Travel restrictions

United Kingdom


The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised British nationals against all non-essential international travel, and advises British nationals traveling abroad to return to the UK now.

British nationals traveling from places where commercial flights are still available should book or rebook their flights and return home as soon as possible. Those traveling from places where commercial flights are not available may be able to buy tickets for special charter flights to return home from priority countries. See the details of the country you’re in on this page.

Americans in the UK should know that the United States Embassy in London is canceling routine nonimmigrant visa appointments and reducing immigrant visa appointments, and no visa appointments will take place at the Consulate in Belfast. Routine visa services will resume when it’s safe to do so. Those with scheduled visa interview appointments will receive notice from the Visa Appointment Service about potential postponement dates. The MRV fee is valid and may be used for a visa application in the country where it was purchased within one year of the date of payment.

UK visa applicants and temporary residents should consult this page for instructions.


The United Kingdom is not currently implementing any entry restrictions, but is monitoring direct flights into the country from certain areas.

Several airports have suspended certain services, closed terminals, and reduced transportation schedules, so check the details of the specific airport in advance. Additionally, many airlines have grounded their planes. Review the UK government’s entry requirements here.


The United Kingdom is not currently implementing any entry restrictions.

Quarantine policy

All arrivals into the UK, apart from a short list of exemptions, will be required to self-isolate for 14 days from June 8.

All arriving passengers will be required to fill in a contact locator form with contact and travel information so they can be reached if they, or someone they may have been in contact with, develops the disease.

A breach of self-isolation would be punishable with a £1,000 fixed penalty notice in England or potential prosecution and unlimited fine. The level of fine could increase if the risk of infection from abroad increases.

State regulations

The UK government has an evolving plan for resuming normal life. People should stay at home unless it’s to go to work, go to shops, exercise or spend time outdoors, or for any medical needs.

People may spend time outdoors and meet in groups of up to six people they don't share a household with, but must always stay alert and practice social distancing of at least one meter. People may not visit friends and family in their homes, stay overnight away from their own homes, exercise in indoor facilities, visit private or ticketed attractions, or gather outdoors in groups of more than six (excluding members of their own household).

People may form a "support bubble" with one other household if they live alone or are single parents with dependent children. The bubble can then act as if they're all members of one household, meaning they can be together in each other's homes, and don't need to keep 1+ meters apart. However, people can't switch their chosen bubbles, or connect with multiple households.

Most shops and some outdoor attractions like drive-in cinemas and zoos, farms, and safari parks are open. Pubs, restaurants, and hairdressers will open on July 4.

All travelers on flights to the UK must wear face coverings on public transport and on aircraft. Passengers using taxis and private hire vehicles should also use a face covering for the duration of their journey.

Violating the rules outlined above, and in full on this site, may result in a fixed fine of £100(reduced to £50 if paid within 14 days).

From August 1, "shielding" will be paused, and many existing advisories will be relaxed. The government will announce more details closer to this date.
Embassy and consulate contact information
Phone number: U.S. Embassy London +44 (0) 207-499-9000

Quick answers

No – there are no official travel restrictions for entering the UK, but many airports have temporarily suspended services and closed terminals. Many airlines have also grounded their planes. More
No – there are no official travel restrictions for traveling within the UK, but many airports have temporarily suspended services and closed terminals. Additionally, people are prohibited from staying at another home other than their primary residence for any reason. This includes visiting second homes. Accommodations like hotels are also closed, except for specific reasons set out in law. More
No – the UK border is not closed. However, travelers should consider the temporary suspensions to airlines and airports, and the safety regulations enforced in the UK before planning their travel. More
Airport services vary across the country.
Heathrow has moved to single runway operations. Until further notice, airline operations will move from Terminals 3 and 4 into Terminals 2 and 5. Gatwick had previously closed the North Terminal, but reopened it on June 15. Luton Airport’s terminal remains open, with a limited number of flights operating. Stansted’s terminal is open for business for those with essential travel, but most flights are subject to change and cancellation. London City has closed for all flights, but is scheduled to resume operations at the end of June. Manchester Airport has consolidated all operations into one of its three terminals, with all flights departing from and arriving into Terminal 1. Edinburgh Airport has implemented a partial shutdown. Bristol Airport has significantly scaled back its facilities.
Yes – all arrivals into the UK, apart from a short list of exemptions, will be required to self-isolate for 14 days from June 8. More
Yes and no – the UK government advises people to stay home as much as possible. People can leave to go to work, go to shops that are open to get things like food and medicine, exercise or spend time outdoors in groups of up to six people, or for any medical needs. See full details above. More
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