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Discover the world’s top-rated airlines for 2018
Not sure which airline to fly with on your next trip? The next time you visit an airline's website, check to see if it has earned KAYAK's coveted Best Airlines badge. Here are the year's best airlines according to airline reviews from travelers on KAYAK.
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US & Canada

Best Airline
Best Airlines
The best of the rest. Here are the top airlines in US & Canada for the category Best Airline.
Alaska Airlines
84.3 %
"Flying with Alaska Airlines brings back the sense of how flying is an extraordinary, dignified experience, the feeling of back in the day you would give the pilot an applause for a smooth landing just like at a concert opera."
Hawaiian Airlines
80.8 %
"We love Hawaiian Airlines. It is by far the best airline to get to Hawaii."
78.5 %
"Delta is the best airline to use because they care about you as a customer. They will do everything they can to make your flight as enjoyable as possible."
Porter Airlines
77.0 %
"I have never felt so valued by an airline! Thank you, Porter for being an awesome company!"
American Airlines
73.1 %
"Always prefer American over most other airlines due to the service of staff. Thanks for the extra effort."
Air Canada
71.2 %
"Air Canada is my favorite airline to fly. The employees are always helpful, from checking in to the flight crew."
United Airlines
70.2 %
"United does everything right. Organized and beautiful experience from check-in to baggage claim."
Silver Airways
64.8 %
"Excellent service! Very friendly and accommodating staff."

Alaska Airlines - #1 in US & Canada

Overall Guest Rating
84.3 Excellent
Based on 12,585 reviews
Based on the number and quality of airline reviews and ratings from 2017, Alaska Airlines was identified as having routinely provided a superior experience to travelers in North America.
About KAYAK's Best Airlines
KAYAK's airline ratings process was introduced to provide airline customers who use KAYAK with a platform to share their experience flying with different airlines. An airline must have a minimum Overall Rating of 6.1 and a minimum of 150 reviews published within the last year to qualify for consideration for KAYAK's Best Airlines. The current list of Best Airlines are based on ratings from KAYAK users in 2017.
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