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Oct 22 — Oct 291
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Sat 10/22
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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found tickets from San Diego to the United States for the following prices or less: to Honolulu $188 one-way - $229 round-trip, to Las Vegas $28 one-way - $58 round-trip, to New York $168 one-way - $263 round-trip
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SkyWest AirlinesOverall score based on 1034 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Plane was clean and flight crew was friendly."
Pros: "Plane was clean and flight crew was friendly."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Too crowdede and tight when in middle seat."
Pros: "Flight took off and arrived on time."
Cons: "Female flight attendant was very rude to the lady in front of me that had two children she didn’t want to help her at all and she didn’t smile at anyone I was watching her go up and down the isles she gave out drinks and she did not smile at anyone and you can’t be in that kind a job and not smile even if your having a bad day"
Pros: "Rough flight into SLC but that was the weather's fault. Most prefect landing ever!"
Cons: "Weather..."
Cons: "My seat wasn’t assigned ahead of time which caused a bit of stress, but the gate agent was very helpful and I ended up with a seat that had more leg room than anticipated."
Cons: "Almost 2hr delay not a huge fan that I didn’t find out after we had gotten to the airport."
Pros: "Good service from the attendants, comfortable seats in economy."
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Crew was not engaging nor friendly"
Pros: "The flight experience went well; flight attendants were casual yet very friendly and attentive."
Cons: "Boarding out of MSP almost missed my flight - arrived early just missed the call. I didn’t rate the food because I didn’t purchase any. I didn’t rate the electronics because I read a book and slept. Overall excellent experience."
Cons: "They gave only water for refreshments"
Cons: "Seats are horrible"
Pros: "It was really a good experience. Especially compared to what I was expecting from all the horrible things I've heard from people."
Cons: "There wasn't really anything I didn't like. My wife didn't even complain about anything. And she usually find something to complain about."
Pros: "Friendly staff, plenty of leg room"
Cons: "We tried watching one of the movies and shows provided to and from our destination, but unfortunately it just buffered every 30 seconds."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "The sit is not really comfortable"
Cons: "No video screens available. More importantly the 20 minute baggage guarantee that they brag about it was not met when it could’ve been."
Pros: "Smooth and quick flight."
Cons: "No cons with this flight!"
Pros: "On time arrival, lots of legroom, smooth landing!"
Pros: "Comfort"
Cons: "Na"
Pros: "Very comfortable plane"
Pros: "Very quick and easy flight from SD to SAC. I wish there were more direct flights that were this low hassle."
Cons: "my flight was cancelled for no reason. I had a connecting flight I will not use this airline again."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The crew was helpful"
Cons: "I couldnt get the in flight entertainment to work"
Pros: "This is my first time flying with Alaska Airline and I like it much more than the big name airlines. They allow you have a carry-on luggage and a personal item, unlike some big name airlines that charge you $25 and force you to check your carry-on. They serve water/drinks quite a few times during a few hours flight, and the flight was on time."
Pros: "Good service, arrived early"
Pros: "."
Cons: "An obnoxious couple (or at least I thought they were at first) sat across from me while I was waiting quietly at my gate. They were being very loud and annoyingly silly (adults acting like giggly teenagers). They were taking each other's phones and throwing them across the way onto the floor, just being as annoying as they possibly could be. Then the girl got up and that's when I noticed they both worked for Alaska. So unprofessional. (I also realized they weren't a couple after all because she later was asking if his wife liked his mustache. LOL) Some of your employees need to be trained to act like professionals representing your brand. I was thoroughly repulsed. And, as mentioned above on previous flight review, I was not thrilled to find out my luggage never even made it onto my flight from San Jose. I was very polite and understanding about it even though I was bummed. I will say Katie at baggage claim in Austin was really sweet and personable with handling the situation. I didn't get the other girl's name that was with her, but they both were excellent employees. You should be proud of those 2. I got a call the next afternoon that my luggage had arrived that morning. I was told it would go out at 5 and I'd see mine by midnight, or 1am at the worse case scenario. Well, 1am came and went. After 1:30, I called and the nice gal who answered tried calling and even texting the delivery driver. She apologized and said that a lot of times the drivers do not answer and do not reply to texts. That's pretty pitiful. She gave me the number as well. I did call and did text them, and surprise, no effort was made on their part to answer and give me an ETA (I needed to have my luggage that night for work). By 4am, my luggage had still not arrived, and I could no longer stay awake playing the waiting game. Luckily in the morning, it was magically on my doorstep, but I'm really irritated that Alaska didn't get my suitcase on my flight to begin with. Needless to say, I don't have plans to fly your airline again anytime soon."
Pros: "Friendly and helpful staff"
Pros: "Flight arrived on time"
Cons: "Would like healthier snack options"
Pros: "The flight attendants were fantastic"
Cons: "The burrito had meat in it and there was no veggie option. Four of the people near me also wanted a meat free burrito. Also couldn’t watch any of the entertainment options because it was impossible to plug in my computer or phone at my seat. I didn’t want to arrive in Mexico City with dead devices. I usually expect more from international travel"
Pros: "Smooth landing crew are all friendly"
Pros: "Winds caused horrible turbulence but aside from that it went quickly. Left and landed ahead of schedule. Captain kept us informed the whole flight."
Pros: "Crew wss polite & helpful."
Pros: "Everybody was great and really nice for a short flight there wasn’t much to complain about"
Cons: "The only issue I had was on my return flight to Sacramento. I had a major issue with one of my bags where they left it unattended and considering the contents of it they should have known better."
Pros: "The Alaska airlines mobile app is amazing. It made checking in and selecting seats a breeze. The flight experience was as smooth as it could be. No problems or hiccups. Highly recommend this airline."
Pros: "We got a complimentary adult bev"
Cons: "That it was almost 2 hrs delayed"
Pros: "I even enjoyed the ß snack!"
Cons: "Didn't have USB charging ports in coach."
Cons: "Flight was almost 1-hour late even thought we took off on time. They said it was head-winds. This is assumptive, but being so late bumped us from a regular gate to land at. They had us exit the plane on tarmac from stairs they pushed up to the door. We then took a bus to get to the terminal. At baggage our flight was not on the sign. This was confusing to most passengers. They did get our luggage on the carousel quickly but passengers were waiting for it so show up on the board in baggage so they would know what carousel number to wait at."
Pros: "I liked the relaxed atmosphere of the crew..!"
Cons: "Couldn't say..all was great !"
Pros: "Good staff"
Cons: "Delayed flight caused miss connection in San Francisco. I could have bought cheaper tickets and ended up with the two connections I am stuck with now. I have now missed over half of a day that I was charged for."
Pros: "Nice new plane takes off and lands smooth also take off really fast and nice"
Pros: "Very efficient boarding and on-time departure and arrival"
Cons: "Most rude and dismissive and unhelpful booking agent and check in procedure"
Pros: "Great customer service. Accommodating of infant and changed my flight last minute upon delays."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Landing at San Jose"
Pros: "Was upgraded to 1st class...never flown first class! Crew was super friendly and fun.. checked my bag at plane with no charge because flight was really full"
Cons: "Everything was great"
Pros: "The crew was very friendly. I also liked that the flight arrived a bit earlier than scheduled."
Cons: "None--it all went well!"
Pros: "The leg room was a lot better than some other airlines."
Cons: "The way they boarded. People would be rushing over from the security & just get in line. By the time the rest of the people got in line everyone was already in line. They should make those people get on last!!!!"
Pros: "Flight left on time and arrived early. New first class seats were very roomy and comfortable."
Pros: "Easy to get boarding pass. Crew was efficient."
Cons: "Our seats at the back were right across from a very busy, very noisy restroom. The seats are too close together and our seats didnt recline either. Horrible flight."
Pros: "Cleanliness"
Cons: "The crew member were not very friendly."
Pros: "On the way there for some unknown reason the stewardess told me your drink is on me. On the way back when checking into my flight one of the chicken people saw me in line and saw that I had a rifle case with me and asked me do you have a firearm, I told her yes I do. She asked me what type of firearm I had in the case and why was transporting it I told her my uncle had just died and I had come to Boise to pick up my Boyhood rifle. When I finally got to the counter and the attendant saw my retired military ID she said to me, sir because this item is bereavement related and because you're a military veteran we would like to waive the special item fee. Before I boarded I asked if a first class upgrade was available and how much would it be. I was told it was $50 but none were available. I was then told for $16 I could move to a more comfortable bulkhead seat behind first class. I asked for the upgrade and the attendant told me you know what I'm not even going to charge you for it. Halfway through the flight an attendant came back and told me we have extra one from first class that we're just going to throw away would you like a free glass of wine. Later I was offered a second glass of wine. Free kayak I got a good deal on my flight and then Alaska Airlines to very good care of me because I am a veteran and my cargo was related to bereavement. I couldn't ask for better treatment."
Cons: "I like just about every aspect of the service from Alaska Airlines and the many discounts and freebies I was handed in route. I really like the way they showed me preferential treatment because of my military retired status. There's a lot of people who play lip service to veterans and then there's a few who really put their money where their mouth is I really appreciated that. I almost teared up because of how well I was treated."

Recovering cancer patient that has never flown your airline. Neither has anyone else because we’re seniors and home Bound. Rated the flight we never booked or flew as “poor” in order to reach this comments section. Goodbye

Can’t really improve on this flight. Quick easy on time

1.5 hours late. Wish texted

Attentive, Professional, Communicative

I didn’t get a seat assignment until boarding. By then only bad seats were available. I blame kayak for this.

The boarding system was easy and smooth. The flight crew was great and the captain kept us up to date on any delays. I always appreciate knowing what's going on. The snack option (just pretzels) sucks for me due to an allergy to wheat, but I do understand airlines cannot accommodate everyone in that aspect. Overall it was a great experience and I would recommend Alaska Airlines to people I know.

On time

The flight was delayed 45 minutes and there was never any communication or reasoning relayed to the customers via email, text, or anything. I found out when I got to the airport and I had to ask someone to learn it. It was also a really bumpy flight.

It wasn't that the entertainment was poor.....there just wasn't any offered. You could perhaps add a "n/a" (not applicable) box in the answer choices.

First time we fly Alaskan and it certainly won’t be our last. Flights were in time, staff was friendly and helpful. Other airlines need to improve and be more like Alaskan. Overall a great experience. Thank you!

An easy flight with no issues. That's all I'm looking for

Staffs were kind and helpful. Thank you

The flight was delayed by 2 hours and upon arrival it turned out mostly everyone's luggage had been left in San Diego (SAN --> SFO).

Both flights were on time with no delays or cancellations! Crew was polite and extremely helpful. I would fly Alaska airlines over United or Southwest any day!!

The flight was delayed 30 minutes due to gate wasn’t ready. Very tiring

They were reasonable prices even on the last minute travel. I mistakenly bought a ticket for the wrong date, and didn't notice until I was ready to check in at the airport. The man at the counter told me that they didn't sell tickets there but seeing my desperation (I was flying to go see my cousin who was dying at the hospital), he made a call to the airlines to see if I could get on the last flight of that day. Thank God they were able to! Thank you so much!

Cons: "Less people on the plane, the social distance is NOT followed inside the plane."
Pros: "crew was great and the landing was like a paper airplane!!!"
Cons: "nothing"
Pros: "The check-in kiosk was easy to use."
Cons: "Better bag drop process, smoother boarding process, and friendlier staff."
Cons: "Flight was 2 hours delayed when other airlines were not experiencing delays"
Pros: "Amazing crew. Everyone from Bag check in thru baggage claim were courteous and attentive."
Cons: "The plane was VERY hot - uncomfortably so."
Pros: "Yes very accommodating and friendly!"
Cons: "Nothing it was a great flight!"
Pros: "Lots of leg room"
Cons: "on-time departure"
Pros: "Everything."
Cons: "Nothing."
Cons: "Is the plane was on time"
Cons: "Seats and the seating arrangements were poor. Seats were assigned at different places even if you are part of the same family/ticket. The aircraft do not have 3-4-3 seat arrangements. So it would be difficult for families with 2 kids."
Pros: "Nobody was seating next to me."
Cons: "Wake me up for snacks"
Pros: "The seats"
Cons: "Nothing it’s was great"
Cons: "Alaska is unreliable. You either have an hour and a half+ delay, to wait on the tarmac after landing for 25+ minutes bc another Alaska plane is in your spot, they change your seat on you at the last second, break your suitcase, etc. All these things happened to me in the last 4 days w/ Alaska."
Cons: "The flight to San Diego was late. The flight back to SFO was also late. Never flying Alaska Airlines again"
Pros: "Kind crew and comfy seats."
Cons: "The seats were too compact, and the water tasted funny. Also IAD is not well equipped for snow."
Pros: "The flight itself was great. Friendly crew, comfortable for a short flight. Timely departure and arrival."
Cons: "Schedule change. Flight was cancelled and replaced with one 3 hrs earlie, which strained my schedule quite a bit."
Pros: "People were friendly and super helpful."
Pros: "good, free movies"
Cons: "couldn't get on standby for earlier flight because of my "cheap" ticket. I didn't know this until I got to the gate 5 hours early. I understand it was probably obvious somewhere when I bought the ticket, but it was a bit irritating."
Cons: "We ended up missing our flight. No information was given regarding the terminal and gate for our flight. Even when checking in online, we had no direction where to go. In San Diego, Alaska is terminal one. We walked in and asked the lady at the Alaska desk if we had everything correct and she quickly pushed us along. After going through security we were unable to find our flight info. We asked multiple workers who did not know. We asked a rep for another flight who told us we needed to go to the other terminal. We ran to the other terminal, went through security again and looked for our flight. This terminal had zero Alaska identification and no one could tell us where our flight was. After combing though the entire second terminal looking on the flight deck for any Alaska planes, we saw none. Ready to give up, we finally found the gate which was not one of the standard gates. We run over with 7 minutes left and are told the door is closed and there's nothing they can do. We rehash the entire story and the ladies at the desk rather than express empathy for our situation, question the validity of our story to which I asked the lady to please come with us to show us how we are wrong. She later informed us that Alaska was moving terminals and was only partially moved (hence the lack of signage). They booked us a flight 4 hours later. Luckily, we found our own flight on another airline and we were completely satisfied with United and their ability to fit us onboard with seconds to spare. I will add that Alaska's twitter service team was far more helpful than anyone in the actual airport."
Pros: "They did find for us another flight at no extra fee. An agent stayed with us on the line to the bitter end, it took some 3 hours on the phone to sort it out."
Cons: "Original flight was rescheduled twice, then canceled. We had to change our transportation plans twice."
Pros: "Explain what is going on"
Cons: "An explanation of why we sat boarded on the tarmac for 45 mins"
Pros: "Hand luggage wasn’t fussed over"
Cons: "Most seats didn’t recline properly. Wireless/entetaimebt and charging weren’t working."
Pros: "Everything went smooth and was great besides the boarding."
Cons: "Boarding seemed to take quite quite awhile, not sure what the deal was but once we were boarded they kicked it into high gear"
Pros: "It was all good."
Pros: "Eventually left."
Cons: "Had to wait for flight attendant."
Pros: "arrived quickly and"
Pros: "The plane was on-time. Boarding was easy. Flight attendants were very helpful. They helped passengers get to their seats, find places for their luggage. Entertainment options were good. Bags arrived within a reasonable amount of time"
Cons: "I wish they would provide more food options or at least stock a few more of the ones they have. The fruit and cheese tray sells out early making it a long flight without real food. I don’t consider chips and cookies lunch food."
Pros: "The crew was very nice and apologetic that I couldn’t watch movies."
Cons: "Would have loved to have a working headphone jack for the movies...5 1/2 hrs with no other entertainment makes for a very VERY long flight."
Pros: "Very late sound didn’t work"
Pros: "This was the most leg room I've ever seen in economy class. For someone who's tall--that's a huge plus. However, I couldn't sleep because I was so cold. I was wearing a sweater and long pants and was still freezing."
Cons: "The temperature in the cabin was way too cold."
Pros: "Ummm...I bought a ticket on Alaskan and it ended up being a Virgin aircraft."
Cons: "There wasn’t a power outlet at my seat."
Cons: "We were bumped and downgraded because staff routed us to the wrong terminal. What a mess the Virgin takeover is at San Diego."
Cons: "Entertainment system 40H not operational. This is not the first time. Overall the plane seemed a little run-down and in need of maintenance. Crew had a “couldn’t care less” attitude about passengers, very unusual in TK flights."

The TV interface needs an upgrade. Stop putting the controls on the arm rest. Hard to rest arm without interfering with viewing. I'm totally cool with no TV at all but it's pretty annoying to have the screen interact with elbows

Seats did not recline at all. Sat on taxiway for 30 minutes and waiting on gate to open up.

Very uncomfortable seats in business class, delayed flight for unknown reason

Cons: "Online chk in , was not easy ."
Pros: "Free on board WiFi and a very clean plan... JetBlue you are the best"
Cons: "The seats were awful and uncomfortable. Payed 100 dollars extra for even more leg room and barely had any. Such an old plane for such a long flight. The seats in the first row barely fit a female with hips. The in-flight entertainment was staticky and you could barely see the TVs. Overall, one of the worst flights I have taken on JetBlue."
Pros: "Nice crew, nice plane"
Pros: "Complimentary snacks and drinks."
Cons: "Broken seat back, broken tray table, audio input didn't work."
Cons: "Newer plane with less issues. Wasn’t comfortable at all and should be cleaner."
Pros: "Outstanding cabin service snacks & entertainment. Freezing cold cabin"
Cons: "New gate area is AWFUL!! Filthy inadequate seating & restrooms Can’t hear gate announcements."
Pros: "Cleo, our fly attendees made us feel right at home!"
Pros: "Comfort, snacks, and entertainment"
Cons: "More flights out of Albuquerque"
Pros: "We landed an hour early"
Pros: "seat comfortable"
Cons: "food"
Cons: "Boarding took a long time. We were waiting in the tunnel for longer than usual."
Pros: "Crew was friendly. Food was good, especially the beef at dinner"
Cons: "Breakfast omelette was rubbery and really not good. Layover was way too long (4h). Not looking forward to my 11h layover on the way back, but at least JFK is a nice airport and I have lounge access through one of my credit cards"
Cons: "Jetblue the best"
Pros: "Staff"
Cons: "See above. Had to wait 30 minutes at JFK to open up"
Pros: "Everything was smooth, great service, friendly staff and captain. Arrived ahead of time. Free Wifi. Great inflight entertainment."
Pros: "You can always count on JetBlue for good snacks and free WiFi."
Cons: "But the snacks and free WiFi is not enough to payback the delayed departure experience. Just a week prior, my JetBlue flight was scheduled on time and then three things delayed thre flight for three hours right before we took off and now this! I was told it was due to needing to replace a crew member from another delayed flight. How can that affect so many people? The seat was also super uncomfortable and the back of the cushion was rolling forward, which made it hard to sit for that long. we also didn’t have a gate when we landed so that added on an extra 30minutes. Really disappointed."
Cons: "I didn’t get to pick my seating when I booked the flight (probably because the flight is so close to Christmas) me and my friend were put in middle seats (him in the row behind me) it was very hard to sleep that way. It would’ve been nice to be put together seeing as I bought the tickets pretty far in advanced, or at least have gotten better seats."
Pros: "The flight was very smooth and the staff was very nice."
Cons: "The wifi did not work at all and my TV did not work so I had to listen to my music the entire trip."
Cons: "In a long flight, one pack snack and a ken of cold srink is not enough."
Cons: "Entertainment system kept shutting down and because the controls were under my elbow it was impossible to not keep hitting it causing the channels to change."
Pros: "Nothing good to say"
Cons: "The whole team was rude not helpful at all all they did was give an attitude only nice person was the girl with the glasses the other 2 infront rude and not helpful at all"
Pros: "flight ok good, service good"
Cons: "they lost 3 of our suitcases took 3 days to get 2 and one is still not accounted"
Pros: "Clean plane, comfortable seating"
Cons: "Nothing specific was bad about this flight experience"
Pros: "As always, JetBlue gives one of the best mobile experiences while traveling, excellent flight as always with everyone from the staff very attentive and nice. Good to still be welcomed during the flight to those popcorn chips! An excellent overall experience"
Pros: "Everything.."
Pros: "That Harry Potter was playing"
Cons: "That our flight got delayed so many times, they changed the departure time to sooner at the last minute and we had to book it to the gate from security, we missed our connecting flight and had to sleep in the airport."
Pros: "Everything was great"
Cons: "No complaints"
Pros: "Took off and landed on time. Efficient friendly personnel"
Cons: "Entertainment system was broken and I hoped to finish a movie I started on my way to my destination"
Pros: "Non stop flight"
Cons: "Loudest airplane I've ever flown on! All though there is excellent leg room the seats were the most uncomfortable!!!!"
Pros: "Comfortable and cheap."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "It is the shortest way Skopje / San Diego home for Us in both places. I have traveled with Turkish Air 4 times. I stay longer time and like the fact that they allow two suitcases check in. I like the hospitality beg with all needed . The food was good. The crew was helpful. The entertainment was limited. Overall it was good but not as comfortable as I would like for such a long flight. It is like a contract to "stay sited"90% of the time."
Cons: "On the way to San Diego long wait at the Istambul Airport over night not place to rest. All in all the crew was very helpful and food was good. The comfort in economy class was limited could not strech legs or sleep. I did request and filed out paper work for frequent fly ( last time 6 mos. ago) but did not get any word or credit for upgrading. In NY finding Jet Blue was hard. But we liked that new plane exept for the fact that there was no food service for 6 Hrs flight."
Cons: "The seat was worn out into a bowl and very uncomfortable. They also forced me to gate check my bag. Why not check for free if you are always forcing us to hate Check?"
Cons: "Luggage claim took an hour to arrive"
Pros: "Many facilities and kind crew"
Pros: "comfortable"
Cons: "the touch tv screens did not work . they were hard to control and scroll. the controls are located on the worse place(the arm rest) my neighbor kept changing my channels and volume every time they put their arm on the arm rest."
Pros: "Service"
Cons: "That you can't turn off the movie"
Pros: "Crew was very hospitable"
Cons: "The headphone jack wasn’t working properly, sound was muffled and fuzzy. Couldn’t enjoy any entertainment provided. The flight was full so I couldn’t ask for another seat either."
Pros: "Free in-flight WiFi service for all travelers on the plane. Many onboard entertainment choices available using individual LCD screen display. Many selections of in-flight meals and beverages available for purchase during your flight. Online seat selection and online check-in were fast and efficient. Additional perks for travelers available online."
Cons: "There was no food included in my flight."
Pros: "Love having wifi, tv and movies. No delays on this flight, which means that I arrived earlier than published flight times."
Cons: "Look out for broken phone jacks."
Pros: "I liked how comfortable it was space wise even without getting the extra space seats."
Cons: "I didn’t like that there were issues with the plane so we got delayed. Wish the seats went back further than 2 inches."
Pros: "Seats were comfy."
Cons: "No coffee. Snacks were smashed."
Pros: "More room. Genuinely nice steward staff"
Cons: "Have to pay for a blanket. Snacks sold in packs rather than individual things."
Pros: "We pulled out a few min early and arrived 40 min early! Was great. Very smooth trip. Wifi very good compared to other airlines."
Cons: "A woman at the gate made me check my bag even though I know it fits in the overhead compartment because I do it all the time. We landed late and I had planned on not having to wait for luggage, so this was disappointing."
Pros: "We were running a bit late for our flight, so the employee at the check-in counter made sure we checked in as soon as possible! He even checked in an extra bag free of charge, so we could go trough security faster! Greatly appreciated!"
Cons: "My in-flight entertainment system didn't work. Even though they offered me a voucher for the troubles, it made my flight a bit boring."
Pros: "I liked my face mask. overnight flight"
Cons: "I don't think there is the option to turn off the TV"
Pros: "You can pretty much count on having a great crew with JetBlue This flight's embodied patience: patience with the lady who wanted to bring a smartecarte loaded with diaper bags, blankies, handbags and stuffed animals onto the plane; patience with the baby in the first row who cried throughout the entire boarding process and patience witht; patience with the lady in the first row (who didn't have a seat in front of her to put her handbag containing a small service dog underneath) and two, I guess, wanted to keep the dog on her lap during take off. It was a plane full of first time flyers, with resulting chaos. And they kept their cool throughout."
Cons: "It was a plane full of first-time flyers, with resulting chaos. it's not Jetblue's fault that people are chaotic and babies cry loudly when they are in unfamiliar surroundings. But it sure makes it trying for people who are sharing the same cramped space. You don't realize that there's an art to being a good passenger until you see passengers who are unskilled at being passengers. I know this sounds very unkind, but it was a late flight."


Plane was full but everything was good.

More punch!

Normally on time today 1 hr. delay.

Pros: "On time - got the seat I wanted - comfortable (for coach)"
Cons: "Honestly, this was my first time flying with Hawaiian Airlines and I was very impressed with the overall professionalism and how thorough the staff was in making sure everyone had their seatbelts on when necessary. They were also very kind and friendly."
Cons: " outlet...."
Cons: "Seating a little tight."
Pros: "The crew was great ."
Cons: "We waited over an hour for our luggage at the baggage claim. If it was gonna take that long, a staff member should of had the courtesy to apologize for the delay and gave us an update ."
Pros: "Just the friendly service"
Cons: "Well the only thing I didn’t like was my own fault I should of not of been cheap and got the extra comfy but I love Hawaiian airline l"
Pros: "Easy boarding"
Cons: "Website said mobile app entertainment, not available inflight. $For movies Only meat option sandwich."
Pros: "The comfort space. Extra leg room"
Pros: "Hawaiian airlines was great! Very friendly and they provided a meal and snacks from San Diego."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "if you EVER have a choice, choose HAWAIIAN AIRLINES"
Pros: "Turkey pastrami sandwich was the best with spinach And cheese."
Cons: "A little cold in the cabin."
Pros: "Hawaiian air always makes you feel like you are already on the islands the first moment you step on the plane. All went smooth and as always on time"
Cons: "Limited entertainment on the upgraded comfort seat program"
Pros: "I enjoyed the in flight entertainment; the selection of movies and shows was superb. My seat was comfortable and i had plenty of leg room. The temperature was pleasant, and the staff was fantastic."
Cons: "The food was overly salty. I appreciate the meal, but the taste was not up to par. Also, I had a gate change and no one notified me or emailed me to let me know."
Pros: "Airbus. Smooth ride."
Cons: "Switching from Alaskan Air to Hawaiian Air in San Diego is near impossible. I got off at 9:25am and had to run out of the airport and down to another terminal, go through security again and run to gate 51 from gate 10. It is near impossible for someone who can’t sprint. I was the last one to board. Lost my window seat and luggage didn’t make it. In Honolulu I found out luggage hasn’t made it for at least three other couples flying out of BWI with these connections. This combo should not be offered when people select flights."
Pros: "Service, great customer service."
Pros: "Gate agent was very friendly and was able to changes seats so my parents can sit together."
Cons: "None of the entertainment was free and the provided food was not good at all."
Pros: "Free maitai on economy! Sandwich was unusually tasty! Friendly staff!"
Pros: "Tail wind"
Cons: "The crew professional."
Pros: "The service was good"
Cons: "The plane maintenance for the video equipment seems to be lacking and the plane interior was dated."
Pros: "where I was sitting in the back"
Cons: "The leg space...a little tight"
Pros: "Food service was a suprise. My wife is gluten free and she brought stuff for herself."
Cons: "Seemed like everything was extra. Radio was all I could listen to for free. Even old tv was a charge."
Pros: "When you board a Hawaiian flight, your Hawaii trip has begun. In-flight magazine is impressively high quality. Meal with wine included is great. USB charging port for phone helpful."
Cons: "Could not select seat when booked flight, or was moved. Would prefer meal be poultry, not beef, since a lot of people don't eat beef. Charging for blanket and entertainment seems odd when meal included. No power outlet for laptop."
Cons: "Would like to see complementary movies on flights especially for children on flights over 2 hrs."
Pros: "Lunch included with airfare. Overall feeling of the flight was relaxed, smiling Aloha. Getting us in the frame of mind for Hawaii. Really liked our seats, just the two of us on the outside row. No 3 across."
Cons: "Nothing. Everything was great."
Pros: "We need wheelchair service and the porters were first rate. The airline was more than accommodating, offered a free lunch and you can either order new movies on demand for $7.99 each or watch unlimited TV and older movies for $7.99 (which I did). I liked the value."
Cons: "Drink prices are steep."
Pros: "I liked that we could all sit together, and it feel like we have enough room."
Cons: "On a 5+ hour flight, I was not thrilled with having to pay money for each kid to watch a movie, and then didn't feel as f I could justify spending the money on my husband and I as well, so we didn't watch anything. If each seat has a tv screen, why not have a complimentary in flight movie or two, and then charge if people want to watch something else?"
Pros: "Love the fact that they served complimentary lunch on the plane. It's a perk you don't get anymore on flights. It was a great surprise. Also, there were 4 of us traveling but one person bought her ticket later so her seat was away from us. Without our asking, by the time we got to the gate, they had moved her to sit on the same row with us. The crew was attentive and friendly."
Cons: "It would be nice if they offered some of the tv shows for free. I understand paying for movies but tv should be complimentary. And as with most planes, it felt cramped once the person in front of me let his seat back."
Pros: "Service, aircraft, food, complimentary glass of wine"
Pros: "Non stop flight, better leg room than most airlines"
Cons: "No freeentertainment to speak of"
Pros: "Boarding was very smooth"
Cons: "The free entertainment is very poor"
Pros: "Crew was very mice"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Hawaiian has great schedules"
Cons: "Way way way too many screaming infants and toddlers. I'd pay more for a flight w all 13 and over pax"
Pros: "service is excellent. Airline personnel very accommodating, very helpful especially for seniors. I'll fly with them again."
Pros: "The crew were very professional. The food was delicious."
Pros: "The crew was knowledgable, professional and curtious to all on board."
Cons: "We left 45 min late."
Pros: "I dropped my wallet just outside the terminal gate boarding the plane and a very handsome steward, introduced by his co-stewardesses as "Pretty Boy Brandon" was kind enough to find me to return my wallet. I appreciated all the kindness recieved by the entire staff at Hawaiian Airlines. Thank you for offering genuine customer service."
Pros: "The flight was very pleasant. Excellent customer service and the pilot did a great job of updating us with the flight schedule, tour guide swag, and the weather."
Cons: "No comment."
Pros: "Boarded on time, Fight attendants positive attitude."
Cons: "Did not take off on time. Landed 50 minutes late. Food (pasta dish) tasted like reheated TV dinner with pasta stuck together in one large reheated mess. Everything is a la carte. On a flight that was over six hours, each movie was 7.99. Two movies,two people, adds up. On Alaska Air, you rent a small entertainment unit (like an iPad) for one fee and watch several movies throughout the flight."
Pros: "Compared to Alaska Air, Hawaiian was way better."
Pros: "The statistics of where we were and when to arrive on the screen. Flight crew was nice."
Cons: "The flight changed from Alaska to Hawaiian airlines in San Diego. They were in different terminals way to close in time to each other. We had to leave security and go back through tsa to get to the connecting flight and missed boarding. We got to the gate at 10:05 with a flight of 10:15. They knew we were coming but still have our seats away. They told us that they couldn't delay the flight and let us on the plane. We had to wait 24 hours for the next flight with no way to get anywhere and no hotel. We slept in the airport and had to go through security again just to get to our flight. Once we boarded and were seated the gangway moved away from the plane. We waited and then the gangway came back to the plane and 4 passengers were taken off the flight. How can they delay the flight to take people off but not to let us on the plane the previous day?! My mother was born in Hawaii and our family was going to get birth place where she lived and I missed that opportunity because they wouldn't let us board because it would delay the flight. It would have delayed a 6 hour fligh for 10 minutes. Our luggage made it on the flight but we didn't. I'm extremely disappointed in the way it was handled by the ticket counter agents."
Pros: "The seats are better than anything I've experienced in the cattle car, which doesn't make them great, and the leg room was OK (I'm 6"). I was pleased to find out they included a meal for free, as I hadn't bought anything to eat for the 5 1/2 hr flight. Overall a better than average flight, and it was on time."
Pros: "Crew was unbelievably helpful and kind. My grandmother had heart issues on our flight. They took excellent care of us, and checked on her often, even crew members not assigned to our area. Aside from that, various entertainment options, both free and paid. Meal was good and I still crave their trail mix!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "$200 change fee..."
Pros: "First class seating"
Cons: "How short the flight was. Wish I had more time to enjoy first class"
Pros: "I like having a meal with a free glass of wine."
Cons: "I didn't like having to pay for a blanket."
Pros: "Friendly, welcoming crew."
Cons: "Not a thing."
Pros: "Good organization, good hygiene, polite crew."
Cons: "Significant delay of departure."
Cons: "Made us check our carry ons and there was plenty of space in the cabin overhead comoartments"
Pros: "price great; direct flight;"
Cons: "cramped"
Pros: "Amazing crew very good service ."
Cons: "Chose my seat, instead of leaving it to the airline ."
Pros: "Service was great."
Cons: "It was a shortest duration flight of the three so I couldn’t point out here what was lacking. Thank you!"
Cons: "Flight attendant in First class was visibly frustrated and unfriendly. He was not helping with my simple request for a blanket. Also, the were no food service in first class."
Cons: "Smooth flight, great crew."
Pros: "Flight crew was very friendly and helpful. The drink package for comfort trip was fantastic and worth it."
Cons: "There was zero entertainment inflight and logging onto Wi-Fi was very difficult. I would rather have had free Wi-Fi and a screen to watch movies/games on rather than or in addition to the drinks."
Cons: "Bring ear buds if you want to watch/listen to a movie. Delta changes for ear buds Everything else was fine"
Cons: "Missed flight due to unnecessary delays"
Cons: "Check in was terrible- long wait just for drop off of already checked in bags"
Pros: "Seats are fine. Ordering system is up to date."
Cons: "After the first two hours of my flight (which I sleep through) I couldn’t buy a drink a soda or anything."
Pros: "individual TVs"
Cons: "it would be great if you could not use all those one-use plastic cups. waste is a real issue in the US and the solution is using re-usable items like washable cups. Unboarding was a nightmare and it started to get really hot waiting to get off."
Pros: "The crew was wonderful, the food was great, the ride was wonderful."
Cons: "No in flight entertainment behind the seat"
Pros: "Great movies."
Cons: "Seats won’t stay reclined."
Pros: "Good seating, great food, good service."
Cons: "Slight delay of flight"
Cons: "My kids were asleep when the flight attendant passed the snacks . I asked to get the snack for them and she told me they will have to get it in the back of plane once awake. Didn’t argue but was surprised"
Pros: "Very friendly crew with a clean plane!"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "This was my daughter’s first solo travel home from college. She said the staff was helpful and kind. She loved that the flight was not over crowded. It was a smooth flight."
Cons: "Only negative thing she could say was her flight was delayed an hour. But that isn’t terrible considering all the holiday travelers."
Cons: "Wheelchair shortage on arrival, although I had one reserved. Waited for a while then walked. Not ideal. Very long wait for bus to rental car center."
Cons: "We thought we were flying AirFrance as our emails came from them and were surprised to learn after waiting in the AirFrance baggage drop queue for 30 mins that we were in the wrong place."
Pros: "Delta employees exceedingly cordial. food poor to moderate, seating space impossibly small but pillow and blanket were provided"
Cons: "seats too close from front to back, and not adequately cushioned"
Cons: "Double booking and payment of flight. Dropped flight bookings. Not a good trip"
Pros: "No delay and friendly crew!"
Cons: "Not much leg room and the coffee was horrific."
Pros: "Quick boarding"
Cons: "N/a"
Cons: "Dripped on!!!!!!"
Pros: "Flight itself uneventful"
Cons: "Lateness"
Pros: "I am always impressed by the Delta staff. Top notch."
Cons: "The entertainment screens have an (older) head phone jack that many people do not have. The headphones available for purchase by the airline are of very poor quality. I also am surprised that airlines (not just Delta) continue to provide such low quality food options on flights. I think consumers would pay more for better options."
Pros: "It left and arrived on time"
Cons: "They didn’t have wine in such a long flight"
Pros: "Happy to get an earlier flight - and was put in ComfortPlus"
Cons: "Small plane, no entertainment (movies, music)"
Pros: "One crew member, young dark haired woman, was particularly accommodating. Male attendant was firm and funny."
Cons: "Typical cramped plane, too many planes going out of same gate are simultaneously"
Pros: "Fabulous fight. Attentive staff and I love the free entertainment tv’s."
Pros: "Friendly crew with modern plane"
Cons: "Why am I paying for first class for just snacks I can buy in an airport shop?"
Cons: "No entertainment"
Cons: "The plane bathroom was old and junky"
Pros: "Food available was good."
Cons: "Very tight space- could not reach floor when person in front of me moved seat into recline position. Could not get out of seat to go to bathroom when my seat mates were sleeping. Tough to load- tight spaces."
Pros: "Pilot flew flawless crew kind and helpful it was a full flight and impressed helpful passengers to get on board was."
Cons: "Disappointed airplane not equipped with free movies. I bought ear buds on return flight for that purpose"
Pros: "On time. Good customer service. Easy route, no hassles."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "The short flight was fine. Crew was friendly."
Cons: "Because we arrived to LAX from SAN so late we had to run to the next gate and barely made the flight. The overhead bins were already very full so we had to stuff our stuff at our feet. Since we arrived so late it would have been better if they had allowed those with a tight connection to disembark first."
Pros: "Free entertainment and free food was unexpected and very welcomed, especially given the trend of charging for more and more features."
Cons: "The tsa is worthless"
Pros: "The crew was really friendly and helpful. The plane was really clean"
Cons: "The boarding process was too long, there was a lot of people. It was kinda a mess. The sit assignment for people who didn't have sit assign was slow."
Pros: "Easy flight. Plane and crew were fine"
Cons: "It was a short flight but no entertainment on this plane."
Pros: "They did eventually put out some small snacks and drinks (water and regular coke)."
Cons: "Small regional plane that was over 3 hours late in departing NY because of weather issues much earlier in the day. Delta did not permit any re-bookings to other delayed flights that were leaving in the intervening period, even though there were empty seats. Very frustrating."
Cons: "The flight was over 20 minutes early"
Pros: "On time departure and arrival."
Cons: "Cramped! Cabin crew not particularly friendly."
Pros: "Crew was friendly and apologetic"
Cons: "The AC did not work and we had to get off and hang out in the jetway for probably 45 minutes. Nightmare."

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