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  • Looking for cheap airfare to Miami? 25% of our users found tickets to Miami for the following prices or less: From Mexico City $267 one-way - $264 round-trip, from Monterrey $457 one-way - $466 round-trip, from León $430 one-way - $494 round-trip
  • Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly from Mexico is February.
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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
JetBlueOverall score based on 19432 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "The crew was nice. My seat was ripped. There was some type of tape by the window. The flight was late and wasn’t informed"
Cons: "Communication with travelers if a flight will be late and better aircraft"
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Pros: "The crew was nice. My seat was ripped. There was some type of tape by the window. The flight was late and wasn’t informed"
Cons: "Communication with travelers if a flight will be late and better aircraft"
Pros: "Easy boarding..nice cust service at gate jfk"
Cons: "One hour delay waiting for gate at miami"
Cons: "Too many people on flight during Covid"
Pros: "Leg space"
Pros: "Very well organized, smooth boarding, early arroval"
Pros: "On time, friendly crew, spacious seats."
Cons: "Free alcoholic beverages. (At least 1 each flight. ) calming agent for nerves and turbulence"
Pros: "Female attendant was personable. Decent legroom but tray was broken."
Cons: "Was told by attendant they’re NOT supposed to help female guests with urging luggage overhead. Didn’t know headphones had to be bought to watch movies."
Pros: "Having WiFi onboard the plane,"
Cons: "The crew, when I was boarding the plane one of the flight attendants a Caucasian women was saying hello, greeting everyone before me when I got in front of her she made a head gesture to say hi but didn't say hello. It felt like racial profiling to me."
Pros: "Comfortable seating with lots of legroom; clean; ease of boarding and de-boarding; on time; nice variety of entertainment available ; everything was timely!"
Cons: "Some of the channels on the direct tv were not available throughout the whole flight; one flight attendant was not very friendly (she wasn’t rude either)."
Pros: "Crew was great. Movie selection was great!"
Cons: "Boarding organization."
Cons: "The tvs didn't work."
Pros: "Snacks were good. Content of entertainment was good though the tv system was so old, hard to see."
Cons: "Flight delayed, poor communication."
Cons: "Mt seat didn’t recline."
Pros: "Clean"
Cons: "Probably best airline to take to Houston"
Pros: "The crew was helpful"
Cons: "Communication about the delay Snacks has no variety. All too salty."
Pros: "Always happy with Jettblue"
Pros: "Na"
Cons: "Na"
Pros: "The crew was courteous and efficient. The seats were comfortable"
Cons: "Boarding was a bit of a mess. Then we got stuck on the runway for 40 minutes. And I was frustrated because the inflight entertainment cut out. When it came back it was different movies so I couldn’t finish what I’d been watching. Also the WiFi didn’t work."
Pros: "The landing was good"
Cons: "That both trips where delayed, for 2 plus hours. The emails from Kayak and JetBlue, where not accurate in terms of flight departure info."
Pros: "Nice leg room."
Cons: "Both flights were delayed. Plus, for this flight, I sat in row 8 but had to put my bag in the overhead compartment in row 18!!! Huge hassle to get back to my seat boarding, and a long wait to get it to get off!!!"
Pros: "The fact that on Aruba all customs activities that normally are performed in the USA could be done"
Cons: "Slow fellow travellers"
Pros: "The delays were understandable as it was a snow storm. The crew was great."
Cons: "My entertainment system was broken, and on a coast to coast flight in the middle of the night where sleeping is impossible, that really sucked."
Pros: "Loved the foot space and TV availability. Great food selection. Pleasant staff!"
Cons: "All good"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight was over six hours delayed; no heads up and customer service was a joke."
Cons: "I am literally still sitting in MSP waiting to learn when our plan will be repaired so we can get to Boston. I have a flight this evening to REYKJAVIK that I’m not sure I’m going to be able to make based on when/if we take off here. JetBlue has offered ZERO compensation other than to cancel and refund this flight."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "he chairs wasn’t that comfortable Old airplane"
Pros: "Loved the live TV and spacious room between seats."
Cons: "I didn’t like the weather delay but that’s not JetBlue’s fault."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Having to pay for a taxi to LGA after not being allowed to board and then after rushing having the 10:45 flight delayed twice. Has ruined all plans for today and it's not just about bad weather. Sloppy service Jet Blue!"
Pros: "Service!"
Pros: "The JetBlue staff are always so accommodating, polite, and easy-going. It felt so good to be going home!"
Pros: "Best coach legroom of any airlinr."
Pros: "Kind, in time, great leg room and snacks!"
Cons: "Please start flying to Ft Lauderdale from Minneapolis!"
Pros: "Crew was great."
Cons: "The seatback tv was not working well and the Wifi was so bad it wouldn't even stream music the first 3 hours of the flight."
Pros: "Convenience of time."
Cons: "Was delayed but didnt know why. Sat on the tarmac for an hour and a half. My audio didnt work for my TV"
Pros: "Friendly staff, good snack options."
Cons: "After landing, having to wait for 50 MINUTES until there was an available gate for our plane. Also, oor entertainment options and tiny screens."
Cons: "My luggage was damaged. :( the zipper broke and the wheel was bent in. Other than that, I had a wonderful experience. Love JetBlue!!"
Cons: "Television need to be fix"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats. Inadequate food service. Bad entertainment options. No power supply."
Pros: "Everything was perfect except that ,,,"
Cons: "... the seat bottoms are too hard. And the TV did not work on the return trip except upon landing."
Pros: "We were compensated for almost the entire value of our ticket , which was really nice. The snacks are the best. You can watch live tv. The captains worked extra hours to get us to our destination."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed 4 hours due to lack of de-icer. They were short crew and fluids. We would get delay notices on our phones, but Jetblue wasn't announcing them. They announced only some."
Pros: "Satisfied"
Cons: "Seating"
Pros: "The smooth ride to Kingston"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Entertainment and free Wi fi. 1st bag free"
Cons: "Delay of flight, I was told by Jet Blue that booking via Kayak was why my wife and 15 year old son were put in 3 separate middle seats"
Pros: "great boarding and crew experience"
Cons: "Limited food options for this flight time"
Pros: "Great & friendly service Would travel again if I had a chance Great trip This is a serious airline"
Pros: "I love JET BLUE...after travelling internationally with United and Ukrainian International Air...Jet blue was an absolute delight!. Love the WIFI and unlimited snacks! Great entertainment options and super friendly staff!"
Pros: "Efficient boarding, clean & comfortable seats."
Pros: "Everything else about jetblue is good"
Cons: "Flying overnight means being distracted constantly by the crew handing out food and being unable to get some rest"
Cons: "Cancun airport terrible. Take off line was 20 planes deep on run way. Horrible experience"
Pros: "Crew was very nice and accommodating"
Cons: "Food service"
Pros: "Crew was friendly and efficient. The flight got in slightly early. Baggage was swiftly delivered after our arrival."
Cons: "Very little legroom. I would have appreciated a small lunch item, beyond a tiny bag of almonds or two small cookies. But this is where we are these days with air travel."
Pros: "The crew was helpful."
Cons: "The comfort of the seat could be better."
Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Food service horrible. Don’t you think food is a necessity? Giving grown adults pigeon food is quite absurd. What happened to a real meal with your flight! Imma open an airline and Delta will be bought out by me. Just cause I will treat people like humans not caddle"
Cons: "Crew was abrasive and put off by people asking for service. Monitors had to be rebooted 3 times. Ran out of water and snacks."
Cons: "Nothing, really. Airlines unfortunately can’t make people patient or polite, & I can’t afford a private jet, so I’ll have to settle for an eye roll or twelve."
Pros: "The crew and staff were friendly. The flight was full so they checked our bag at no additional charge."
Cons: "They had no earphones for the flight from Cancun."
Pros: "Crew was awesome. Very respectful and helpful"
Cons: "Food options"
Pros: "N/a"
Cons: "Explain why there’s over a 2 hour delay"
Cons: "Faster lines at check-in. More courteous security personnel"
Pros: "Really nice flight crew who braved the storm to get us home when everyone else was getting cancelled."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Plane was nice and clean. Staff attendants were great & respectful."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Speedy check in. Friendly crew."
Cons: "The tv kept having problems. In all three seats we were in. We could only watch tv but the audio kept cutting out. Annoying to say the least"
Pros: "Quickly boarded and took off as well. It was a really smooth flight!"
Pros: "Prompt action, excelent customer service and accurate reservation details. Auto text message alerts a real life-saver. Boarding was easy, plane was clean and staff super friendly."
Cons: "nothing realy"
Pros: "Very orderly."
Cons: "-"
Pros: "Movies"
Cons: "I hate the biscuits and water... really? On a 3hrs and 30 minutes flight. You guyz can do better"
Pros: "Seats were very Comfortable"
Cons: "Rudeness of one of the crew members"
Pros: "Staff friendly and helpful. Some turbulence due to having to fly over tropical storm. Like the games and movies available."
Cons: "The cabin was very warm."
Cons: "Everything was great"
Pros: "Everything was perfect."
Pros: "Everything was smooth, organized, professional! Loved the entertainment options, the direct flight, smooth and comfortable!"
Pros: "Late. Poor communication. Crying kids"
Cons: "Could not get seats assigned until day check of check in. We did get seat together. Asked clerk said no booked . Seat did not recline. Saw crew had one row for themselves."
Pros: "Friendly staff. :)"
Cons: "Longer flight with no WiFi or video. :("
Pros: "The service and the seats"
Cons: "We spent more time than scheduled waiting to take off"
Pros: "The crew at gate were amazing. I showed up without my immigration paper. The literally ran me to immigration to get a replacement and ran me back to the gate having the flight delayed minimally. I am incredibly grateful for their quick and efficient response,"
Pros: "Loved the in-flight entwrtainment, choice of snacks, movable headrests and plug to charge electronics."
Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "Plane smelled strongly of urine whenxwe boarded and for the next 6.5 hours."
Cons: "It was a smaller airplane."
Pros: "I loved that I was able to get home! The crew was nice."
Cons: "It was very very warm in the plane. The entertainment unit was lacking."
Pros: "Staff was friendly. Flight was smooth."
Cons: "Media kept freezing. They had to reboot the system several times."
Pros: "On time arrival"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The weather was bad in Atlanta. We were rerouted to Minneapolis and made a connection to Philadelphia. No problems."
Pros: "The crew on board were helpful"
Cons: "Delta staff at airport were unprofessional. They had us spend over an hour traveling to a different TSA line because they closed the line we were in. The other line was a 10 minute drive away. Also our bags did not reach philadelphia when we landed at 3 am."
Pros: "Flight was fine."
Cons: "My one complaint is the bathroom layout of the A320. Two tiny closet bathrooms in the back for all of coach and a much larger one much larger one first class (which is like 5 rows with a mesh curtain for separation). The coach bathrooms are so small a normal person can barely get in and turn around to close the door. I question whether a larger person would be able to actually use them. I also saw the flight attendant actively turn away coach passengers trying to use the first class bathroom when it was open (not standing in the aisle or anything annoying like that). That's ridiculous to have 2 tiny bathrooms for all of coach and also to make people walk all the way to the back of the plane when you are seated much closer to the first class bathroom."
Pros: "The outbound crew was terrific. The flight itself was fine. We even arrived early."
Cons: "Upon deplaning in Cancun, ALL passengers are put on a bus and driven far away from the terminals to an arrivals area. Those of us with connecting flights are royally f*cked at that point, especially if your connection is short, as mine was. The so-called shuttle to the departure terminals, which are entire kilometers away, was to arrive in like half an hour. HALF AN HOUR. Who has this time to spare?? The alternative to the shuttle is paying a taxi that charges a hefty fare--and God help you if you don't have cash. The departures terminal was swamped and only thru begging assistance and line cuts did I make my connection...and then only by the skin of my teeth. It was a complete nightmare."
Pros: "Movies"
Pros: "Not a good experience. Crew was unhappy, disengaged, seemed too busy and buried."
Cons: "NEverything seemed hurried and frenzied. Airplane was dirty when we boarded."
Cons: "the older stuardess on my flight from Cancun to Atlanta was very misinformed- told me my carry on wouldn't fit in the over head bin... it did. Told me I had to check my duty free liquor.. I didn't. Told me I couldn't bring all of my liquor in to the US... I could. I just kept saying ok to her just to shut her up, but she ensued with her comments and wrong info as if I don't travel as often as I do. Perhaps she was attempting to be helpful, but it came off as obnoxious and rude especially since she was wrong on every accord. Humbleness and customer service training would do her very good. All other DELTA staff have been great."
Pros: "I called ahead to get a seat assigned. I suffer from minor claustrophobia and the lady at the call center was kind enough to seat me somewhere spacious."
Cons: "Snacks could be better. Although the biscoff cookies are excellent and the crew was on their game making sure we had our snacks. I wish that for a flight as long as NY to MIA, they would offer more of a meal."
Pros: "They are very professional"
Cons: "I luv it"
Pros: "on time. easy no issues"
Cons: "I understand delays happen, but Delta delayed the flight significantly and only informed customers around the time they had arrived at the airport - especially for an early morning flight, where you are counting on being able to sleep on the plane ASAP, that is absolute hell. If they had messaged even 30 mins earlier, we could have rescheduled our cab and slept at the hotel given we were on 2 hours sleep. We received the text 3 minutes before we arrived at the airport and tried to sleep on benches as the front desk kept delaying the boarding time by 20 minutes 4 times, each time exactly at the previously extended ETD, which is far more frustrating than if they had just extended it once by 80 minutes so we could legitimately relax."
Pros: "Lovely staff"
Cons: "No meal served on a 5 hours flight!"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "No complaints"
Pros: "Smiley flight attendants"
Cons: "More movie selections and better food"
Cons: "Sure. I had booked a two week vacation in Brazil. All hotels, car rental and guides booked. Copa changed my fligjt at the last minute and out of the 14 days vacatipn I had in Brazil, they would have me spend 6 days in Panama City!!! Lost of small fortune with hotels, car rentals amd had to buy another ticket with Latam. They are a scam!!"
Cons: "the seat too back"
Pros: "comfortable seats. the food was good, good sandwich."
Cons: "for this type of flight, nothing at all."
Pros: "The best thing was check in, cordial, efficient and helpful"
Cons: "The security is a double, they do it twice, creating delay and discomfort, no distinction for older people like in the US, or people in wheelchairs and the space is tiny. The seats could be better even business class seats were bad and could barely be reclined. Copa sucks. Big delay in luggage, what's the point of going through immigration fast and waiting for over 40 min for luggage all this for $1000 ticket"
Pros: "The crew was excellent!"
Cons: "Maybe more movies"
Cons: "No entertainment. Plane is getting old."
Pros: "The crew and service"
Cons: "Personalized entertainment system or available through WiFi in tablets."
Pros: "On time!"
Pros: "Copa is always on time"
Cons: "Nothing I’m so glad"
Pros: "Great seat. Right behind first class."
Pros: "On time always"
Cons: "Improve que aire conditioner on the aircraft before departure... is very hot Panama!"
Pros: "Good"
Pros: "Crew was polite and and beverages were included in trip."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "a/c full, needs more control."
Pros: "Excellent service and on time."
Cons: "Food could be improved a bit more."
Pros: "The food and entertainment."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Flight was delayed because "they did not have a plane"....this does no make sense.... The food is always very poor tray was almost half empty with the food....however the small portion of meat (just a snack) was tasty."
Pros: "Same as above."
Cons: "NIL"
Pros: "buen avión"
Cons: "falta entretenimiento a bordo"
Pros: "Punctuality"
Cons: "Food very average"
Pros: "Crew was so friendly and nice"
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "2 checked bags for free! Free alcoholic beverage. Other airlines nickel and dime you, Copa is great. Best prices, great service."
Cons: "NAda"
Pros: "This is a full service airline that serves complimentary food and movies for a similar cost as low-end airlines like Spirit or Frontier. I was traveling from Punta Cana DR to Denver but had connects in Panama City & Miami. Because 3 flights is a long day of traveling I chose the emergency isle for my flight from Panama-Miami so i could stretch out with the extra leg room. Because I didn't speak fluent Spanish though, the crew had to move my seat. They upgraded me to 1st class! Amazing airline! Incredible crew! Shame most airlines in the US with their FU attitude don't operate this way."
Pros: "Great flight to Miami via Copa. Attendants are friendly and helpful. Plenty of room for the legs. Food and entertainment are good, so it was a very pleasant flight. Could repeat anytime."
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "The crew attention and an arirplane in nice conditions"
Cons: "The food is bad"
Pros: "The crew on all of the flights were all very nice. At the end of the day, my suitcase did end up getting shipped to my house within a few days. It was just a little unorganized throughout the process of tracking it down."
Cons: "Following this, my flight in Bogota left 3 hours late. Not only did we board at the time we were supposed to be leaving, but then sat on the runway for an hour and a half before having to go back to the gate to refuel.... All passengers sat on the plane for 3 hours in Bogota before we ever took off with little to no communication as to why. Upon landing in Miami, my bag was then missing which honestly wasn't a big deal - I knew I'd get it back eventually. But with my new flight, I wasn't entirely sure which flight my bag should be with and which airlines (Copa or Avianca) I should go to regarding it. The staff for both were incredibly rude. My suitcase was the one missing and I was the happier, nicer one out of everyone I spoke to. I was told it would be shipped to my house which was great until I got an email saying I could pick up my suitcase at the airport. After searching for 2 hours of where to go and all staff pointing me to a different spot and offering little help, I tried calling the Avianca number I was given for any questions. Unfortunately, there wasn't going to be anyone who spoke English in until after my flight took off. After getting to my final destination, I tried calling the number again to try and sort out where my suitcase was and no one spoke English or could direct me to someone who could. I had to have my friend in Cali call the main office for me to find that my bad was still in Bogota after all of that."
Pros: "I like the easy connection and that we arrived on time. Even that the boarding was late."
Cons: "airplane cold and no blankets. Bad service. No info"
Pros: "The flight left on time"
Cons: "Food is awful and the movie played is the worst children’s movie ever."
Cons: "La comida no es adecuada para un viaje de tantas horas"
Pros: "Service"
Pros: "Check in was quick & easy. the crew were efficient and friendly. It is a Central and South American airline so announcements were mostly in Spanish but the crew were bilingual and translated announcements into English. The meal was good. No fee to check a bag."
Cons: "Can't think of anything."
Cons: "Too much turbulence"
Cons: "The quantity of the food was few"
Pros: "Food and sandwiches are tasty."
Cons: "No movie!, uggg... The real problem though is 1) they changed the gate on a connecting flight. Copa seems to make gate changes on all flights without notifying passengers. If you don't watch the board you'll miss your flight. Why not send a crew member to the gate you told passengers to go to , and put a sign by that gate notifying passengers of the change! So stressful!!! 2) In transit passengers catching connecting flights, Copa to Copa, have to go through their security again! What, why?? We cannot eat, drink and relax at the gate because no fluids are allowed AT YOUR GATE. We are not talking ourtside security, you are already in the security areas. Even to go to the bathroom you have to go in and out of security, again! Stupid!! We didn't leave the terminal, and you're making us miserable!"
Cons: "check in"
Pros: "Boarding is very orderly. Flights are always on time with Copa, which makes them a very reliable carrier. Planes are modern, clean and well maintained. Copa offers free headphones, meal and drinks, which is very rare on short flights. I was glad to enter a cool plane, as the Tocumen Airport was without air conditioning service."
Cons: "Tocumen Airport is always crowded, noisy and this time around was without air conditioning. As their main costumer, Copa Airlines should pressure the airport authorities to keep a standby AC system in place or replace it with one that can better handle extreme traffic of people."
Cons: "very cold on the plane and don't provide blankets!"
Pros: "Boarding process went very smooth and plenty of legroom and overhead storage"
Cons: "Volume didn't work on armrest . Volume was stuck on very high volume making the in flight movie not watchable. No choice for food"
Cons: "Everyone everything"
Pros: "Nothing. They said I was a no show on Wednesday Miami Panama and cancelled my reservation. They made me go to The airport and didn't even apologize. Unbelievable mistake."
Cons: "The way I was treated"
Pros: "Please see above"
Cons: "Wheel chair service was bad"
Pros: "This is not the first time flying this itinerary. So , my review counts for many trips. The good: crew, on time, short connection time"
Cons: "always the worst food. Sometimes, unedible. A bowl of pasta with one tablespoon of tomato sauce. Another choice was tough beef. I mean, really hard to chew beef."
Pros: "I now am a fan of COPA airlines"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "modern aircraft, everything else was terrible."
Cons: "rude crew, they go out of their way to make you feel uncomfortable small portions of food"
Cons: "Boarding is not as organized as it should be. All groups are not called so order is lost. Not enough agents attending this process. On-board entertainment system is not very good. The food is poor as well."
Pros: "Was a good flight. The staff was very gently"
Cons: "Doesn't had blanquette"

Everything was fine

Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "information... ANY information!"
Pros: "Comfortable seat, the crew was really nice and everything was on time"
Cons: "Actually I can’t think of something to improve everything was correct."
Cons: "The crew must tell other passengers to behave."
Pros: "The seat super confortable and I liked."
Pros: "My first flight was delayed so I missed the next two. Avianca rebooked me and now my layovers were significantly longer in places where it isn’t exactly the safest."
Pros: "Not bad"
Cons: "Everything was good"
Pros: "Service"
Pros: "Customer service"
Pros: "Everything exelent."
Cons: "Stop. San. Salvador was too heavy very long hours"
Pros: "The cabin crew was excellent and we left and arrived on time"
Cons: "the food was horrible. we ordered the pass and ham dish. The pasta was dry.barely have sauce and ham overcooked. The cookie from Sweet treats was stale. There was only a meat and rice dish and pasta and ham, no vegetarian options hence 2 meats dishes. The landing was very rough like the pilot just dropped the plane. We weren't offered cofee and just because we are in economy class we should be served in better dishes no plastic utensils. Feels like you don't care for your customers unless they fly business or first class. Tickets aren't cheap anywhere with you"
Pros: "All the electronics devices were down due to a malfunction so no one can’t use the phone chargers or entertainment screens."
Pros: "I was on Avianca. Clean, pleasant service"
Pros: "1st checked bag included. Free drinks"
Pros: "Everything,!!!!!"
Cons: "My flight was fine,, there was nothing I did not like."
Pros: "Personel was better than my previous trips"
Cons: "No comfort at all, old airplane, just one toilet!"
Pros: "The friendliness of the staff, the free movies, and the offerings-free lunch meal, free headphones, and pillows!"
Cons: "The meal could have had healthier options. Also, boarding should have gone smoothly by boarding rear of plane first!"
Pros: "It is good that they are still serving beverages and food for free! And the staff at the counter and the crew are very helpful and customer oriented."
Cons: "I can’t think of anything- every thing was very good"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Crew was polite , helpful, excelent timing.."
Cons: "My seat on my way to miami din't recline"
Pros: "Almost everything."
Cons: "The screen on my será wasn’t working properly."
Pros: "-Departure was on time."
Cons: "-Temperature inside the plane was too hot probably over 80 degrees -$40 dollars additional charge for a second checked bag."
Pros: "Good food and excellent service"
Pros: "Everything was just fine"
Cons: "I enjoyed my flight"
Pros: "Really lovely friendly staff. Nice food and fantastic inflight entertainment!"
Cons: "It took a looooong time to disembark but I think that's more about lax than the flight."
Pros: "Fast and on. Time"
Cons: "Not wifi on board"
Pros: "Service, was overall the best."
Cons: "Couldn't say anything."
Cons: "The airline at SAP wouldn't let us get checked in! In a small airport, when we got there, they said we had to be there 3 hours early and we were only 2 hours early. The airport wasn't even busy. Called airline and all they could do is tell us to file a report online - they'd resolve in 30 days. No other flight options were offered, no refund, NOTHING. We're out of the money for the flight, along with the connecting flight. Now we have to re-book at double the cost just to get home!"
Pros: "Costumer service"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "That you give food"
Pros: "The attention"
Pros: "I enjoyed my trip..everything was just fine.."
Pros: "Everything just fine..I enjoyed my trip..."
Pros: "Customer service was outstanding, very friendly, and the flight attendants were very carry."
Cons: "There was nothing not to be liked."
Pros: "Flight was great! This airline came through when spirit let me down. The crew was super friendly the plane was nice and they provide food and drink and movies. I'm excited to have discovered this airline and would definitely use them for my next trip."
Cons: "My board bags cost more on this carrier. Also ended up in the exit isle for both flights which for leg room is great but seats don't recline. But that's not there fault. That's with all planes."
Cons: "The flight was delayed with no explanation, even when we could see the plane at the gate. We felt that there were not enough people on the early flight so they made us wait for the later flight. If that were the case, an explanation would have been appreciated. Especially when one has connecting flights. We asked at the information counter near the gate and no solution was given for us missing our connecting flight international flight. very disappointing. I have only flown avianca twice and both times the flights have been delayed without any explanation being given. I think this was my last flight with this Airline. I am a frequent flyer with both American and Delta. I will look to those in the future."
Pros: "Everything was just excellent"
Pros: "The plane was clean, the flight attendants were polite and respectful, and wide variety of interesting movies."
Cons: "The food is never great, but that's not news."
Pros: "La tripulación y el avión siempre es impecable, la comida siempre es excelente tambn."
Cons: "Solo en este vuelo en particular no me gusto la comida para nada, nunca me había desagradado la comida con avianca, de hecho por la Comida es la razón por la q siempre vuelo con esta aerolínea, y la comodidad tambn"
Cons: "It had a delay of 7 hours. I almost lose my connection at the miami airport to frankfurt. No reason, and not in off compensation for that huge delay. Terrible"
Pros: "Everythig was execelent very good atention the food was very good ."
Cons: "The prices of tne fire i think it s to higt nicaragua"
Pros: "Mis compañeros de viaje eran colombianos y bolivianos mayormente, pero me sentí incluido. Todos estaban contentos. Gracias. La gente del mesón son amables, e hicieron más de lo necesario, aun ayudándome a imprimir mi itinerario, llegado a Bolivia, para que me tramiten mi visa en migración. Gracias."
Pros: "El servicio es excelente, el personal superior amable, un vuelo sin inconvenientes , sin duda fue un placer volar ene Avianca."
Pros: "This was your standard coach flight but the crew was excellent"
Pros: "El vuelo salio en el tiempo previsto el aterrizaje igual. sin demoras."
Pros: "On my way to el salvador the left my luggage and i had to buy cothes and look bad since a had a meeting same night taht was the main reason fir my trip im very disapointed My name is Salvador Vasquez Lifemiles # 20230679265"
Pros: "Same as above..."
Cons: "Taxiing to gate...takes long at SFO and should be reflected on arrival time."
Pros: "Customer service"
Cons: "I just did six flights in four days, and on this last one they found things in my luggage that I had through five security and boarding processes with me without any issues. Boarding to this flight had three times the lines for me, without any understanding or helpful friendliness. Was told in Panama to have an aisle seat also on this connecting flight, ended up on the middle seat (fortunately then at least on the emergency exit row)."
Pros: "Flight was late, lost my conection and gave me a flight for next day"
Pros: "Great service, very puntual, we even arrived early"
Pros: "Never using this airline again"
Cons: "Horrible organization"
Pros: "Exelent airline"
Pros: "T"
Cons: "The plane sounds like very very old! Very d Full for a pandemic almost full capacity on a dream liner"
Pros: "Food quality"
Cons: "Service of drinks."
Pros: "Planes on time."
Cons: "Very old plane"
Cons: "More information about discount to travel around the world"
Pros: "I was able to watch movies. The plane ride was smooth. No turbulence at all. Snacks were provided."
Pros: "The plane had TVs for each seat. The seats had a footrest! Service was awesome."
Pros: "Nice staff"
Cons: "Plane was late, missed connecting flight. Hotel for Mexico City was 2 star and small food voucher."
Pros: "service excellent,staff excellent."
Cons: "Not organized enough. Had to rush to second flight because 1st flight was delayed"
Pros: "The employees were very friendly and helpful. The seats were reasonably comfortable, but pretty short on leg room. They stayed pretty close to their schedule for takeoff and arrival. Not much for food options."
Cons: "The website is the worst ever, don’t even bother."
Cons: "The signage for flight gates should be more timely. Some flight gates were not posted until minutes before scheduled departure times."
Cons: "3 hr delay...."
Cons: "They don’t give proper time for transit and unorganized airlines."
Pros: "No hassle."
Cons: "Food was awful...did not even eat it."
Pros: "The soft seats & movie"
Cons: "Embraer aircraft. imposible to get an upgrade"
Pros: "Landed safely :-)"
Cons: "No veg food option at all. I had to survive the whole journey on peanuts. Audio sockets were broken, couldn't watch TV. The tiny TV screen was too far to see as well :-("
Pros: "No Kosher food option is unfair and not right."
Pros: "Just OK!"
Cons: "Took forever to take off, AC was nonoperational. Very discomforting!"
Pros: "I️ likedthe attention of the flight attendants in flight"
Cons: "The check in at the counter was a nightmare. While we had checked in online already we had to wait in line for over 2 hours! We arrived at the airport and got in line right away. They started calling people’s flights that were leaving in less than 20 mins and that’s when everything became a nightmare. Everyone was so disorganized and people that were leaving in less than 20 mins were put on a different line. The line we had been waiting on was put on hold but the line next to us was not so now we had to wait for all the people (which was about 70) to get checked in. As my patience ran out i went up to the counter and tried to just get my bags checked so we can be on our way to our gate and of course i get the answer that i have to wait because i still have enough time (our flight was leaving in 40 minutes). then they brought a supervisor over to tell me the same thing- there was absolutely no help. By the time we were able to go on to our gate we had exactly 20 mins until our flight left. Very unacceptable. It looked like it was everyone’s first day at work and no one knew what they were doing. we fly delta all the time and i know Aeromexico now works with delta but they need a lot more training on what customer service is all about"
Pros: "inflight entertainment"
Cons: "As they tend to do, three flight delays and changes, totaling almost seven hours with no communication from the airline, leaving all passengers in the dark, no customer service, no one to answer the phones, etc. Long lines to find out no info available, flights taken off screens, no updates. Waited in the Airport from ^ am for a 9 am flight, which finally left at 4 PM. No vouchers, no nothing!!!!!! The customer service would be rated poor if they had any at all"
Pros: "Aeromexico's fare was competitive, and they got me to my destination on time."
Cons: "Aeromexico's online check in system needs a total revamp. Trying to check in online was a nightmare. I eventually gave up. Also, they charge extra for checked luggage, like most airlines today. What's different is that they make it really difficult to pay for your bag. After I waited in line to check in and the agent confirmed my reservation, I was sent across the concourse to a separate Aeromexico office to pay for my bag, rather than simply paying at the check in desk. I was lucky I had the extra time to make it to the gate to catch my flight."
Cons: "Pilots were late to flight...m"
Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "Boarding was super unorganized everyone was all over the place."
Pros: "Perfect."
Pros: "Super friendly staff, on time, easy check in, and no complaints!!"
Cons: "No complaints!"
Cons: "the second part departed late ...."
Cons: "*Seat was broken and seat cushion was hard. No one in our row was comfortable. Was not aware that the row before exit row does not recline. We were in row 14. Fortunately there were some empty seats so we could move. Would not have chosen that seat if website shared that information. The TV screens came done from the ceiling so everyone had to watch same thing. Music channels only played a few songs over and over again. This plane needs to be retired or have major upgrades. Definitely an older plane."
Pros: "I did not like anything. Plane was old, seats were uncomfortable, no leg room, my seat was broken (tilted forward and when I asked if it could be fixed staff did nothing), songs repested themselves, and customs was a nightmare."
Cons: "Read comments above. The flight was tbe worst ever."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "For starters, the air conditioning either wasn't working or was super slow making the flight uncomfortably hot. This is the second flight on this trip where a flight has been delayed and there is just TOO much confusion. You guys don't have enough employees guiding us to the right direction. Which caused me to miss my flight. Making me spend an awful night over night at the airport, missing work, and overall just an INCONVENIENCE. Delayed flights seem to be a common thing with your airline son ADD MORE STAFF! So ridiculous, the staff in Mexico City are useless at helping people out!!! I'm not one to complain but this was so unprofessional!"
Pros: "The food, crew, and level of comfort provided"
Pros: "everything"
Pros: "Service by the crew."
Cons: "The plane from Cancun to Guadalajara being extremely late. I was unable to shop in the duty free shops."
Pros: "Good legroom"
Pros: "lucky for us the plane I boarded was also headed to Mexico City. They allowed us to stay on the flight and we made our connecting flight in Mexico City"
Pros: "Amazing airline ! Great everything."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Aeromexico is a scam. I will never travel with Aeromexico again. When we arrived in Mexico City, MX the airline changed their boarding gate without notification. We were sitting at the original gate for 2 hours only to realize they never called us to board. By the time we got to the correct gate, we were not allowed to board the plane because they said we were late. The plane left at 5:00 p.m and we arrived at the gate at 4:50 p.m. They informed us that we had to purchase new tickets which cost $370 per person. There were 4 of us. After arguing with the Aeromexico representatives and supervisor for over 5 hours and having them check their flight boards they admitted to making the mistake so they changed our flights without charging us, but now our flight leaves the next day at 6:20 a.m. and we will not get to our final destination until 4:15 p.m. So, we have to spend our night sleeping in the airport until our morning flight at no fault of our own. Their customer service is the worse and I've never ever had this kind of travel experience with any other flight. I am fed up, tired, and will be reporting this airline for fraud because many other customers have had the same experience. Never again will I travel with Aeromexico and Kayak should be ashamed to partner with this airline."
Cons: "I got the last seat on the plane, and it smell pee all the way. Disgusting."
Pros: "2 hours delayed. Unbelievable"
Cons: "They did not refund money as I didnt take flight. I request for cancelling a week before"
Pros: "At least they put me up in a nice hotel and paid for transport"
Pros: "The seats were extremely comfortable. They provided free entertainment."
Pros: "boarding was easy and quick. The crew was very pleasant."
Cons: "Our flight to Mexico wasn't as nice. It was an old plane and very uncomfortable."
Pros: "everything."
Pros: "Great flight & service!"

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