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Mount Kisco, NY
Oct 1 — Oct 8
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Mount Kisco, NY
Fri 10/1
Fri 10/8

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7.7 Good (46 reviews)
1 location in Mount Kisco
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3.9 MediocreAug 14 2021
I had to change my drop off for the rental car . I had a emergency had to cut my vacation short . A representative from budget rent a car told me $300 for the different drop off . When I received my bill it was $400 for the drop off . I called back to budget rent a car they informed me they couldn't change the bill to $300 . THANKS BUDGET RENT A CAR FOR NOTHING .
1.9 HorribleJul 22 2021
I was charged for my change of plans. I had to drop off at a different location and was charged a fee for doing so plus I returned the car early and received no refund for the days not used. Not using Budget again.
6.0 GoodJun 27 2021
I returned the car at 7:44PM. Nobody was there to see the car dropped and to pay. Before that, Budget charged me $1082.65 whereas the fees was for $861.00.I called budget to find the overcharge, the representative told me that it was warranty and they will return it when the car is dropped. As i was saying, I dropped the car on June 26th at 7:40PM. I headed to the budget office to pay, nobody was there.I dropped the car keys and the receipt for the fuel I put in the Budget drop box. When I got at home, i realized that I forgot to pick my belongings up that were in the cooler area.On June 27th, I drove back to the pick up location where I dropped the car.I went to the representative and explained to him that I dropped the car yesterday but I forgot to pick up my items in the cooler location in the car.He called his parking car guys to find out whether they pick the key up of the car I dropped. I could hear the response from the walky-talky radio that yes they did.The representative told me to go pick up my belongings first and come pay. I went back where I dropped the car. A representative opened that car and i took my items.I then returned to budget office to pay. When I got there, budget representative called me and I handed her my invoice.She told me that I will be charged because I have dropped the car on the 27th. I explained again to her that the car was dropped on time on June 26th at 7:40PM.I am hereto pay and withdraw my items I left in their car.She was upset and insisted that I had to be charged because I supposed to drop the car at 6PM even if it was well written dropping time 8PM. She later on called her manager to find out how to proceed. The manager told her on the Walky-Talky that the car was dropped yesterday and the keys were dropped too. Proof of fuel refill as well. Therefore, the client , me should be billed from the 19th to 26th. after that, she billed my credit car that was on file even though I told her that I was paying with another card.She first hesitated and told me that the name on the card was different.I told her that was not true. After she looked at that card again, she realized she was wrong.She then processed they payment with my card. I right away checked my credit card and i realized i was billed twice $1086.81. I pulled my phone and showed her that she had billed my first card on file twice and my debit card. She acknowledged that and said that those payments will drop That was my worse experience with Budget.I hope this inter-action could be simple and easy.
10.0 ExcellentJun 9 2021
Great car. Easy pickup and drop-off. Clean.
9.2 ExcellentDec 23 2019
There was no manual for the car. Since it had lane assist and auto bright lights I wasn’t sure how to adjust those settings. I wish rental agencies could give a “cheat sheet” of the vehicle at pick up. How to tune the radio, where gas tank door opener is located, things like that.
7.6 GoodJul 18 2019
Attempted to charge for a few minutes. Had to have the charges taken off Should have some understanding of traffic issues.
2.0 MediocreJun 10 2019
I got on the phone with a customer representative, he didn’t provide accurate information. He said that I could switch names with the renter wn he arrived to the location, turns out we can’t swich cuz I had to be present at the location for that. Waste of time and energy.More trained representatives
6.8 GoodApr 8 2019
I should be receiving my money back for the double insurance that I unjustly paid for.
10.0 ExcellentJul 11 2018
We arrived late and the Budget counter was closed, but had a sign that said to go to Avis. The ladies at that counter helped us quickly and easily. The car was nice, new and clean. Checking back in was straight forward and easy. Thanks!
4.8 OkayJan 12 2018
Interior filthy, no washer fluidCheck in and drop off quick at HPN. Reasonably priced.Budget counter at airport closed. I got there at 3:00pm. They had a sign to see the AVIS counter. They did have a sign that due to the snow, car exteriors were not cleaned which was fine with me. I wasn't expecting the interior to be filthy. Dried up dirty brown snow stains all over and debris all over the back cargo area. No windshield washer fluid which was needed due to snow and road dirt/salt. Purchased a gallon and vehicle took all of it.
From $62/dayRated #2
9.5 Excellent (15 reviews)
3 locations in Mount Kisco
Locations in Mount Kisco
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Recent reviews
8.8 ExcellentJun 27 2020
I got a free upgrade to a nicer car and everyone was very nice that I interacted withThe location that I selected for my rental car was closed. I received no notice of this. Only when I called to confirm my rental did they tell me to come to another location. I had to rearrange many plans to do so. This was a big error that would have been fixed either online or by letting me know beforehand.
10.0 ExcellentApr 28 2020
Julian at the Enterprise in Mt. Kisco was fantastic.
8.0 ExcellentFeb 21 2018
The customer service at the Croton-on-Hudson location was excellent. The young man working there was extremely courteous and pleasant, and everything went quickly and smoothly.I wasn't crazy about the Hyundai I was given. I find that that model doesn't have the best visibility so I wouldn't recommend it.
10.0 ExcellentJun 26 2017
Excellent service!Mark, the manager who assisted me, was so friendly and accommodating. He was professional and made my first car rental experience as smooth and flawless as possible. Even when I found out I made a mistake and rented a car that was smaller than what was needed, he kindly upgraded us to a larger vehical at no extra cost. We were so grateful for the kindness everyone that morning showed us and for aiding us in our travels.Nothing. Everything was perfect. Will be renting here in the future and would highly recommend to anyone.
10.0 ExcellentJun 26 2017
Staff awesome
10.0 ExcellentAug 31 2016
Best Deal Ever!Got a great deal on a weekly rental and took advantage of a 15% off coupon at the time of my online reservation!Had to wait for a car to be returned, but received a free upgrade! It was perfect!. I went home and grabbed more stuff!
From $46/dayRated #3
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9.2 Excellent (17 reviews)
2 locations in Mount Kisco
Locations in Mount Kisco
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Recent reviews
10.0 ExcellentJun 16 2019
Friendly staff and ease of use
10.0 ExcellentFeb 27 2019
Service was quick, efficient, and economical. The car was excellent without problems.I have no issues.
8.0 ExcellentNov 7 2018
The ease of getting my car at the airport. It was a short walk to pick up the car.Only one person at counter.
10.0 ExcellentOct 1 2017
Fantastic!The customer service was absolutely wonderful- super friendly and cheerful. Easy to rent and return the vehicle!
8.0 ExcellentSep 11 2017
Overinflated tiresPickup was easy and convenient. Staff were greatFront tires were dangerously overinflated. We got warning lights on the dash and needed to stop to buy a tire gauge and release done pressure.
10.0 ExcellentApr 14 2017
Great service
10.0 ExcellentMar 3 2017
new car with only 168 miles. Handled well!
8.0 ExcellentNov 29 2016
BALD TIRESprice, condition of car I finally gotthe first car I was offered clearly had bald tires. I refused it. as I was to be driving long distance in bad weather. when I returned 4 days later, I saw another customer in the car which still had bald tires. I mentioned it to the Hertz representative and he said, "Yup." so clearly no one cared or did anything about the situation. I expect much more from Hertz than that.
From $72/dayRated #4
8.8 Excellent (11 reviews)
1 location in Mount Kisco
Locations in Mount Kisco
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Recent reviews
8.8 ExcellentMay 8 2017
The counter person was excellent. She had a great attitude and was very helpful. I booked in advance and it was a very easy and quick process to get the car.
10.0 ExcellentFeb 28 2017
The best rental experienceThe person at the desk was extremely helpful and kind. Then, when I went outside to get the car, someone had pulled it out of its spot and was waiting for me. They also offered to help with my bags, phone pairing, and navigation.They didn't adjust my drop-off time when I picked up the car later than planned.
10.0 ExcellentFeb 20 2017
Upgraded to a Camry In and out service, no line no wait price was less than half of competitors.
10.0 ExcellentJan 22 2017
Quick and easyThe entire process was quick and easy...the staff inside the airport and in the lot were friendly and courteous. The car was zippy and cute. Wouldn't hesitate to rent from there again.
10.0 ExcellentDec 6 2016
Great Customer Care!I was respected, and valued by the Alamo reps.Nothing I can think of at this time.
6.4 GoodNov 28 2016
Quoted price extremely innaccuratePrice ended up twice what I was quoted
10.0 ExcellentNov 14 2016
Everyone and everything was perfect!!
10.0 ExcellentSep 19 2016
Friendly Rental Agent!Our rental agent at the White Plains Airport was very friendly and helpful. She upgraded our car just to be nice which was great! Returning the car was easy and the agents were fun and had a good sense of humor which always puts a smile on your face. Great deal for the money!
Rated #5
7.3 Good (15 reviews)
1 location in Mount Kisco
Locations in Mount Kisco
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  • 6.9
  • 7
  • 7
Recent reviews
1.9 HorribleJul 30 2021
Customer service lied, overcharged me, and gave me a mid size even though we paid for a full size
2.0 MediocreJul 7 2021
After a delayed flight, Thrifty was closed (at 4pm) and a sign said to call the 800# for customer service. We had a reservation for 2 months. Didn’t seem like a big deal because they told me to check the cars outside for our name and the keys would be inside. Well, I checked every single car and they were all locked with no names on the outside. Budget ended up saving the day and gave us their LAST car because they know Thrifty closes early and they see this happen to people all the time. It was pouring rain and we had two small kids with us so this situation really made it difficult and frustrating.
3.6 MediocreNov 23 2020
They over charged me at the desk and I am still arguing with billing for my money. They didn't respect my reservation
5.2 OkayNov 3 2020
The truckThrifty called me this morning saying the car was not dropped off when it was dropped off on time on Sunday. They are now saying they will look into it and it will take 24-48 hours for them to figure out if the car was dropped off. Now I am having to resolve this situation in the middle of my work day which is costing me time and money.
10.0 ExcellentOct 5 2020
The staff was the best I've ever encountered in my history of renting cars.I didn't like walking the great distance from the counter to the car lot---took up too much time.
2.0 MediocreApr 22 2020
Staff was badThe car was messed up
Rated #6
5.8 Okay (15 reviews)
1 location in Mount Kisco
Locations in Mount Kisco
  • 6.2
  • 6.2
  • 5.8
  • 6
  • 5.8
Recent reviews
3.9 MediocreSep 15 2021
At the airport, the car fleet is limited. The car didn't have an apple or android car play, and there was no way to see the map on the screen to use navigation. That is a huge problem. I had to upgrade the rental to get that, and I don't think it is fair to ay extra for the navigation feature.
2.0 MediocreApr 13 2021
I gave them my driver's license a copy and a confirmation of the rental agreement and a my credit card. The girl kept asking me for the confirmation on my cell phone. I showed her what I had but I gave her the printout of the confirmation they would not rent me the car. I prepaid for this car and did not receive the car.
10.0 ExcellentApr 4 2021
Staff were very helpful
2.0 MediocreMar 29 2021
Scammed me and lied about prices
2.0 MediocreDec 31 2020
did give me a refund for having to cancel due to medical reasons and covid
2.0 MediocreNov 30 2020
I never took the trip and they wouldn't refundI would love to have gotten a refund.
10.0 ExcellentJan 21 2020
Everything was great!
2.0 MediocreJan 8 2020
They made it very hard to change the reservation.
7.2 GoodDec 30 2019
Staff at dropoff were incredibly rude and raised their voice in a condescending tone when there I got the price they were telling me wrong
2.0 MediocreNov 30 2017
you cannot rent from Dollar and drop off at White Plains--what a mess
1 location in Mount Kisco
Locations in Mount Kisco
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Some Mount Kisco car providers already include Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection Waiver into the rental price but not all of them. We recommend always be aware of your coverage when renting a car in in Mount Kisco.


Keep in mind that car rental insurances often have a deductible clause, which is the amount you’ll have to pay if something happens during the time of your rental. If you want to avoid unwanted surprises, you should consider adding a no-deductible option to your Mount Kisco car rental.

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  • 25% of our users found rental cars in Mount Kisco for $52 or less
  • Compact rental cars in Mount Kisco are around -8% cheaper than other car types, on average

FAQs about renting a car in Mount Kisco

  • Some car rental companies in Mount Kisco which have updated their car rental health and safety policies due to COVID-19 to make sure vehicles are clean and disinfected include Hertz, Enterprise and Avis

  • On average a rental car in Mount Kisco costs $68 per day.

  • The average gas price in Mount Kisco is $3.52 per gallon over the past 30 days. Filling up a gas tank costs between $42 and $56, depending on the car size.

  • Compact (Nissan Versa or similar) is the most frequently booked rental car type in Mount Kisco.

  • Car rental companies onsite at John F Kennedy Intl airport include Hertz, Thrifty, Dollar, Budget, Alamo, Advantage, Enterprise, Avis, Sixt and National.

  • Car rental companies onsite at Newark airport include Dollar, Hertz, Thrifty, Advantage, Enterprise, Alamo, Rent-A-Wreck, Economy Rent a Car, Budget and Avis.

  • Car rental companies onsite at LaGuardia airport include Hertz, Thrifty, Dollar, Advantage, Avis, Sixt and Payless.

  • Car rental companies that offer shuttle or pick-up services from John F Kennedy Intl airport to off-airport locations include Hertz, Thrifty, Dollar, Budget, Alamo, Advantage, Enterprise, Avis, National, and Payless.

  • Car rental companies that offer shuttle or pick-up services from Newark airport to off-airport locations include Dollar, Hertz, Thrifty, Advantage, Enterprise, Alamo, Budget, Avis, Payless, and National.

  • Car rental companies that offer shuttle or pick-up services from LaGuardia airport to off-airport locations include Hertz, Thrifty, Dollar, Budget, Alamo, Advantage, Enterprise, Avis, National, and Payless.

  • Take a look at our extensive car rental location map to find the best rental cars near you.

  • A Compact car rental in Mount Kisco costs $69 per day, on average.

  • A Standard car rental in Mount Kisco costs $55 per day, on average.

  • A Intermediate car rental in Mount Kisco costs $67 per day, on average.

  • In Mount Kisco, cars are most frequently rented at Hertz 11 Norm Avenue (1 miles from city center).

  • On average a rental car in Mount Kisco costs $473 per week ($68 per day).

  • On average a rental car in Mount Kisco costs $2,026 per month ($68 per day).

  • Finding the right price, understanding the add-ons and staying up to date with policy changes can be a challenge. That’s why KAYAK has produced the ultimate guide to renting a car to help you cut though the jargon and make the right choice for your rental car. Find tips and insights for how to book your rental, what car rental insurance you’ll need, how to deal with a car rental agency and what extra fees to expect (and avoid!).