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Snarky flight attendant needs a break since she is obviously appears burnt out.

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Snarky flight attendant needs a break since she is obviously appears burnt out.

Would have been nice to start boarding earlier considering how many families there were and how long it takes to load young babies/kids etc onto a plane.

Pros: "great everything!"
Cons: "I checked in last night for my flight and get to the airport early to check my bag but My seat Was given away because they said I did not check in, even though I went through security WITH MY BOARDING PASS. Then they Assign me a new seat and when I got on the flight, someone was in my seat"
Pros: "The fight was very professionally carried out."
Cons: "The gate agent hurried ineffectively to board our slightly delayed flight (around 10 min). She left open the Priority Lane and boarded all pax there, having to step 4 steps to the left to scan every boarding pass."
Pros: "Gogo in flight entertainment and WiFi worked well"
Cons: "Collect the trash sooner. Hot food options."
Pros: "It was ok"
Cons: "Seat the family together"
Cons: "Announcements were too loud in earphones (could damage ear drums) and entertainment was turned off while waiting 30 min for the gate to open."
Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "Snacks"
Cons: "Taxied at ORD for 45 minutes waiting for a gate to vacate."
Pros: "Delta service is always great!"
Pros: "The crew really kept us updated on the many delays."
Cons: "There were SO many delays and they kept changing. At one point we got on and off the plane."
Pros: "Crew were great, on time, helpful, friendly."
Pros: "Everything was good except boarding was delayed several times and even after everyone had boarded. We arrived 2 hours behind originally scheduled time as the result."
Cons: "Delta needs to try harder to minimize flight delays."
Cons: "Seats did not match seat map"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Flight was delayed 2 hours. Even though I had carry on, they checked it and this made me waste my time at baggage claim rather than gate checking. Flight attendants were miserable. Power supply didn’t work at seats."
Pros: "The seats were ok."
Cons: "The flight was delayed over 3 hours so I missed my connection in Chicago to Seattle. I’m now stick in Chicago overnight and have to be on a 6 am flight tomorrow. The Delta staff at LaGuaurdia was extremely rude and not helpful at all. Hate Delta......"
Pros: "Accurate arrival time"
Pros: "Amazing crew and clean cabin."
Pros: "the worst thing that I've traveled in my life I do not travel again by delta 3 hours without food and without taking or water we were not given that service is the worst its employees are a disaster"
Cons: "the worst thing that I've traveled in my life I do not travel again by delta 3 hours without food and without taking or water we were not given that service is the worst its employees are a disaster"
Cons: "Not enough seat room on plane. Hot not enough air flow"
Pros: "Cincinnati airport was clean and efficient"
Cons: "MCO airport gate was a mess and did not have easy access to charge phones."
Pros: "Boarding was quick and prices were fair"
Cons: "I sat next to a creepy intoxicated man during my flight and I was not helped out. When I first sat down he was speaking to me and trying to hit on me but I showed that I wasn’t interested. I didn’t even have to sit down to smell the alcohol on him. During the flight he tried to place his head on my shoulder and tried to get close to me. I was too worried to call for an attendant because he was intoxicated but when the attendants would come and offer us food I tried to make it clearly visible that I was anxious and uncomfortable and NOTHING. To make it worse they continued to serve him alcohol!!"
Cons: "Plane journey awful. Speaker had a loud buzzing noise all the time so never heard a word bad landing. Rattling plane Very cold."
Pros: "Waiting in the departure lounce was ok"
Cons: "Boarding was kind of stupid Delta is boarding in Zones and starts at the front instead of starting boarding passangers sitting at the back of the plane and moving forward NO they do it the wrong way and due to that boarding takes to long and makes you frustrated."
Pros: "Crew was friendly"
Cons: "Paid extra for Econ Comfort but still got a seat with no in flight entertainment and they provided no food/beverage services."
Pros: "The flight staff were very attentive and courteous. I was asleep when drinks were passed out. The stewardess went out of her way to get me a drink after I woke up."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "flight was on time..arrived early..friendly staff.."
Pros: "Nice upgrade since we didn’t have seats! Delta was a good flight but don’t ever wanna fly on Aeromexico again!"
Cons: "Had all my jewelry stolen from my luggage!"
Pros: "The airline itself did a good job."
Cons: "The Orlando terminal in Florida is the worst I have experienced. It's chaotic, the employees are extremely rude, there are no good restaurants, or stores, TSA is the worst at this airport. Avoid Orlando at all cost."
Pros: "Flight was good."
Cons: "we had a l long wait getting to the gate. Once we are the gate the delta staff had a hard time getting a wheelchair victim on the plane."
Pros: "I flew on a basic economy fare (I understand the restrictions) and was seated in Economy Comfort +, so that was appreciated."
Cons: "I could see on the Fly Delta app that I had been placed in seat 10B, but neither the app nor my boarding pass gave me a group to board with, so I assumed that I needed to board with group 3, which necessitated gate-checking my rollerboard bag. Only when I approached the gate to board did I notice on the info screen that I had been "upgraded" to Comfort + and granted boarding with the Sky Priority group. I wish this had been clearer so I could have avoided waiting to board and gate-checking my bag. Minor inconvenience but room for improvement on Delta's part."
Pros: "One crew member, young dark haired woman, was particularly accommodating. Male attendant was firm and funny."
Cons: "Typical cramped plane, too many planes going out of same gate are simultaneously"
Pros: "Love the hospitality and the staffs kindness"
Pros: "Service was quick"
Cons: "Flight attendants acted as though we were imposing. The service was quick though. If they had smiled at the passengers any, I would have given them 5 stars"
Pros: "This was not my original transfer flight but everyone was much nicer and helpful than serious and being rude. Love Delta, I did not flight United because I wouldn’t have met my United flight once landing in ATL. The Young African American woman who was at the gate was amazing and so reassuring that I would make my flight to Chicago. Would book Delta, just because of how nice she was to me."
Cons: "Too tight and seats not comfortable."
Cons: "The flight was an older crew , seem a bit rude sometimes especially during the beverage and meal services. Not all of the flight crew was like that, but the over all feeling existed."
Pros: "boarding process was good food was okay not great not bad entertainment was good flight attendants and service excellent"
Cons: "food could have been better but arriving to destination safely is most important"
Pros: "The Delta people were solicitous, efficient and brilliant the whole way through. We had not a bit of trouble. Our first class seats were comfortable, but with the supplied blanket, pillow and poor air conditioning it was a hot flight. The cabin personnel were wonderful as per usual, and my tasty gin and tonic soothed any discontent. I wish I could fly this way all the time!"
Cons: "The private contractor handling wheelchair assistance was terrible. A Delta employee theorized that they do not pay enough to attract and retain personnel. Our pre-arranged chair was not there, multiple calls by our Delta assistant finally got us a ride to the chair holding area, but after about 45 minutes we gave up and shuffled off to the security area on foot. Thank goodness my hubby is mobile enough for that to have been an option. When we abandoned our wait we were still 4th in line for an attendant to push the chair. If Delta has any responsibility in this it would be in the retention and compensation for the private contractor."
Pros: "The entertainment is good; several new movies"
Cons: "The dirty seats, the awful food and wine"
Pros: "Sitting in middle isle, just get elbowed a lot."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The crew was really friendly and helpful. The plane was really clean"
Cons: "The boarding process was too long, there was a lot of people. It was kinda a mess. The sit assignment for people who didn't have sit assign was slow."
Pros: "Airline stewards were very friendly and pleasant."
Cons: "We booked with Delta, but were put on Air France. Even though we had our boarding passes in hand we had to wait in long, slow line for baggage tags because they would not print from kiosk. There was minimal Air France staff on duty serving thousands of passengers during busy season (July). While the lines grew larger, the staff was reduced from 4 to 2. Another long, slow line for customs, another long slow line for security=Charles De Gaulle airport was awful. We arrived at the airport 4 hours before our departure time and got to our boarding gate with no time to spare."
Cons: "My status as elite plus was no considered to get a good seat or the chance to upgrade. The frequent flyer number from Aeromexico was not passed correctly to Delta aystem and it caused all these issues"
Pros: "What I liked: Sky Priority privilege came with separate luggage check-in queues and early boarding"
Cons: "What I disliked: Seats were too small No beverages or snacks offered No USB or power outlets available Three different groups board before Delta Comfort (e.g. those needing more time, travelers with children, first/business class) Didn't see the value compared to a less expensive main cabin ticket"
Pros: "The crew is always great. I liked the environment was cooler. It doesn't need to be refrigerator cold but keeping things on the cooler side is helpful."
Cons: "Boarding class and queuing for boarding is always a clusterf***. People will crowd the gate and board with the wrong class and that creates anxiety and leads to edginess. If a system could be worked out and enforced that would help."
Pros: "I was notified about the delay via text before I left for the airport, which was nice. I would not have checked my email."
Cons: "Delayed for over 2 hours. I have never flown Delta before this flight and it wasn't a great representation. The flight attendants were nice but I was in a seat near the engine and it was making really weird noises. I fly almost every two weeks, so I'm used to engine noises but this was one of the loudest/most rickety sounding flights I have ever been on.. and I have flown Spirit a few times. It just didn't feel safe. Landing scared me a little too as I have landed in O'Hare countless times and have never flown so low to the highway upon entry. It felt like we were only a couple hundred feet above the cars."
Cons: "Unnecessary flight cancellation. I had friends taking the same flight at the same time at the same airport from different airlines and they came through for their customers. I received no consolation it assistance with overnight accommodations."
Pros: "stewardess was exceptionally pleasant."

Checking bags and ticketing were a nightmare

Pros: "Entertainment system and extremely on tolime!"
Pros: "empty plane"
Cons: "food"
Cons: "Hour delay before departure; 30 minute delay after landing before we reached gate; 15 minute delay to get carry on bags!"
Cons: "Boarding slow"
Pros: "We didn’t crash and die. That’s the only positive."
Cons: "Before we boarded I listened to a couple described how they always went ahead in line at boarding because no one ever stopped them. They described how they waited until group 3 was called and then went right through. While we were waiting, we watched them do it again. If you need to cram people into tiny spaces to be profitable, then you cannot allow them to make it worse by putting back their seats. I spent 90 minutes with a seat back jammed into my chest. We were ignored when handing out snacks, probably because we were invisible behind the seats pushed in our faces. It was one of the most miserable flights I’ve experienced."
Cons: "Weather delay 5 hours"
Pros: "Great first class cabin crew."
Pros: "Attentive crew. Traveling with 2 seniors in their 80’s. Thank you."
Cons: "Nothing. Perfect."
Cons: "Boarding was a hassle and the plane was extremely uncomfortable for a 4 hour flight"
Cons: "British Airways flight was carried by American Airlines. Planes were late, boarded one plane from the tarmac with no explanation, gate was changed 5 times without announcements. Will never fly American Airlines again!"
Cons: "One of the seats in fseat"
Cons: "The DVD/ movies was having an issue.., couldn’t play.. I had to ask to have it reset a few times."
Pros: "Crew was great. Made sure I made my connection. Even tried to get me a better placement so I could quickly exit and head to my next flight."
Cons: "It wa super cold on my second flight. Small plane, rather loud."
Cons: "As a handicaped disabled not able to walk and should be using a wheel chair,as I know from my many previous travels with other companies like lufthanza, klm..etc, I used to be the first traveller to go to the air craft when loading it to take off and the last one who would be leaving it after landing. Even when going through the check and security points I used to go in a special route especially for the handicaped but going with all other normal travelers lines with such amount of time waiting and crowdness is completely inconvenient. what happened through the trip was quit different , going with the travelers or after when they are boarding the craft make it very hard and time consuming , Wish you take care of it, as it's a very important handicaped service. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight was delayed 40 minutes but then they intentionally lied to the passenger's and boarded the airport to tell them they will be moving away from the gate and park for 1.5 hours. Sneakly little unethical you know what ."
Pros: "Quick boarding"
Cons: "Before the flight boarded the crew had to be paved. They were busy chatting at a different gate while the whole flight had to wait for them. No sense of urgency. Very unprofessional. We had the front seat in first class. All night long the crew were talking loudly- difficult to sleep. They should be conscious of the passengers"
Pros: "I liked the room."
Cons: "There was no entertainment. Could not get seats together."
Pros: "Crew was nice."
Cons: "Having to check my carryon even though I was in the 12th row. I saw some passengers putting two items in the overhead, which makes it unfair to others."
Pros: "Flight was comfortable and enjoyable. Entertainment was great lots of films to choose. Service by the flight crew was excellent"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Pilot kept informing us what was happening..."
Cons: "Plane already late, then 15 minute taxi, then they could not drive the walkway up to us correctly so another 10 minutes wasted. We missed our connecting flight... rescheduled with different airlines much later. Missed a whole day out of our three day visit. Airline travel at its normal worst!"
Pros: "This was a nighmare!"
Cons: "My flight Paris/London/Manchester?Chicago was the mos impleasant experience I ever had. On July the flight was schedule for then delayed for two hours because of a fire, other passengers said, in London. At around 11pm, we were asked to line up for boarding. We stayed on line for an hour and fnally to be told the flight was cancelled. We were treated less than animals by British Airway. No ACCOMODATION!!!!!!!! No ACCOMODATION!!!!!!! We slept on benches at the airport. To be fair to you, I will not recommend British Airway to anyone."
Pros: "The comfort of the plane and the continued update on my flight delay."
Cons: "The flight was delayed but no fault of American."
Cons: "The vegetarian meal is always vegan, I miss the dairy :("
Pros: "The flight entertainment is really nice."
Cons: "Boarding seemed very chaotic as staff tried to get people to check bags at the last minute. My chair would not decline properly."
Pros: "Entertainment on screens"
Cons: "The gate agent made us starting in boarding group 6 out of 9 to check sizes of bags in the size box and she got into a verbal fight with another passenger. One guy told her she could board but the gate agent said no it didn't fit and she couldn't board. Then the agent claimed she had to gate check her bag and claimed there were no overhead spaces left. So everyone after that had to gate check. When I boarded there were at least 8 empty bins and I had not even gotten to my seat in row 22. The gate agent lied and slowed down the entire boarding process because she want to win a fight and show dominance over a passenger."
Pros: "The staff was great smooth flight"
Pros: "Fast reliable two thumbs up!!!"
Pros: "Great aircraft, UK staff kindly assisted to get us family seating near each other"
Cons: "A passenger caused a delay in security, and as I'm rushing for the gate, the agent closed the door and told me I couldn't board. She then marked me as a no-show, while she was standing right next front of her. I had to spend the next 4 hrs on the phone, trying to get my tickets sorted out. Then, upon arriving at Heathrow,... No luggage. They told me it was still in Chicago. Upon finally receiving my bags, I find them full of sawdust and sand, and several items damaged. I will NEVER fly American Airlines again, and I will highly recommend to my friends and family to avoid them like them plague. Horrible service! Nothing but a run-around and not once did the agents apologise, even after admitting that my problems on this journey were due to a mistake made by one of their agents."
Cons: "The only complaint I have is our bags getting lost twice. I’m very understanding that these things happen. But for it to happen twice seems like people might be careless to the problem."
Cons: "The crew waited until we where onboard about to leave to defrost the wings, making us 50 min late. Half of the plane missed their connecting flights"
Pros: "Easy and smooth flight."
Pros: "No complaints. A smooth flight. Met my expectations. Would fly American again."
Pros: "Current movie selections"
Cons: "The seats are cramped. They served the final meal very close to the actual landing. The legroom is not comfortable enough for an average size adult. i asked the attendant at the gate for a seat change but never heard back."
Pros: "Crew fantastic , food good"
Cons: "Limited seat space"
Pros: "Seats were more spacious and a representative was great about helping us find seats close together for a party of 4 that had originally been split up."
Cons: "No sort of real line before boarding. Other customers were getting in who had numbers that were not yet called. Staff at the inside gatealso gave very short answers."
Pros: "Boarding and flight were on time."
Pros: "Nothing it did not exist"
Cons: "You cancelled my flight without telling me"
Pros: "To be fair. The flight is only 50 minutes. By th time you get a drink it's time to land. It is completely unfair to the staff to have to do that. A flight like that. Have a box with a snack and some coolers that have 5 different beverages. I wouldn't even sell booze. I person can hold out for a flight that shot to get one on the connection or in the terminal."
Cons: "It's always a cramped flight. Nothing to be done except use a bigger, more spacious plane. The good thing is it's the fastest way to get to Chicago from where I lived it would take 6hrs by car."
Pros: "Nice modern plane. Even though the flight was delayed, we ended up boarding earlier than expected and arrived pretty close to our original expected arrival time."
Cons: "The crew was nice and everything, but they weren't very good at making announcements on the loudspeaker. You could tell they didn't really know what they were saying or haven't practiced. One lady was trying to make a sales pitch for a new master card and you could tell she was reading and there were long pauses. My sense is that when using the loudspeaker to talk to the entire flight, one should be practiced and know what they're saying and communicate quickly and efficiently. Don't mean to be critical, but it's something that I noticed that could be improved."
Pros: "i like the wifi internet that AA provided. Great movies"
Cons: "The flight attendants were highly rude and i felt as if i was discriminated on. I was sitting in the back and the flight attendant who was suppose to assist us made us feel like i was a bother to her. First of all she just rudly dropped biscuits on my table didnt ask if i wanted and then I had to ask her for coffee, she didnt ask me if i wanted something to drink. Finally she brought my daughter and I some coffee. i ask for sugar and she said im very busy you have to wait....eventually she gave me one packet of sugar. I had to ask for another sugar for my daughter , so when i ask she gets upset and tells me i have to wait but there as a white who ask for assistance and she was very polite to her."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Nothing was together, missed connection. Had to buy a hotel in Phoenix"
Cons: "They had no record of this portion of my trip, after a few people checked they found the Chicago to Ammon part so they added me onto a flight from Washington to Chicago. All should of went well from there but they sent me to the wrong gate. Luckily I just made it to the correct gate for boarding. Upon arriving at Chicago there was no one available to provide information on how to get to Royal Jordanian gates. Also on my AA portion of my flight coming into The U S in New York the flight was cancelled and I was told the next flight Available was next day (18hr delay) at the other NY airport. I had to have someone drive from D.C. (My destination) to pick me up"
Pros: "The staff were amazing. Very accommodating and with great dispositions. Boarding was easy."
Cons: "For an international flight the seats were extremely tiny and the plane itself only had a few tv screens posted in the middle of the plane so everyone had to watch the same thing."
Pros: "I thought the crew was friendly and the food was pretty good."
Cons: "The plane did not have personal TVs, which means they showed a handful of bad movies overhead and on a nine hour flight, it's hard not to be able to pick a movie or pick a TV show."
Cons: "Plane was very warm upon boarding due to issues with auxiliary cooling but informed it would change as engines turned on . I sat in row 20 and it was very cold during flight. Flight attendant inquired about comfort. It improved for about 10 minutes and returned to cold state . Noticed that one attendant put on some kind of jacket due to coldness . Nearby passengers retrieved blankets from their carry on baggage. Glad I had at least a light jacket to throw over me and that my legs were partially covered. Guess it's better to be too cool than too hot. Otherwise. It was s great flight ."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "That it got cancelled"
Pros: "The air stewardess was friendly and courteous, the meal were tasty and sufficient."
Cons: "The flight came in early but we had to wait over thirty minutes for luggage to arrive."
Cons: "Then take different fly from Florida to NC then waiting another fly at 5:45 pm to Dallas at 8:45pm. My fly should be 1:30 to Dallas 4:30pm non stop, that day we have appointments 8Pm. End up we back to Dallas 9Pm is bad. If we waiting for fly from 8Pm delay we may be home or be home at midnight time that is very bad."
Cons: "We were delayed four hours"
Pros: "Crew was amazing. Boarding was perfect."
Cons: "Rough turbulence, unfortunately nothing to do with the airline."
Pros: "Premium Plus seating"
Cons: "I wish the WiFi worked better and did not break down."
Pros: "Everything perfect"
Cons: "The only issue that would have improved the trip would be if tickets were free Lol"
Cons: "I had kids kicking the back my chair & rude Passengers Florida to Chicago. Then connect to other flight from Chicago to Madison & the thing but, different passengers!"
Pros: "The crew was great despite the delay."
Cons: "United lost my bags, flight itself was standard."
Pros: "Entertainment is excellent!"
Cons: "Seats are very close together but the flight is short"
Pros: "The check in process at LAX was very efficient and smooth. and the crew on the plane was very considerate. And the tv system on some of the planes is very enjoyable."
Cons: "There was a technical issue on the plane so they had us get off and wait hoping they could fix the problem. It turned into a 3 hour wait. They covered a meal for us which was good and gave us $50 off our next flight. But I’m not sure I want to book united again. The lady at the service desk was not very patient (which is understandable since a loy of people had to rebook their connecting flights). But I was smiling at her and just asking how to go about changing our connecting flights and she seemed a little bit ready to get rid of me. And the next plane we got on, one of our tv screens didn’t work. And the connecting flight was delayed also because of a technical problem."
Pros: "Seating was great 11F , I will always attempt to get that seat"
Pros: "Direct flight on time. The gate person help us with seat assignments."
Cons: "All the charges."
Pros: "Everything went smoothly. The attendants were diligent.the gate areas were comfortable. Check in was easy, and help was standing by for any issues."
Pros: "So kind"
Cons: "Wish everyone was like her"
Pros: "Mebbe UA learned its lesson after being skewed for a couple of customer horror stories. My domestic flight from MCO to ORD was entirely pleasant. The plane left on time & arrived on time. I noticed quite a few airport employees at O’Hare had a chip on their shoulders, as if they hated their job but needed it to live. There’s better jobs out there if you don’t like dealing w the public."
Pros: "I loved the stroopwaffle snack with my tea."
Cons: "I don't want to have to download an app for a service I don't use but every few months."
Pros: "In-flight entertainment. Recycling."
Cons: "Sat at ORD for 30 minutes on runway."
Pros: "Boarding was pretty fast and staff was nice."
Cons: "Probably the most uncomfortable seats Ive ever sat in on a plane."
Pros: "Refreshing to be on a flight that is not jam packed and it's still going where it needs to go. There was also more leg room. Very pleased!"
Pros: "The pretty airline girl"
Cons: "The kid who screamed for 2 hours straight. I know this is not uniteds fault."
Pros: "Everything went well on the two flight legs.. I just may subcontiously book UA flights to get more of those Dutch stlye cookies!"
Pros: "Comfortable seats, pleasant crew"
Cons: "The flight was over 3 hours delayed (we took off later than we were planned to arrive). The boarding process was very long with frequent delays. There was no sense of urgency to board quickly. Once we were boarded we sat at the sky bridge for another 10-15 minutes before departing."
Pros: "The hostess upgraded our tickets to accommodate a family, she moved my husband and I towards the front not together but that's ok because he always sleeps the whole trip and we were only a row apart.FREE WIFI."
Cons: "Actually not a thing, the flight attendants were all wonderful."
Pros: "The flight crew were friendly enough. Space in the overhead cabin was adequate. The seats were fairly comfy. And I liked that there were power outlets for passeners to use."
Cons: "There"
Pros: "The boarding was fast"
Cons: "The seats were too crowded and not comfortable even for only 3 hours flight."
Pros: "The captain landed us safely"
Cons: "United employee working by the kiosk's was rude and totally UN-helpful. Told me to find someone else to help me. So I did and she was great, took a whole minute to do what needed to be done. Said that the rude employee was like that EVERY day w customers. I said, time to get rid of that employee! Then....a fuel spill, then unload people who were on the plane, then talk of cancelling, then ok to start boarding again. Late leaving, late arriving. snack mix and direct tv to apologize. Big deal! Poor management for a monopoly company."
Cons: "The boarding process"
Pros: "Great service from take off to touch down!"
Cons: "No vhangibg table in 1st class cabin bathroom!"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Two and one-half hour delay. Economy seats on their 757 are tighter and narrower then the 757 that we flew on with American"
Pros: "Arrived on time and early"
Pros: "I loved the Direct TV access and my flight attendant was lovely."
Cons: "I don't like flying, but this was almost without any anxiety"
Pros: "Got to flight on time"
Cons: "Everything good"
Pros: "Nice new plane"
Cons: "Flight delayed and missed connection. Cost me a day of work"
Pros: "Typical airline experience. I would rate 90% of my flights the same way."
Cons: "Seats are always to close together for me st six foot three and I hate the serious upsell to pay extra for a slightly larger seat."
Pros: "Poor. They forced me to check my luggage bag and now it is broken."
Pros: "The pilot continued to interrupt our flight home. Watching movies, 4-5 hours his overrides of loud, loud announcement were useless. Trying to take a nap, dark, early evening. We at 29,000 feet, we're ahead of schedule, we are going to arrive 30 minutes early. Then we arrive early sit on the tarmac, because guess what was at our gate; ANOTHER AIRPLANE! All his rushing and interruption were a waste. The ground team had him wait 200 feet away from the gate for another period of time. We arrived three to five minutes early, at 7:30 PM. Very unpleasant flight."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight attendant moved me to the back of the plane even though I got on the plane when boarding closed. There was an empty row in the front so there's no reason to move to the back just because that's my seat."
Cons: "It was so great you idiots didn't realize that we cancelled this flight for a refund"
Pros: "Great crew. On time. Very polite."
Cons: "Small seats. Tight."
Pros: "Aisle seat made it tokerable"
Cons: "Crew seemed grumpy and not happy to be working. Snacks was small bag of mix and no choice."
Pros: "The captain was especially friendly and considerate with the guests. The flight crew otherwise just seemed very routine."
Cons: "I booked in coach so overall the experience was pretty much what I expected."
Pros: "Every thing went smooth and everyone was great to me."
Cons: "Nothing this trip. Why didn't I get a survey about that ? It was through Kayak also. That was the trip from HELL!"
Cons: "The flight attendants looked like they just rolled out of bed - messy twists and even Miley Cyrus buns on one. What happened to having a bit of pride in your appearance?"
Cons: "Flight delayed for almost 3 hrs for "plane maintenance". Shouldn't they have done that beforehand??"
Pros: "Great service"
Cons: "Assent into Lincoln faster than usual pilot did not get to see pilot."
Pros: "Poor food selection, did not have sandwiches offered"
Cons: "Jolting, too fast landing"
Pros: "We didn't crash"
Cons: "The gate attendant reopened the plane for the man in front of me because he had one book bag and refused to let me on because I had two. The room and taxi voucher were adequate. But $30 in food vouchers doesn't get you very far in an airport. Also that's just enough to survive the lay over that was caused by your maintenance issues. Your attendant then tried to put me on standby all day the following day with a guaranteed flight at 8pm. I then asked him to check other airlines and was able to get an 8am one. The sheer lack of customer service is impressive. PS if your airline screws up, the least I deserve is a seat upgrade or some free sky mile points."
Cons: "United delayed the flight. This information became available about an hour in advance- well after we drove two hours (We live in Montana) to get to the airport. The attendants said / not our problem. I called United's Customer Service number to discuss ways of mediating the delay that resulted in us missing the wedding venue and entire reason we booked the $1400 flight. I again got a "not my problem" response- no the flights can be modified, no we will not provide vouchers, no we really don't care that our poor quality and service cost you and your family tremendously in time, effort, and lost memories. I know we are at the mercy of airlines, but what a painful disappointment. My experience with Delta has been better and I suggest avoiding United Airlines if other flight options exist.... Even consider a very long drive over the use of the airline."
Pros: "Crew and workers were all pleasant and polite"
Cons: "United knows they can't fly into Orange County after curfew. This was handled terrible. After 4 delays. All weather related we were finally boarded. Yay hope. Not even to our destination. Boarded to LAX. Now we are seated. The announcement pilots won't fly. No. It is illegal for them to fly. Why not tell customers. Don't blame pilots. Also you know the rules why board us. Even if we flew we still needed a two hour ride to SNA. It was sheer luck I called and was told another flight leaving in 8 min at gate 14 ten gates away. My running to catch that flight was not good. I made it panting. Arrived in LAX at 2:00 a m Not my destination. If nothing else people should be compensated by United don't you think?"

The flight was delayed several times & left over an hour late

Cons: "Having to stand in line for 1 1/2 hours just to drop off a previously purchased checked bag is outrageous! There were no staff available to direct the crowds or answer questions and there were only 2 attendants available to check in people and their bags. Your staff was overworked but very rude! You know how many people are flying on your planes why were you so inadequately staffed???"
Cons: "3 1/2 hour delay. It wasnt due to weather because they started notifying us 10 hours before the flight that it was going to be delayed.. Got home at 5:30 am, had to get up for work at 6:30 am. Would really like 3.5 hours of sleep back."
Cons: "The plane was delayed due to “maintenance” but no explanation was given as to why."
Pros: "Nothing, they cancelled my flight a day in advance."
Cons: "They could have: 1) flown a plane in like other airlines 2) put me on another airline since they were unwilling to hold up their end of the agreement themselves."
Pros: "The flight was nice and comfortable I haven't been on a plane since 2005 so I'm happy!!!! Thanks"
Cons: "Prices of snacks are to expensive maybe some real food like pizza, hot dogs etc....... And the charge for luggage is ridiculous $45 is alot for one bag even more if you have two or three bags whether it's carry on or the other it's still $45 and that's to much. Thanks!!!!!"
Pros: "Friendly flight attendants"
Cons: "Delay in departing, but seemed to make up time in the air and landed on time."
Pros: "Crew was great. Price was good."
Cons: "Frontier saves money by not having free snacks or in flight entertainment. Bring your own snacks."
Pros: "I like the price. The flight attendants wereally friendly, professional and helpful."
Cons: "The seats were very uncomfortable and space was extremely tight."
Pros: "All was adequate. Flight was on-time"
Cons: "Canceled on us last minute. Haven’t got refund and it inconvenienced us for the reason we were going. Had to find and pay for another flight on another airline to insure we got there. And that flight was awful. I was nervous about flying and this made my anxiety even worse"
Pros: "If mom and kids got a ticket same day( bought). Why u people placing them zone 1 for mom and son for zone 3. Florida to Chicago they hold my son. They let me go. Chicago to Florida they let us go together. It was very upsetting."
Cons: "Boarding time announcement seems like the person doesn't want to anybody in the plane."
Pros: "Friendly staff, easy boarding process, good seats"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Poor service"
Cons: "Poor service"
Cons: "Worse check in ever. Fly any other carrier. Extra money is well worth it"
Pros: "Flight was on time. All but one crew member were pleasant and professional. Low cost initial fare, but..."
Cons: "Relatively short flight made absence of beverage and food/snack sufferable (without paying high end bar prices for for snack or drink). Paid for reasonable leg room, carry-ons and a checked bag. So, after all those fees, flight cost was average."
Cons: "They charge for carry ons. They charge for water. The seats are plastic with no leg room and not enough room to put both arms on the rests at the same time. The seat trays a a third of the normal size, about the size of my iPhone. The flight was delayed for over two hours and no one seemed to know why. Even the pilots announced they had no idea. At the gate, the info screens were all wrong, for instance my flight was showing I was going to San Francisco when I was actually going to Chicago. The plane creaked and groaned and truly made me feel unsafe. I will never ever fly with them again."
Pros: "No upsell pressure. I flew out on Spirit and back on Frontier. Both tickets were about the same price; both flights were at about the same time of day, and were filled about the same (almost full). But the experience with Spirit was atrocious. They take every opportunity to upsell on their website and at the kiosk (Frontier upsells too, but modestly and not in-my-face). The boarding area was messy and the boarding process was rushed and disorganized (Frontier's was...normal). And the Spirit crew was surly and unhelpful (again, the Frontier crew was...normal). Frontier is everything I expect in a cheap ticket: just plain, normal, pleasant, service."
Cons: "The seats are painful -- hard, don't recline, too close together, too little space underneath, no power outlets."
Pros: "Comfortable smooth ride."
Cons: "Baggage claim takes forever. Waited almost an hour after getting off plane. That is unacceptable. Missed my bus. This has happened both times I've flowned Frontier to Chicago. After 3 hour flight that's brutal. Won't fly Frontier with checked bags again."
Pros: "Flight was good"
Cons: "Baggage claim was very slow"
Cons: "Seats were horrible"
Cons: "We didn't like that it cost so much for baggage wether you checked it or carried it on, when there's other airlines that don't charge at all or at least only charge for checked baggage. We didn't like the fact that they charge for all food and drink and don't even offer a complimentary beverage like most other airlines."
Pros: "Prompt service"
Cons: "Crew playing with someone's glasses that they found."
Pros: "Very good"
Pros: "Staff was nice"
Cons: "We got charged for carry on.... and it cost $5 less to check in but they took forever at baggage claim."
Pros: "Plane was newer."
Cons: "New plane lacked WiFi capabilities. Charged for seats, carry on or checked luggage, drinks and no snacks."
Pros: "The staff was very friendly."
Cons: "Seats were very uncomfortable."
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "No special boarding in MO for handicapped Crew was bitchy entire flight Upon landing, waited 20mins for an available gate (our flight wasn't early)"
Pros: "We had an amazing experience. Our way back home was even better. The staff made sure we were comfortable. We especially enjoyed Demetrius' company. He was very nice and so eager to assist."
Pros: "Safe flight"
Cons: "Flight was late Crew was less than friendly-Samie was the only one who smiled Hard to rate food and entertainment when there was none"
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "No problems"
Cons: "The flight was delayed an hour and only gave the information one time after it was past the time of boarding."
Cons: "Keep in min someone else bought my ticket. However, is was ridiculously priced. Then you have to pay for carry on bag which is ridiculous and costs more than a checked bag. On the flight there were no tvs. No big deal because I don't feel like giving them more money. However, you don't even get water or anything to drink. So I sat there suffering with a dry throat the entire time. My friend asked for a cup of ice and they wanted $2. On top of that we hoarded the plane well after we were supposed to be already in the air."
Pros: "Theattendants were very nice."
Cons: "My flight was delayed for many hours. Frontier did give me a voucher for the delays everyone on the flight had to deal with."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "First of all they charge for the seat, once we bought the tickets then they charge more money for the carry on bag than than the check on bag. That's crazy never again I'll buy from frontier. Once we arrived we took more than half hour to get to the gate. My husban had a panic attack because it took way toooo long"
Pros: "Plane is very nice"
Cons: "Too expensive fee for the baggage"
Pros: "Everything went smoothly"
Cons: "Paying for drinks and having to tip too. We are getting nickeled and dumped to death and it makes traveling so expensive."
Cons: "After we added carry on prices we would have been better if with a top brand flight. Not comfortable."
Cons: "Paid extra for "upgrade" & the flight attendant still thought it proper to want to charge me $5 for a btl of water. I told her no, I didn't want a btl just give me 4 cups of water! Problem solved!! All this Penny pinching is sickening!"
Pros: "On Time"
Cons: "That i Had to pay 80$ for my luggage."
Pros: "I like the customer service. Keep that up if you plan to survive."
Cons: "You have to pay additional for everything. Even a cup a water. This is surely a determining factor for people who will decide to choose another airline who for $10-$30 more get complimentary drinks and carry on bags included. Something really does need to get reevaluated here."
Pros: "The flight landed early."
Cons: "We spent 15 minutes taxi-ing off and on the runway. Baggage was sent out 27 minutes after passengers left the aircraft. My seat was at the end of the aircraft, and I had to pay extra for that, and had sticky gum all over it. When I told the flight attendant, she said, oh no, really? The flight attendant did nothing to help me be reaseated or clean my seat. After a passenger vomited, the flight attendant did not help the passenger by providing anything to cleanup. The aircraft stank of vomit as we sat in the runway for 15 minutes. The flight attendants woke me up to sell their credit card, but not to provide refreshments/water. The announcements went on for over 10 munutes. My seat was surrounded by screaming and crying infants and nothing was done to help those mothers calm their children down. The seats had very little leg room for anyone my height and taller (5'9"), despite having to pay for the seat. I will not fly Frontier ever again. The upfront low price doesn't reflect the baggage, carry-on, and seat add-on fees, so it's very deceiving."
Cons: "The lines to check a bag were outrageous and security check was the same."
Pros: "day 1 flight from mco to ord time 555 pm fine but next day when i wanted to return home i got blasted with a message that i was secheduled for early take off at 555 i had no idea that my flite home was at 555am somewhere i screwes up ,"
Cons: "next day i went to ohare at 330pm and wanted to log in for my flite home as far as i knew time was the same 555 but this turned into 555am which i had no need for at the sales desk they gave me a new ticket for the next morning at 555am and i got a window seat in row 70 after an hour of being squesed in the seat and when i told the stewerdessi was a disabled vet she took me up front in row 7 there were 6 empty seats on hand with extra foot room and i could stretch out my injured leg i spent 15 hours in side the airport but i did get a cot and a pillow and blanket this saved my day"
Pros: "Clean plane, good crew. Always glad to land normally."
Cons: "Some small snack included? Wish we didn't have to pay for a carryon."
Pros: "Boarding was very fast and smooth. The flight was very lightly filled so guests were allowed to sit wherever they wanted. The flight staff was very friendly and the plane was clean. The plane landed earlier than scheduled at the destination and we were able to exit the plane immediately."
Cons: "Seats are uncomfortable, no complimentary snack or even drink. I was aware that guests are charged for carry-ons, so I planned ahead and packed all of my belongings in an under the seat carry on."
Pros: "Staff was friendly"
Cons: "Baggage costs are excessive, seating costs are excessive, cost for soda is ridiculous."
Pros: "The crew was very pleasant. The young lady who served me the drink/snack was so sweet, and the pilot(s) were informative about the taxi times and weather forecasts. Each time I flew, they were on-time with boarding everyone."
Cons: "I don't like that they don't offer a free beverage during the flight. I believe the water is free, but you have to pay for a soft drink. I can totally understand a charge for alcoholic beverages and snacks, but c'mon... Additionally, the boarding process for my return flight was a bit disorganized. Instead of asking for one Zone at a time, like they did the first time I flew, they asked for Zone 1... then said, "Zone 1, 2, and 3." This made everyone rush up and clutter the area around the gate. That was silly of them to call all the Zones at the same time."
Cons: "It wasn't the flight although it very tight quarters. Also had to pay more for carry on baggage and also had to pay for the check in baggage therefore, I had to pay $85. more than I expected. I wanted to rent a car. I had never rented a car before. Expedia rented my car at 10 am and I didn't get to Orlando until 11 pm. They had already rented my car, so they charged for a bigger car. The ol bate and switch. I was in a pickle, so instead of paying $57. I had to pay $238. Therefore my inexpensive trip sure was very expensive."
Cons: "PAYING FOR A CARRY-ON?! That's bad form. Paying for sit down after we have already bought tickets? Just be up front with your costs. Thankfully I called the airline and was told if I didn't pay for a seat, one would be assigned for me on my boarding pass. I was not going to pay even more to actually sit on the flight. Two flight attendants ignored me and when they came to our seats they wouldn't even look at me when I smiled at them and was curious about food. I saw it done to other passengers too. I was extremely disappointed by that. Furthermore, Frontier needs to know how long the flight is going to be. Don't be guessing and then be surprised there is no gate available for you. I was told the flight will be 3 hours and it was advertised as such. In the end it was only 2. That in itself is fine, but where was the organization of the company when planning the flight, especially since the flight itself was smooth overall. I just found it weird. The seats were nice and clean. At least the captain updated us when he could. That, I appreciated. Overall, not the best airline but they'll safely get you fro point A to point B and for that I am thankful."

Low cost flight. The plane had all the passengers waiting on the tarmac for over 2 hours! The offered no food or drink to compensate for the delay. Also, the pilot did not give enough updates on the delay leaving many of the passengers wondering what was going on and when they were actually going to be able to get off the plane.

The flight was as expected. Some of the flight attendants were very rude to the passengers which is one reason why I would not recommend Spirit to anyone.

Everything and everyone was great except one flight attendant Cindi. She was rude and disrespectful. She needs some customer service skills and I will be writing a corporate complaint on her. It’s not what you say but how you say it.

Very bad WiFi connection...The food always is best FREE...

Pros: "Quick and flawless despite a busy airport in Orlando."
Pros: "Comfortable"
Cons: "Serve drinking water as soon as we board"
Pros: "every single person was nice and helpful. I had a question about seats and wasn't talked down to. it was nice"
Cons: "Lost my suitcase and customer service for it was AWFUL. Impatient people at the counter who wrote my info and supposedly I was to get a confirmation email that never came. Luggage never showed. Now I can’t even get in touch with a live human to talk to them about it. Will NEVER take this airline ever again."
Cons: "Charged me 56 $ for my hand bag,never been charged before for the same bag what I had with me the only one I had"
Pros: "The seats were very comfortable, I upgraded to their “Big” seats."
Cons: "I didn’t particularly care for the 9hr departure delay, but that’s the risk you take while flying."
Cons: "Family of 5 of infant and toddler did not sit together."
Cons: "When i checked in I was told that i could take my one paid for ( at check in prices) through the security and down the gate...they had put a green less then 3 people said wait right here when you de plane your bag will come up on ramp ...NOT baggage claim I waited 1/2 an hour before I was informed my bag was now in baggage claim.... Meaning run my butt of get my bag go to check in again through security to board another flight. and no help from this airlines I did make my connection.... really poor to say you will do something then totally screw up."
Pros: "Flight was on time departing and arrival..."
Cons: "Could not lean back in the seats...but the flight was quick so that negates that."
Cons: "Was on time"
Pros: "Our flight attendant Carmen was Amazing!!"
Cons: "The seats are way to narrow. Kept bumping my neighbor."
Pros: "are flight was on time,the crew was great, very friendly."
Cons: "you pay too much for have to make the seat more comfortable."
Pros: "staff was courteous and plane was neat and clean. a very visible improvement on seating. overall good experience."
Cons: "if bags are allowed this would be the most effective airline in America. Also add more destinations."
Pros: "My flight was delayed twice. The flight to Detroit was leaving from a gate nearby. Since my final destination was in Michigan, I asked to be transferred to the Detroit flight, since I would not make my connecting flight to Flint because of delays. The gate agents were wonderful. With 4 minutes before boarding closed, they switched me from the Chicago to the Flint flight, without complaint or additional cost. Very much appreciated!"
Cons: "The initial email regarding the flight delay came before 7 am, the second less than an hour before boarding. The gate agents didn't know about the second delay until they were informed by passengers receiving the email."
Cons: "I sat in seat 7c I had two your girls beside me and they never stopped causing trouble for the whole flight, their mother was sitting on the seat in front of us and she never opened her mouth, they flight staff should of moved me to a different seat but they didn't, it was an absolute disgrace ."
Cons: "Canceled my flight home to my kids and all they offered me was a muffin and $21 toward a hotel, transportatio, and food. Luckily I had friends to stay with otherwise I would've had to sleep at the airport. Didn't refund anything."
Pros: "If you don't need a lot of luggage, and can go on a week trip with only a small duffle bag, the price is unbeatable."
Cons: "The seats didn't recline and were kind of uncomfortable. My flight to Orlando was delayed, but the wheather was bad so that is understandable..."
Pros: "Absolutely no problemsuch with the flight!"
Pros: "Positive attitudes"
Cons: "I had to pay for my luggage which I'm use to carry on being free ..... stewardesses ugly...."
Pros: "The crew were awesome"
Pros: "didn't die in a plane crash"
Cons: "Flights both ways delayed more than 2 hours both ways WITHOUT notification, compensation, or explanation, even when queried. I was forced to reschedule my car rental for twice the price due to tardiness. "Randomly selected" our flight to be security checked FOR A SECOND TIME AT THE GATE, and then my girlfriend was innappropriately molested for some reason by a tsa agent. I fly all the time and this was the first time this has ever happened. No service, still very expensive, dirty seats. I will NEVER be flying spirit again."
Pros: "We were delayed but the crew worked very hard to get us there on time, it was much appreciate!"
Pros: "Very friendly and direct. All employees very courteous"
Pros: "No delays caused by the Spirit Airlines."
Cons: "Seats lack lumbar support, leaving me quite a bit sore."
Pros: "That the plane didn't crash"
Cons: "Everything. This airline was just terrible. A number of hidden fees, unfriendly and unhelpful staff, dirty airplane. My flight was canceled and when I asked for help finding a new flight home, the staff memeber cursed at me and left me in tears. I will never fly spirit again."
Pros: "I didn't die, but then again I haven't flown yet..."
Cons: "You name it they gave our plane to another flight. Never again with spirit it's not worth the headache"
Pros: "Flight on time. On line boarding process straightforward and made process at the airport smoother. Staff courteous. Ability to choose my seat in advance also appreciated."
Cons: "Wish seats reclined some on flights I was on."
Pros: "The flight crew was great"
Cons: "About 6 people on my flight had been double seated or sold a ticket for a seat that did not exist. How can that even happen?? Luckily the crew was able to resolve the issue quickly. If all the seats had been sold for the plane, someone wouldn't have had a seat. On top of that, there was no exit gate when we landed, despite driving around for an extra 20 minutes. It's a small plane company, but things need to be more organized."
Pros: "Check in was almost no hassle and boarding was efficient."
Cons: "No free pretzels"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Delayed 3 times Felt abaondon by the airlines Horrrible customer service"
Pros: "Food vouchers for delay, that's it."
Cons: "The flight was delayed twice and the customer service was horrible."
Pros: "Nothing except for the busy supervisor on the ground who tried to help me with the catastrophic service! (Normally will get a refund)"
Cons: "Last minute cancellation Poor options Most people from the company not very customer centric Bad bad bad we just managed to buy a ticket at AA extra price on time"
Pros: "seats up front."
Cons: "long wait to retrieve our luggage at airport."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Costumer service is really bad.. They treat the passenger with no respect ..."
Pros: "The pilot had a funny sense of humor"
Cons: "The rows of seats were to close together"
Pros: "You can tell the planes have been updated and they were comfortable."
Cons: "All of the joking done by the stewards on the overhead microphone. Too many jokes and their content, it wasn't funny at that point it was unprofessional. Super disappointed about having my luggage left at my city of origin and the earliest I was offered to get it returned was in 24 hours! So I'm in a new city with no clothes at all and the rest of my continents that were in my suitcase. Arranging to have the suitcase dropped off is not enough to counter the worry and financial inconvenience that comes with not having your stuff. I am thoroughly disappointed and will never fly with spirit again"
Pros: "Nothing - it was cancelled and I missed my trip."
Cons: "Terrible service only one flight a day."
Pros: "The seats and legroom were good, even though the seats don't recline."
Cons: "This is just their business model but I don't like being charged for a carry on bag or paying for water on a flight."
Cons: "Had to cancel. Didn't get any credit for future use even. Not happy."
Pros: "seat space"
Cons: "Our family was separated on different flights and we had to pay an additional $251 to get our minor daughter moved to our flight."
Cons: "5 hour delay to my return flight"
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "The prices, bag charge!!!"
Cons: "Nothing to do with Spirit. MCO security was a huge cluster. I arrived 2 hours prior and by the time I got to the gate the flight was bording. They need help."
Pros: "Nothing/"
Cons: "Flight was delayed about an hour, charged extra for seats, charged extra for luggage, long line through TSA, uncomfortable seats, etc., etc., Miserable experience"
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Safety measures for airlines flying from Orlando to Chicago O'Hare Airport

Airlines flying from Orlando to Chicago O'Hare Airport have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Orlando to Chicago O'Hare Airport

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Orlando to Chicago O'Hare Airport

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Orlando to Chicago O'Hare Airport

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Orlando to Chicago O'Hare Airport

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