minimal cushion they are narrow but the leg room is adequate. They took away an entire day literally noon to 9 pm from everyone just wanting to get home or a get away weekend in Chicago and offered nothing, in 2 hours they could have sent another plane from the hub in Denver but felt it was better to ignore probably 150 customers for 6 hours. they could have rescheduled the flight for a later time allowing people to leave the airport and come back or given people food vouchers none of which they did. They could've done a lot of things but chose to be a low-cost airline which they must have felt somehow validated poor customer service.

Pros: It was a short flight.
Cons: This is as much against kayak as Frontier. If you display a price that includes all fees and taxes then that's what you expect a particular airfare will cost. When shopping on Kayak most people are looking for the best deal. If upon the day I fly I effectively have to pay the equivalent of the original fare AGAIN just to carry on my bag then I feel deceived. If I had known the actual cost to fly Frontier the day I selected this fare I would never have chosen Frontier. And I never will again. The ticket counter employees are obviously tired of hearing such complaints as well. They are a surly bunch.

Pros: For the money, it can't be beat! The only reason I gave 1 star for food & entertainment is because there was none. Which is perfectly fine for my 1 1/2 hour flight.

Pros: Expedient and on time
Cons: Frontier advertises one price but with the "seat" fee and mandatory baggage fees it ends up being in line with other airlines. The seat was very uncomfortable and the flight attendants socialized pretty loudly so I could not sleep.

Cons: You now pay for carry-ins with Frontier and we weren't told when we checked in. We ended up paying more at the gate and then also paying (for what we were later told was free) for our baby carrier backpack.

Cons: No

Pros: Fast and easy checkin
Cons: Comfortably of seats and friendly tickets checkin staff

Pros: I liked hearing from the crew in the cockpit. Especially when they were funny - appropriate humor. 😊 I was very nervous about flying and their casual upbeat messages made me feel better.
Cons: My husband found the seats too hard.

Pros: not comfortable at all
Cons: A refund on my fees for my carryons

Cons: Spirit airlines have the worst crew, they made a guy put his phone in airplane mode when I doesn’t affect the plane at all

Pros: The flight was smooth

Pros: Aircraft arrived on time, boarding was fast, everything was clear.

Cons: Staff didnt anounced why boarding the plane was been delayed, it was delay 40mins.

Pros: Simple

Pros: Everything was awesome involved with the flight.
Cons: I lost my my belongings prior to boarding,and the offer of a free snack or water would of been nice.

Cons: I've watch video's about the company and it was nothing like what I watched . Our flight was great the staff was great and i will be flying with you guys in August !!!

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: Everything.

Pros: On time. Funny crew.

Pros: It's cheap!
Cons: The amount of space on the plane is incredibly restricted. The seats are actually thinner to accommodate more passengers. We flew on Spirit because it was the only direct flight available to us. Also, it is difficult to gauge the actual price since they charge for EVERYTHING.

Cons: This airline looked cheaper than the others at first but then hit you with a lot of fees for like carry-on baggage which is usually free. The seats are super uncomfortable sort of a kin to bolted down lawn chairs. No entertainment and no free food.

Pros: Price initially cheap before extra baggage fees negated that.
Cons: Check in process with Spirit airlines is a nightmare. No organization at all. Terrible experience and never plan to fly spirit again.

Pros: Your seats are horrible
Cons: Very hard . Don't reclin. Flight delay. Change d gates .

Pros: Smooth check in.
Cons: Crew wasn't 1/4 as friendly as the flight from Hartford to Orlando.

Cons: Like nothing from the 6 hr delay, no compensation like other airlines, didn’t allow me or offer to re schedule the flight knowing I was flying with 2 minors. Got us on the plane, then made us wait another hour or more before taking off. The desk informed us not to worry about, we were going to get some compensation, asked to call directly to Spirit. Called Spirit and they told me they don’t give my compensation. First time traveling with Spirit, and didn’t like it. I rather pay more and be conformatble and not have to worry about paying for seats in order to seat with my kids and husband. Pay for the extra bags etc ...

Pros: direct flight
Cons: water should be free

Pros: The PILOT was one of the best...wish I knew his name. Take off and landing was so smooth
Cons: Flight attendant was nasty...should have gotten her name

Cons: Good experience crew was great

Pros: Boarding went smooth
Cons: If you are over 5’10” don’t ever fly Spirit as the seats are exceptionally small. Surrounded by screeching babies the entire way kicking my seat the entire flight. Absolutely miserable

Pros: All staff very helpful
Cons: The $50 luggage fee is ridiculous. Might keep me from flying spirit

Pros: Efficient boarding

Pros: Price was great! Plane arrived early. Check in went smoothly and great customer service. Crew was friendly and professional.
Cons: The seats are small and uncomfortable but I was prepared for that and it was ok for a 3 hr flight. I would not fly Spirit for a longer flight b/c of the seats.

Pros: clean plane
Cons: my carry on single bag was charge $55 because it was overstuffed by an inch. Rip off

Cons: Their r too pricy charge u too much for luggage the seat too they should have everything included one time payment

Pros: The crew was good, attentive.
Cons: The seats were uncomfortable and the landing with a touch bumpy.

Pros: - The allowed personal item is large enough for a short trip (if you want to avoid paying for a carry-on or a suitcase.) - Once everybody was on board, the person that spoke to us on speaker put us at ease with a relaxed and humorous tone. - Checking in with the app worked fine and was easy. - The flights were on time.

Pros: I like how they were super on time with everything and how they didn’t give a lot of fuss about the bare item(free personal item) which was one of the things, they used to be very annoying about. Overall is a good airline! They have different jets though, and I wish they had the roomier ones ALL the time.
Cons: Should have a consistency with the jets/airbus, some are roomier than others! And it cheers me up so much when I get to flight on the roomier ones

Pros: The staff was awesome. Not simply good attitudes, but fun and personable—real human beings who got to know you. The head stewardess made the flight!

Pros: The price
Cons: Seats are hard and uncomfortable

Cons: Seats were uncomfortable. Very little leg room.

Cons: No wifi

Pros: The larger seats and direct flight
Cons: When I booked. I book the opposite way on my one way. I saw it immediately after I booked and tried to change it immediately but. I had to pay a change fee. It had been a rough week with a funeral and I just didn’t need that but such is lide

Pros: Price, clean, friendly. I will be back !

Pros: Simple, cheap, no complaints

Cons: Im alive!!!

Pros: The base price of the fare was quite good. The flight was on-time.
Cons: They quote one price for checked baggage if you pay when the ticket is purchased, another if you pay before check-in, and a third price if you purchase at check-in. When I purchased my tickets through KAYAK, I was not offered an option to pay for a bag. When I paid for the bag a full day before I checked in, I was charged the full price with no other options available - in other words, THEY LIED. I emailed a question to their customer service address; it went unacknowledged and unanswered. The flight itself went OK, but the seats don't recline at all, there is very little knee or elbow room, and the padding is the worst I have experienced. If you are larger than average or have knee or back problems, expect to be in torment. They charge for EVERYTHING, even plain water. After paying full price for my checked bags, the savings for the flight over other carriers was simply not worth the discomfort.

Pros: This airline is no frills basic but the flight attendants are professionals
Cons: The seats suck very little padding and on a 3 hour non stop I was feeling it right where it counts

Pros: Nonstop flight
Cons: Fees associated with everything, minimal leg room

Pros: love the flight
Cons: no complaints from me this time

Pros: crew was friendly... the price i paid was reasonable
Cons: it was SO COLD on the airplane! i had goosebumps the entire trip! the seats are a little small - and quite frankly i am NOT a big person

Pros: Fast boarding and upgrade to the front seats
Cons: One of stewardess had poor customer service skills as she yelled at me to get off the phone instead of kindly saying that phones should be put away now. We were still at the gate .

Cons: Spirit Airline employees did not inform us that there was an option for a gate pass to take my 82 year old mother through security. When i mentioned this to a ticket agent, she told me that is only offered for young children travellong alone. What the HECK is the difference for the elderly? Also, there was another elderly passenger on same flight whose daughter had said pass. They need to get their perspective straight where elderly travellers are concerned.

Cons: Can use some improvements.

Pros: Friendly (and funny) staff and flight attendants. On time. Comfortable.

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