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DeltaOverall score based on 29329 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "We landed safely"
Cons: "Out of everyone’s control Mother Nature"
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Pros: "We landed safely"
Cons: "Out of everyone’s control Mother Nature"
Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "Delightful experience except at SFO checkin."
Pros: "Covid safety protocols and people following was excellent."
Cons: "Serve alcohol :)"
Cons: "This plane was not appropriate for social distancing, I would not have booked this flight if I knew we wouldn’t be able to keep a distance from other people."
Pros: "Crew was solid."
Cons: "Don’t change my seat. Not on time. No food. Luggage with legally checked firearm sent to the wrong airport."
Cons: "Zero PPE or social distancing by crew"
Pros: "Decent entertainment options and snack offerings."
Cons: "Last 6-8 rows were vacant and for some reason Someone was still seated directly next to me. Why on earth the flight attendants (otherwise great) didn’t make an announcement that there was no need to share a row and encourage people to spread out is beyond me. I mean this is the only flight I can remember in a decade that wasn’t nearly or fully booked, you’d think they’d emphasize that. Instead I got to be trapped like it was a full flight next to a guy with no concept of personal space."
Pros: "The crew was very nice"
Cons: "Everything else"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Aircraft was too warm. Needed more air!"
Pros: "Crew could have been better."
Pros: "Quick boarding"
Cons: "More water offered by crew"
Pros: "On time, smooth take off and landing."
Pros: "The Delta crew was great."
Pros: "Quick boarding process"
Cons: "Wifi stopped working halfway"
Cons: "Great"
Cons: "Boarding was like a cattle headrest was broken so couldn’t sleep upright but face down....seemed like a plane that large would have more bathrooms"
Pros: "It was Ok. Some short delay but over all not too bad. Just didn't like the fact I always get seats next to the toilet"
Pros: "Free food. Extra room."
Cons: "Waiting on runway"
Pros: "Delta Comfort om commuter jet"
Pros: "Flew us safely home."
Cons: "We waiting on the runway for over a long period."
Pros: "Food was unexpectedly good."
Cons: "The flight was delayed for 40 minutes. We could hardly catch connecting flight"
Pros: "Flight was great"
Cons: "The waiting area at gate 47 is a joke. Doesn't anyone care that it was filthy and had 10 seats for passenger waiting to board their flight?"
Pros: "I do not fly and took my first flight in eight years on aDelta flight. They are partners with KLM. We were late leaving SFO due to fault of there’s. I just missed my connecting flight and they have booked me to leave a day later. I was also given a room at Marriott. I appreciate their service and the entire crew from check in to landing. I am now a fan of Delta as well as KLM."
Pros: "That Tillamook cheese and fruit plate was nicely done. A pleasant surprise."
Cons: "We had to wait at the gate on arrival"
Pros: "I liked the movies and overall entertainment available to the passengers."
Cons: "The food selection needs a poultry option."
Pros: "Quiet, quick, no issues"
Cons: "Slow boarding. Slowest boarding everr. Maybe not enough overhead space, doesn't make sense how there is not enough overhead space while calling zone 2 passengers."
Pros: "Nice flight attendants on this flight."
Pros: "Everyone was really nice and responsive."
Cons: "Seats are a little older. Not as comfortable as other flights. But not bad."
Pros: "The flight left anfd arrived on time"
Cons: "We were in "prefered". still the seats were very tight with little leg room. I am a 150 lb guy and cannot imaginer the discomfort of a large person."
Pros: "Polite crew, clean plane, smooth reservation and seat selection process"
Cons: "Again a HUGE delay in my flight that would have caused me to miss my connection. This is the 3rd straight Delta trip in 3 months where this has happened and you can't speak with a person on the phone without waiting 2 hours. POOR customer service."
Pros: "Delayed 2 hrs"
Pros: "The crew did a great job of dealing with delays beyond their control and made sure we - and our luggage - made a connecting flight."
Cons: "No complaints."
Pros: "it was great experience"
Pros: "Ground team was amazing--efficient, pleasant, rapid turnaround"
Cons: "Incoming plane was 1.5h late and there was no meaningful explanation (saying that the plane was late coming in bc it was late getting to its prior stop isn't really an explanation)"
Cons: "Announcements at the gate could be more clear."
Pros: "Friendly and informative flight attendants kept the passengers in reasonable spirit."
Cons: "Left nearly an hour late after confusion related to oversold seats and upgrades. The gate agent entered the plane multiple times. The landing was rough, the brakes were loud."
Pros: "Comfort and boarding"
Cons: "Delay and food"
Pros: "Flight was on time and left and arrived on time."
Cons: "Should offer headphones for free."
Pros: "Wonderful flight attendants"
Cons: "nothing"
Pros: "Very smooth"
Pros: "As of April, they have free small meals. We had a turkey sandwich which was filling. Later came a snack, just enough to tide one over until finding dinner."
Cons: "Seats still cramped."
Pros: "Delta was smart with boarding early once they realized everyone had cleared security. Flight took off on-time and arrived early. The crew was excellent and exuded energy although it was the end of the day."
Cons: "I ordered a special asian vegetarian meal and it was just plain horrible. I had to settle for the cookie. It's nice that they serve a complimentary meal on the red eye flight but the quality of the food was bad. Entertainment options were also limited although they had some recent box office entries from last year. The leg room also wasn't great but that's expected in economy I guess."
Pros: "The crew was friendly and accommodating, and service was good"
Cons: "I purchased a basic economy ticket and upon checking in, my Delta app said my seat was unassigned and I had to get my boarding pass at the airport. I checked back later and the app had me as number 7 on the standby list. I called Delta (wait time 3+ hours... my flight was in 3), and then the Delta app support where I was able to get through to someone. She told me that the ticket I purchased over a month in advance did not guarantee me a seat on the plane (???). She said that if I was bumped from the flight they would reschedule me for the next morning. She was pretty rude and made it seem like I had a 50/50 shot of getting on this plane. I rushed to the airport in hopes that I would be the first from Standby there, and the gate agent told me that I was fine and would board right after first class and be assigned a seat then. Great. Once I got my seat assignment, I board to find out there is someone else sitting in my seat...... They eventually called the desk and had her moved, but it was the weirdest boarding experience I've had.. and I've flown Spirit. These planes that Delta fly's are SO OLD. Both times I have flown Delta the "turbulence" has been so bad and cold air was blowing right on my the whole flight with no option to turn it off (it wasn't from one of the vents, but from the side). Someone close to me works for Delta and I know for a fact that some of their engines blow mid-flight.. and they tell the passengers that it's turbulence.. so that doesn't make me feel very safe. I won't fly Delta again if there is another comparable option."
Cons: "Boarding took too long - full plane and double seat booking changed 10 minutes early estimate to 20 minutes late"
Pros: "Quick boarding"
Cons: "The delta comport seats were not comfort seats were hardly comfortable and the leg room wasn't worth paying for."
Pros: "Crew service, attitude was much better compared to most US based airlines. Comfort+ has great perks."
Cons: "Aircraft was old."
Pros: "The crew were super helpful with my toddler and 5year old as I was traveling by myself. Everyone was very friendly and allowed me to board early as well as helped me when my toddler was crying to distract her. Service was fantastic! The plane was new and I really appreciated having entertainment I didn't have to pay extra for."
Pros: "Free drinks"
Cons: "Corn nuts for snack. I'm allergic to corn. I get people want snacks on a flight and you can't make everyone happy. It was ok. I just said no to them."
Pros: "flight delay due to mechanical problem. pilot made up time, avoided excessive turbulence and silky smooth landing. attentive and highly visible patient flight attendants"
Cons: "no complimentary food option (other than pretzels /crackers) on 4 hr flight. aainflight provided live sports and news but movie selection was limited."
Pros: "Crew was very nice and plane was clean."
Cons: "I was exhausted and wanted to sleep on my late night flight but my seat did not recline (broken)"
Pros: "Everything was done in a good amount of time."
Cons: "Better room in seats....feels really tight"
Cons: "They cancelled the Flight and we had to book with Air France instead and made us late to our cruise"
Cons: "Flightleft 2 hours late and then an extra hour waiting at the next gate."
Pros: "Great crew"
Cons: "We experienced flight delays, lots of turbulence, and my knees were pressed up against the seat in front of me the whole duration of the flight. They also overbooked the flight, so some people had to take a flight the following day."
Cons: "My entertainment screen was not operating. Could not recline my seat."
Pros: "Although they charged me $10 to book a seat for check in it allowed me to pick one that keep the middle seat open for my wife."
Cons: "To be charged to pick a seat. You should have revealed that in you pricing."
Cons: "There was no entertainment at all, and pretzels are gross"
Pros: "It was not crowded breakfast"
Cons: "Breakfast was lousy"
Cons: "Flight attendants completely unresponsive when overhead space was filled by a lot of backpacks that supposed to go under seats. Also, kept selling alcohol to people who were clearly drunk and were obnoxious and loud the whole trip."
Pros: "The staff was fantastic"
Cons: "Well my flight got delayed four separate times. I was stuck in LAX for 3 hours. So much that booked another flight with another airline for the following morning. I had to book a hotel nearby LAX just so I could somewhere to sleep for the night. My luggage made it to Chicago safely, but I didn’t at least not with American Airlines. It took them an hour to tell us that they reassigned the pilot to another flight, not only that when it was delayed the first initial time (40 minute delay) about ten minutes before we were supposed to board they tell us that the flight attendant crew is going to take 30 minutes to get to the gate. Not only but those poor airline service staff were completely unaware of all these changes! They had to find out from the passengers what was going on. Honestly I will never fly with American Airlines ever again!!!"
Cons: "Not the best. Marginal food and hassled about carry-on that fit the size requirements. More like premium economy."
Pros: "Pilot was informative."
Pros: "Staff at gate were very nice"
Cons: "Flight was delayed three or four times throughout the day"
Pros: "the Bowing 787 was wonderful"
Cons: "flight had been delay and delay. we are very disappoint because we always think we are fly with British airway, we even went to check in counter of British airway but find out America airline are the solo guys can't advertized like that."
Cons: "I missed all my flights and my bags because of a stupid delay made by the airline."
Cons: "Small seats."
Pros: "The nice and helpful American Airlines ticket agent at our gate that helped me fix my seating issues."
Cons: "Your booking does not automatically reserve our 2 seats together so I find out at the last minute and have to pay for an upgrade to fix it. Not thrilled! Plus I booked with BA for a reason so it would be nice to know at booking that they will contract with AA."
Pros: "Flight was on-time and crew was pleasant. This flight had movies available to watch!"
Cons: "Never given instructions on use if inflight WiFi. No food service on a three hour flight???"
Cons: "Check in process was an overbooked disaster Plane was very old Staff at gate and onboard were very rude"
Cons: "So little space between seats. Barely no legroom at all. I’m 5’ 5” and still found it tight. Feel bad for all tall or big ppl."
Pros: "Friendly staff."
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats."
Pros: "Staff was friendly"
Cons: "There were no veg options for sandwiches and food ran out after boarding group 6."
Pros: "What a great plane with a great crew. Truly an enjoyable flight. And the tailwind got us in quite a bit early!"
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "(mostly) friendly staff, decent chairs, decent set of movies available. (First leg by American, second leg by British Airway)"
Cons: "Paid for seats, never got them, ended up in a cramped flight with no room (I'm only 5'5", so heaven forbid average height people try to sit here. My wife was miserable, and got a back ache because of the small quarters."
Cons: "The seat I had reserved was given away even though I paid extra for it back in February. American Airlines rep said it was because when i book through a 3rd party like Kayak, they can't guarantee my seat assignment."
Pros: "Left early, crew was friendly"
Cons: "Bought a seat that was explained as not having another passenger on either side, but it was just two seats in a row."
Cons: "It was cancelled"
Pros: "Flight crew was excellent."
Cons: "We booked flights through British Airways but flew American Airlines. The check in process was a stressful mess: we were forced to stand in long customer service lines both on our first flight from LAX to Chicago and again during our very short layover in Chicago to Dublin to ensure that our bags were checked all the way to our final destination. Very stressful, and it didn't help that the gate crew was extremely rude and unprofessional. It is very inconvenient that we could not choose our seats beforehand."
Pros: "Our flight was delayed by almost three hours due to weather in Chicago, the crew was very helpful and the pilot kept us informed about the updates that he was receiving."
Pros: "Great service and friendly stafg"
Cons: "Loved the yourt for of it was ok"
Cons: "Iberia does not have a check in counter at lax. All flights are operated by American, but ticket issued by Iberia. American could not locate my ticket and as a result I missed my flight. Iberia's 1800 number would not cooperate to release or rebook my ticket until a full day and 3 trips to the airport later when I made a manager speak to an American airline rep to explain and resolve what should be done with my unused ticket. Unbelievably inefficient and rude."
Pros: "Entertainment on long flights is vast. Flight attendants are nice and are prompt with requests."
Cons: "Bags that are told will be planeside end up being sent to tne final destination and no tags are given to the riders to let them know beforehand. Workers at counters were very rude."
Pros: "Flight on time."
Pros: "I like the comfortable chairs and screen touch screen in the seat in front of me"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "We purchased seats and they changed them without telling us so we picked new ones. Well guess what, we get to the airport and the same thing. I was seated at the front of the plane and my fiancé was at the back. Luckily a nice gentleman switched seats with me and we were able to sit together but it was the last seats that did not recline on an 8 hour flight. We will never fly American again. Their customer service offered no help and was extremely rude to us."
Pros: "Boarding was a mess - there were no announcements about boarding and the gate agent did nothing to promote order in the gate area. Thank goodness for the new planes on this route - the old planes with the blue "leather" seats were so overdue to be retired. Onboard entertainment was great and every seat had a USB port and AC outlet. Smoothest landing ever, I couldn't even tell when the wheels hit the pavement! It was also the first time I recall a female captain on American - maybe the smooth landing wasn't such a coincidence :)"
Pros: "Entertainment us on point!"
Cons: "Boarding sucked, 90 mins delayed and made us check in bag. The snacks are TERRIBLE - no thank you."
Pros: "AA flights now have individual screens with free movies/videos/music/games. Power outlet and USB port included. Staff was polite, helpful"
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "excellent in flight experience, crew was helpful and friendly. Overall a great experience"
Pros: "How spacious it felt and there were film selections"
Cons: "My film kept stopping randomly."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Cramped, claustrophobic space. Cabin too warm."
Pros: "Crew was nice and understanding how uncomfortable the flight was."
Cons: "The seats are now smaller than ever. AA made them more marrow, closer together and less reclining. With 1.2 mil miles I am switching to drlta."
Cons: "Flight delayed turbulence out of control!"
Pros: "The Crew found and solved the problem."
Cons: "My Family and I missed our 5 a.m. flight Tuesday. We then missed one more 6am. Everyone helped my Family and I to get the 8 O'clock flight. Which we did. And had a good trip home. Missing those flight was not made by my Family. But solving that problem was done smoothly. Sharon T."
Pros: "Crew was very polite"
Cons: "The screen on my seat was broken. Couldn't use it"
Cons: "A computer problem caused us to sit on the tarmac for 3 hours. Good times."
Pros: "Newer airplane with multiple entertainment and charging options at your seat. 2 boarding doors helped speed up boarding."
Cons: "The seat width and row separation is ridiculously small. I was sitting between my wife and a tall man and I had to keep my arms folded in front of me the whole 4+ hour flight."
Pros: "Hate flight"
Cons: "Same issues , hated flight"
Pros: "The check in process at LAX was very efficient and smooth. and the crew on the plane was very considerate. And the tv system on some of the planes is very enjoyable."
Cons: "There was a technical issue on the plane so they had us get off and wait hoping they could fix the problem. It turned into a 3 hour wait. They covered a meal for us which was good and gave us $50 off our next flight. But I’m not sure I want to book united again. The lady at the service desk was not very patient (which is understandable since a loy of people had to rebook their connecting flights). But I was smiling at her and just asking how to go about changing our connecting flights and she seemed a little bit ready to get rid of me. And the next plane we got on, one of our tv screens didn’t work. And the connecting flight was delayed also because of a technical problem."
Cons: "Everything that could go wrong went wrong with this flight"
Cons: "Both ways there was no option for vegetarian or meat. No more bread was available too"
Pros: "Crew was friendly"
Cons: "Seat spaces were so small I thought I was flying spirit. And you have to pay for WiFi"
Pros: "Great service for my disabled uncle"
Pros: "I liked the United entertainment via the app."
Cons: "The seating is so cramped and too tight overall. I’m a small female about 5’4 with a medium build. The seating was never that small, it’s progressively become more and more cramped. Also it didn’t help that the flight staff slept most of night and didn’t come by to pick up cups or cans until they were told to please do so by several passengers. I had to take my cups and can to them so I could move around better in my tiny seat. Not cool."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I had to print out my own labels for my bags. No one told me this . Mind you, I was already in line! I had to go print label. Get in line again. Attendant said I need to put the label on myself. And for me to step aside. I was not gonna get out of line again. No one was there to let customers know of this labeling. People were confused! Then I paid $25 online for my luggage. Then my luggage was over 50 pounds. I was charged $100. So I paid $125 for my luggage. Lax TSA Employees are rude and mean. Yelling do this and do that. Like we prisoners. I will never fly United again. I will let everyone know of my experience. Terrible customer service. Then your screens don't work on your airplane. Cannot watch movies. Therefore your plane is not up to par. But I paid up to $700! Never again. Good luck United."
Pros: "On time, good servicw"
Cons: "Seats not very comfortable"
Cons: "Not enough room for my legs, I was uncomfortable."
Pros: "Crew, food"
Cons: "That the only entertainment was for purchase only"
Cons: "Had to download the United app to watch in flight movies. Then it didn't even work. The only thing that would play were the trailers."
Pros: "Comfortable seats; good service; friendly crew"
Cons: "Old plane, no service, TINY SEATS"
Pros: "Same"
Cons: "Same"
Cons: "It would be great if there were music channels included in the online entertainment choices :)"
Cons: "That you had to pay to watch anything"
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "Late twice"
Pros: "The staff was nice and courteous"
Cons: "The flight was almost 7 hours late. United offered nothing to help the situation. Had to pay for entertainment and food."
Pros: "The size of the pane. :) it was very comfortable."
Cons: "The attitude of the captains first lieutenant"
Pros: "Great rate for unexpected emergency reservation to see my gma. They came through"
Cons: "No complaints to note. Left from LAX and the lines were organized and TSA lines were moving pretty fast."
Pros: "Horrible service"
Cons: "Very negative about this company they did two times cancelation, at first was problem with lights in plane and we stay over an hour, then they say that the airplain has mechanical problems and we waited about one more hour, then they returned us to airport and we waited one more hour, finally after 3 hours they start to board us but service was horrible so rod boarding people. So I hade meeting with singing contract in the morning, I was late contract cancelled and I lose my money..... The company did not any compensation. I'm so Negative, negative, about this company, not recommended will never have again"
Pros: "Crew was really upbeat and helpful"
Cons: "The airline seats are a joke. Shared my middle "seat with two normal/thin guys and there was literally no room hot me to even put my arms down. The upright seat position isn't; it's pitched forward, and even when "reclined" perhaps 2 inches, it's no relief. Arrived in Chicago needing an ice pack for my neck and back pain. Also, LAX Terminal is visibly dirty."
Pros: "The woman at customer service was very nice telling me my flight was rebooked for the morning."
Cons: "Airport closed with no accommodation or resources. Slept freezing in a chair. Late flight and stranded overnight with no compensation, apology or reason why/where to go/what to do."
Cons: "Overall your service is going down hill."
Pros: "Hassle free. Cool invironment. Friendly, clean etc"
Cons: "Not to be on time"
Pros: "It was great"
Cons: "Good trip good service"
Pros: "The flight crew was very professional. Both of my flights departed and arrived on time."
Pros: "Crew was great!"
Cons: "Had to pay to watch movie."
Cons: "Easy for check-in and on time"
Pros: "Great folks working for airlines"
Cons: "2 hour delay"
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "No TVs and outlet to charge phone, computer did not work."
Pros: "Fast. Early. Friendly staff. Awesome flight."
Cons: "Nothing. Everything was awesome. Would fly again in a heart beat."
Pros: "Fast, friendly and accurate service to our destination"
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "Flight delays on both legs of the journey."
Pros: "Bathrooms were clean"
Cons: "Seat room/especially when the person in front reclined"
Pros: "The crew was great"
Cons: "There was no food"
Cons: "The original flight was cancelled"
Cons: "No free wifi. No free entertainment. Smaller than a kids small fruit snack bag of trail mix for a 4+ hour flight. Gate issues delaying our boarding-resulting in late take off.- and delayed transit home to last available route of the night- thank goodness!"
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "Seats were uncomfortable, no TVS & food was horrible"
Cons: "The boarding process is a bit chaotic. I honestly think the wi fi should be free."
Cons: "Worst flight I've ever taken."
Pros: "Nothing!!"
Cons: "Everything. Delays were inexcusable, staff ridiculously unfriendly and just bad attitudes all round. Very unpleasant experience, won't be using this airline ever again."
Pros: "Timig timing and professionalism of all levels of crew"
Cons: "That every little thing is monetized and there is even less leg room than the last time I flew United. My only positive on the amenities is that at least is soda still free, but for how long"
Pros: "I havd to buy a whole new flight. from mechanical errors. it was horrible. I have no help"
Pros: "Great staff. Great safety explanation. Smooth fight"
Cons: "Nothing. Everything was great. I'll definitely try to stick with united for my future travels"
Pros: "The crew was reassuring when we were running to board and helped my husband, who had trouble walking."
Cons: "Seats are very uncomfortable. I was charged for my personal bag"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Don’t charge for food"
Pros: "It was good"
Cons: "All those extra fees even for a drink!!! First time on frontier not sure if I would use it again"
Pros: "Incredibly uncomfortable seats. Packed like sardines with no opportunities to move."
Cons: "Make the seats more comfortable with more leg room"
Cons: "Seats are VERY uncomfortable. Staff is not really friendly. First time on Frontier, I will try to avoid it if I can"
Pros: "Crew was nice flight was 2hrs late"
Pros: "The cost of the flight"
Cons: "The seats suck. They are so uncomfortable!"
Pros: "Seat was very uncomfortable"
Cons: "No entertainment"
Pros: "Crew was awesome ! The flight crew I would fly with anywhere, anytime. No mucking around ,get in , buckle up, we’re outta here . I love that ."
Cons: "I’m 6’2” , any vehicle other than my R1 is just not super comfortable. Even my truck and i love my truck . But anything over 2 hours starts wearing on my long legs . Thats my issue . Nothing any airline can do for that . I prob need to opt for 1st class next time n see ."
Pros: "I made it safely to and from my destination."
Cons: "The seats are very uncomfortable, lack padding and back support."
Pros: "The staff was nice"
Cons: "The check-in process. The upcharges on everything. Barebones flight."
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "All good"
Pros: "Non stop"
Cons: "Seats suck"
Pros: "Price, on time"
Cons: "Seats, no free seat selection, sat next to stinky toilets"
Pros: "Early, friendly staff"
Cons: "No WiFi"
Pros: "Boarding was fine ,no food or drink And charge for small carry on luggage $50-I don’t like it"
Cons: "5 hour delay, horrible last minute communication. Second time in a row this has happened with Frontier. Will never fly them again at any price."
Cons: "Uncomfortable seating in upgrade seating that I paid for"
Pros: "Boarding was fast, Polite staff, Very nice crew."
Cons: "Expensive food and beverage"
Cons: "Due to all the delays on my first flight I just decided To re-book a different flight back I will never fly with this company again terrible the only reason they get a star because I can’t give them nine terrible"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Late. Late.Late Staff seemed rude"
Cons: "Too bad"
Pros: "Relatively cheaper than the other options I had to choose from but you can see why it is cheaper. The flights attendants where very nice and respectful."
Cons: "As someone who is tall, the seats are rather small. Boarding passes had to be checked manually but that didn't cause many issues."
Cons: "Flight to SAT was cancelled and they put me in this one to AUS next day, Instead of SAT."
Pros: "The crew were kind and efficient and the planes were clean and well maintained."
Cons: "No entertainment on the flights, but that is to be expected for the price."
Pros: "For the price it is a great value. The first time I flew with Frontier I didn't know what to expect. This time I was prepared and had an enjoyable flight."
Cons: "I would like a bigger tray table and a charge station for my phone."
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Space, shrieking baby for 7/8 trip. Can't recline, extremely small seats! Rude crew."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "No consideration for customers"
Pros: "I liked that there were no issues with my flight I was able to just board , get there and have no problems"
Cons: "I don’t like the fees for everything. It kinda just made me annoyed that there were fees attached to everything that doubled the cost of my flight."
Pros: "Arrived to out destination early"
Cons: "Not sitting with my mate unless I pay extra for side by side pictures."
Cons: "After a 2hr. drive from Nicholasville, KY my son and I arrived at CVG Cincinnati airport at 5:30am for a 6:30 flight. Waited in line to check bag; employee told us at 5:45am that we could board our 6:30 flight but our baggage would not be checked, nor held up to be sent on another flight next day. Supervisor was loud, crude and the opposite of sympathetic. My son was forced to drive back home to take 4hr. round- trip again next day 5/21/17."
Cons: "My flight was delayed 8 times. I missed a whole day of work and had to pay for another night in the hotel because of their delay. This is the second time in a row this has happened with this airline. Horrible."
Cons: "Who likes Frontier's system of making you pay for everything? It makes me feel degraded before I even get on the plane where I sit in the last row because I refuse to pay more for my seat. I hate flying Frontier and yet do because it goes where I need to get."
Cons: "5 hours late, no updates sent via text or email, $15 dinner boucher useless and given after restaurants closed. I will never fly frontier airlines again!"
Cons: "Cancelled and left on my own to find another flight"
Pros: "Nothing I can think of."
Cons: "Ridiculously little leg room. Tray table the size of a kindle. Metal backing on seats left me feeling less safe. Found out I'd be charged for carry on when I got to airport. Tried to pay online so I'd get the cheaper fare (upon return), but the site made it impossible to choose the add carry on option. Ended up costing me an additional $90. Also, I was not allowed to use kiosk for check in. It told me I was required to go to check in through service rep. No line at kiosk. Huge line for service rep. Cost me precious little time I had left to spend with friend before flights left. I was also bothered by the moving around of people during boarding. They asked for 8 people to volunteer to be moved to the front of plane. But the open exit row seat...that'll be an additional $50. Ridiculous."
Pros: "Not a thing"
Cons: "Dalayed flight no announcements about the staus Passengers next row had a dog in the cabin! It farted many times! Discusting!"
Pros: "smooth flight, nice people"
Cons: "No free tea"
Cons: "Our flight was 3 hours late. This would have been okay, if we had been able to find any information regarding our flight from Frontier. Everyone was just waiting around the terminal, and had no idea our flight was delayed. Pretty frustrating."
Pros: "Service."
Cons: "I really don't like Airlines that nickle& dime the consumer and Frontier is one of these airlines. A good fare to start, but then you spend more at the end. In this case, I spend $108 + tax and fees more than if I would had gone with the competition. Life and learn. First time flying with Frontier and I will not say it would be the last, but this airlines had been but to the end of my list of choices for airlines."
Pros: "Pissed to be charged 60 dollars for a carry on briefcase. Fuel costs are down its about time these airlines stop gouging us. I try not to fly Frontier and this reminded me why."
Pros: "It's been a few years since I've traveled and I hope every airline hasn't changed to were this is the norm? Terrible seats, $1.99 for a soda, $40.00 to check 1 bag ($80.00, my son also had 1 bag) and no personal touch at all. I will never fly Frontier again."
Cons: "There wasn't anything I did like about this experience with Frontier Airlines."
Pros: "bathroom was clean on plane and staff at the airport were helpful"
Cons: "I had a red eye flight from LA to Orlando and it was delayed 3 hours along with that when we were boarded onto the plane the on board crew were impolite and we were waiting on the plane for over an hour after boarding was completed before any movement."
Pros: "We waited 45 minutes to unload. When a child is sing ok ng at the top of her lungs for half an hour would it not be appropriate to ask her t o be quiet. It was an even I n b flight. I understand that babies will cry and some people talk loud but it is rude to sing loud we hen it is a late flight. You cannot count on parents to have common sense."
Cons: "They did ask that you wait for the people that needed to make connections to go girst."
Cons: "Plane arrived late. We were told that we could make up time in the air by flight crew before we took off. Then were rerouted and the flight actually took 45 min longer than we were told. When we landed, there was no gate for us so we sat on the runway for 10 minutes. We were told where our luggage would arrive. After it did not show up, one lady happened to see her bag on a different carousel. We were never told of the change."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Having to pay for carry on, water, the seat. The seat didn't go back and was cramped and hard."
Pros: "Roomy seat"
Cons: "Seat didn't recline. Didn't even offer a glass pf water, come on !!!"
Cons: "After landing we were told that our gate is busy, and we need to wait another 20 min, but it took like around 40 min to get parked at the gate. After flying non stop for 4 hours waiting another 40 min in the plane is just too much...."
Cons: "Seats are too small not enough leg room"
Pros: "A completely garbage airline. Has to pay for water!! Flight delayed 3 hours. Cramped seats, old plane. Not sure I could recommend Spirit to anybody. Please don't endorse this kind of air service."
Cons: "Comfort"
Pros: "Flight departed early and landed almost 40 minutes early. Good service. Nice crew. I paid extra for the big First seat."
Cons: "Still no frills. No internet. No power for your computer. No reclining seats."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Service not professional. Charge extra for everything. Afraid to use the bathroom due to possible extra charge."
Pros: "Stewardess gave me a military discount. Very much appreciated"
Cons: "I had to pay $110 for a back pack and skateboard as carry on items from LAX to Chicago"
Cons: "Been waiting an hour to deplane after landing >:("
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "spirit sucks"
Pros: "Spacious. Clean."
Cons: "Not Serving free water."
Cons: "Over priced luggage fees. Unclean planes, untrained employees"
Pros: "Low price for a no luggage traveller"
Cons: "No reclining seat, no entertainment whatsoever, 10 dollar charged boarding pass, cannot pre-select free seats"
Pros: "Initial price, before being charged for everything separately"
Cons: "Being charged for everything separately, after the fact. Made it hard to compare true price against other airlines."
Cons: "Charge $50 for checked bag. Print wrong boarding pass to me. No food or drink. Change $3 for a cup of water. Lost my bag, which I paid $50 for."
Pros: "It was cheap"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The attendants were nice. The pilot was kinda funny."
Cons: "I didn't do my research.... A carry on cost $55 at time of checkin. Most seats do not recline. Beverages/snacks...even the basics cost. No onboard internet. I'm sure these are all things I could have found out with a little digging but I was buying a ticket in a hurry at the last minute. Not blaming anyone but myself but Spirit is not the airline for me. I got the feeling they promote themselves as a budget airliner but when you add of the costs of a carry on a account for the missing comforts I felt like there wasn't much savings in terms of experience. This is not for airline snobs...which I guess I am."
Pros: "For a no frills airlines it's a good experience."
Cons: "Not much"
Cons: "Baggage guy was EXTREMELY rude. Also very unorganized getting through security. Need a better system."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed by five hours. I understand these things happen-- the lack of communication was the biggest problem. Tensions were running high and quite a few passengers lashed out at Spirit employees and each other. This ugly situation could have been mitigated by any attempt to keep customers in the loop and providing them with more information regarding delays."
Pros: "Cheap flights."
Cons: "We were told our flight was downgraded and that 35 passengers needed to switch thier flight as there was no seats available. We had a group of 5 people and 2 did not have seats. So we volunteered to switch our flights as we were told we would leave the following day at the same time all together, get a hotel for the night, food vouchers and 2 free round trip flights. So when they were switching our flights they booked 3 out of the 5 who volunteered and they told us we could not be on the same flight. Eventually they got us all on the same flight but that was 4 or 5 hours later. In regards to the food vouchers we were informed we could only use them in the airport but we were not allowed pass tsa as we did not have boarding passes. We then asked about our luggage as we had checked them in when we first arrived and they informed us they pulled them out of the flight and they were going to be at luggage claim. When we tried to get our luggage at baggage claim we were then informed that no luggages were pulled and they were already in transit to chicago. So the supervision told us that we could buy whatever items we needed for the night and we would get reimbursed later, which keep in mind we had to take a taxi from the hotel to a target near by. This whole process was ridiculous and it seemed as if no one was able to provide us with accurate information. Had we known it was going to be such a hassel and inconvenience to ourselves we would have never given up our seats to begin with. Pedro was the name of the person at the gate who informed us we would have a flight all together and that was false in which carlos had told him. Rosario at check in was patient and helped the most but she informed us our luggage was going to be available for us and that was false. Zachary manning Katona was very unprofessional and rude to us as well as his coworkers. And edier the supervisor informed us we will get a reimbursement for the items we buy since our luggage was shipped back to chicago, so lets see if thats true or false when the time comes."
Pros: "Not very much, the crew was pleasant and that was the only decent thing about the flight."
Cons: "There was no option to get a mobile boarding pass and I was not near a printer and wanted to do it before arriving at the airport. Only being able to check one bag is the silliest and most inconvenient rule since I was gone for 10 days and needed to bags for all my things. The charge for an extra bag was practically what it cost to buy a plane ticket. The seats on the plane were the most uncomfortable plane seats I've ever been on especially for a 4 hour flight. Finally, there was no in flight entertainment for a 4 hour flight offered. There wasn't even an option for in-flight wifi for purchase. It was the worst flight I have ever had. It's 2017 and Spirit's lack of amenities that every other airline offers is a sorry excuse for providing slightly cheaper airfare than most airlines. I never desire to fly with Spirit again."
Pros: "Never never never again."
Pros: "Great flight"
Cons: "No leg room and bag fee was high"
Pros: "Great flight, awesome staff, great landing due to circumstances."
Cons: "Not much room between seats."
Cons: "No leg room A rude millenial behind me was playing his Ipad without headphones on my 6am early flight out to Los Angeles. When he refused to turn it off or put on headphones I summoned the Flight attendant. The flight attendant asked him if he wanted to move (which he refused) and, instead, I was forced to move. How about enforcing common courtesy to all on the plane. My return flight was delayed 2 1/2 hours with no notice on the monitors, no email update and numerous unannounced gate changes."
Pros: "Missed the flight"
Pros: "It was early"
Cons: "Babies"
Pros: "Cc"
Cons: "I had a severe emergency that required surgery three days prior to the trip and was not allowed any refund although I have all the doctors and hospitals and surgery materials"
Pros: "Price of ticket"
Cons: "Primitive boarding procedure nearly caused us to miss the flight. Kiosks won't print your boarding pass within 45 minutes of your flight time, even if you are checked into your flight. And Spirit does not permit you to use a boarding pass on your phone, you must waste natural resources & print. Unfortunately, we had a problem while returning our rental car, so we were later to the kiosk than planned. So, we had to wait in line to ask an employee at the counter to print out boarding passes. Thanks to the kind passengers of LAX airport letting us jump in line several times, we made our flight just as doors closed."
Pros: "all was excellent"
Pros: "I got to my destinations safely."
Cons: "You don't actually save money with this airline, which is something I had to learn the hard way apparently. You could hardly understand the pilot when he made announcements and the crew wasn't exactly rude, but definitely weren't kind and warm either. The man next to me pushed his button for someone to assist him and asked that they throw his trash away (not cool on the man's part, I'll admit that, because the crew was doing walk-throughs for trash every 5 minutes it seemed). But, the passenger next to me did not deserve the passive aggressive help he received. The seats are uncomfortable and don't seem worth the money/weight they must have saved. While I admire the mission to save fuel, I think the cons outweigh the pros of this airline. I'll happily return to Southwest or Virgin."
Cons: "Spirit Airlines nickel-and-dimes you like no other. Their baggage fee system is ridiculous. Small, uncomfortable, dirty plane. No complementary beverages."
Pros: "Great energy from staff"
Pros: "Not overcrowded flight. Wide aisle."
Cons: "No reclining seats, no plug in for music. Too small tray table."
Pros: "Only their initial "SUCKER PRICE" that does NOT include any luggage or the ability to sit with your family without paying extra!!!"
Cons: "They use an initial "SUCKER PRICE" which does NOT include ANY LUGGAGE or the ability to SIT WITH YOUR FAMILY without paying extra!! $50 extra for each piece of luggage ... EACH WAY1 If you don't pay at the check in counter they charge $100 for each piece of luggage - each way and that includes ANY BACKPACK WITH WHEELS! $25 FOR EACH FAMILY MEMBER TO SIT TOGETHER!!!! NO COMPLIMENTARY FOOD OR DRINK. 2 sodas are $5! (can't buy just one) NO none zero entertainment, not even a radio channel."
Pros: "They treated me with extra respect and kindness because I was military."
Cons: "Nothing was to my disliking."
Cons: "waiting to change itinerary"
Cons: "Must pay for carryon bags. This is ridiculous. The seats are very uncomfortable."
Pros: "The fact that is was a small plane, we boarded quickly. For being a economy seat, there was foot room. The staff was good, the main steward was funny. We dd purchase something and the guy forgot to bring to us, but someone else took care of us."
Cons: "Seats were so thin I felt every thing the person behind me did. the cost for carry n and checked bags are completely unreasonable. They claim cheap flights, but I found same price with larger airlines. The food court in their section was tiny, and they only had one bathroom, at LAX! Oh and the seat did not recline and the plane was cold. I will not fly with them again."
Pros: "I did not like any part of the experience. I love you kayak but please do not offer spirit airlines flights! They are truly terrible."
Cons: "Really dreadful! This airline is insanely riddled with hidden fees. They will charge you for every breath you take. By the time I was finished with paying the fees my flight had gone up by $100! Absolutely deplorable! I really enjoy kayak for the financial liberty it allows me and this Spirit airlines ripped it away from me. Not to mention none of these fees are mentioned before I purchased the flight! For god sakes buying a ticket doesn't even guarantee you a seat! I absolutely understand that every airline has extra fees, but Spirit was an insane outlier. I was charged for a Carry-on. A CARRY ON! Never again! Tisk tisk kayak!"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled under for 4 prior to takeoff. Spirit showed a direct flight same day online at 9PM from LAX to Chicago but when I called to confirm they said it was not available to me and put me on a 6 hour layover flight to MN. I asked for a hotel since I was spending the night in MN which I had not planned for and they denied that. I asked to use my $50 voucher they fought to provide me for a cancellation inconvenience for an in flight water and they said they only accept credit cards. I'm stuck in MN for the night with nothing to eat drink or anywhere to sleep cause of the late cancellation notice which they claimed was a mechanical error. I'm pissed I want my money refunded."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "On my departing flight I was delayed right off the bat for 2 hours. Then after that we sat on the tarmac for 2 hours and then deboarded and delayed another 3 hours. The staff was very unhelpful and I paid $28 for a seat upgrade which was not even fulfilled because I requested an aisle seat and got a window seat. The staff was also very rude and told me this why hispanic people have a sterotype. On my arriving flight I was double charged for my carrying on and backpack. I was told that I would need to pay for both but when I went into the gate that was not the case and I saw that my backpack met specifications to not be charged. When I paid the fee the attendant took money out from her brasserie to give me change and then pocketed the cash and when I asked for a reciet she said the computer system was down and on my boarding ticket it did not have that I paid for a carry on so I was given a hard time at the gate. When I explained what happened they said okay as if this shady stuff is acceptable. I was then delayed in the air for 2 hours and rerouted to detroit to get gas. We were told to hold tight and not allowed to use the restroom for an hour to then be told we had to deboard for an addtional 2 hours. This is horrible and I will continue to speak with someone until I get a refund."
Pros: "Cost"
Cons: "They are not allowed to buy food with cash"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything, I will never fly with this airline again. The plane was loud, baggage fees were outrageous, fee for drinks. My luggage came to me filthy. Clerks at the luggage drop were rude and unfriendly."
Pros: "The flight was quick and comfortable"
Cons: "The flight was delayed for a very long time."
Pros: "I liked the seats"
Pros: "Timely"
Cons: "Charge for water?"
Pros: "Flying time was good, but no water at toilets"
Cons: "Delays, waiting 8 hrs. delayed, looks like not enough personnel to take care of passengers needs, confusion and misleading information, followed by poor apologies, not worth, I will never flight again with Spirit. Also, there are fees everywhere, really you think you will save money, I don't think so, by the time you add the baggage fees,check in fees,seat fees etc. you end up paying more than other , better serviced airlines. Sorry , lost a client , I have tried three times thinking that you will improve,, the same result.NOT AGAIN!!"
Pros: "Everything I love to travel with spirit."

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