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  • Looking for cheap airfare to Santa Maria Huatulco? 25% of our users found tickets to Santa Maria Huatulco for the following prices or less: From Los Angeles $185 one-way - $260 round-trip, from Miami $317 one-way - $290 round-trip, from Portland $314 one-way - $455 round-trip
  • Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Santa Maria Huatulco is October.
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  • One of the amazing features of traveling to this part of the world is the arrival into the airport. As you land at this airport you will see breathtaking and beautiful views of the coastline that awaits you upon landing at the airport.
  • If you have just landed after a long flight and are a little bit hungry or looking for something to drink, the airport has a great restaurant and food court options that offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner options as well as several beverage options.
  • If you are somebody that has a disability or has accessibility issues, the staff here is fully capable of assisting you with all of your travel needs. The entire airport property is accessible and they do have wheelchairs available if travelers need them. The airport can also assign an individual staff member to any travelers that have specific needs.
  • While it can sometimes be concerning traveling to another country and trying to communicate once you arrive at the airport, this is not a problem at this airport as most of the staff is English-speaking making it easy to travel to this airport from the United States.
  • If you can't help but do a little bit of shopping after a long flight you'll be happy to know that this airport offers a number of options. These include things like clothing and electronics as well as souvenirs that have a flavor of the area and the region.

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WestJetOverall score based on 9011 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: N/A
Cons: Didn't end up on this flight!!!! :(

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Pros: N/A
Cons: Didn't end up on this flight!!!! :(

Cons: Flight left late. Sat on tarmac almost 1.5 hours with little explanation. No water until in the air. Poor allocation of overhead space for luggage - free for all by passengers. A miserable experience.

Cons: Communication from you all. I missed my flight because of the terrible instructions and communication

Pros: Crew was excellent !! They ran a tight ship!
Cons: Seats need to be replaced ... no padding!

Pros: Very nice crew. Seats were okay a bit tight, but, fine.

Pros: Flight and ground crew handled a cancelled flight perfectly, with good communication with the passengers, efficient handling of bag retrieval and hotel accommodation. “Rescue” flight following day was appreciated.

Pros: It was stunningly cold in both the departure and arrival cities, yet the flight was delayed less than an hour. I'm not being sarcastic at all. Very happy to arrive safe and pretty much on time despite the terrible weather. Thank you Westjet!
Cons: I wish the person next to me had been a lot skinnier. Same applies to me I suppose, only not quite as much so.

Pros: We got stuck in a line up to check in and the line was over 2 hours long and by the time it was our turn, it was too close to departure ( an hour to go) and they wouldn’t let us board so we didn’t get to take our flight at all.

Pros: The crew was polite and prot
Cons: It wasn’t free

Pros: On time. Smooth.
Cons: Cramped seating

Pros: The flight staff were excellent. Very pleasant to deal with and very accommodating. They really let you feel that they were there to help and if they could they did.
Cons: The only real irritation was the check in process. I have no issue whatsoever with the 23kg allowance per bag but the process for checking your bag, especially if you were over the limit and what the consequences may be were not obvious. My wife and I had two bags, mine was 4kg under the allowance and my wife's was 2kg over. If I had known this was going to be a potential GBP45 charge we would have shuffled things about to balance the bags. It needs to be made clear to people that they can actually weigh their bags first to find this out. My bag was already tagged and gone when we went through a lot of hassle to reduce my wifes bag weight. Anyway, this is a suggestion so that future passengers do not encounter the same frustration.

Cons: Did not like flight attendants attitude, my row of TVs did NOT work for the whole flight, leaving me bored for the whole flight

Pros: Westjet service is always the best. Flight was smooth and seemed very short. Again the crew makes it the best!
Cons: We were late cause of a thunderstorm but that is nobody's fault.

Cons: Flight was delayed due to a tire change. That’s no big deal, but the crew did not accurately keep us updated on the actual loading time in order for me to arrange my pickup upon arrival in Winnipeg.

Pros: Nice service.

Pros: Flight attendants, movie on board, price
Cons: Plane was delayed and the baggage handlers in Denver were Atrocious!! I actually took video I was so shocked!

Pros: Professional, efficient, courteous.

Pros: The plane was clean, comfortable and the staff were good.
Cons: WestJet was 30 minutes late to board. Also, if you're going Int'l during a peak moment, give yourself at least 2 hours to process your entry. It's crazy how many people are going thru JFK.

Pros: Flight attendants were very pleasant.
Cons: I think for a flight of that duration a light meal should be served.

Pros: Flight right on time

Pros: Boarded early and flight left ahead of schedule. Plane was clean and ample leg room in economy for a 6+ footer. Flight crew were amazing and friendly with a full flight. Will be watching for WestJet deals on all our vacations.

Pros: Great staff. Overall good considering the cheap flight.
Cons: No free meal, the pizza ordered was terrible. No tv, only iPads for rent.

Cons: Food and entertainment are not options on this short flight.

Cons: It took several hours for the decision to be made to cancel our original flight from PV to Van, and when the final decision was made, the complete lack of sympathy or communication came as a shock. No one informed us why we were moving to another terminal or that our flight had actually been cancelled and we would be staying another night in Mexico for another two hours. Getting our hotel voucher and transportation to the venue took another several hours. (Sorry Westin, but you also receive poor marks on your food services. Your front desk people were great though!) The following morning we were not informed that there would be no food service on the flight, so my kids were starving by the time we touched down in Vancouver. The ordeal was exhausting and when we finally arrived in Vancouver we almost missed our connecting flight because of a huge error in off-loading our luggage. It shouldn’t take over an hour to receive your luggage. Again, the communications break down led to hightened anxiety and stress. The whole horrible journey home with WestJet made the loveliness of my actual holiday pale into the background. I was very disappointed in WestJet as I’ve had fabulous experiences in the past. If possible, I will avoid flying with them again any time soon.

Pros: entertainment is good
Cons: im just sitting before the restroom (seat 29 C)im realy tall and the people pushing onmy seat all the time and bang my arm and the smell is realy bad and i see to much but in face for long long time because the people waiting on my place .. another bad im telling the crew and the girl she said my only option is wake the girl just beside me for asking to change the seat ...i refuse because SHE SLEEPING ! realy not happy sorry !

Cons: There was not enough room for my carryon for some reason and so I had to sit with my knees up and feet on my bag. Not the worst but there should be enough carry on space for everyone.

Cons: delay of 1 hr.

Pros: Crew & direct flight
Cons: Food selection & entertainment

Cons: We were told not to take the late flight to TO as Westjet would not hold the connecting flight (TO to Gatwick) for us. This meant our TUI connection in Gatwick to Chambery would have been wasted along with bus transfers. West jet did not offer us AC flights that were available to keep us near to our schedule. We ended up cancelling the Westjet flights and buying AC flights to Heathrow at a cost of $3300 + $300 taxi to gatwick + abandoned bus to Gatwick Westjet did offer us a flight on Sunday ! In the end, we are not sure if booking thru Kayak was part of the problem as Wesjet staff said ..... Oh you booked thru a 3rd party Comments ?

Cons: Not any bodys fault the crew were trying to be supportive. multiple babys all around the area beside accros and a few rows down. maybe set them all to teh back would be better

Pros: Flight was good but we were delayed about 2 hours. Not good.

Pros: a very calm flying experience. no bells and whistles but consistently friendly and mostly efficient

Pros: That the flight was on time
Cons: That the person doing our pre boarding lost my partners visa

Pros: We arrived early.
Cons: Checked bag fees. Agents at check-in tried to get me to check my carry-on claiming my carry-on was too big. My carry-on is a pilot crew bag by TravelPro, which I pointed out to them. Had to get a supervisor. No free food during the flight. Luckily, someone told me. I ended up purchasing food from a restaurant in the terminal to bring on the flight.

Cons: I don’t understand how Westjet can get away with 1. Not providing food on a flight of this length, 2. Charging for the entertainment system which has basically no content

Pros: It was an hour and 10 minute flight, so there wasn't really much space for error. They still gave me snacks and drinks which I didn't expect considering how short of a trip it was.

Cons: We were delayed by roughly two hours, sat on the tarmac with no internet or other entertainment, services etc. This made it difficult as I was looking to get home on time and complete work in the air.

Pros: I felt comfortable
Cons: Hearing announcements weren't clear

Pros: A bit more seat room. I'm a tall guy and was a bit cramp

Pros: Everything was on time and the staff were friendly! Much better experience than our last trip!

Pros: Always a good experience travelling with west jet

Cons: Got there 2 minutes after check in closed and wouldn't let us fly

Pros: The snacks were good
Cons: They lost my checked sleeping bag which forced me to buy another one before my backpacking trip. They refused to refund me for it costing me an extra few hundred dollars to replace it. To include I paid an extra eighty dollars for my trip because apparently I requested window seats which I wasn't provided for my return flight home! Be prepared to lose your luggage and don't expect a refund!

Pros: It was fast, friendly and over all made me impressed.

Cons: Lack of access to entertainment without having our own personal device to view and having to download an app to be able to view entertainment

Pros: Check in was fast, on time, landed early, entertainment worked

Pros: budget airline, budget experience. Got what I paid for and nothing more. Pilot apologized for getting us to the gate on time, classic Canadians. No complaints.

Cons: At WestJet, Canadian PR are not eligible for on-line check in. WestJet make Canada PR travel on WestJet so hard. Air Canada, United all can do online check in for Canada PRs. Don't know why WestJet is so stupid and ridiculous... In flight, no flight map is available. So out-of-date.

Pros: Ended up getting quite the deal on the flight back and forth between Toronto and London. The flight did leave a few minutes later but nothing unexpected. The crew was very nice and very friendly. The food was decent, they came around for drinks 3 times and twice for snacks (you have an option of pretzel sticks or biscuits and they're both pretty good - I'm partial to the biscuits. Not gonna lie, I was able to ask them for both a couple times, and they obliged.
Cons: There are no onboard entertainment systems, you must bring your own device and even then their WestJet app has bugs - so the app kept crashing on my Nexus 5X whenever I tried to play a movie or TV show.

Pros: I liked that the staff and crew waiting for a large portion of the running late passengers from other flights. We were 30 min late leaving ( also had to de-ice) but it was better that having to catch another flight in the morning.
Cons: That there was only coffee water beer and wine for beverage options. I know it's a short flight ( 42 min, it felt like we barely reached cruising altitude before we were defending for landing) but I was really craving a ginger ale....

Pros: No really

Pros: The crew did their job well but they made us check in our carry on luggage unnecessary which delayed me leaving the airport.
Cons: If they had not made us check in our carry on

Pros: Not a thing
Cons: Timing

Pros: The attention of the crew
Cons: Hot food

Pros: Crew amazing, airport security staff and procedures are preposterous, food crapy, layover way too long

Pros: The large plane that I was on was great. Comfortable and a smooth ride. Movies were good. Drinks good.
Cons: Food could be a little better.

Pros: flight left on-time
Cons: The baggage took forever to come out

Pros: The crew was helpful and professional, the food was flavorful and plentiful, the entertainment selection was good and the aircraft was well take care of and had amenities like spots to charge devices
Cons: The WiFi didn’t work even though it was advertised as working

Pros: On board crew are nice, counter personal at JFK is horrible
Cons: JFK counter lady extremely rude and tried to charge extfor every gram of luggage, finally I checked my carry on and still wanted to charge for my backpack but the supervisor said that was ok with weight. Absolutely awful experience at AeroMexico counter. Food is bad. Seats are a TORTURE

Cons: In JFK, they asked to check in every single carry on. This is very inconvenient and adds time upon arrival. Considering that this is a late evening flight, the more you wait the later it gets. If this plane has not enough space they should use other plane

Pros: Everything was great. Service, food and drinks
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Everything

Cons: Asked for orange juice and got sweetened orange water, you can do better.

Pros: Had a awsome flight! Very comfortable seats, good selection on movies (they give for free) food was very tasty (had grill chicken with rice, green salad, grapes, cheeese, and a chocolate for dessert) crew was very attractive, serving refrigate (o had wine all trip long) it’s been one of my best long distance flight I ever had. Thank you Aeromexico!
Cons: The was was little delay (weather issues)

Pros: Nice flight.
Cons: Flight was delayed. Aeromexico systems were down and multiple passengers had to be rechecked at the gate right before boarding.

Pros: La puntualidad, la amabilidad del personal y la comodidad
Cons: Cambian la sala de espera para el abordaje de el avion sin previo aviso. La comida no fue un plato completo, si no que solo fue un refrigerio

Cons: Took us one hour to taxi out to the runway.

Cons: I’m still stuck in Mexico

Cons: With one hour to go, a man in my row in the AMPlus section (which costs extra for a bit more comfort in economy) was joined by his companion who started the flight in the back, the basic economy fare which does not cost extra.. I didn’t appreciate the fact that she got to sit up front without paying and that the AeroMexico crew did nothing to call her out or send her back. The lesson: Don’t pay the extra money for AM Plus. Just wait until no one is watching and move up front. No one cares—except your fellow passengers who paid for the added comfort.

Pros: How it was organized, boarding system (it was not All at same time but passengers were divided into few groups and they were calling who will be boarding). Flight was Bang on time
Cons: Main food could be better prepared (fruit chopping)

Pros: Tons of food during the flight, you can still get alcoholic beverages without extra charges, very on time. Flight from here to Mexico was perfect. Now, on my way back, there was a 5 hour delay. The treatment was much better than other airlines, but it would have been better to let us know that we could track the plane from GDL. Now my only complaint regarding the small airplane from MTY to NYC is that the entertainment is provided via a mobile device, yet there's no ports for charging it, and there's no way a device will last that long, which made the whole excercise totally useless.

Pros: Good seats - boating was smooth- crew was attentive
Cons: Earphone were garbage- seat didn’t recline enough- food was atrocious- cold ham/cheese sandwich for the entire flight

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Incompetence

Pros: Counter help was very friendly and helpful
Cons: Buying through Vayamos, when initially going to AM website I was directed to go to Delta site. They rejected me, I called them, recording said they would call me back in more than 2 hours. Etc, etc A horrible experience.

Pros: Great service , and very convenient

Cons: Forced me to check my 2nd bag @ $55 after already paying to check my first, despite it being a normal carry-on. Unusually rude and unhelpful from booking through check in service. In flight was ok, albeit an older plane. Worst aspect was booking through; expect to get fleeced on extras and relegated to an unassigned middle seat and generally regarded like a second class citizen.

Pros: On time.
Cons: Airplane seemed a bit old.

Cons: Our flight was delayed and upon asking the supervisor for more information she was extremely rude and rolled her eyes.

Cons: 20 minute delay impacted my connecting flught

Pros: The crew kept us informed and the flight attendants were nice awesome plane!

Cons: Having to check in my carry-on because the plane is full. Lost a meeting because I had to wait for my bag at my final destination.

Pros: Food was good. In flight crew was nice.
Cons: Food portion was slightly too small. Boarding crew (not on flight but in the terminal) was NOT nice-- I had a garment bag that in past experience does not count as an additional carry on since it can be placed on top of carry-on in overhead bin. Boarding crew member insisted I was over the limit (when though at check-in, the staffer saw how many pieces I had and made no comment) and she insisted I had to check one item AND pay the baggage fee. But this was a problem only because it was a full flight, and I was being punished just because my seat was in a tow closer to the front and boarded later, therefore there was less room left in the overhead bins. Also seemed ridiculous to charge for the first checked bag, with most other reputable airlines, there is no fee for the first checked bag for international flights.

Pros: Everything. Flight was great.
Cons: That delta operated the flight back to NY

Pros: The flight was a Delta code share. It said non stop even though we had to change planes in Monterrey. It was unclear which terminal the flight departed from. A fellow passenger was given a boarding pass JFK to Guadalajara. In Monterrey they wouldn’t let him go through security. We went to the gate to find an agent to help. Of course there wasn’t one. I asked security to,page an agent. One arrived several minutes later, seemed to understand, and escorted him through security. On our return, the email I received to check in for the flight said we were flying JFK to Guadalajara. In fact we were flying the opposite. Clumsy and confusing. The food was dreadful (at least there was some?). The service onboard was courteous but not friendly. All four flights departed and arrived late. The jet bridge wouldn’t work on our arrival back at JFK and we were stuck on the plane another 30 minutes.
Cons: Safety was good.

Pros: Great airplane

Pros: To be Honest, I really don't like anything about this airline. It has horrible service. The workers at the airplane are nasty. And I didn't get my bag, even when I had to paid for it. This service from this airline the worse. ...
Cons: N O T I N G ....

Pros: This was the best meal I have had on any flight recently, and I fly quite a bit. It was a spinach salad with balsamic vinagrette dress (in a cute little bottle), chicken breast over rice, a piece of cheese and grapes, a kitkat bar and some other little thing. It was delicious, hot, just right. Thanks.

Cons: Poor communication about serious delays.

Pros: 1. Decent movie selection 2. Ground connection support knew of our situation on arrival.
Cons: No communication via intercom about delay both on the ground at departure and landing in Mexico City. Unhelpful crew (except for one fine gentleman who happily served tea to my son), dirty plane, missed connection without willingness to put us up for the night or any accommodation, failure to seat my son next to me despite repeated requests.

Cons: their seating chart and the entire seating experience sucks

Pros: I liked all en general! The Service was very well
Cons: I don't liked to pay the baggage when for a long time one baggage was free!! You need to do something about the baggage!!

Pros: Nada
Cons: Los aviones son viejos, el sistema de entrada a México es muy desorganizado y tardas mas de dos horas para pasar por el proceso, si estas con conexión necesitas una escala de 3 hs como mínimo. Si bien esto no depende de Aeromexico no hacen nada para agilizar el paso de la gente que tiene una conexión.

Pros: The price was the best part
Cons: The boarding process

Pros: I have accommodations paid after having my flight canceled.
Cons: Lack of organization and information which caused delays to passengers after having the flight canceled.

Pros: I missed my flight but when I got to the gate, the staff was really helpful. They got me a seat on the next flight and gave me a voucher for food during the wait. I will definitely be flying Aeromexico again!

Cons: I am still waiting for my connection in Mexico City as the flight was 2 hours delayed in NY. I am missing a big family event due to inneficiency.

Cons: I asked the agent to find us seats with Legroom as i am over 6'2 and mostly legs. he charged us $40 extra per ticket. the seat #'s were 10 E and F so we assumed it was a comfort plus seat.. NOPE! knees against the sat in front of me.. in the CENTER of a 9 seat row. the flight was sold out.. now place to Move.. FURIOUS and feeling ripped off!

Pros: From the boarding process all the way to arrival it was a great experience overall. Brand new planes with free up to date movies. The economy seats truly recline (to what i was very surprised) and the food was pretty good.
Cons: There's absolutely nothing I didn't like about it.

Cons: Terrible service.

Pros: Entertainment
Cons: Not enough drinks offered

Pros: It was ok
Cons: Stop charging for wifi. Jet blue has free wifi on domestic flight

Cons: Muy puntual

Pros: the crew was amazing. Seats needs to be more comfortable.
Cons: seat needs to be more comfortable.

Pros: Crew and pilot were great.
Cons: The plane was absolutely PACKED during the peak of a global pandemic. Completely irresponsible to not have people spaced out by at least one seat.

Pros: Crew was amazing
Cons: The WiFi would not connect for two of my flights. I wanted to watch movies

Pros: I was very appreciative that the cabin crew went through the cabin prior to take off to check that everyone was wearing a mask properly (covering mouth AND nose). I flew United a few weeks ago and had to politely ask the person next to me both on return and departing flight to make sure the mask covered thier nose. A lot of people in the cabin weren't wearing masks properly and the crew didn't seem to care.

Pros: The middle seat was left unoccupied to ensure social distancing.
Cons: The sound wasn't working on the 2nd leg of my flight so I wasn't able to enjoy the music.

Pros: Nothing. Will never fly American again
Cons: Better customer service at the gate.

Cons: there was no social distancing

Cons: Lady at the gate barely paid any attention to the line. I had to ask her whether or now I can proceed

Pros: Yes the crow was good
Cons: The wifi should be free to use without paying for it

Pros: Everything was amazing
Cons: More snack options

Pros: Nothing. It’s a terrible airline. Seriously, don’t book with them unless you’re desperate or you want to have an anxiety attack.
Cons: American isn’t my preferred airline for obvious reasons (delays, notoriously bad service, old planes, and a lack of amenities like WiFi and tv’s), but now I’ll never spend my money with them again. They took me off an already delayed flight after I’d already boarded to examine my smart bag. I know that lithium batteries can’t be taken in the underbelly of the plane and I knew my bag would likely be checked at the gate (why I removed the battery and left it at home in the first place). When they asked me if I had a lithium battery in my bag I said “no.” They then gate checked the bag and allowed me on the plane. After everyone had been boarded (half an hour after we’d been scheduled to take off) they then called my name out on the speaker. I had to then de-board the plane and re-explain to staff that there was no lithium battery in my bag. The staff didn’t believe me citing the infallible logic: “there are ports so there’s a battery.” I told them again and again that the battery had been removed and the charging ports—while there—were inert as they weren’t attached to the battery. STILL, I had to remove all of my clothes from the bag, and open every single compartment (of which there were many) for them to allow me to get back onto the plane. They were telling me that they might have to “rebook the flight” if my bag couldn’t get on. I don’t think I need to explain how agitated/terrified that made me.

Pros: The crew was really good. The flight had no issues. I was pleased.

Pros: I pay $30 more for my bags
Cons: I pay $30 more for my bags,

Cons: Phoenix airport is horrible for on time departures. Always.

Pros: My plane was downgraded to a smaller and the weight restricted. I was unable to get on my flight at the designated time so now currently sitting in another plane 2 hours later and still haven’t left for my destination GRK. This is the worst I’ve been treated since flying with American Airlines.
Cons: If I was able to get on my original flight without downgrading and weight restriction issues. I am highly inconvenienced by American Airlines

Cons: Nice crew. Nice flight. Wish there was a bit more legroom

Pros: The flight was delayed by 5 hours! I had to rebook my connecting. Everything else was lacklustre at best
Cons: being on time

Pros: Crew was excellent

Pros: Regular delays. This one by 2 hours. Easier to fly a different airline.
Cons: Just the chronic delays. It’s a good airline, great crew. Tired of damaging delays without compensation.

Pros: Great first class cabin crew.

Cons: I was annoyed when I was told I would have to check my carry on because there was no more room in the overhead compartments. Then as I was walking down the aisle to get to my seat I saw a lot of room in the overheads.

Pros: More space in these seats than in other flights I’ve taken

Cons: Everything

Pros: No need to drive from OKC!!!

Pros: Fast and easy service

Cons: In 2 weeks, my husband and I had 4 flights with American and none of them went as planned. We endured flight cancellation, incomplete rebooking with another airline, rude customer service agents, multiple flight delays as well as multiple day lost luggage. Finally, it cost $2K more to get to my destination. Obviously not flying American again.

Pros: Staff very professional, everything else went as planned. That's all one needs.
Cons: We had a hard time hearing (clarity of speech) announcements over the intercom at the gate & on the plains (specially when the captain spoke). Nothing life threatening, but wouldn't want to miss something important.

Pros: American did transfer us to another flight after several hours' delay.
Cons: Lack of scheduled flight crew caused a 2 hour delay causing American to re-route us via Chicago in lieu of Phoenix. Still, arrived 2 hours later...

Pros: Smooth flying and lots of respects to the pilots for their dedicated work. The entertainment really works very well.
Cons: Poor Service. The service of drinks is done very poorly. Really concerned with the attitude. Never need those complimentary drinks.

Pros: Got me to where I'm going safely. Crew was nice.
Cons: Flying is painful

Pros: I like the cookies. Any flight that safely lands is a good flight. I didn't have to hear the inflight "entertainment". There was room for my backpack, and I was in group 6 on a nearly full flight.
Cons: I hate having media flashed in my face. The srewardesses misses me when serving beverages, which is hard to imagine, and rarely happens. We had a particularly bumpy landing. I've flown a fair amount, and I thought our bouncing and jostling was unusual, but then weather is unpredictable - still... I've seen navy pilots stick landings of small planes in worse weather.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: We Departed 3 hour late because the pilot was missing. I lost my connection in Miami and I’m waiting here for almost 24 hours to take another flight. Very bad experience!

Cons: The cabin was very warm and almost unbearable. The flight attendant for the first class section was very rude.

Pros: The flight left on time - I do appreciate that.
Cons: We were forced to check our Uppababy Vista stroller at EWR departures that we hoped to check at the gate. Needless to say this made it difficult to get our toddler through security. At baggage claim only half our stroller was there - they had disconnected the seat from the wheels. Luckily we spotted what looked like a similar frame to ours at the gate when we landed. It then took another forty minutes for the baggage claim office person to go through security, to the arrival gate and back to baggage claim.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Flight delayed but the airline "autorouted" off my flight without informing me. I ran across the airport in Charlotte with my 2 small kids to find my original flight still there and I was kicked off of it. Irate and beyond bothered I got nothing but I'm sorry and you can get another flight in over an hour. So my small children and I will not arrive beyond dinner and bedtime. Unacceptable.

Pros: I liked that you could watch TV and movies from your personal device without a charge.
Cons: That the flight was delayed.

Pros: That we where on the plane... If you consider that we had to make this D-tour to get to San Juan...AA canceled our flight to San Juan in JFK due to wether and not enough standby crews.
Cons: That the canceled the flight in JFK, and the couldn't get us to to San Juan from JFK the same or the next day!! There was nobody from AA to assist you or help you!! We had this once with Delta as well but they send you the new itinerary in front with a compensation and help you at the airport... For us it's never AA again

Pros: Ticket price was competitive.
Cons: No individual entertainment systems on the seat backs--4.5 hours is a long time to be sitting on a plane with only an overhead screen showing whatever movie the airline chose. Also, charging $125 for a carry-on pet that has to stay under the seat AND having it count towards as one of my two "free" carry-ons is ridiculous. The flight was delayed because one of the crew was late.

Pros: Getting to my seat was overall the best experience. Out side of the finally walking onto the plane and sitting down, over an hour late, it was less than mediocre.
Cons: If the plane was on time and didn't run an hour and 20 Ish minutes late, it would have been fine, except for the blinking over head reading light that would flash in my face every 20/30 seconds that could not be turned off being due to, as the flight attendant said, "they all do that".

Pros: Friendliness of flight crew; entertainment choices.
Cons: Food was poor for first class.

Pros: The flight arrived early which was nice. But that's the only good thing about this flight.
Cons: From checking my bag to leaving the plane in Dallas, I felt like AA employees thought passengers were just in the way. It was almost as if the flight attendants were traveling to Dallas and they happened to have to take care of passengers along the way. There were very few smiles, hellos, or how can I help you. It was almost always and grunt and what do you want? The personal device entertainment was very buggy. the movie I tried to watch kept skipping, like on old scratched CD.

Pros: Priority boarding provided by my credit card

Pros: The staff was completely nice (except when I was trying to rebook my ticket and I felt like there was no understanding of what I was going through).
Cons: There was a strange situation outside of LGA wherein I sat in a car for nearly an hour once already at the airport. I don't know what was going on but we were trapped there and it caused me to miss my flight. There were no other flight out and I ended up having to book an entirely new ticket. I believe that LGA or American Airlines should refund my expenses, because otherwise it makes me not want to ever go through either again.

Cons: Everything was ok

Cons: The exit row seats were very confining g..way to narrow due to type of seat used..had the tray in the arm

Cons: 3 hrs on tarmac then weather canceled flight then hoax shutdown JFK

Pros: every thing is okay other than the delay.
Cons: delay in departure for 2 hrs

Cons: I took a flight in 2016 from Newark New Jersey four times and I only went to Florence South Carolina one time. I ended up in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, another time in Columbia South Carolina and the last time in Charlotte North Carolina. Each time I departed I had to pay to come back to Florence South Carolina.

Pros: Fast flight Had a whole row to myself Distancing was good
Cons: People sitting in front of me would keep putting down their mask and didn’t listen to the flight instructions when being showed the demonstration. Flight attendant wasn’t as friendly as other flight attendants I’ve had

Pros: The agent was at the air Canada counter was amazing. He helped with getting my toddler a ticket, he walked us all the way to our gate because we were late boarding.
Cons: My toddler should have been issued a ticket from the beginning if that’s the policy. It took forever to cross the airport and then i had to figure out where to get our tickets which took over an hour and then we had to go through tsa again. Thank God the agent helped us through. I ended up not having food nor water for my son nor myself and of course no service on the flight. It was a miserable day to say the least.

Pros: Food and drinks provided were really appreciated especially the wine/beer and hot meals on the long flight.
Cons: Not enough leg room etc. for long flights. Cushions and blankets were nice.

Cons: Seat cushions

Cons: Flight was delayed 75 mins. We were at Newark longer than we were on the flight.

Cons: Bags didn't get loaded, plane delayed. Poor customer service.

Pros: The variety of food for purchase was nice!
Cons: THERE WAS NO WIFI ON A 6HR FLIGHT!!! omg its 2019. mind blown.

Pros: Seats and plane condition

Cons: The flight was operated by Air Canada, who habitually assume either that the people in the final row have no hand luggage or simply suffer from a severe lack of operational storage capacity. Overhead bins full of spare plastic cups. As far as the crew are concerned, no problem, because you can just push your way three or four rows forward while everyone else is boarding and then take someone else's overhead space. When will Air Canada learn how to run an airline?

Pros: Flight went extremely smooth. No issues during the layover they even got us an earlier flight to our layover destination, giving us more time between flights.

Pros: TV in seat, new plane. I liked nothing else about this crappy airline.
Cons: Delayed because they couldn't fit the luggage on the plane, had to pay extra for my family to sit together, worst service ever on board, the slowest old ladies pushing the cart, 90 minutes late in perfect weather, took forever to get the baggage.

Pros: Entertainment and crew helped make the situation better but a 3 hour delay made my experience unpleasant.

Cons: Flight was cancelled 5 mins before I arrived at airport and never received any notification

Pros: Nada
Cons: Always late, overall service is appalling. Only reason they are around is due to protective policies of the Canadian government

Pros: Our connecting flight was cancelled due to weather. That is truly out of the airline’s control. What is in their control is communicating the status of the flight with us. When we checked in they took email addresses and cell phone numbers for status updates. We never received any updates. Consequently we didn’t know the flight had been cancelled until it was too late to make an adequate adjustment. On top of that we had to deal with the worst customer service rep in the world at the ticket booth when we struggled to make alternate plans. Completely unsatisfactory experience.
Cons: Nothing.

Pros: The flight got delayed. Alternative flight was given but quiet a commute and pretty much the entire day of vacation is lost. Airlines did not take care of any compensation.

Cons: One leg of the flight was cancelled only a few hours before take-off. Huge inconvenience with no remedies. Will not ever fly them again.

Cons: Information provided on delays was limited and information on connecting by flights was incorrect

Pros: Cleanliness and accessibility to my nearest airport at the time I need it.
Cons: Children are crying through the flights.

Pros: Flight attendants were courteous
Cons: We have to buy our own food

Pros: Not much
Cons: Flight was overbooked so I was on standby even though I paid 1 week in advance Bag was missing. Shitty experience

Pros: Everything.
Cons: The delay from Toronto to Newark which makes me pay extra money for my parking.

Pros: TSA precheck

Pros: Friendly cabin crew
Cons: Seats little bit cramped in economy

Pros: Not much...crew very nice
Cons: On the flight coming to Toronto the staff randomly choose ppl to check bags at consistency which is very frustrating Flight was delayed. On the flight got returning I arrived at airport at 730 for my 9 PM flight ....they knew it would be delayed earlier in the day but never posted it so ppl could adjust their schedules. My last 4 flights with AC have been disappointing

Pros: Gate customer service (Jaslon) at Newark Airport was great. When my flight from Newark to Toronto was late and I was going to miss my connection, Jaslon was very helpful by rebooking me on a better flight and having my bags transferred immediately. Second checked bag fee was reasonable,
Cons: You pay for everything - snacks, headphones, food. Slow counter service at check-in at Newark

Pros: More leg room than on other airlines, friendly crew
Cons: No snack provided

Pros: Food and cocktails included alongwith entertainment
Cons: Hour late .. departure delayed ..pilots caught in traffic

Pros: The people at the front desk in gander were great
Cons: There were delayed at every stop. I had a 9 hour delay because the flight attendant had food poisoning. How was there not a replacement?

Cons: Flight was delayed for more than hour.

Pros: The flight was comfortable over all. It was on time. The staff was pleasant.
Cons: It was hard to connect our computer to the movies. It was rather confusing and eventually we came to the conclusion that there were only 2 films that were compatible with our laptops. They were the unrated films from film festivals.

Pros: Some staff were professional and nice.
Cons: The staff at the check in counter need some additional training because they didn't notice that the boarding pass that they gave me did not give me a seat on my flight. I didnt notice until boarding the plane. I showed the customer service agent at the gate and that's when she told me I didnt have a seat on the plane and that they had to get me one before I could board it. Everything ended up working out in the but the same problem happened with another flyer and they couldn't get her a seat. So she had to wait for the next flight!! I felt bad for her because like myself she paid for a seat on that plane and because of Air Canada's horrible system she missed her flight. Also, my flight to Newark was nightmare because my flight from London to Toronto was delayed, and my connecting flight to Newark left without waiting for me and other passengers on the delayed plane. I think that's the most crazy thing because all us passengers paid for that flight and we had no choice but to wait the next day. We were accommodated with a hotel after waiting hours and hours but it was still very frustrating.

Pros: Inexpensive, got me where I needed to go.
Cons: All food and headphones cost extra on a 6 hour international flight.

Pros: Other than the usher at the check-in desk, all other Air Canada staff were polite and helpful.
Cons: Usher at check-in desk had terrible communication skills. He had an antagonist tone that set an aggressive tone for those just trying to comply to his directions.

Pros: Overall a good experience. Had to pay for food but it was quite good so I didn't mind. Supposedly the crew were short staffed but I found them attentive and helpful and to be honest I believe the people who complained may have been a little precious.

Cons: Air Canada is always late to board, take off, or to depart from the aircraft for the most random reasons. Every time I fly with apr Canada I can never depart or arrive in time; it's always a problem.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: 3 months to refund a cancelled flight is unacceptable

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Wifi didnt work at all on the plane to and from new jersey from toronto. I did not receive an online boarding pass once i checked in online.. i was panicked the whole day upon boarding my flight because i was limited with the time i had to wait in line. The staff on the toronto side were so distasteful and rude, never received a smile once. Not to mention they confiscated my 300$ face wash system.. I understand now the restrictions to bringing over 120ml bottles but they refused to even pour out half the contents (which they took into consideration on the toronto side) my bottles were only 125ml.... what a joke this airline is. i was flying alone and hadnt travelled from an airport in 15 years- emails i received DID NOT specify the restrictions of what you're allowed to bring in carry ons. how is someone new to this experience supposed to know?????????they simply told me there is a website i can go to to see the restrictions... but that website is not mentioned ANYWHERE. The airport staff were extremely rude and cold while ripping apart my bags because of toiletry bottles. I have an extreme anxiety disorder that made me have a panic attack during the baggage inspect and I was given looks as if i was crazy. absolutely disgusting people working in the airport environments. They caused me a world of stress. I will never in my life fly Air Canada again.

Pros: Crew was helpful
Cons: Didn't like the delay Had to check carry on

Cons: Flight was delayed 4 hours

Pros: It's on time
Cons: .

Pros: One of the flight attendant saw I needed help holding my second big bag while I was putting my carry on in and she held it for me without me asking and helped me find my seat, it was very stress relieving for me, and I really appreciated that. She was also very nice to everybody.
Cons: I had a sprite and the amount was very little, I feel like the cups have got smaller. But that's not a big deal

Pros: Flight was on time with easy boarding and exiting
Cons: The peddling of food drink and duty free alcohol was not pleasant plus not given with a smile

Cons: The flight was considerably delayed, so that we missed our connection, the airport personnel at Newark sent us all over the place attempting to pass off the problem onto somebody else- even encouraging passengers to go to Montreal and "figure it out from there." Bags were taken off the plane and then put back on...the subsequent flight (the next day) was also delayed, and required half he plane to sprint through Montreal to their connections. It was not worth it. Especially considering I tried to call Air Canada for some of my refund and the number they gave me was a fax line.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Flight was delayed - no problem. But. Then kept getting delayed til I knew my connecting flight was missed. Talked to gate attandent who could care less. Told me and many others not her problem. Need to talk to someone in Toronto. Fortunately in Toronto they took care of things

Cons: Flight out of Newark delayed so we were going to miss the connection. We were rebooked to fly via London but we lost 6 hours in Rome. Air Canada attendant at Newark said the flight was always delayed and passengers regularly needed to be rebooked. You should recommend air Canada cancels selling this itinerary or bringing the Newark flight forward to de risk any delays

Pros: Entertainment system is good
Cons: Crew was an hour late arriving at airport so flight was delayed. No food, not even a snack, on a 5+ hour flight is not acceptable.

Pros: I was surprised at how much leg room there was. Also, there were a lot of entertainment choices for such a short flight.
Cons: They didn't clearly call zones, so I wasn't sure when I could board and ended up being one of the last people to get on the plane.

Pros: Great crew. But aircraft had mechanical issues.
Cons: Stuck on plane for 90 minutes before take off.

Pros: Really took advantage by jacking the prices on return flight changes caused by their cancellation of outbound due to weather Because I had two one way flights, the changes required for the return flight were my problem
Cons: Ripoff 500 and two hours of hold time to get acrewed

Pros: Plane loaded quickly in part because they don’t use boarding groups and because they strictly enforced carryon bag and size limits. Those with carryons approaching size limits were checked separately while others continued to board.
Cons: No complimentary snack and beverage service.

Pros: Seat super uncomfortable and no leg room
Cons: The airplane just seem dirty and disgusting

Pros: professionals

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: Everything

Cons: Water can still be free, I mean I know it’s a budget airline, but water?

Cons: To: VivaAerobus Airlines I requested a mobility chair and was denied, however they did get a chair for my grandma at the airport. I was told by my grandma that there was a portion of the walk to the gate that she had to walk, she made it, but she got tired. This is not professional at all.

Pros: The friendly of the staff and that the crew was strict to put order in the unloading
Cons: the food

Pros: Cleanliness of the plane and cabin
Cons: Online check-in needs work!

Cons: Crew is always late. Felt like we were thrown into a box and rocketed through the air. Handled my bag horribly. Was covered in mud in arrival

Pros: the fly was delayed and the seats are too crowd

Pros: Quick, expedient checkin & boarding
Cons: Nothing

Pros: We got VIP Boarding without choosing in advance.
Cons: Very little legroom, seats were not reclinable at all, not a single snack included. Cheap.

Pros: Cheap and on time.
Cons: No Wi_Fi on board so that could be better.

Cons: These guys are doing well!!!

Pros: The flight attendants were great. They gave very good service.
Cons: The menu listed sandwiches but they didn’t have any :( The temperature inside the plane was so stuffy and hot. I prefer warmer temperatures but this was terrible.

Cons: 3 hours late

Pros: Evriting

Cons: Mex AirPort ,

Pros: The crew at the front of the airplane were friendly
Cons: When sitting at the back of the plane there were some girls with 3 beer cans each playing loud music and it woke up my child. I asked the flight attendant to tell the women to turn down there music and she said no she couldn’t do that if I didn’t like it to tell them myself.

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: My flight was delayed, and I missed all the other flights.

Pros: Worst customer service I have ever been subject too

Cons: Delayed as usual

Cons: Waiting inside the plane with door open. It is ridiculous to be inside the plan for an hour before takeoff

Pros: The airline we had left the checking area 1/45 min before the flight take off my flight was at 1:55 pm I got there at 12:30 pm and the agents weren’t there 12 passengers stay with out a flight and there’s no body to help us bad service had to buy new tickets
Cons: The airline we had left the checking area 1/45 min before the flight take off my flight was at 1:55 pm I got there at 12:30 pm and the agents weren’t there 12 passengers stay with out a flight and there’s no body to help us bad service had to buy new tickets

Pros: The plane was clean and fresh and the snack options were great
Cons: Maybe if we had more space between seats because the passenger behind me kept kicking my seat and I was unable to rest during the flight . It really irritated me and made the flight unpleasant . And there were too many kids being loud.

Pros: Good flights and prices
Cons: Be on time , no delays

Cons: Seat doesn't recline. Pitch felt smaller too.

Cons: We were delayed but they didn't tell us till 45mins before the flight was scheduled to depart. Other than that everything else was good

Pros: Very much on time nice crew and in land excellent people

Pros: good choice of snacks and food, good entertainment options
Cons: vegan friendly food options

Pros: The only thing that i liked was that the flight was real quick
Cons: That the flight and boarding was on time and if there was a delay that they communicate with the passengers not just have us up thinking not knowing what the delay is for. Also our luggages took over an hour to get the whole experience here was ridiculous. Not happy at all

Pros: Nothing They did not let me board the flight they closed and they did not reimburse me or help me in anything that bad experience
Cons: the staff has no idea of ​​their work or their routes the truth and are arrogant

Cons: They canceled my reservation but did not notify me in any way. I showed up to the airport with no flight. I will never fly this airline again.

Pros: Price of ticket was excellent..Flight was good.
Cons: No entertainment , seat not adjustable

Cons: There's litteraly no leg space between seats.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: This airline is always delayed. The seats are too small

Pros: I thought that the plane was very clean and the crew was amazing!
Cons: The overall experience was great. The only thing that I would have loved was if they had WiFI.

Cons: It was delayed by an hour

Pros: Very friendly
Cons: All good

Cons: Flight got delayed by 1.5 Hrs I missed by further connection.

Cons: The set to uncontrollable don’t reclaiming

Cons: It’s was very bad

Pros: ok time , good plane
Cons: you could AT LEAST offer a bottle of waterFREE!!!

Pros: Por favor mantener Los precious gracias

Pros: Normal flight

Pros: The flight landed early.
Cons: Landing at Cancun Airport wr deplaned and were left in a hallway behind a locked glass door. Safety concern ad we couldnt go back nor forward. Not a nice welcome to Cancun.

Pros: There was a gluten free option for snacks! Thanks!
Cons: We were delayed and there was no apology given. We missed our next flight because of the delay. Bummer.

Pros: Nothing was nice. Delayed flight for 3 hours and never told us what was wrong or why was it delayed. They first said it was about 30-45 minutes late, then an hour, later, another hour and so on. They didn’t offer anything on board, not even a cup of water. I understand they want to make profit and sell snacks and drinks, but come on, charge you for water!? Seriously?!
Cons: NOTHING! I rather pay $100 more in an airline that has great CUSTOMER SERVICE and that in addition for not giving me a straight answer about how delayed is my damn flight AND taking one fu****ng hour to put the luggage in the carousel for the passengers! I hope they go out of business!!!!!! I know they lost mine and my whole family!

Cons: Paid for infant in seat not in lap and we had to hold the baby as they refused to give us a seat

Pros: The flight on time and the airplane new
Cons: The people on caunter very

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