Oman Travel Restrictions

62.47% of citizens have been vaccinated

Traveling from
United States

Traveler's COVID-19 vaccination status

Traveling from the United States to Oman


Open for vaccinated visitors

COVID-19 testing

Not required


Not required for vaccinated visitors


Open with restrictions


Open with restrictions


Required in enclosed environments.

Oman entry details and exceptions

Travelers with a travel history in the past 14 days before travel are not allowed to enter Oman.
Omani citizens, diplomats, health staff, and their families are exempt from the ban and will be subject to entry procedures adopted by the Sultanate. Restricted entry into the Sultanate to only Omanis and residents, who have visas issued on or before 5th April 2021, and they must comply with the requirements imposed by the relevant authorities.
All travelers arriving in the Sultanate of Oman are required to obtain international health insurance to cover the cost of one month's treatment of COVID- 19, with the exception of Omani citizens, GCC citizens, and travelers with free treatment cards.
All travelers are required to present proof of vaccination with a QR Code showing that 14 days have passed since they received all the doses required for COVID-19 vaccination. Non-citizen travelers aged 18 and above traveling to the Sultanate of Oman are required to present a vaccination certificate indicating that they have received at least two doses of the approved COVID-19 vaccine.

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